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Desperate Housewife

January 28th, 2013 No comments

Her husband (Mr. Ram) was a businessman. They had a daughter also due to business work Ram had to visit different places in order to monitor and promote the sales of their products. She cannot have sex as much as she likes and at the time, she wants because her husband was always towards his business and do not take care of her and her feelings. However, she can go to trip with her husband but she never liked to go so she used to stay at home. Her daughter was in a hostel she mailed me with her feeling and told me that she want to have sex with me. She send me her pics through mail so seeing her pics I could say that she is a very horny woman with stat 37-27-38 and she told me her stat too who was hungry for sex. She was from BARODA and I from SURAT cant met but we waited for luck and one-day luck was on our side she mailed me saying that her husband had a 2 weeks trip to SURAT and she was also coming here with him. However, I have fucked many gals and woman before too but seeing her pics I had a dream to fuck her.

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The Insatiable Sunita

November 30th, 2012 No comments

This memoir of mine goes back to about ten years. At that time I was still a virgin bachelor of the age of 24 years. I was posted at Vizag for my first assignment in my company. The company was engaged in servicing projects. Since, I basically belong to Bangalore I had to stay in a Hotel. At that time a medium type Hotel used to cost about Rs. 350/- a month. So, I thought it is better to stay in Hotel instead of taking a house on rent.
From my childhood I had grown up as peeping tom. I had seen my brother fucking my sister-in-law. Similarly, I had opportunity to see young damsel bathing in a pond etc. So, the habit continued while I was staying in the Hotel there. To my luck, I had similar experiences there as well. Once, I could see a young man fucking his wife (I guess so!). Both were good looking active and really sexy. I had really enjoyed watching their screwing. My stay in Vizag was really enjoying and that got really enhanced when I became friendly with a middle-aged man named Atul who also was staying in the same Hotel. Atul also like me was staying in the Hotel on monthly basis. He was in fact a Manager in Bank.

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Farzana Kausar – Fantasy Fuck

November 15th, 2010 No comments

Hi! My name is Suhail and I would like to tell you about my true story. It involves my co-worker and friend Farzana Kusar. But first a little back ground to my story. Farzana is a good looking girl. Definitely not one you would refuse admission to your bed. Farzana and I have known each other for several years. But only recently has she begun working in the office where I work. She has a friendly outgoing personality, always greeting everyone with a friendly “Hello!” and a beautiful smile. On several occasions we’ve had opportunity for friendly conversation which almost always includes comments which can be taken with a sexual connotation. Some times I think there may be a little interest on her part but I’ve not taken any steps to find out because it might be just innocent flirting. She generally is pretty conservative in her dress, but has a few outfits that reveal her physical assets specially her Shalwar and Kamiz our traditional dress in Pakistan and cause me to loose my concentration every time she walks by. Enough! Let’s get on to my story.

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True Motherly love

October 23rd, 2009 No comments

Rahul is only 21. He has just graduated from IIT, Dilhi and got admitted at a very good university in USA. Rahul is the only child of wealthy modern couple at Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul’s father is a renouned businessman at Calcutta and very rich too. His wife Ruposhi is the headmistress of the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu is only 40 now. She is a modern up-to-date free
lady, regularly goes to clubs in rich areas of Calcutta and ia a very active social worker. She even worked with famous faminist and film actress Aparna Sen for the poors of Calcutta slums. Rupu likes to dress very conservatively, never very revealing.

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My sweet Gauthami

September 23rd, 2009 No comments

It so happened that I had to visit Chennai on official duty. My visit was for two weeks as I had to scrutinise some records of a Multi National Company. I reached there and contacted my friend who was on deputation to Madras Airport. He gave me his address and I reached his home.
He was actually staying as a Paying Guest at one house. He enquired about my plans and suggested that instead of spending huge amount on hotel bills, I could stay in his house. That was really nice of him. He was also staying alone and since he had shift duties it was convenient for both of us. The landlord was a tamilian fellow named Selvaraj, who was working in Air-India as an Asst. Supervisor (Maintenance). He had a lovely wife and two kids. My friend was quiet close to the family and he used to have dinner at their place often. My friend and Selvaraj used to have drinks together. The day I reached there, we had a big party that night.

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Seduced By my husbands Big Boss

September 1st, 2009 No comments

Hi there! My name is Susan and I am a 34 year old housewife living in Bangalore. I would like confess how I was prey to my husband?s boss Mr.Ranjit.  My husband works for a well known appliances company. Mr.Ranjit, his boss, is around 43 years of age, fairly good looking but a hard boss to work for. He was also well known for his roving eye and we has heard stories about his escapades. I had also seen him on one or two occasions at parties . In fact many a time I have had a laugh about these stories little realising that I too would one day fall prey to his lust.

A little over 3 years ago my husband was due for his promotion which he very badly wanted. Ranjit Sir, as we call him, however was delaying this one one pretext or another. About this time my husband was sent abroad for a fortnight.

One evening a couple of days after he left, I was surprised to get a telephone call from my husband?s boss saying that a very important document was inadvertently kept by my husband in his briefcase and could I search for it and if possible bring it over right away since his car was in the workshop. I managed to find the document and took an auto to the office. It was close to 7 pm and on reaching the office I found that everyone had left and only Ranjit Sir was in his room. I knocked and went in. Ranjit Sir thanked me profusely for taking the trouble and apologised for the trouble. He said that he had to make up for the inconvenience caused by taking me out for dinner. I was rather taken aback and as I was stammering excuses and that I was not even dressed for the occasion he said, ?Susan, I insist and will not take no for an answer. In any case you look absolutely attractive dressed as you are.?

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The Handy-Man

July 30th, 2009 No comments

I am 36 from Mumbai. It was a one of those hot afternoons, a holiday, I was in my shorts and a T-shirt and I was half asleep when the bell rang. There stood my neighbor from the flat above, a sexy looking young lady, 25 yrs married for about 2 years, looks real sexy big boobs, slim and a fairly looking tight ass, I used to always eye her from the gallery, when she would go for her walks she had a very sexy walk, I once even followed her to make a conversation but it did not work out then. Well she was at the door, and asked if anyone at home, I said yes my Mom and my wife were in the kitchen preparing some food, she then asked if she could come in to make a phone call, as her phone was dead. I invited her in, and followed her, she was swaying her hips in a real sexy fashion she was wearing a black printed night gown fairly tight, could make out figure and was looking very sexy, I showed her the phone and went back to the bedroom and back to sleep, I could not I pulled out a magazine and began to read through the pages for about 2 min.

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Boss’s horny wife

January 24th, 2009 No comments

I am an engineer by profession and this is what happened with me during my first job about 5 years ago when I was in Poona. After finishing my engineering I joined a company. I am an electrical engineer and my company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town. Since the nature of contract was not very big, I was made the site engineer and overseer by the company. This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples near by.

All these temples were very popular and these temples were quite near to the construction site (The farthest of these temples was about 25 kms.)

The town was dead in all respects. There was a small state PWD guest house, two small restraunts and a small market place where basic necessities were available. It also had a ramshackle cinema hall and I used to loathe to go to that cinema hall as it was quite filthy. The only source of entertainment was my TV and my VCP. The only good thing was that in this town, as expected, there was a roaring business of pornographic VHS cassettes and to ease away my frustration I used to regularly hire pornographic cassettes and watch them in my room. As regards to my room , it was a decent sized room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen. My room was also the site office and during the day time, I used to be very careful in hiding and locking up these pornographic cassettes.

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Fucking Sisters hot Friend

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

The story began when I was posted in Mumbai. Bindu, my sister colleague at her office, was a Malyali girl having a great physique and husky sexy voice, came in my contact at a get to-gether on the eve of Onam. As Idli is my favourite dish and after meeting Bindu, was serving the same to me with something in her eyes. South Indian girls have become my choice also after meeting her. After three days of Onam, it was her B’day when I send a gift for her through my sister. Next day she telephoned me at my office 3-4 times simply narrating that she liked me, this and that. I invited her for a dinner at my home and since her husband was a Sales Executive in a private firm, he used to stay out of 15-20 days in a month. and she was home alone during the period.

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Penalty of Absence

December 22nd, 2008 No comments

Hi, ISS readers. Edward from Kolkata is back. Now I’ve another great fucking experience, but this time it is my boss, under whom I works. I work in a reputed leading mobile phone company as a part timer in a very good post (Asst. Software Engineer). In my office most of my colleague is jealous to me as being a 19 years old boy I’ve acquired such a good post. But the exception is my boss Sonia.

One day due to a sudden exam I could not go to the office and the rules of the office tells that if you remain absent without informing it to your boss then your salary for that day will be sacked. I thought that there is no problem if I don’t get 1day salary. So, I quietly attended my college for the exam and appeared for that. In the whole day my mobile phone was switched off and my landline phone was kept busy by putting the receiver down. For this only reason my office could not contact me anywhere. The next day when I reached office my boss asked about my absence for the previous day. I told her the truth. She smiled and told me you will not loose one day salary if you help me by going with me to the Park Street our Customer care outlet and then finally following me to my home, spending there a night with me. I could understand her plan and I get ready for the work of my boss Sonia. At once I rang to my home and told them I will not be back to the home for the night, as I have to go to Siliguri.

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