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Sex with Sunita

June 11th, 2008 No comments

Hi guys, I’d like to narrate the sexiest incident in my life.Hope u guys enjoy it. Before I start let me introduce myself. I am 24 years old and work in a software company in Bangalore. I had this sexy experience when I went to my aunts house last month for a short holiday. She had hired this maid servant recently and boy was she something…I mean she was fair and voluptuous and really delicious looking. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her and naturally she noticed .She would just smile and look away.

One day I was taking a shower and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to take a towel. I started calling out for someone to get me one and after sometime hearing a knock on the bathroom door I opened it after placing myself behind it . Sunita ,the maid ,was standing with a towel in her hand .Seeing her turned me on and pretending as if the door had slipped I exposed myself and my rapidly growing erection to her surprised gaze.

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My Unique Experience

May 22nd, 2008 No comments

I have searched down so many sites but Indian Sex Stories..has No.1 place in its style, content&presentation.Since long Iwas thinking to let others know the real incidents of my rich sex life. First of all I want to clear that I found 90% of erotic stories as cooked up & not real ones. One may take the liberty of language but not of ideas & situations. As you will find I am going to give you REAL STORIES. As far as language is concerned All my lovely ladies stories readers may advice me ’bout that.

Those were the days when Iwas 24 . I am a north indian attractive male, wheatish complexion, atheletic build having 6″ long &2.5″ thick cock.It was my first posting in a small city 200 km away from my home.Being a middle class young boy I still couldn’t get a chance of sex &till now was spending my days by “muth markar” i.e. rubbing the LUND with your own hands.

Since I had to go to my job for whole day so Idecided to employ a servant for all domestic jobs. Hey! Hey! don’t jump on any conclusions. You might think as how Iseduced my lady servant & just like it…………..

Perhaps you know the life of a small city. Here everyone knows everyone and has no business but peeking in everyone’s life. It was impossible to get a lady servant for mine type of AKELA LUND . Ladies servants were available only for family homes.

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My Sexy Servant

May 18th, 2008 No comments

Hi Friends, I am Sam from Hyderabad, India. I am 20 years and I am doing computers. I think this brief introduction about me is more than enough. So after reading all your experiences I decided to write my own. Actually your experiences have encouraged me to take the daring step. So sit back on your seats and enjoy. Actually I have a very strong sexual desire to fuck my aunt, She is really a hell of a women but I never got a chance to screw her. She never understood my intensions.

Anyways I am going to tell you about my first ever sexual experience with my servant. We have a servant who works in our house she is around 17 years but you wont believe she is just 17 ‘cos she has a very sexy figure. She is around 5feet5inch tall and has a sexy figure of 34-26-34. Recently I had started masturbating thinking about her. I really wanted to give her a nice fuck but I was afraid she would complain it to my parents. Actually her timing was in the morning (i.e.) she used to come at 8 am ‘cos my mom and dad both are working and myself and my brother go to our educational institutes and no one would be there at home after 9am.

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The Horny Waiter

April 28th, 2008 No comments

I am a great fan of this site and I have been reading almost all the stories. Well I found them interesting erotic and some were very funny too. Well friends today what I wanna share with u is my experience at the job. I am working in an 5 star hotel in mumbai I started on in the club as an bartender well then due to some internal reasons the club closed down I was given a transfer to a another department. Room service being my new department was very dull at the start till I found out it was the most happening department in the hotel.

Well lets forget all the crap and come to the story. There was this 28 yrs old guest Ms jasmine who had checked in our hotel a lovely female her figure was 36/26/36. I was doing my night shift when she had checked in the hotel so I wasn’t familiar that an beautiful blond has come to stay in the hotel premises. Well normally in the night after three the room service in the hotel is always slag so we normally chill out by hanging out in the other departments. We take turns and hang out. So today it was my turn to stay in the dept. well the phone rang in the dept saying that an guest wanted her food warmed up cause it was out cold in the ac.

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My servant Rani 2

March 28th, 2008 No comments

I am really very happy that I have got a good response for my earlier story with my servant Rani. But I am not yet satisfied I want even more of you to respond to me.

Well now I am going to share my other exiting experience with you. Our neighbors have a girl who works in their house. She has been working for them for them for the past 10 years, actually she has been staying in their house for all these years and she does all the household work for them .Ok guys her name is Lakshmi and she is really a hot piece. I promise you that you all will get an instant erection on seeing her.

She is around 28-30 years and unmarried, She is 5 feet 7inch tall and has a sexy figure of 38-26-38 her boobs are really mind blowing. She always wears tight fit clothes and I had always dreamt of entering her. Now I had to trap her but how??? Yes rani was my choice. Lakshmi and Rani were good friends, so I told Rani that I wanted to fulfil my wishes with Lakshmi. Rani readily agreed to this and she told that she would be very happy to have a threesome with Lakshmi and me, actually Rani was also a big fan of Lakshmis boobs and she confessed to me that both of them play with each other at Lakshmis room (she has a separate servant room in our neighbors house) She also told me that lakshmi was aware of my relationship with rani.

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Sex with hot Servant Boy

January 18th, 2008 No comments

This is not a story but can be called an event in real life. This event centers around a family whose daughter happens to be my very close friend. For reasons of privacy, the names are replaced by some fictitious names. But the other things remain the same. Nair’s are a close knit family with three members -the father, Mr. Y.P Nair, the mother, Mrs. Nair and my friend Ms. Anita Nair. They happen to reside in one of the metros of India (city not disclosed for obvious reasons). The family is very graceful and somewhat conservative. The want of space for lavish residence has resulted in Nair’s opting for Two-bed roomed flat at a complex in the southern heart of the city.

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A Day with Sexy Geetha.

January 2nd, 2008 No comments

First of all let me thank Indian Sex Stories for making site like this. Hai friends, this is kumar, age 33 from Chennai with my sexual experiences. My native place is palghat, Kerala. To start with let me share my experiences which I had with a servant who works in my office. The servant’s name is Geetha. I was 26 years old when this incident happened. Geetha was around 32 years. She was looking beautiful with a round face and her skin was red. She has a reasonable height and weight must be around 55 kgs. Her feature was her breast and arse, just tight and hard, 28-34-36. She had two kinds. I used to watch her when she sweeps the floor in the office. She was illiterate.

One day when I am working in my office she came near me and asked to write a letter to her husband in Tanjore. In my mind, I had a wish to fuck her. So I decided to make use of this situation. At that time near my office a flat is being constructed and the work was stopped for many days. So I selected that place. I took her to that place and I asked her to sit near me. I wrote the letter and gave it to her she thanked me.

Then I slowly lifted her face, she looked into my eyes. Geetha you are very beautiful I said. I hugged her tight and she also responded holding me tight and she was shivering.

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Some Kinky Games

December 31st, 2007 No comments

When Bimla left for another city, she asked my neighbour’s maidservant if she would work for me, to which she agreed. On the first morning, Shanti arrived at seven in the morning, since she worked later on in the neighbour’s house. I was fast asleep when she rang the bell, and I opened the door and fell back on my bed. Shanti did all the work, and left when she had finished. This routine went on for about a week. One morning, while I was fast asleep, and she was sweeping, I must have been dreaming, and as often happens in the mornings, had a solid hard-on. While I was dreaming, I felt as if somebody was fondling me, and I half awoke, and realized Shanti’s hand was inside my pajama, and she was gently squeezing my lund. Having a good time, I pretended to be asleep. Shanti squeezed and stroked me for a while, and got up and left. She came back shortly and finished sweeping. This happened quite a few times, when I would pretend to be asleep, and Shanti would fondle me.

I would usually wake up when she was later in the kitchen, and I would go in and make my tea. Her eyes were always dancing, teasing me. While making tea, I would make sure I brushed against her, touching her arms, or lean across her to reach for the tea or sugar, pressing against her body. One day she said that there were a lot of cobwebs that she had to clean. She got the broom, and tried to reach the ceiling, but it was too high. I told her to use a chair. So she did, pushing the chair to each corner, and swishing off the cobwebs. Once she reached too far, and was almost falling off, but I caught her waist just in time.

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Didi from my childhood

December 18th, 2007 No comments

First, I will give you some brief about my sex life. I am 26 yrs old male, single medium built, from Delhi and working with a private company. My sex life started, I think, at the age of seven while I had no idea, what I was being made to do was sex. Well at that age I had too many didis in neighborhood & at school. They were all about 6 to 10 years older to me. As my mom & dad both were working, these didis use to baby-sit me at our house or at their homes. Normally, when I would arrive from school they use to serve me food and help me with my homework and after that we use to go for afternoon nap in the same bed under the same sheet or rajai.

While in bed these didis use to hold my hand & rub my palm against there boobies and pussy, after some time they would insert my little fingers one by one into their cunt till at times all my palm used be inside there pussies. They would ask me to roll it inside or pull it in & out till they would cum. Then they used to lick & suck my hand and eat their own cum and then we used to go off to sleep cuddled tightly to each other. They taught me words like choot, phuddi, bhosda, lund, chodo etc. & always warned that such words should never be spoken in public and I should always speak these in wispers in their ears. Somehow, I wonder why non of them ever let me see them nude & never even gave a glimpse of their pussies that I used to finger-fuck everyday. They never even let me touch them outside the secrecy of our beds.

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December 11th, 2007 No comments

I was working in Hyderabad some years back. I was a bachelor, and staying in a flat. It was difficult to find someone to work for me because I used to leave early and come back late. One day, when I was at my friends for dinner in the same complex, my friend’s mother said that their maidservant was relatively free during the daytime, and that if I employed her, she could do my work. Of course, I would have to leave the key with her, but they assured me that she was very dependable and trustworthy.

I was thrilled to have someone work for me finally. Bimla, the maidservant, was around forty. She was ordinary looking, and I hardly noticed her figure. She used to wear a sari, but took care not to reveal anything. She started working for me, and would clean the house and cook for me in my absence. I would see her during weekends and leave instructions for her for the week. While she was around, I would talk to her all the time, not as an employer, but more as a friend. She was curious about me also, and wanted to know when I would marry! She herself was married with three children, but she promptly informed me that she had got operated for family planning so that she does not have any more children. She also insisted that she did not need the money, but was working so that she could go out of her house. I would ask her many questions about her that she always answered, and slowly became quite free with me. But sex never entered my mind!

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