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Memorable Temple Tour

December 13th, 2012 No comments

I am an engineer by profession and this is what happened with me during my first job about 15 years ago. After finishing my engineering I joined a construction company. I am an electrical engineer and my company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town. Since the nature of contract was not very big, I was made the site engineer and overseer by the company. This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples near by. All these temples were very popular and these temples were quite near to the construction site (The farthest of these temples was about 25 kms.)

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The Hot Night Train

December 5th, 2012 No comments

Hi to all the readers of Indian Stories, I will say I did it or also can say this happened to me in December 2006. First let me tell you all my unseen friends, I am Kundan from Mumbai Juhu India. I am 33 with 5.9 height, fair & clear skin with average built. I look 5-6 years younger to my age that’s what my friends say. I am into business after completing my MBA. Enough of me as I know nun of you boy’s are interested in my profile expect few girls. We are 6 friends in our group and I am always the lucky
one when it came to Girls, right from college days. My friends say ‘Girls surrender by looking into your eyes’. Four of us decided to go to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan India. It was in December for 3 nights.

We were booked in 3rd A/C evening train & I was suppose to join them directly after my office as it is near the station. As usual office never leaves you and I reached just 7 or 8 minutes before train started.

There are normally two 3rd A/C coaches I got in the first one as I was afraid train will start and walked throw to next one. I saw one collage group with beautiful girls with them and few more with family with young ladies.

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Stripshow experience

March 29th, 2011 No comments

I have always been a very horny girl and always liked to have boys touch me a little even when i was in school. i used to take a few boys behind a tree and then ask them to rub my cunt or to kiss it until i came. then when i was 18 one of my friends was getting married and he was having a party only for the boys but said he wanted to have some fun on that night so i should come and be a stripper. i was very happy as i really like making guys cocks go hard.

So that night i got dressed in only my black bra and my blac panty which is so thin from the back like a thong. and i wore a long gown on top of it. on the way to his house where the party was i passed a group of teenange boys who looked like they needed some fun so when i passed them i just faced them and opened my gown for 5 seconds and then closed it and walked on. i got a lot of whistles and i started getting excited about the party.

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Bus Robbery

January 16th, 2011 No comments

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Hi my name is Jamila, I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan now residing in USA. This is a true story of my misery. It was the summer of 1995. My brother was getting married in Karachi so we booked the tour bus. After wedding when we were returning from Mumbai to Delhi. We had lots of Jahz and jewelery . We were about 25 people in the bus, majority women. My brother and his wife were in the bus too. They did not have their wedding night yet. We had a Ruksati and they were going to have Wedding night in Hyderabad. on the way to hyderabad, we got stopped by the Robbers.

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Gomti Express

April 27th, 2010 No comments

Hi Friends,
First of all I want to introduce myself. I am Sameer, I am 26 year old a software professional working in Noida, bordering Delhi. I am 5?10″ with good looking personality, normally I got second looks from girls and ladies. My family is in Aligarh, UP. The incident which I am going to tell you was happened one year back.

It was a incident of last July, the weather was pleasant and I was travelling by Gomti Express. There was a rush in the train and I luckily got the seat adjusting to an elderly couple. After train moved from Aligarh, a very pretty girl having height 5?5″ with very sexy boobs and round ass, she was aroung 25 years, had a big luggage with her searching for seat. She was wearing pick colored shalwar, kamees (her dopatta was not at the right place as she was busy managing the luggage), her name was Nazy. She was searching for seat, and when she passed by me, I offered my seat to her and I stud up new by.

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Sex in small auto

February 19th, 2010 No comments

Hi sexy guys and gals, this is Raj back with another erotic and carnal encounter with one of the sexy gals of this great city VISAKHAPATNAM. The incident happened when I was travelling in an auto from my house to my friend’s place at the beach road. The journey takes almost 30 minutes. It was somewhere in the morning around 11 in the watch. I sat in the empty auto and was in my own dreamland. Hi sexy guys and gals, this is Raj back with another erotic and carnal encounter with one of the sexy gals of this great city VISAKHAPATNAM. The incident happened when I was travelling in an auto from my house to my friend’s place at the beach road.

The journey takes almost 30 minutes. It was somewhere in the morning around 11 in the watch. I sat in the empty auto and was in my own dreamland. The driver was stopping every now and then waiting to pick up passengers. Suddenly a gal got into the auto and she sat just next to me very close to me and I was shocked. She looked like a typical sun-bathed telugu beauty with decent structure. When there is no one in the auto why is this gals sitting close to me touching her arm and legs to me? I didn’t understand that. Anyways, I gathered my courage started my SEX ODYSSEY. I kept my hand and leg close to her and started touching her. She didnot seem to mind that. I continued. As it was the month of September and it rained every now and then, so I was carrying an umbrella. I turned behind and kept my umbrella behind the seat.

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Mumbai Sex Dream

October 11th, 2009 No comments

I am 33 years old young man. I live in Mumbai. One day it so happened that no one was in the house everyone was away at some function, and the door-bell rang. It was at about 10.30 am on a Saturday, just lazing around in my bed reading a magazine. I went to the door and opened it and found my aunt standing.

As usual I invited her in, she was wearing a green saree, a low cut blouse and was looking really sexy. My aunty looks very sexy with big breast and big buttocks. She is aged 46 and she doesn’t look like that aged. I was having an eye on her. I had to make my move today I thought to myself.

I explained to her everyone is out and would be back only in the afternoon after lunch at about 3.00 pm. After sometime, I asked her if she would like to have some something to drink. I offered her a cola and open a bottle of beer for myself. After some casual talk about my cousins and uncle, I was getting bored.

I thought why not show my aunt my new computer. Well I took her to my bedroom, I introduced her to most of the packages and she asked about the internet. I logged on, and surfed around. She then asked about adult sites, well one topic let to another and the atmosphere was really getting hot. I showed her some adult sites and things got bolder. I asked her if she would like to see some movies. Since the mood was really hot, she said “BLUE”. I was lucky, I had two really hot ones in my hidden directory.

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September 26th, 2009 No comments

On a recent trip, from Delhi to Bombay to visit my cousin Sanjay, who had invited me
too stay at his complex I had a great experience with a woman and I had never even
met. I must admit though that after thinking about it me and my cousin are very similar
in appearance and so now I could see why she had mistaken me for him. It had seemed
that my cousin was having an affair with a muslim girl called Zeenat. His parents
had found out about it and told him to end it and marry an indian girl. Which of
course he did.

But unknown to the whole family and especially his wife Sanjay had been seeing
Zeenat on the quiet. Anyway, I had arrived at night at Sanjay’s complex a day
earlier than expected. I had managed to get an extra day off. There was not much
light in the landing and from what I can tell Sanjay and his wife were out.

I was about to leave when a set of soft wet female lips planted a kiss on mine. The
woman, Zeenat, had pushed me against the landing wall and began playing with my

I got an instant hardon and naturally grabbed her heaving 36DD breasts under a plain
black salwar, she wore no bra. As I kissed this heavenly goddess I realised that
Sanjay must have scheduled a time to meet her on the landing but he had gotten
dragged to his wife’s parents place. Zeenat had mistaken me for Sanjay.

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Hot fun with Bangalore praj

September 4th, 2009 No comments

Hi IS readers, I am Arun from Chennai. I am 33 years old, having average body with
good energy to satisfy my bed partner. I am a regular reader of Indian stories &
this is my third story. I offer my thanks for the readers who read my first story
‘Hot Sex With Moni’ and second story ‘Shanthi’s Massage Leads to Hot Sex’ and who
were send their comments to. Now I am going to tell a story which dreamed about by
email friend who became my friend after reading my stories in IS. Her name is
Prajwalini. She is 28 years old and residing at Bangalore. After read my stories in
IS she mailed me and appreciated my stories and she informed that she was planned to
come to Chennai and whether it is possible for me to join with her for some fun. I
immediately replied to her and convey my acceptance for her offer. That day night I
could not sleep for a long time because my mind was full of her feelings. I went to
the toilet and masturbate myself by think of her. Later I felt little bit relax !
and fall into sleep. In my deep sleep I had one dream with the same girl. Now I
describe the dream as I realized.

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Inverting a Porn Tradition

August 27th, 2009 No comments

By Nudemodel
This story took place not in India but Rocky River, Ohio, USA. But four of the five people were from India, all of them wealthy, arrogant, attractive, and very dark-skinned young women from Tamil Nadu.

They all had South India names but preferred to use American names because Americans could neither remember nor pronounce their Indian names. So I use their American names here.

I had just moved into a condominium apartment in Rocky River. Two of the four young women, Jane and Jill, were temporarily staying in their aunt and uncle’s condominium apartment across a corridor from mine for the summer while their aunt and uncle were visiting in India.

The other two young Indian women who called themselves Diana and Judy were exchange art instructors teaching art at a college in nearby Cleveland for the summer.

I first met them at the swimming pool belonging to the condominium. I had climbed out of the pool to sit in a deck chair and was walking by them.

“Hi, Tom,” a young female voice said.

It surprised me because I had just moved in and knew no one there. I turned to see who it was. A beautiful dark-skinned young Indian woman took off her expensive designer sunglasses and gave me a wink and a smile.

“Do you remember me? I’m Judy. I was a student in art classes that you modeled nude for five years ago.”

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