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Mistress Secret

February 6th, 2013 No comments

Hello friends my name is xyz and I am 20, a smart looking guy and this is the story which is not real but my dream. Except for its inconspicuous lock, the door at the end of the short hallway of Miranda’s middle-class home looked perfectly ordinary. But the windowless room beyond the locked door was a sexual Never-Never Land, a fantastic reflection in a kinky Looking Glass. While Miranda watched, amused, the key dangling from her finger, I took one step inside, then another — and stopped, staring. My heart was racing, my eyes wide.

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Shiva – The Neighborhood Stud – 1

January 26th, 2013 No comments

I had been sexually frustrated in my marriage for quite some time. At the time that the events of the previous rainy season transpired, I and Swami had been married for ten years. After an initial ‘honeymoon’ period of one or two years, the luster had faded considerably. From the perspective of my girlfriends, however, I had it all: a caring, doting husband who was not only handsome but rich as well. Yet behind the picture perfect facade was a marriage that yielded neither passion nor excitement. It was a case of the sum was not equal to the parts: individually both I and Swami were lovely people; as a couple, however, our union lacked that essential spark, both emotionally and physically. For me, the fact that my marriage was also emotionally flat only exacerbated the lack of sexual shortcomings of the relationship. I found my husband far too accommodating, too passive, and too lacking in ego to ever cause my heart to go pitter-patter, or my panties to dampen like they had in the beginning.

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Welcome by sexy neighbour

January 22nd, 2013 No comments

When she knocked on the door I had just gotten out of the shower and was still dripping wet. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and ran to answer the door. I yanked the door open and was met with the sight of a woman probably around 34-35. She had a large friendly smile on her lips and in her hand she was holding what appeared to be fresh idlis..
I looked her up and down, and then I said, “Hello.”
She was dark haired, probably five foot five or six, with large breasts and what looked to be a very nice ass. She was wearing a kaftan. I figured that she was probably pleasantly plump, although if she was, she was in no way slim. “Very nice!” I thought to myself.
She said, “Hello. My name is Shanthi and I figured that I would welcome you to the neighborhood.” And she thrust the plate at me.

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Sex with my Friend’s lovely Wife

January 20th, 2013 No comments

I am Sunil. I am 36 yrs old & married. living in Delhi. My friend Vijay (35yrs) buy a house near mine house and moved there with his wife Preeti. My house was some 100 ft from him there is no house in between so we came see ourselves a bit from our houses. Vijay is in Printing business in South Delhi. He usually comes late night so I use to help Preeti in their houselhold needs as there were new to this area. Preeti 33, Vijay’s beautiful and damm sexy housewife, she is dusky, slim but busty and really medium tits and nice fold on the hip, and beautifully lined lips, nobody will say she is 33.
I secretly fantasize about her body and masturbate. This couple has one 10 yrs old son. Vijay has to drop his son at 8 o clock to the school and she picks him up by 2pm. Sometimes I picked him up too. Days were moving smoothly. Everyday after Vijay goes to his office by 9 o clock after dropping his son, when I go to office I drop the news paper and magazines for them. Gradually we were became close to each other. She used to send her son when ever I was at home. I also enjoyed the moment because I knew that this would lead me to my goal.

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Dark Places

November 12th, 2012 No comments

8025522945457970580b0bfd538eccf5I reached the adult age in time but I want to know to do sex. I came to know this when I got my encounter with my neighbors Sudha .one day I was reading my course book and I heard the sound of buckets shattering and then I rose up and saw that Sudha coming up stairs with wash clothes. I sat and didn’t notice her but got the point that she was staring on me. Then I looked her and she smiled. Then I got an idea, as she turned I open my zip and took out my Lund and sat in such position that no one could see except her and then sit like that, that nothing is known. She turned and saw a 9’’ thing and stared and stared only and began to laugh at me in ironical way and then I stood up and start to masturbate in front of her. She was shocked and in 6-7min I came .it dropped on and she felt horny and horny then I moved and she also.

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The Night Of Silk

November 11th, 2012 No comments

2c9001e0c605b2de1d653391c8c26cf2I had a beautiful neighbour. a gorgeous lady, fairest of the fair, full of flesh at places required, lovely lusty lips, big eyes, silky hair going down to her back, covering all her back. you could hardly see anypart of her back, except black hair if was left open and she used to keep them open. the tips of the hair, dancing on the buttocks with every moment of her’s. Shaped and fleshy ass tightly wrapped in silk. in silk running all through her body which was no less then silk. a silk smitha u can say. lovely hands always half covered in a blouse and the rest half shining with their fair color. the breasts, ufffff, what to mention, never one could see her without the silk saree covering them. a hidden treasure. but for sure her rest of the body was mentioning that they were just the best of treasures hidden there.

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February 18th, 2011 No comments

Hello Friends, its my first time to write about mine experience, so read it as first attempt and then mail me about my errors so that I can correct them in future right. So lets start, I am at present 30, 5′ 7, and u can say some what good looking, from Faisalabad. It was happened when I was 21 and a student. I had a separate room at home which at had the entrance from out side also and telephone was also in my room. There lived two sisters in our neighbor and they are virgin at the age of thirty plus and teach in a school.

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Suhaagg Raat Ki Kahani

December 13th, 2010 No comments

This is about my first wedding night or u can say soohag ratt. I am now thirty years old women having two kids aged ten and six, figure of 40-31-36.Keep it mind I am not a story writer, Any way at the age of nineteen I was marries with a handsome guy who was my cousin. I don’t know about sex any thing and one of my cousin friend told me about how I should react with my hubby on very first night. Here the night begins, Waoo What A Night:

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Sex With Sheena

March 13th, 2010 No comments

It had been a while since I had seen Sheena.Three years to be exact. When I left she was just a just an obsessed nineteen year old. I always wanted to fuck her, but my friends thought she was too young. So I would lay there thinking of her tight little pussy and her even tighter ass as I stroked my cock. That was three years ago. After I left for college she called me once and a while, but that soon died off when she found out I had a girlfriend. I never talked to her again, until me and my recent girlfriend broke up. I was feeling lonely so gave her a call. She seemed exited to hear from me and we hit it off pretty well. So well, in fact, that she decided to come visit me. That was one week ago.

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Anand XP

December 19th, 2009 No comments

Hi, to all readers. I enjoy reading your stories. I want share my experience with you all. Friends my name isM S I am from Bangalore. I am 21years old and I stand 5.11 tall. Recently I had sex with a beautiful, young woman, who is a tenant of ours. I live in 1st floor. A young couple married for 8 months live in ground floor. The women who live in the ground floor is very beautiful, lovely, sexy, and GORGEOUS. Her name is PRIYA & she was of 25 years old. We are close friends. She will be calling me for some of her work done. We go out together for shopping and for some functions.
One day early morning I went to my collage due to some reasons classes were not conducted. So I came back to home at 10 Oclock & I saw our house locked. I went to Priya and asked about my mother. She told me she dont know anything about her. Usually when my mother is out she would give the keys to Priya.

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