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Fucking a horny co-worker

December 10th, 2008 No comments

Hi guys, I’m back!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my first story of fucking my american PM in US. I am not going to narrate one particular fuck here but am going to remember a few of the sexiest days that I shared back in my hometown of New Delhi, a few years ago.I had just broken up and was single and available. I was on the look out for a fuck buddy and was not interested in any more serious shit. I was hanging out with a couple of buddies who were talking and cursing about a female colleague in our office and her horny ways and how horny a bitch she was.

Well guess this was the case of sour grapes with my buddies. Any case hearing about all her adventures kinda got me excited about her. Here was a strong, single,independent woman who loved sex and made no bones about her intention and hunger for men, a man eater!I had to have her.Had to make her my slut. Well let me describe her, she was a bombshell. A heady mix of looks and intelligence,5′ 7″, dusky, sensual eyes, 34b (wonderfully firm and pear shaped), 26, 34.

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With Co-worker

November 27th, 2008 No comments

Dear Friends, Hi, its me Sunil, i love Indian Sex Stories and now Today I will share my life experience with you. This is first time that I am sharing my experience with some body. This story started when I newly joined my job in Abu Dhabi. I was very happy.
As you all guys know, that here in Gulf we get many horny housewifes waiting to have sex with young guys like us. And I got this chance with my co-worker in my office.

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Sex With Hot Office Girl

November 2nd, 2008 No comments

Dear friends, I take this opportunity to share my real experience at ISS I am Joshi working in a profession where I often use to travel to various part of country. There I have faced lot of situations. Once I have been to one of our client. It was prefixed appointment. I went to that particular office and saw one young lady as a receptionist. She was wearing saree but I don’t know why I could not remove my eyes from her cute face. I gave her my card and just got her fingers touched feeling flow of current. She just asked me to sit and called her boss inside the cabin.

While sitting on sofa also I was admiring her only. Within few seconds I was called by her boss and went inside the cabin where her boss was there, a gentleman with good personality. I discussed my products profile at length, and then he asked me to be tomorrow at their office. I just came out of cabin and asked the receptionist for the card of her Boss, and while interacting asked her name also. She was Shweta.She was married to a Man who was in merchant Navy and was out on tour for months, She was doing job just for time pass. I left the office, thinking about Shweta only. I went to hotel and just thought of her only, admiring her tight boobs, she was around 27 years without any children’s. Next day, I went to Office before the fix time and just interacted with Shweta, I felt that she didn’t mind my interaction, and then her boss arrived. I then went to see him in cabin. After discussion he asked me to submit the quotation and asked to be there next month.

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My hot college

October 20th, 2008 No comments

Hi, I am Taimoor from Karachi. I have been great fan of the site. The most exciting part of the site is the erotic story section. I have read almost all of them. They are excellent. After a long time I take courage to narrate my first and till last experience. Let me describe myself first. I am 25, 5’10 solid body. I am a finance guy, in part time I take tutions . The girl name was Moona (absolutely not the real one cause to save her name) we were both colleague in a coaching center. She joined coaching centre just after the two months of mine. Her complexion was fair but her body was marvelous. She normally wore Kameez Shalwar not very loose not tight as well. She was one years younger than me. I am always very much friendly with my colleague and jolly with every-one. As she was very bold, we franked with each other immediately. She was bit weak in her subject, as we were very close friend she often asked me for help.

One hot day of May she came to center wearing a tight white dress. She was perspiring heavily, her kameez was wet. There was black bra and panties become visible because of her so much perspiration (I have always been very much fond of black bra and panties) she was looking damn sexy in white dress with black under-garment. Thanks I was wearing a tight jeans otherwise it would become difficult for me to hide my erection. Fortunately the situation was critical that day so many students were absent. We both give the off to the classes as they were few, then we went to office, office incharge was also absent and other teacher were taking classes so the room was empty

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Enjoying Giji

September 7th, 2008 No comments

Hi i am Rahul,doing my final year engg at Kottayam.
I am going to tell you a true story.Nearer to my house ,there is a newly married couple. He often goes to Bangalore for his business and she is alone in her house.Her name is Giji. Some times her mother will be there. Her only friend was my sister. I often look at her boobs when she come to our house and masturbate thinking of her naked. I can hear her bathing sound from my house and i imagine the scene and masturbate.

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Sex with my Colleague

August 22nd, 2008 No comments

I am San and a regular reader of Indian-Stories stories and a mallu of 23 years. I would like to share the best and first sexual experience I had with my ex-colleague. I am working as the sales manager of a computer software company. there are some 9 engineers working in my company out of which 5 are girls because of my ceo’s preference. He already have one of my colleagues as his keep and everybody in my company is unhappy about it. Without elaborating much about me I am coming to the point.
I used to interview new people before selecting. There came my partner stunning Sindhu…

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My sexy colleague

June 22nd, 2008 No comments

Hi, One more incident from me, which is about a year and a half old. Please provide feedback at . I was standing in the boardroom waiting for the meeting to begin. I could still smell the cologne I had used that morning, it was Eternity for men, a gift from a friend. I smiled – she was a special friend and exceptionally good in bed as I remembered. I was wearing my “smart trousers” as she called them.

The door to the boardroom opened. I looked up to see a tall, slim woman enter the room. She was wearing a below navel blue sari with a low cut blouse . Her hair was immaculately styled, her face adorned with light make-up that accentuated her cheeks and her soft complexion, her presence was confident and strong. I could smell her perfume “ah, Opium” I thought to myself. That was one of my favorite perfumes for a woman. “Hi, I am Mala” she said offering a hand in my direction. “I will be working with you on this project.” I shook her hand. It was as smooth as the silk saree she was wearing. My mind was still full of the thoughts of that soft touch on my bare skin. I felt my cock twitch inside my trousers. It started to grow and press against the elasticized front of my pants – my self control was waning already. This was not a good sign!

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Experienced One

June 19th, 2008 No comments

I am a 47 year old gentle man well built body. One day I was browsing in a cyber cafe of Satyam info way in Delhi. I prefer to surf in Delhi in Satyam info way because of privacy and speed. It was a hot after noon in summer. I was involved in my job who comes or go in the cafe does not bother me. A small girl probably reading in any school,was also surffing near my system. She was a new user asked me to help her in attiching a document in sending a mail. I tried to explain but she could not do it. Then I went to her desk and practically explained her how to do it.

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My boss’s sexy wife

June 6th, 2008 No comments

Hi guys, I am A.K. 30 years Telling you a true story. I was in Delhi working with a private concern as marketing executive. I was apponted by a Drunker Boss who used to drink from morning to night in the office too. Her wife Rashmi (a sexy lady of 35 years, with good looking boobs, 36-27-37, fair color and red lips) used to manage office task due to her husband bad habit so she daily come to office. One day when I gone for toilet upstairs of my office, she also came there (reason the toilet for men and women was only one). As soon as I came out I found her looking through key hole to me. She shocked. I asked what happened. She didn’t replied immediately covered my lips with her lips and her toungue was playing with my tongue.

Firstly I was bitterly shocked, but My toungue was automatically responded. Then she said that you wait here, I am coming back. After a while she came back and asked me to intimate to manager that I am with madam for some urgent work on second floor. I go back down to office and says the same to our manager. He says O.K. When I reached to second floor I was surprised to look the madam’s another office cum rest room. It was decently decorated with a single bed and attached bathroom with wall to wall carpet and with T.V. , V.C.R. and A.C. and other luxerious items. I knocked to door, she replied come in. As soon as I entered in room, I surrounded with the perfume of roses. I found Rashmi in a sexy pink nighty in which she was looking too sexy. A X rated film was running on V.C.R. She came closer to me and offered me a cold drink. Now I also got the sexy mood, my penis was being slight harder due to X rated film which was running on V.C.R. where a girl was sucking two men penis one by one.

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My Secretary’s Secret

June 4th, 2008 No comments

Dear Friends, I am a north Indian guy 35 years old 6’2″ tall and good looking with or without clothes. For the last few years I have been working in this company as a marketing manager and have a good relationship with all my colleagues. Because of my habit of cracking jokes, I sometimes make people laugh and this gives me a lot of pleasure. My secretary Anita has been working with me for 2 years and she too used to like my jokes and tried to joke back many times. We shared the laughter. On one such occasion when she was filing the papers, she mentioned that my wife must be very lucky to have a husband who makes her laugh. I told her that it all depends upon the person, whether you want to be happy or not in life. “I too want to be happy all the time and wish my husband makes me laugh with his jokes,

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