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Memorable Temple Tour

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I am an engineer by profession and this is what happened with me during my first job about 15 years ago. After finishing my engineering I joined a construction company. I am an electrical engineer and my company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town. Since the nature of contract was not very big, I was made the site engineer and overseer by the company. This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples near by. All these temples were very popular and these temples were quite near to the construction site (The farthest of these temples was about 25 kms.)

The town was dead in all respects. There was a small state PWD guest house, two small restraunts and a small market place where basic necessities were available. It also had a ramshackle cinema hall and I used to loathe to go to that cinema hall as it was quite filthy. The only source of entertainment was my TV and my VCP. The only good thing was that in this town, as expected, there was a roaring business of pornographic VHS cassettes and to ease away my frustration I used to regularly hire pornographic cassettes and watch them in my room. As regards to my room, it was a decent sized room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen. My room was also the site office and during the day time, I used to be very careful in hiding and locking up these pornographic cassettes. Once in a while, the senior engineers used to come down to the site office from Poona to take stock of the progress of the sub-station. Also, at times, I too would go to Poona to brief my company. It was an enjoyable life and I had developed friendship with almost everybody in the town.
Once my General Manager had come down to visit the site. He was a nice man and had a son about 12 years old. His son was studying in a boarding school in Mahabaleshwar. He informed me that next time I came to Poona, he wanted me to escort his wife and show her the temples around the town. I told him that I would speak to the PWD guys and try and arrange accommodation for his wife as this guest house had a cook too. It was not very difficult to arrange accommodation in the PWD guest house.
It so happened that I was to go to Poona on a Saturday and after that there were two holidays on Monday and Tuesday. So all the laborers had a 3 day off. I took this as an opportunity to show the General Managers wife around the temple. I told him that his wife, if interested, could come along with me and spend two days in the site and visit the temples. He spoke to his wife from his office and she agreed. He said that I could accompany her in his car as she knew driving and after the visit it would be convenient for her to drive back. I had very few options other than agree to my Boss.
At about 11:30 in the morning she came to the office. I met her. She was in her mid 30’s, fair, pleasantly plump(not fat but neither slim) and pretty. What actually made her attractive was her breasts. They were large and firm and I had to control my self so as not to stare at them. Also she was wearing a low neck blouse and her cleavage was there for anybody to stare at. My GM introduced me to her. Her name was Rekha.
Rekha said that since we have a long way to drive, we better start. So I got into the car in front next to her. We set off at a good speed to the site office. While she was driving the car we got chatting. She was humorous person and seemed to be good natured. We kept talking about the latest movies, life in the small town of the site office and this and that. In between we stopped at a small town and had lunch. After lunch I offered to drive the car and she readily agreed. She sat besides me and I started driving. After lunch she must have felt drowsy because she dosed off and her saree pallu fell down her breasts. I was now really enjoying the view of her cleavage. Her blouse seemed to be fitting her perfectly as I could make out the faint outlines of her nipples. Seeing her cleavage gave me a real hard on. After about a while she got up from her slumber and noticed that her pallu had fallen to her laps. Carelessly she threw her pallu over her shoulders and started chatting with me. But now her pallu was not covering her blouse completely and she offered a beautiful view of her firm breasts. It was an interesting journey back as we both were joking. She also asked me not to call her as Mrs….. but call her Rekha.
After reaching the site office, I took Rekha to the guest house. It was a tiring drive and the road was dusty. Rekha told me that she would refresh herself and then have dinner. She told me that she normally has dinner at 9 PM and also asked me to be with her for dinner. I told the guest house incharge to make dinner for two of us. I told Rekha that I too would go and refresh myself and that I would return back at 9 PM for dinner. It was about 6.30 PM. On my way back to the site office, I met one of the electricity board officials and I spent about 45 minutes with him before I reached the site office. After having bath I got ready and walked down to the Guest house for dinner.
Now the guest house being small, the food was served in the room. When I reached Rekha’s rom, she too had bathed and was wearing a long skirt and a loose T Shirt. The cook brought the dinner at sharp 9 PM and said that after we had dinner, the chowkidar would clean up the room. Rekha asked the cook that was it possible to get coffee after Dinner? The cook told her that he would prepare a flask of coffee and leave it. After that we started having dinner. We both were hungry and both of us had a hearty meal. Surprisingly, the cook had really prepared a tasty dinner. After dinner, the chowkidar cleared up the place and Rekha told him to collect the flask next day morning.
After dinner we sat and were sipping our coffee. I was explaining to her about the various temples location in order to chalk out a program for her to see all the temples. While discussing this with her, I noticed that she had pulled up her legs on to the sofa and was sitting in a relaxed manner. Whilst discussing the program her skirt had ridden over her knees. Finally we decided that we would visit two temples tomorrow and return back by the evening. After that we started having some more coffee. She was sitting opposite me and had now casually slung one of legs over the sofa. From my position, I could see up her legs and I noticed that she was stark naked below her skirt and her pussy was clearly visible. It was a black hairy pussy and since it was the first time I was seeing a real pussy of a grown up lady, my eyes were riveted on her pussy. I must have been really staring when I heard her say ‘ Like what you see?’As soon as I heard this, I pulled my eyes away and started staring at my shoes. My face had really become red.
‘Hey, did you like what you saw?’
In embarrassment I muttered ‘Uh Uh’
‘So you like to see what’s between my legs?’
I blushed. See…that was an understatement..I wanted to fuck her.
‘Okay, put your hands on my knees, and just pull them apart…but promise that its only that you want to see and no more’
I blushed. She smiled as I knelt before her and slowly pulled her legs apart from each other ‘remember Kapil no more other than seeing’
Through the widening V, I gradually saw more of her pussy up close. It was a round mound with curly hair
I now had spread her legs as far apart as they would go and was intently staring up her crotch.
Cautiously, I moved my fingers towards her labial lips up her thighs. As I reached the first coils of pubic hair, I could feel the heat emanating from it. She had a plump pussy and large labial lips which were swollen and thick. The large swollen labial lips seemed to have caught my fancy.
‘Warm,’ I said.
My fingertips came into contact with the hot flesh. Gingerly I felt her swollen spongy labial lips and brushed them up and down and was running my middle finger up and down her slit very tenderly. I heard her moaning softly.I was running my fingers around her swollen labia lips and was tenderly squeezing her labial lips with my fingers. Gingerly I parted the lips with fingers of both my hands and was looking inside intently.
‘Squeeze it now. Go on, you won’t break it.’
I pushed my hand back on it. And with my two fingers started squeezing her labial lips. I was gently and tenderly massaging her clit between my thumb and fore finger. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh’ she started moaning and involuntarily she caught one of my hands and placed it on her breasts.
I noticed a trickle of liquid dribble down from between the crack.

I brought my other hand up and pushed both sides of her swollen labial lips away with my thumbs. I marveled at the concentric folds of glistening skin.
‘Oh, that’s wonderful. I can feel your breath. Go ahead, feel it, insert your fingers and feel me’ she said, as if reading her mind I stuck a finger into the hot wetness. It was soft, yielding, inviting. She twitched as I moved my finger around. In and out I thrust my finger tenderly.
‘Like that’ she said.
‘Yesss….its so warm and smooth.’ I said
By now I was finger fucking her steadily. In turn she was feeling my cock covered by my jeans and was steadily massaging the meat between my legs.
‘Why don’t you take my clothes off now?’ she said
I leaned back, my eyes still fixated on her. I started to unbutton her shirt, hesitant under her expectant eyes. Her nipples were hard and was thrusting against the shirt.
After that came off, I slid off her skirt. I stood up to unbutton my jeans and then those too were on the floor. She gasped when she saw me in my underwear. There was a real huge bulge between my legs. In voluntarily she stroked the bulge.
‘Its evident you have some magnificent machinery here’ she said and gently squeezed my penis.
She pulled my underwear off and gasped. There was my semi turgid penis seven inches long and about an inch and half thick hanging between my legs. She gave it a couple experimental rubs. ‘Lovely,’ she said, and then kissed it on the tip. Just holding on to his magnificent penis and driven by natural urge made my penis hard and erect…about nine inches long and 2 inches thick.
Suddenly and instinctively I pulled her up towards me. Looking at her, I smiled as I made my way up to her mouth. My hands glided over her hips and down to her inner thighs, separating them. Pulling her closer to me, I kissed her mouth deeply with a lot of tongue and pressed my hips into her crotch. Slowly I walked her to the bed and sat down on it and pushed my head into her crotch and pressed my mouth into her cunt. I was now licking her pussy. Feeling my tongue probing and licking the inner folds of her pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body. I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, my fingers spreading her swollen cunt lips wide. My tongue made long licks from her clit to the entrance of her pussy. Moving against me, her hands on the back of the bed, I let myself give into her feelings that I was arousing in her. Slowly she pulled my hands to her pussy and inserted my middle finger into her cunt goaded me to finger fuck her. As my finger entered in her pussy, she gasped. Rocking back and forth against my lips, my finger fucking and sucking of her clit, she moaned deeply.
“Kapil, suck my clit – suck it hard! Please!”
I closed my lips around her clit, and started sucking on the tender flesh as I inserted another finger into her pussy. Moving almost frantically now, she grasped the headboard, her thighs squeezing my head.
“Yes, Kapil yes! Oh, don’t stop!”
I sucked at her clit even harder as she orgasmed, causing her body to stiffen slightly before moving against my lips and tongue. Arching her back, shaking and shivering, she groaned softly. Though over within seconds, it seemed to last minutes, before her body left my mouth. Lifting up slightly, breathing hard, I pulled on her hips, and made her lie down pulling her legs upwards and forwards into a V. Laughing, she broke free of my grasp, and bent forward to kiss me, sharing the taste of her juices on our tongues.
‘Kapil, there is so much to enjoy, you know. Come on….now you are to enjoy. Come on…’ she said
For an answer, her lips found mine, our tongues danced together. She reached down my body, finding my erection hard, stiff & throbbing. Following the veins with her fingers, I felt her jerk and move my foreskin on the penis head, and heard her moan. Slowly parting from our kiss, I look down at her and smiled. I felt her hands moving over my body as though she was trying to memorize it.
She began to run my hand along my stiff penis.
‘Oh, my God!’ she gasped!
‘Is it big enough for you?’ I asked.
‘Oh, Gawd’ she exclaimed. ‘Big? It’s gigantic!’
I pressed her on her back flat onto the bed and held her firmly in with my hands. I placed my knees between her knees and parted them. Her pussy was glistening by now from all the juices and I started to finger her. Her body shivered as I straddled her through the ‘V’ and placed the head of my cock on her pussy. With a gentle thrust of my hips my cock head split her cunt lips and slipped into her cunt.
‘ I’m scared that it’s too goddamned big for me!’ she said while she caught my penis and started pulling my hot meat into her cunt..
‘Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you’ I whispered. I started easing my rod into her pussy, hesitated as she moaned and thrust it in slowly and hesitantly.
‘aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ She moaned in pain. But the pleasure of my thick hard mushroom head inside her warm stretched cunt was just too much and impelled with natural instinct I started thrusting my penis in her cunt.
‘No Kapil no…stop..aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee’ she cried out in pain. “No no…its too big for me…its splitting me….its paining a lot…stop…stop” she cried out
That did not stop me. There was no way that after coming so far, I would definitely insert my penis fully into the place where nature intended it to be. I held her firmly and was steadily pushing my cock in.She tried to push me off but I was steadily thrusting my penis and probably she too liked feeling of the swollen hot meat filling up her vagina and sliding against her clit till I felt my balls slapping her arse. She embraced me and clung on to me.
‘Please…let it be there for some time..want to get used to it she said
She was now groaning with lust. It was a highly erotic feeling of my penis buried deep in her warm cunt. She was enjoying it.
After about half a minute of enjoying the pleasurable warmth of her velvety cunt clinging on to my penis…I could wait no more and started sliding my penis in and out of her cunt.
‘No no no…Kapil..fuck me…fuck me hard she screamed. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt fucking her steadily. She was now moaning “ Its too big, you’ll split me…aaaaaaeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee’ she screamed in pain.
But by now I was like a possessed man. Without heading to her pleadings, impelled by nature I was now fucking her earnestly. In and out I thrust my penis. My hands had left her hips and were now massaging her breasts roughly. ‘ yes …yes …yesssssssss Kapil’ she said. I was immensely enjoying it.
I did not care for her pleadings but started pummeling my shaft powerfully into her cunt like a piston rod. My hands were mercilessly squeezing her breasts. She was now moaning softly ‘Oooh, it feels so good…yessss….fuck me….fuck me ….hard…!’ she groaned. She started to scream with wanton lust and her body bucked and bucked! My hands left her breasts and grabbed her hips and I started to push and pull her on and off my rod. She grabbed my shoulders and held on as I pummeled my penis deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy! The pain made tears stream down her eyes She let go of me and clutched the mattress tighter and tighter like she was holding on for dear life!
“FUCK ME…..FUCK ME KAPIL….HARDER…FASTER…YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” she screamed, tears in her eyes.
By now I was fucking her earnestly and I could feel my penis rubbing her clit. “YEAH BABY….GO ON…DON’T STOP…HARDER…HARDER..CUM IN MEEEEEEEE” she was screaming. Suddenly I stiffened and moaned ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAA AGG GGGGG GGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ and erupted my hot load deep into her cunt. My thick warm virginal cum was shooting deep into her cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum pumped into her vagina. I collapsed on her breasts with my penis buried in her cunt, my cum dribbling out from her vagina running down our entangled thighs. I was perspiring and hugged her tight. She kissed me hard…tears in her eyes… what a fuck I had. She liked me lying on her…my penis buried deep in her cunt and filling it up. Like a possessed man I kissed her with wanton lust hugging her tightly. After some time I felt my penis swelling and getting hard inside her cunt. Shyly, I asked her if I could do it again.
She smiled at me and said go on baby….do it as many times as you want’. He smiled at me.
‘ But now baby…it will be my way’ she said. She quickly turned over and got on fours on the floor and thrust her bottoms out presenting her hairy pussy to me.
‘Go on….take me…fuck my cunt from behind like a dog ‘ She said.
I grabbed her hips and held her by her waist. I positioned my cock head near swollen cunt lips and rubbed my cock head along the slit up and down. With a powerful lunge I thrust my penis into her cunt. I moaned out loudly in and erotic pleasure as I felt my thick long penis forcing its way into her cunt. She got silent and then started panting wildly as I held her hips and was pummeling my penis into her cunt….long slow powerful thrusts. I had complete control of her entire body now and was fucking steadily. My arms were now around her back and were squeezing her nipples gently. She let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. Her tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of my dick. ‘OH MY GOD! IT’S SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!’ I then pushed her forward onto her huge heaving breasts, propped her ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck her earnestly. I was like a man possessed. I shoved the entire length of my cock into her time and again ramming my hard rod deep into her. Thrusting in and out non-stop. All the time she screamed for more.
I was now brutally squeezing her nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of her stretched cunt made her buck into my thrusts. I felt the familiar stirring in my cock and I was about to cum. I grabbed her hard and thrust deeply into her right upto my balls. I felt the familiar ripple and shot my warm cum all into her. ‘AAAAAAAGG GGGGGGG GGGHHHHHHHH’ she moaned out in pleasure. I could feel her cunt clasp tightly on my cock and she was moving her hips trying to milk out all my cum. I collapsed onto her back on the bed.
After a while I rolled off her and kissed her. She smiled at me and was gently running her hands across my chest.
“Thank you Rekha” I said
“Thank you for what ?” She asked
‘Thank you. Being alone over here really drives me crazy with no sex life” I said
“It’s the other way around…I must thank you” She said
“Its almost after three moths that I have had a fuck” Rekha said “And for that I must thank you”
“My husband…your GM…is not really interested in sex. All he thinks about is work work and work” Rekha said
“After I gave birth to our son…mind you it was three years after our marriage…he seemed to be just not bothered about sex” she continued
“And I am by nature get aroused quickly and need sex” Rekha said
“How do you manage to have sex?” I asked
“Quietly with a few college boyfriends of mine…mind you very discretely” Rekha said
“My husband knows about this and is not too worried about it..that’s why he sent my son to boarding school so that I could satisfy myself in his absence when he is out on business visits” Rekha said.
“That’s why he had no hesitation when I asked him to visit these temples” Rekha said.
By now Rekha was gently massaging my penis and it had started to grow hard. I said “I think I should leave or else we may get delayed in seeing the temples around the town tommorrow”
She started laughing and said “You really are innocent…after telling you all this …do you think I am interested in seeing the temples…do you think I came all the way from Poona to see the temples? This is the temple I want you to devote your self to”
Saying this Rekha grabbed my head and thrust it into her crotch
“Go on…Kapil…suck me…fuck me.. offer your penis to my temple” She said
“For the next two days Kapil, I want you to fuck me thoroughly….devote your time to this temple” Rekha said as she thrust her crotch into my face.
I looked at her naked hairy swollen pussy. I was amazed at the size to which her cunt lips were swollen. I parted her chubby swollen labial lips and saw her pinkish purple engorged clit. It seemed larger than the last time. I kissed her clit and sucked it and gently bit it teasingly and then looked at her face. What I saw was a carnal animalistic expression of wanting to be fucked once more…that too urgently. Rising from the bed, I knelt between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy, slowly, savoring every moment, and enjoying the sweet smell.
I licked her pussy from end to end, then I probed my tongue into her hole, lapping at her flowing juices mixed with my cum. Raising a hand I found her clit with my thumb and began squeezing it. Rekha moaned gently and thrust her pussy tight to my mouth, one of her hands falling to the back of my head to hold me in place as licked her to a climax. I now started finger fucking her. Standing up a number of minutes later there was no hesitation in my actions as I eased my swollen penis into to her eager pussy and slid it’s full length into her. Rekha gasped in pain into another orgasm as I began to pump into her, my movements hard and fast, she fell back on the bed as I fucked her, her moans, groans and sighs echoing around the room. ‘Faster…yes..yes….harder …. Faster…yess yes….fuck me harder….harder ….yes…yes…Kapil…cum in me…fill my thirsty cunt with your cum….’ and when I eventually thrust into her and filled her with my hot juices Rekha cried out. After a few more thrusts I pulled my satiated cock from her pussy and stepped back to gaze at her, she lay quivering, my juices just starting to seep from her pussy, then she shuddered and sat up.
Rekha hungrily parted my legs and started licking my penis indeed chomping at the bit; immediately I reached for her and she grabbed my arm possessively and almost dragged me on to bed again. She sat up, leant over and sucked my prick. Groaning with pleasure I reached out and found her clit and while she sucked me back to erection I fingered her to distraction, once again Rekha moved to fuck me as soon as she was sure my tool would stay hard, but this time I was going to be in control. Surging to my feet I grabbed Rekha around the waist and moved her onto her hands and knees, with one hard thrust I entered her from behind, one hand squeezing her nipples while the other teased her clit. Soon she was climaxing, her body bucking against me as I pounded my dick into her mercilessly, her cries loud and exciting as they echoed around the bed room. ‘Take it Rekha…I’ll fuck you real hard’.
I let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips, held her firmly by her waist and started pounding my penis into her….short and extremely powerful thrusts. I grabbed her breasts from behind and was mercilessly squeezing her nipples By now she was screaming hard. I kept pounding into her cunt ruthlessly and mercilessly. Tears were now streaming down Rekha’s eyes. With a last thrust I buried my prick and groaned as my pulsating penis sprayed my cum deep inside her pussy, for a moment I remained still, and then began to once more pump into her. A few minutes later I pulled my shrinking prick from her pussy and stood there panting, Rekha collapsed as I withdrew from her to lie shuddering on the floor, gently I reached down and helped her to her feet.
‘Oooh Kapil….you are really nice…really wonderful in fucking…that was really a mind shattering one’ she said. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and hugged me with her pelvis thrusting into my crotch. I held her breasts and started kneading them softly. She now buried her face into my chest and started moaning softly. With her hands she massaged my penis. It slowly started swelling up. I could feel Rekha trying to thrust it in her pussy. I started fondling her ample sized breasts and gently squeezed her bullet hard nipples. She let out long, soft whispering pants and closed her eyes tightly. I grabbed her thin waist and pushed her pelvis to meet my waiting cock. She in turn thrust her hips out to facilitate entry of the giant cock-head. The head of my cock seemed abnormally big compared to the girth of my shaft. I had an incredible view of the engorged head resting on her small gleaming swollen pussy lips. Rekha pushed her hands into my armpits and pulled me into her. She let out a loud gasp and then breathed in deeply.
I could tell that she orgasmed immediately by the way her entire body quaked. She slumped onto my chest with her long straight hair under my chin. My shaft bowed as it had a hard time continuing into her. I reached down with my hands and adjusted my penis and forced it in deeper. Rekha reared her head back and began to shift her body back and forth on my dick. Once she had allowed it to enter her she started riding it and riding it hard! She grabbed my sides and forced my penis in her more. She was now on all fours with her hands clutching the bed. I was slamming my penis into her hot cunt crazily from the doggie style position. Rekha shook her head wildly causing her hair to flail about. She groaned and breathed loudly. Her face grimaced and her jaw dropped. She looked like she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her grip on the bed slipped and her face plowed into the mattress of the bed. She didn’t seem to care and it muffled her screams of pleasure. I got up from my knees and squatted behind her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her body to my dick. I was holding her now by the waist and lifting her off the bed. I thrust my cock into her with merciless violent force causing Rekha to scream. I grunted and moaned as I readied himself to come. I grabbed her and hugged her. I rammed my cock in her deep as I came ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH HHH’ I moaned as my warm wads of cum sprayed deep in her vagina. We hugged each other tightly and after some time laid down in each others arms and started the downward spiral toward sleep.
For the next two days it was plain simple fucking all day and night. Rekha and I really fucked the hell out of each other. When she left she said “Make trips to Poona when your GM is not there in Poona…come and fuck me.”

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The Hot Night Train

December 5th, 2012 No comments

Hi to all the readers of Indian Stories, I will say I did it or also can say this happened to me in December 2006. First let me tell you all my unseen friends, I am Kundan from Mumbai Juhu India. I am 33 with 5.9 height, fair & clear skin with average built. I look 5-6 years younger to my age that’s what my friends say. I am into business after completing my MBA. Enough of me as I know nun of you boy’s are interested in my profile expect few girls. We are 6 friends in our group and I am always the lucky
one when it came to Girls, right from college days. My friends say ‘Girls surrender by looking into your eyes’. Four of us decided to go to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan India. It was in December for 3 nights.

We were booked in 3rd A/C evening train & I was suppose to join them directly after my office as it is near the station. As usual office never leaves you and I reached just 7 or 8 minutes before train started.

There are normally two 3rd A/C coaches I got in the first one as I was afraid train will start and walked throw to next one. I saw one collage group with beautiful girls with them and few more with family with young ladies.

I reached my seat greeted my friends & said ‘What is this we should be in next coach, all beauties are there’. One of my friend said shuuu… one pretty girl is sitting behind us and she is alone. I immediately walked other side to see her,

she was wearing tight jeans & a short top I came back, my friend moved his eyebrows up- ‘How’s she?’ I said not my choice. On other side there was one foreigner lady with sexy daughter might be 20 or 21 & I eyed her,

but very next moment her father came with one more sexy daughter and told them that he has managed to exchange two sets near him as they had separate sets in next boggy & they left and the happiness on my face also left.

My friend said don’t worry we have 3 day and you are lucky asshole never returned empty hands from any trip. I was sitting on the side seat and looked around there were two guys of 40+, an old lady of say 75+ and his son 50+ and we 4 guys.

This old lady was wearing a typical red cotton Rajasthani gagra choli with big silver earring and all total gao ki (typical Rajasthani village woman). Train had already started 5 mts back & our journey started with the oldies.

We two friends were sitting on the side berth, one on the other side & one was standing in the lobby opposite to me. Suddenly we could hear ‘Excuse me Bhaiya (brother)’ my friend in the lobby turned behind said sorry & sat on his seat & I could see a very pretty girl,

5.6 tall or might be more by an inch or so, wearing a churidar kurta & full sleeve loose sweater on it. That long hair, tall neck, sharp face, sound eyes, wheatish skin, gave twinkle in eyes & I did not blink till she sat down on the center seat beside my friend who said sorry to her.

My other two friends were giggling & pulled his leg ‘You already got a sister at start of the journey’ & I was busy staring at her without knowing what is happening around me. I think my mouth was open my friend said close it & come back to reality.

I asked by moving my eyes who is she? All started giggling again & one said a Rocket Bomb we were waiting to drop on you. You came late we all are formally introduced to her & her family now you help yourself, I had lot to enquire & my friends

kept on pulling my leg for next 10 mts & finally they vomited that they only know that she is with old lady & man, and they have one waiting list ticket & are waiting for ticket collector to come and issue them one seat if available.

I was feeling jealous of my friend who was sitting next to her but latter realized that sitting diagonally opposite her was more beneficiary. We all friends were busy chatting but my eye was constantly on her. No one know I was staring her expect her,

as my friend was sitting between me & her so it looked I am looking at my friend. An hour had passed she did not give any response not even a small smile although we had many eye contacts. It was 9.30 pm & other 2 guys wanted to

have there dinner so we scuffled places & gave them side seats where I was sitting so they can have it peacefully. She went to neighboring side seat, we shifted to center. I could see her again, but no response although she was alone there.

I got up for toilet & point her to come out. She didn’t, after sometime I try again this time she dint even look at me as I passed her. I didn’t try any further we also had our dinner chatted for sometime and started the arrangements to sleep.

They had the side seats & T.C had told them there wait list ticket is not confirm but since there is a girl & old lady you 3 can adjust in 2 seats. Old lady was given the lower seat & uncle told he will sleep on the ground between 2 seats.

She took the side lower seat & kept her pillow on the left side, so I took the top seat on the right that I can see her from the top. As it was just 11.00 pm & too early to sleep we friends went to outer lobby as one friend wanted to smoke.

Two left to sleep in 20 mts we 2 came in after an hour & and I found that my friend was already sleeping on top right seat which I had chosen, so I had to take top left one now I couldn’t see here as here face was below my legs.

But after 10 mts she got up changed her position to right side now I could see her face. I thought is she giving me a lift or just like that & ignored her open eyes. It was 1.00 am I was not able to sleep & everyone around me were sleeping in glory.

I thought I will brush my teeth which I had forgotten so I will feel fresh to sleep. While coming down I purposely stamped on her foot & moved to my bag to take my pouch which has everything a man needs from morning to late night.

I finished brushing in 5 mts as I turned this gorgeous girl had come out covering herself in a shawl & gave me a big smile and said Hi. It was December & chilling cold I said Ha Ha Hi & I was wordless. She said lets go to next compartment which was 2nd A/C it would be safe.

Coach attendant was sleeping there so we went other side of that coach. Finally I could listen to her sweet voice she said ‘My name is Seema’, before she could say anything I said ‘See talking here is also not safe’ & I pull her in the toilet & locked it.

I said ‘Relax don’t worry, it’s safe to talk here but softly’. She was wordless I said ‘I am Kundan from Mumbai’. She said she is from a small town near Jaipur but staying in a hostel at Jaipur for further studies.

She is 24 & had come to Mumbai to attend a wedding at her elder sisters’ house who is married in Mumbai & that old lady & her son are someone from her sister’s in-laws family so she was more careful & afraid to talk.

That beautiful babe who was in everyone’s eyes in the train even my friends!! was standing a feet away from me in a locked toilet. I thought how lucky I was, if my sleeping friends come to know they will burn my ass.

We had more introduction for sometime, my hands were shivering as it was too cold, she said ‘You can hold my hands inside the shawl you will feel cozy’. O o what soft hands. But I had to maintain my decency if she shouts I am gone.

While talking for say 10.0 mts I had shifted my hands one by one on her waist which she did not mind. Though it was not my first experience my stomach was tickling from in side. Late night, beautiful stranger between my hands,

locked in a newly made western toilet which was more spacious with a big platform wash basin, one in the hotel room. But no guts inside me to do anything. I said ‘I had an eye on you, did you also?’ She said ‘If not would I be here & you holding me?’

I said to my self what a silly question but a positive answer, try your luck. By that Seema said it’s late she will call me we had already exchanged cell numbers. I took a chance ‘can I kiss you goodnight?’ She just nodded & smiled,

I gave small kiss on her soft check & second below her ear just perfect to arouse a girl, and kept my lips 7 or 8 inches away from hers just waiting for a lip kiss anddddd… I got one. ‘That was to dry’ I said, I just brushed my teeth.

She smiled & I did not leave the chance, soon our tongues where finding each other, her soft lips red like petals of rose where between my lips & my hands were exploring her body from behind, her body was so hot & firm I had never touched skin like that before.

I thought the night would be hard on me as I was already hard and had to relieve myself after she leaves. But GOD has made me lucky. Smooching went on for about 5 mts & she had started moaning very heavily and I cashed on it.

Till now I had not yet felt her melons as they were covered in her shawl. I took off here shawl without her permission & and I got a shock of me my life as I was playing with the most perfect body I ever meet. Under that lovely face, there was a rocket body,

no wonder she had covered herself from the start. She was wearing tight body hugging kurta & a churidar below (Indian outfit), her body was so straight & firm, just protruding out was here huge mango shaped breast which was 36+ I guess,

with a flat Stomach & with a perfect and lovely stiff ass behind. I said ‘O this was the treasure you were hiding till now’ & I started kissing here more passionately again. This time my hands were busy squeezing her breast and we both were in haven of pleasure.

I don’t know why she dint stop me. I opened the zip behind here kurta my hands were soon exploring her full body inside. She was so warm, her skin was so smooth. Soon I realized her hands were also inside my T-shirt trying to put her thumb in my belt area.

I quickly removed my T-shirt and stood there like Salman Khan. She soon started moving her warm hands on my chest & this was kick start to the game. Our tongue was licking each other & my hands were squeezing her mangos.

I removed her kurta & was stunned to see black bra holding her huge melons. I said ‘O GOD the babe is so small but her boobs are so big’ she said you are too naughty, I said ‘Yes I am naughty to suck them now’.

I opened the hooks, down came her bra but her boobs did not move an inch hanging firmly on her beautiful body with pinkish nipples of half a inch round & strong like marbles pointing me straight. I started sucking her tits like wild dog.

She was moving her soft hands in my hair & said ‘They are so silky & smooth’. ‘But not silkier then your boobs’- I said. We were hugging each other tightly & smooching very wildly as there was no tomorrow which went on for few minutes,

I pulled the string of her churidar she pushed me back. I said I don’t want to miss her full view. She agreed after a little yes-no, (normal girl tendency). I was taken by surprise before her churidar was down; she started opening my belt and said ‘Why should guys have all the fun’.

Soon we were in our birth suit. What a view it was- Naked Night Queen was standing in front of me & the whole train was busy sleeping. She was everyone desire including my friends- was standing as a Goddess of Kamasutra (Sex) in that moving train.

Only some hair I could see on her fair body was on her sexy pussy. We were kissing each other passionately, my lips were sucking here lips, my hands were on her sexy butts- so firm & round. I started licking below her ears, she started moaning heavily,

I put my one finger in her love hole she got a shiver in here whole body & started breathing more heavily. After few minuets of oral I made her sit on the washbasin which was platform type (as I said earlier) and did some finger fucking to make her ready for my junior.

As I enquired she said she was not a virgin she had four minute game with her far of cousin. They had gone to bushy place at her native’s, her cousin hurried up pushing it in wearing a condom, before she could overcome the pain of hymen he ejaculated.

He got scared seeing her in pain, after that they never got a chance. So I had less work & more pleasure to get. I kept my junior at the entry of her love hole, made it wet with the juice coming out of her & pushed in with one go,

she was about to scream I put my hand on her mouth don’t forget we are in train baby. By that time my cock was on fire, bloody she was hot like a volcano inside. We were kissing deeply my hands were moving on her boobs & playing with her nipples.

She caught my shoulders for support & her legs were around my waist what a moment it was. I slowly started moving inside soon pain turned in to pleasure; Seema started making whispering sounds which added to fire. I was holding her waist & giving her long shorts of my life.

Within few minutes she got her first orgasm, her face was totally red, eyes were closed & lips were biting but I was long way to go. We explored each others body while pumping her for 20-25 mts, she had one more orgasm in between & I was about to explode I pulled my junior out,

turned around & shooted my come to the corner of the bathroom. I had a longest come of my life. She gave me a tight huge & said it was too good. I spread her shawl on the commode & set on it, she made herself comfortable on my laps. We spoke about our new experience.

After a few lovi-davi talks I had an idea, I again made here sit on the basin platform & told here that how about shaving off her pussy hairs. She just kept on staring in my eyes for a minute or so & slowly murmured ok. I used my shaving kit to do the needful.

As it was my first time shaving a girl’s pussy I was bit nervous. Everything went right with her guidance only problem was the water was too cold not to forget it was a chilling December night. Wow!! A clean & pink pussy was ready for me now.

Pussy lips were swollen just ready to push in baby. I just couldn’t resist my tongue I spread her pussy lips and started licking her clit. ‘Ouch it’s so wonderful’-she said. My tongue was deep inside her love hole and now she was moaning.

I started eating her pussy in that night train. With that train noise in the background it was totally different feeling. Very soon she had her third orgasm of the night, my lips were totally wet with her cum & I was enjoying licking the same.

I could see tremor in her body when she was coming, her body had turn stiff, & she was pulling the napkin hanger as hard as she could. I kissed her with my wet lips she was enjoying her own cum which she tasted for the first time.

She sucked my lips and licked my face clean. By this time my gong was 95 degree pocking high to pump her. She pushed me on the Maharaja seat (commode yaar). ‘Now let me see what is going inside me’ she hold my dick with both hands & said

‘O my cousin’s was just the size of my palm’ & she licked the tip of my cock, looked into my eyes with a naughty smile & started sucking it as hard as she could. My hands were moving in her silky hair, her mouth was moving to & fro on my cock.

What a felling it was I still get wet when I think of that scene. I made her sit on my lap & entered my lollipop in. It was easy to go as both were wet, now she was the Women On Top & riding my dick like a pro. Meanwhile I enjoyed sucking her tits and

playing with her butts which was adding the pleasure. She said my junior was touching deep inside her in this position. Then I picked her with my dick inside & my hands were holding her full body from her butts she was hanging on me with my shoulder support and

I pumped her in standing position. The feeling was different but couldn’t manage her weight for a longer time so I leaned on the wall & she kept her one leg on basin & other on window frame and pumped me by holding my shoulders

I was enjoying the acrobats but it was difficult for longer time so I landed her down safely I made her bend towards the window wall with one leg on the commode I entered her from behind. She started playing with my testicles & squeezed them hard.

I was on cloud 9 & feeling like a Porn Star trying all the difficult positions. I was holding her waist and pumping her, my eyes were on her ass, so I told her now your asshole have to hold me. She instantly said NO-not possible.

I convinced her in a minute or so that I will not force her if it pains. I wore a condom from my pouch as it would be easy to enter & I put some moisturizing cream on her asshole to make my enter smooth. She patiently beared all the pain & let me enter the full length.

After I enjoyed few strokes I removed my junior as I know it was enough for a virgin ass. I removed the condom, before I could say she turned, I could see her red watery eyes in pain, she started sucking my cock by holding my butts with both the hands.

It was too much pleasure for me I exploded without telling her in her mouth. She didn’t move her face till my last drop was fired. I picked her in my arms, kissed her & said ‘I love You’. You were too good. We sat on our hot seat tired & exhausted with that long game.

We rested hugging each other on the shoulders & came to senses only after 45 minutes or so. I squeezed her melons & said wakeup baby it’s too late ‘sona do na Jaanu’ she murmured (let me sleep sweetheart). She woke up after few kisses as a bribe.

Washed her face, meanwhile I was resting with my eyes closed. Suddenly she pore cold water on my dick. I cupped her boobs standing from behind & told her ‘Stop teasing me or you head it for your life’. After a little more word talks our lips meet, body charged up.

Looking at my erect rod she said ‘Now you want to tear my pussy?’ I said ‘No, we will play Bum Chick Bum’ I applied cream on her asshole & my dick too. She bended holding the washbasin I push in with one go, I had a burning sensation as her hole was too tight & my rod was on fire,

we didn’t move for couple of seconds & regained by slow moves we were fully charged up. Only pleasure of love game was on mind. I was riding her as hard I could by holding her sexy butts. I bended little more & gave her a finger fuck.

My two fingers were in her pussy & Seema was yelling with joy with both her holes getting screwed at same time. She soon came & made my fingers wet. I pulled my dick out & applied her come on it and rammed her in full action.

She played with my hanging balls below which exits me the most & I short all my come in her fleshy bums. Before leaving she gave me a love bite on my chest and I gave near her nipples as a token of remembrances of the journey.

I left toilet ten minutes after her & dossed off till morning on my upper berth. I wake up at 9.30 am & could hear my three friends talking to Seema who was sitting on the berth below me. I got up & jumped down between the berths and said ‘Hi guys missing me or forgotten me?’

One of my friend tried to introduce me to Seema ‘Meet her she is See……..’ before he could complete his words Seema jumped & kissed me with a warm huge ‘Good Morning Sweetheart’ I was shocked how can she in front of her relatives

but found out they had gone the restroom. But But But guys I couldn’t forget expressions of all my three friends ‘What the hell you have done?’ I had no words to say but latter at the hotel I was forced to tell them everything (and now the world knows)

and only believed after I showed them the love bite. I came back from my holidays with sweet memories of wild life century & wild experience I had with Seema. We are still in touch & waiting to meet again.

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Stripshow experience

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I have always been a very horny girl and always liked to have boys touch me a little even when i was in school. i used to take a few boys behind a tree and then ask them to rub my cunt or to kiss it until i came. then when i was 18 one of my friends was getting married and he was having a party only for the boys but said he wanted to have some fun on that night so i should come and be a stripper. i was very happy as i really like making guys cocks go hard.

So that night i got dressed in only my black bra and my blac panty which is so thin from the back like a thong. and i wore a long gown on top of it. on the way to his house where the party was i passed a group of teenange boys who looked like they needed some fun so when i passed them i just faced them and opened my gown for 5 seconds and then closed it and walked on. i got a lot of whistles and i started getting excited about the party.

I got to the house and waited in the bedroom for the party to start and the guys to get a little drunk. while waiting i started thinking of how the boys were going to get so horny when they see my 38B breasts. i got a little wet and started playing with my juices. a few minutes later one of the guys came to the room and said “we’re ready for you”…. i was now a little bit nervous because i have never done this before. so i asked the guy to get me a very strong drink which i had in a few seconds and then i felt a bit better. i went into the living room and there were 6 guys (one of them was my friend getting married) – i put on some sexy music and turned my back to them…
I am a very sexy dancer and i started moving my hips from side to side… i could hear some of the guys getting very excited already. slowly i loosened my gown and let it drop to the floor. my friend who was already very drunk said “what a beautiful round ass you have simi, come let me feel it” i went towards him still with my back faced towards all of them. he caressed my left cheek and then my right cheek and the pinched really hard and said “why didn’t you let me know what a beautiful ass you have simi??? maybe we could have had a good time together?” i turned around and now they all saw my beautiful big round breasts and my trim and tight belly…. i looked at all the guys cocks and saw that they were already very very turned on. i started getting excited that i could turn on so many people together. i then went to the desert table and i saw some grapes. i put one between my breasts and went to my friend (his name is Akash) and i told Akash… “suck it out” and he put his head between my boobs, stuck his tongue out and suck the grape into his mouth. then i got some chocolate sauce and poured it on my thigh and asked 2 guys to lick it up….. i put the leg on a chair and they licked all the sauce off my thigh. i felt my panty getting wet with excitement. i then started unhooking my bra and let it slip to the floor. i did a small dance in which my boobs jumped up and down a lot. then i turned my back to them and started removing my panties. i got another grape and put it just in the crack of my ass and asked one of the other boys to try and get it out with only ther tongue. i bent over and he came knelt behind me and stuck his tongue in my ass. it seemed he was not even trying to get the grape and he had a long tongue because i started feeling him licking on my cunt. my knees started feeling weak and i wanted more. finally he got the grape out but by then my nipples were hard and my pussy was dripping. i saw that 2 of the guys had already dropped their trousers and started masturbating.

I looked at akash and his eyes were filled with lust. i lay myself down on the floor and said to him “it’s never too late akash. come play with my ass and pussy how you used to when we were little” akash knelt down near me and his hands went straight for my boobs. he pinched my nipples and i felt a sense of pleasure like i had never felt before. “lick my tits” i said. and akash put his tongue over my left breast and started sucking…. while he was sucking my breasts i felt a tongue on my thighs licking me up and down…. akash then removed his trousers and boxers and i saw his 8 inch cock and felt the sudden need to have it in my mouth. akash saw what i wanted to do and knelt above my mouth and out his cock in until it was in my throat. i felt suffocated but i knew i wanted to suck him until he came. as i ran my tongue around his hard cock i felt a tongue flick my clit. this was amazing – i was sucking akash and someone was sucking me…. as i licked and sucked akash faster and faster the tongue that was licking me went deeper and deeper… “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh simi i’m fucking your mouth, simi don’t stop” i heard akash say… and i didn’t stop. and he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. and i started writhing my pussy up against the mouth that was licking me. and akash cam right into my mouth, and i drank every single drop. then he withdrew his cock from my mouth but i still had not come and so now i concentrated only on the mouth that was in my pussy – i wrapped my legs around his head and pushed my pussy in and out faster and faster “oooooooooooohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha…. ha… oh i’m coming…. oh don’t stop” and i was pushing my pussy harder and harder into his face…… the pleasure got higher and higher and finally an explosion – and i felt my orgasm thundering in my head and groin… i looked up to see who it was that was giving me such pleasure. his face was covered in my cream and he smiled at me.

I was still not satisfied as i had not had a cock inside my cunt…. so i asked the same guy to come on top of me and then i guided his big hard throbbing cock into my wet pussy. slowly he slid in and started pumping. i felt a little pain, not much. i was a virgin but i had played a lot with sex toys so this did not hurt me much. the feeling of a 8inch cock in me was too much for me to handle – i started moving my hips faster and faster… and then akash said to me “wait, you want more pleasure?” and i said “oh yes akash” and then akash made me kneel like a dog… he had something oily on his fingers and he pushed his fingers into my ass. it felt amazing. next he pushed his cock in and slid in and out 2-3 times. then he told the other guy to lie down on the floor and i lay me body on top of him and put his cock in my cunt. now i was fucking someone in my cunt and someone else was fucking my ass. we pumped each other faster and faster… shouting and screaming in pleasure…. then akash told the other guy “ey.. tony, we come at the same time to give her maximum pleasure ok” and tony agreed.
Faster and faster they fucked me and i was in another world… my head felt light and i felt i was going to orgasm and so i screamed “this is it… i am going to come… oooooooooh i am going to come now” and akashsaid to tony “ok tony now release” and i felt their cum shooting into my pussy and into my ass at the same time and i screamed out of pleasure… and my orgasm was a huge and long throbbing… akash got off me and i got of tony. then lying on my side i let akash and tony lick me clean. as i looked around me all i could see was the cum of the other guys who had been watching us and masturbating. i have gone to many strip shows after that and if i’m lucky sometimes i get the same pleasure at the end of it.
If you would like to hear more, or would like to tell me more about your experiences email me at

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Bus Robbery

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Hi my name is Jamila, I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan now residing in USA. This is a true story of my misery. It was the summer of 1995. My brother was getting married in Karachi so we booked the tour bus. After wedding when we were returning from Mumbai to Delhi. We had lots of Jahz and jewelery . We were about 25 people in the bus, majority women. My brother and his wife were in the bus too. They did not have their wedding night yet. We had a Ruksati and they were going to have Wedding night in Hyderabad. on the way to hyderabad, we got stopped by the Robbers.

There were 3 robbers in black Shalwar Kurta, they were driving a van. They just pulled us over and jumped in the bus with guns. We got scared. They ask ” Sara zaver kaha hai” my mom pointed out two big bags. They grabbed it and threw it outside in the jeep. Then they went to individual women and start ripping off the jewelery from their ears, neck and fingers. It was very dark. When they reached to my new bhabi, they passed the remarks ” kiya cheez hai, Suhag raat bana li tu ab tak” my bhabi was very good looking she got mad and slapped the robber. He got furious and grabbed her wrist and “Bohat aag hai teray mai, Hum teri aag bujai gai” and he start dragging her out. My brother tried to stop him but one of the other robber shoot my brother on his arm. My brother fall down. They dragged my bhabi outside the bus. I could not take it, I was 19yrs old and still virgin. I jumped out the bus and rquested them to “meri bhabi ko chor do aur mujhe lai jao” Every body in the bus was scared. The robber said “Chal Hum tujhe bhi lai chaltay hai” and they picked me up and threw me in a jeep and smae thing they do with my bhabi. Then one of the robber turned around and said to the people in the bus. If you call police, you will find theese two girls dead. And they took off with us in the jeep. They set me in the front between two robber , one was driving and one was working on me. They set my bhabi in the back seat with one robber. They took the kacha road, so nobody was in that road and it was dark. I heard my bhabi screaming in the back seat for help. But nobody was around there. The robber told us if we oblige them, they wont hurt us. I got the drift and kept quite. But somehow my bhabi kept screaming and the making the robber pissed off. Then the robber slapped her across her face and she passed out and it was silence for a minute. The driver said “kai mar to nahi gai” the robber in the back said “nahi zinda hai, behosh hogai hai” I was relief that she is not dead. The robber next to me start pressing my breast, and start kissing me on my face. The driver said “yaar mai gaari chala raha hoo aur tum mazay lai rahai ho” the robber in the back said ” chalo gari rok daytay hai aur in larkiyu ko chodtay hai, mera lund eik dum khara ho gaya hai” the driver slow down and got off the kacha road and drove 5 minutes into the dark and stopped in the middle of big field. By this time my bhabi came back. And start screaming ” tumhari maa behan nahi hai, Khuda karay tumahari bahan ko daakoo lai jai aur un kai saath bhi yeh salook karay” the robber got real mad. Threw her outside the jeep and start ripping off her dress, she was wearing traditional Shadi ka lal joda. The robber threw her on the ground her dressed was ripped off from every where . And they all start laughing. I was standing there quitely, one robber said to me “agar tu nai hamari baat nahi maani to hum tera bhi yeh haal karay gai” then the one was pressing my breast earlier asked me to take my dress off. I did exactly what he told me. The other two jumped on my bhabi. one robber grabbed her and othher took all the ripped cloths off. She kept screaming for no reason. My robber start taking off his cloths. It was the first time I seen some man all nude. When he took off his shalwar, I could see a bulge of muscle under his underwear. Lookslike someone has stick a big banana inside. Soon he took off his underwear, his lund sprang out like a cobra. It was atleast 9″ long. He asked me “chal mera lund choos” I got down on my knee and oblige him. Over there they made my bhabi completely nude and laid her down on her back one of the robber pinned her shouldour down and the other was sticking his lund in her pussy. She was screaming, now for mercy ” please ahesta ahesta, mai ab tak kuwari hoo” The robber said “Ab aai na line pay” I could see she was in great pain, when the guy enter her virgin pussy, I knew same thing will happen to me in a few minutes. But I concentrated on sucking my robber’s lund. After 5 minutes, my robber ask me stop, He rais me up and lift me and set me on the back seat of jeep. He spread my leg and start licking my Pussy. His tongue was moisturising my pubic area and I was getting aroused. Now I heard my bhabi stopped screaming and start moanning like she is enjoying it now. One was fucking her and the other was sticking his lund in her mouth and she kept refusing to suck on it. Finally the one was fucking stopped and had orgasm. He asked the other ” Chal ab teri bari” the other one said” mai to iski gaand maroo ga” My bhabi screamed ” Nahi gaand nahi maarna bohat dard hota hai” the robber said “tujhey kaisa pata gaand marnay se dard hota hai” she said ” merray cousin brother ne eik baar meri gaand maari thi, teen din tak dard huwa tha” Then the robber said” aur saali tu kawari bhi nahi hai, dekh thoda bhi khoon nahi nikla teri choot se'” she said ” mera cousin brother ne meri izzat loot li thi” The robber said ” chal jhooti, teri choot eik dum phatti hui hai tu sirf chilana jaanti hai, meray andazay se tu roz chudati thi” And the other robber turned her around laid her down on stomach and start entering her ass. Once mor she start screaming. My robber was done licking my choot and was ready to enter inside my choot. He said” ghabrao mat mai bohat ahesta ahesta daloo ga” my pussy was all wet and very lubricated. He stick the tip of his dick first and gradually kept pushing and finally with one big push he was in. I screamed “ya khadaya mai mar gai” he did not stop and like a piston he was in and out. My bhaabi was screaming as the guy was fucking her ass. Now I felt it that her scream was all fake, because it does not hurt as much as she was screaming. It was a mitha dard. I start enjoying my robber’s dick after few strokes. After my rober was done, I noticed that I was bleeding around my choot.
He got a handkerchief and cleaned around my choot. The other robber came to fuck me but my robber told him that ” ye larki ne woh kiya jo mai ne kaha to is ko ab chor daytay hai” The other robber said okay boss. Then he ask me to put the clothes back on. All night long they kept fucking my bhabi one after another. I did not feel sorry for her, Because she is the one brought all this to us. And she was not right person for my brother anyway. After they were done with us, they got some cloth from jahz bag for my bhabi and drop us off near bus station with some money, We came home next day. We were so embarass. I felt like commiting sucide. My mom came and said “Jo huwa bhool jao, Hum tum ko America bhaij rahay hai next week” That is how I came to USA. I told everything about my bhabi to my mom. And they send her back to her parents

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Gomti Express

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Hi Friends,
First of all I want to introduce myself. I am Sameer, I am 26 year old a software professional working in Noida, bordering Delhi. I am 5?10″ with good looking personality, normally I got second looks from girls and ladies. My family is in Aligarh, UP. The incident which I am going to tell you was happened one year back.

It was a incident of last July, the weather was pleasant and I was travelling by Gomti Express. There was a rush in the train and I luckily got the seat adjusting to an elderly couple. After train moved from Aligarh, a very pretty girl having height 5?5″ with very sexy boobs and round ass, she was aroung 25 years, had a big luggage with her searching for seat. She was wearing pick colored shalwar, kamees (her dopatta was not at the right place as she was busy managing the luggage), her name was Nazy. She was searching for seat, and when she passed by me, I offered my seat to her and I stud up new by.

Delhi is not far away from Aligarh, just 1 h 45 minute run by express trains. She was very happy to get the seat, after sometime, she realized that it is possible to adjust four if she adjust a little bit, so she offered me to sit on the small corner. I sat there but it gets me little uneasy as her left thigh was continuously in contact of mine and her arms were brushing my chest. After some time she tried to put her small bag on the shelf over her head, her left breast was brushed my elbow, she knew what happened, but she didn?t seems to mind. My cock got a sudden erection, but I controlled my self in a few minutes. I got some courage and started chatting her and the train was passing by Khurja Jn. She told me that she is a web-designer, and going delhi to appear in some job interview and the place was close to my room & office. She also told that she lives in Rehmat Bano hostel in Aligarh, and Varansi is her home town. I was living alone at that time & my room was small to accommodate any guest. In the mean time, to adjust myself from falling from the seat, I slightly pushed toward her, I got a full body contact by her left side, I was surprised to see that she didn?t resisted, instead she adjusted herself slightly backward, I?ve now full contact of her left breast. I started slightly pressing my elbow on here breast, but she didn?t resisted, instead she was giving a mysterious smile.

Fortunately that was a holiday and I don?t had to do any work after reaching Delhi. After reaching station, She asked me if I could company her to the interview place. As I was free, I readily agreed her proposal and that too to my way. After some time my room arrived, we went to room for a short period to put my things and left for her interview. The interview place was a walking distance from my room, so I left her and returned to my room. I told her after interview, she may come to my room, if she wishes. She agreed and promised to come after interview. I?d taken a brief nap, before her arrival (wow my heart was jumping IN N OUT, a girl in my room).When she came I forget to hide a porn mag which was lying new my bed, I hurriedly put the mag below the newspaper stack. After that I said to her to get refreshed and take some rest, she said ok, and went to bathroom to get refreshed. After that I came out from the bathroom after taking bath. I returned, I didn?t believe what I saw, she brought out that porn mag and was watching nude pictures. Seeing me she hurriedly closed the mag & she was little bit embarrassed, but I ignored and said it will be better if you take a nap as I?d to buy necessary items, she agreed. I locked the door from outside and left.

When I came back, she was in a deep slumber. Her dopatta was away and she was lying with her back, her breasts where aiming towards the ceiling like a mini domes. I tried not to do anything wrong to her, but in vein. I changed my cloths and came back. This time I was in shorts and tea-shirt. I stretch myself parallel to her and pretended as I am also sleeping. Slowly I put my hand on her stomach and started roaming there, then I moved upward and caressed over one of her breast. I was trying to do slow as I don?t wanted to wake her, started roaming my hand on both of her breasts and I also put my one leg on let on her thigh, I tried my knee to insert between her legs and succeeded.No I?m getting very very hot so strarted squeezing here boobs lightly. Her boobs were very firm.

This was too much for me and I was loosing control on myself and started kissing her neck, she wriggled a bit but didn?t wake,I was not bothering if she wakes. My seven inch rod was hot like a fire. My one hand was pressing her right boob another was sliding up and down over her shalwar, suddenly I got her nara. I pulled her nara and eased her shalwar, she was not wearing panty. Now my fingers were sliding up and down the folds of her pussy making them open, she moaned SSSSS and slightly opened her legs, I got full access to her pussy. And suddenly she wakes up. I was afraid that she might be angry but instead she removed her kurta and said “now it will be easy for you to do wants you want” and planted a deep French kiss. Her tongue was inside my mouth exploring my tongue, my hand on her both boobs pressing them hard, her shalwar falls down. My other hand was busy unclasping her bra, I did it within no time, wow her boobs were firm and with dark nipples and big black circles around her nipples. I removed my mouth and traveled downward and rested on her erect nipples. I was pinching one and sucking another, she was making sound like PLEASEEEEEE OOOOUCHH, SSSSSS, and she was pushing her pussy in me, and started saying PLEASEEEE FUCK MEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEE SSSSSSS I put my hand down and wow, It was all wet with her fluid, I slid my middle finger deep inside her cunt to check her virginity, but she was not virgin.

I though that this is a right time to do as my cock also in need of her choot. I lay her on the floor and she opened her legs. I came between her legs and I was rubbing the end of my penis against her wet choot, up and down feeling her clit with my panis. She moaned,” Pleaseeee fuck me, don?t waste time” I put the head of my lund on her choot and slight push, and I watched it slide in slowly, her vagina enveloped my hole lund. Love juices were coming out from her choot. My lund went tearing, deep inside her”Aaaaaaaaaah aaaaah ouchhhhh, pleaseeeee ssssssslowwww”, she said! I could feel the enveloping She was jumping her hips under me, raising her hips and choot to meet my strokes. I continued to fuck her, deeper and harder, side by side squeezing and sucking her breasts and nipples periodically. Her face turned redand her moaning started taking acceleration, so I increased my speed too. “pleaseeeeee aaaaaaaaaaah yessssssssss ddddddddddon?t stop I am cominggggggggggg”, and simultaneously she shuddered into a really wild orgasm. I waited for her to normalize as I still not satisfied. After few seconds I started fucking her harder as I also building pressure and I exploded in a few stroke. I came inside her.

After this incident I am bold enough to fuck ladies, we had fucked several times with her and her friends too. Any gals or ladies from Aligarh may contact at

Love you all,


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Sex in small auto

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Hi sexy guys and gals, this is Raj back with another erotic and carnal encounter with one of the sexy gals of this great city VISAKHAPATNAM. The incident happened when I was travelling in an auto from my house to my friend’s place at the beach road. The journey takes almost 30 minutes. It was somewhere in the morning around 11 in the watch. I sat in the empty auto and was in my own dreamland. Hi sexy guys and gals, this is Raj back with another erotic and carnal encounter with one of the sexy gals of this great city VISAKHAPATNAM. The incident happened when I was travelling in an auto from my house to my friend’s place at the beach road.

The journey takes almost 30 minutes. It was somewhere in the morning around 11 in the watch. I sat in the empty auto and was in my own dreamland. The driver was stopping every now and then waiting to pick up passengers. Suddenly a gal got into the auto and she sat just next to me very close to me and I was shocked. She looked like a typical sun-bathed telugu beauty with decent structure. When there is no one in the auto why is this gals sitting close to me touching her arm and legs to me? I didn’t understand that. Anyways, I gathered my courage started my SEX ODYSSEY. I kept my hand and leg close to her and started touching her. She didnot seem to mind that. I continued. As it was the month of September and it rained every now and then, so I was carrying an umbrella. I turned behind and kept my umbrella behind the seat.

While getting back to my original position I intentionally touched her bare back with my hand. That was momentary but sent electric pulses through me. Then an old lady got into the auto and this gal shifted more towards me. As there was less space for my hand, I kept my hand on the top of the seat, behind the other passengers. To my disbelief, this gal also reciprocated and started rubbing me with her right shoulder. I too shifted a bit to me left side. Mind you, all this was happening in the broad daylight. Now I was craving for more. As my left portion of the body was continuous contact with her, I started making use of my left hand too that was all this while sitting quitely behind. I tried to bring it closer to her left breast and I dared to touch it. That was a great feeling and I still remember it.

The gal obviously enjoyed it and said NOTHING. This encouraged me and I started pinching and pressing her breast more. Fortunately, the third passenger could not see it as the gal covered my hand with her dupatta and the driver was busy with his job. We were behaving as if we are alone in this world. This continued for some more time and both of us were enjoying it to the maximum. Suddenly the gal dropped her purse near my legs and immediately bent to take it. While doing so, she had to come closer to me, I was again shocked that she just pressed and rubbed her breast along my thighs while picking up her purse. I was brimming with joy and surprise. This decent looking telugu gal did all this just to touch her breasts to me.

Wow… I felt damn happy. After getting up she gave me a faint smile. Great that was… Then I thought its enough of it and wanted to explore her very much. I touched her right breast and pressed her gently, and she would respond my touching my throbbing dick every now and then whenever she found a chance escaping the eyes of the driver and the third passenger. Well…. as it was daytime and we were not alone, we had to be be content with that much only though many other contacts did occur. I have not provided other details. I would request the readers to imagine the situation so that they can understand it nicely and also feel happy for me and hope the same for themselves too.

This was the most sensuous of my journey, and I vowed that I will always use an auto, whatever the price I have to pay. Later she started arranging her dress and I understood that she was about to got down. After getting down she gave me a sexy smile and paid the driver. Thats it… Though it was short, it was really tempting and excites me even now.

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Mumbai Sex Dream

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I am 33 years old young man. I live in Mumbai. One day it so happened that no one was in the house everyone was away at some function, and the door-bell rang. It was at about 10.30 am on a Saturday, just lazing around in my bed reading a magazine. I went to the door and opened it and found my aunt standing.

As usual I invited her in, she was wearing a green saree, a low cut blouse and was looking really sexy. My aunty looks very sexy with big breast and big buttocks. She is aged 46 and she doesn’t look like that aged. I was having an eye on her. I had to make my move today I thought to myself.

I explained to her everyone is out and would be back only in the afternoon after lunch at about 3.00 pm. After sometime, I asked her if she would like to have some something to drink. I offered her a cola and open a bottle of beer for myself. After some casual talk about my cousins and uncle, I was getting bored.

I thought why not show my aunt my new computer. Well I took her to my bedroom, I introduced her to most of the packages and she asked about the internet. I logged on, and surfed around. She then asked about adult sites, well one topic let to another and the atmosphere was really getting hot. I showed her some adult sites and things got bolder. I asked her if she would like to see some movies. Since the mood was really hot, she said “BLUE”. I was lucky, I had two really hot ones in my hidden directory.

I started the first one, my aunts eyes were fixed to the screen at all the activity going on the screen, all of a sudden everything was quite. My aunt had finished her cola, I stood to take her glass, and I being in shorts my member was standing. My aunt noticed my and smiled.

I came back from the kitchen and sat on the bed watching the blue movie, in fact, everything was fine until she moved next to me. I really didn’t know how she had managed to continue after that point. My cock was really hard.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” asked my aunt. I was taken off balance by the sudden question. “I – er- y yes” I stammered “I do think you are pretty. What a question!” “I was hoping you thought of me as more than pretty” she continued “I would like to think me as beautiful and sexy” she said.

She stood beside me and started to move the same way the girl was moving in the movie then threw her arms around my neck, planting a wet kiss on my mouth. “I knew you liked me,” she cried. “I could feel it.” She then pushed me on the bed and was over me. This caused our bodies to be pressed together and I could no longer hide the swelling bulge in my shorts that was pressing against her stomach. “Oooohhh Darling! what’s this” she exclaimed putting her hand on my now hard cock through the shorts.

I looked down at her feeling the heat in her chest. Her breasts were just touching my chest. She opened her legs slightly pulling herself more firmly against me. Pulling on my shoulders she moved forward and placed her lips against mine. Her mouth opened warmly and her tongue tentatively probed my mouth. In a moment our mouths were clamped together, our tongues met each other. I completely lost it then. There was turning back. Her pelvis was pressed tightly against me and my stiff cock. Pretty soon we were grinding against each other. My rock hard cock pressing hard against her belly. The kiss broke and our breathing was heavy “My God, Aunty, wow” I said.

“Oh yes,” she replied “I want you to make love to me. Kiss my tits, lick my cunt, fuck me.” She placed her hand on the bulge in my shorts and lightly gripped my hard cock. “I want to kiss and suck this. I want your cum in my mouth, over my tits and filling my cunt” she said breathily. My cock was already a hard in my shorts.

Laying her softly down on the bed and removed her saree and I began to unbutton her blouse. As the blouse fell away a lacy bra emerged. I reached down and unclipped the clasp of her bra, uncovering these beautiful, firm tits. I reached forward to cup the mounds capped by a soft brown nipple which stood rigidly for my attention. My aunt reached up and grasped me around my neck, pulling me towards her. I opened my mouth and enveloped a rigid brown nipple, dragging my tongue over it, sucking softly. A soft moan escaped my aunt’s lips. “Ooohhhhhh, that’s nice ,” she sighed.

While sucking softly on her one nipple I began to caress and rub the nipple of the other with my hand. Reaching down I undid the petticoat and pulled it down. Taking her panties I pulled them down. She lifted her hips so that I could remove them altogether. Her pussy was almost clean shaven and the soft brown lips were wet. I placed my hand over her cunt and slowly pressed a finger in between the lips. I slid my finger along the wet lips. She writhed and thrust her hips upward to encourage my finger to venture deeper. I stopped, stood up and quickly removed all my clothing. My erect cock was standing rigidly to attention in front of her. I replaced my hand over her cunt with my finger sliding easily into her. I began to thrust with my finger, then adding a second. My aunt reached forward and curled her fingers around my stiff cock.

My fingers began to pump into her, my thumb rubbing against her swollen clit. Her hips were pushing wildly back up at me. I removed my fingers and bent forward to plunge my tongue into the sweet cunt driving it in as hard as he could. I was vigorously fucking her with my tongue. Sliding my tongue over her swollen clit. She took my balls in her other hand while stroking the length of my cock. “Yes, yes, yes ” she was saying ” That’s wonderful, I want to cum” she cried. Finally with a long sigh her legs clamped around my head and with a cry she came. “Oooohhhhhh, Eeeeeeeeee,” she cried. Her hand was pumping my cock and her orgasm brought on my own and I felt the semen boiling from my balls up my cock and jetting out onto her beautiful breast. “Aaaaarghhhhhh,” I exclaimed as I came, and came, and came. My semen spurted out over her tits and face. She continued milking me until there was no more to come.

I collapsed over her panting. I could feel her body trembling under me. She maintained a hold on my cock and after a few minutes he began to swell again. Pushing me off her, My aunt rolled me over onto my back and slid her body down until her head was just above my cock. Once a gain she curled her soft fingers around my cock and began to stroke me. I relaxed, lay back, closed my eyes and allowed the sensations to carry me. Suddenly I felt a wet warmth sliding along the length of my cock. I opened my eyes, looked down and saw my aunt’s warm lips and mouth engulfing me, sliding down the length of me, sucking and pulling back. The sight of my aunt’s head moving over me and the feel of the warm lips and tongue caressing my rigid cock was creating a pressure in my balls. I felt the pressure build up. “I’m – going – to – come ” I grunted. My aunt could feel the pulsing in my cock and taking my balls softly in her hand new at exactly what moment I was going to cum. She clamped her lips tightly over me and sucked strongly. With a deep grunt and a jerk of my hips I began to pump semen into her throat. She managed to accept most of it but a little overflowed an ran in a dribble down her chin.

My aunt released my cock and stretched out beside me. I picked up my towel and began wiping her clean of any wet semen still smeared on her body or chin. They lay there for about a half hour and then I raised myself up on one elbow. “Oh my goodness, Aunty.” I muttered.” You sure know how to use a guy” “I’m not finished yet” she replied placing her soft warm lips over my and sliding her tongue into my mouth. The kiss became slowly more passionate. Her hand again crept to my cock and with soft gentle movements began to massage it back to hardness. I was softly stroking her belly and tits. Gently her nipples which were still standing pointedly up. She put her arms around me and pulled me on top of her. Her legs opened and I lay between them with my cock swelling and hardening. Moving slowly on her he brought my cock to her warm, still wet entrance. With a wriggle she pulled me into her and I felt the tightness of her vaginal muscles grip me. Slowly, at first I pushed myself into her until he felt the momentary barrier. She lifted her legs and placed her heels on my ass and pulled me strongly deeper into her.

She gave a small grunt and with her arms and legs pulled me all the way in. I lay still for a moment to feel her, and just as slowly pulled out until only the head of my cock was still in. Then once again slid myself fully into her. Her cunt muscles were gripping me firmly all the time and the tightness of her created a heat in my cock and balls. The tempo of my thrusting increased. I began to feel a quivering in her body. I cunt muscles began to spasmodically clamp and release my cock. Her legs began to tremble and he realized that she was on the point of orgasm. I increased the tempo more until he was wildly thrusting into her. With a wild cry she came. “Yeeeeeeeeee, yeeeeeeesssssss, yeeeeess, yes, yes” she screamed jerking wildly under me. Her eruption initiated my own and semen pumped out of me into her. Filling her. Running out of her. I could not stop thrusting into her until my cock began to sag. My balls completely drained.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes until she pushed at me to lift myself. My cock slid out of her softly.

“Oh, Darling,” she sighed, “I’ve dreamed of this day. We’ve started something that I’m not sure how to cope with” I replied. “We’ll have to be very careful in the future” “We will be careful. I love you. We will meet again and repeat this ” she declared.

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On a recent trip, from Delhi to Bombay to visit my cousin Sanjay, who had invited me
too stay at his complex I had a great experience with a woman and I had never even
met. I must admit though that after thinking about it me and my cousin are very similar
in appearance and so now I could see why she had mistaken me for him. It had seemed
that my cousin was having an affair with a muslim girl called Zeenat. His parents
had found out about it and told him to end it and marry an indian girl. Which of
course he did.

But unknown to the whole family and especially his wife Sanjay had been seeing
Zeenat on the quiet. Anyway, I had arrived at night at Sanjay’s complex a day
earlier than expected. I had managed to get an extra day off. There was not much
light in the landing and from what I can tell Sanjay and his wife were out.

I was about to leave when a set of soft wet female lips planted a kiss on mine. The
woman, Zeenat, had pushed me against the landing wall and began playing with my

I got an instant hardon and naturally grabbed her heaving 36DD breasts under a plain
black salwar, she wore no bra. As I kissed this heavenly goddess I realised that
Sanjay must have scheduled a time to meet her on the landing but he had gotten
dragged to his wife’s parents place. Zeenat had mistaken me for Sanjay.

As I kissed Zeenat I inspected her closely, she was 5ft 3, she had pure creamy white
skin, green eyes, hour glass figure and a lovely big ass and hips. Her hair lay down
to her knees and she smelt of fresh jasmin flowers.

Our kissing became more intense and by now she had worked my throbbing hardon out of
my jeans. She slowly fell to her knees and looking up at me in the dimly lit landing
she sucked at my cock like it was her favorite kulfi. In my frenzy I had ripped her
salwar open so that I could get access to those lovely breasts. I tweaked her hard
nipples and she sucked with all her might. I unloaded into her sweet mouth almost
making her choke. Still hard, it was my turn to now push her against the wall.

I forcefully pulled down her pyjamas and rammed my hard cock into her awaiting wet
pussy. I lifted her up by the ass and fucked her so hard that Sanjay’s apartment
complex walls were shaking. Someone was shouting either above or below the landing
to cut out the fucking noise. But both of us were to horny to give a fuck. I carried
on pounding her and she screamed as she came violently I too could no longer hold on
and flooded her pussy.

“Bye Sanjay”, she said quickly composing herself and ran down the landing stairs
just as quickly as she had come up them.

She had gone even before I could say that I was not Sanjay.

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Hot fun with Bangalore praj

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Hi IS readers, I am Arun from Chennai. I am 33 years old, having average body with
good energy to satisfy my bed partner. I am a regular reader of Indian stories &
this is my third story. I offer my thanks for the readers who read my first story
‘Hot Sex With Moni’ and second story ‘Shanthi’s Massage Leads to Hot Sex’ and who
were send their comments to. Now I am going to tell a story which dreamed about by
email friend who became my friend after reading my stories in IS. Her name is
Prajwalini. She is 28 years old and residing at Bangalore. After read my stories in
IS she mailed me and appreciated my stories and she informed that she was planned to
come to Chennai and whether it is possible for me to join with her for some fun. I
immediately replied to her and convey my acceptance for her offer. That day night I
could not sleep for a long time because my mind was full of her feelings. I went to
the toilet and masturbate myself by think of her. Later I felt little bit relax !
and fall into sleep. In my deep sleep I had one dream with the same girl. Now I
describe the dream as I realized.

That day I received a call from Prajwalini (hereafter Praj) that she reached Chennai
and waiting at Rly. Station for me. I rushed to railway station and identified her
as she informed the location where she stands and the color code of her dress, Red
T-shirt and tight blue jeen. First I saw her standing nearby the bookstall showing
her back side to me. The lower part of her broad shoulder tells about her big boobs
and the bottom of her tight t-shirt explores her medium size hip. As I move my eyes
down I struck for some time. Her tight jeen perfectly stick on her ass and it shows
her round and well shaped ass. It was little bit bigger than my imagination. I
hardly came to my position and approached her and introduced myself to her. Meantime
i noticed her big boobs then her round face with rose lips. Her face was very
attractive even after the train journey. We shake our hands and she looks at me. In
between the regular questions such as how is your journey, have you sleep wel!
l etc., we move to the bike stand. While driving to the nearby hotel room, her big
boobs always gave some massage to my back. She presses my shoulder with her soft
hands all the way. On reaching the hotel we booked a double bed room in fake names,
acting as husband and wife came to attend a case. The room boy opened the room and
we entered into the room.

After sending the boy to bring two cups of tea, I closed the door and immediately
hugged her tightly and place my lips on her and she also hugged me and opens her
mouth to allow my tongue to play with hers. While kissing her, my hands caress her
back and her big boobs are squeezed by my chest. But for our shake the door bell
sound separated us. I opened the door and found the room boy with the tea cups on
his hand. We took the tea, close the door after send the boy. While having the tea I
told ‘Praj you seems very nice and sexy in this dress’. Then she asks ‘you mean I
seem very nice only with this dress’. I said ‘No Praj, I mean this dress enhance
your beauty. But if you remove them, you will seem very attractive and very sexier
than now.’ Then Praj told ‘OK, Please wait for some time I will come after finish my
morning duties’. Saying this she took her towel, and entered into the bath room. I
told ‘let me too come in, I will bath you or we can take our bath combined’. She !
told ‘ OK, but before that I will finish my shit, then u come in, we can take our
bath’. So I let her inside the toilet and sat on the bed. I couldn’t wait for a
long time, so went near to the bathroom door to ask her open. But I saw a key hole
in the bathroom and in a curia city I like to saw her nude body without her
knowledge. So I peek through the bathroom door keyhole. There Praj unzipped her top
and slowly lowered her Jeans, I could see her beautiful curvaceous ass, her hands
reached her back and she unclasped her bra and bent down and tok off her panty, it
was soaking wet in the middle of winter, of course it was not perspiration. I
understand that she was also in very hot mood. Mean time I realised my dick also
became errect and it wish to come out from my pant. So I removed my T-shirt, pant,
banian and went to the bathroom door only with my brief. I knocked the door and
called ‘Praj, Please open the door, I can’t wait further.’ AT the other side she
told ‘ Plz. wai!
t for 2 seconds’. But she took 10 seconds to open the door.

As she opened the door I saw that she was covering her body with the towel, which
covers 70 % of her big boobs and hangs only upto her thighs. Her white thighs &
calfs made me more horney. She asked ‘ What are you looking Arun?. I think you are
only going to look at me for the full day?’. I immediatly removed her towel and told
that ‘Yes the full day I am going to keep on looking like this’. by saying this I
stare her body thoroughly and noticed that her armpits were completely shaved. Her
big boobs were standing straight with large nipples like gun. Then I lowered my eyes
to her round naval and then hairless buffy pussy. Now I couldn’t able to control me.
So I hugged her and took her right nipple into my mouth and carrase her full body
with my two hands like any thing. Parj also moved her hands all over my body and got
hold of my dick in her hand over my brief and massaged it. I pressed her boobs,
twisted her nipples, toughed her round ass, tights. As I touched her pussy sh!
e started moaning and I gently pressed her wet pussy and try to put my finger into
her pussy for searching of her clitorise. She couldn’t able to stand, so she sat on
the toilet seat and removed my brief. Now my penis was saluting her at an angle of
90 degrees. She told ‘You too have a nice tool Arun. Now I am going to make it

She took my penis in her hands, kissed it, removed the foreskin and took the plum of
my penis into her mouth and licked it. She sucked my penis like a fruit, licked it
like an ice cream. I hold her boobs in my hand and squeeze them, press them close.
Pinched the nipples & rottate them. Her nipples become very rough and got very dark
color. Both we makes some sounds like aah, aah. I hold her head, and press it
towards my penis. Almost my entire penis play hide & seek into her mouth. She suck
it very well. Meantime her hands squeeze my balls very gently. Sometimes she even
bite my penis, which cause me enjoy instead of pain. As I am abouto to come, I press
her head very tight on my penis. She realised the fact and suck my penis very fast.
At last i came into her mouth, she drunk my juice and licked every part of my penis
like an icecream. Then she told let me take my bath before the next session. So I
opened the shower and both we took a bath. She put soap on my chest, back, a!
ss, thighs, and at last my tool. I took another soap to put it all over her body
and make a lot of lather. Her body was mostly covered with soap lather. My hands
moved very smoothly in between the lather and I couln’t hold her boobs as they are
big and full of soap. I press them and slide my hands up and down through the
lather. She likes it very much. We wet in the shower by hugging each other and
finished our bath. After wipe the water we came to the bed.

I hugged her and placed myself on her body and planted some hot kisses on her face
and then on her lips. Our tongue struck with each others and the taste of he saliva
also sweet. After some times, I moved a little down from her face and kissed her
chin, neck, ect. and kissed her upper cleavage and then her uncovered boobs. They
were very soft and fleshy now with soap aroma. I suck the nipples and drunk her milk
from both boobs. She was enjoying every moment of it, making sounds like Aah-ooh,
mah- uff, Arun, I love u, I like your suck, please suck me fast, don’t stop etc.,
After sucking, biting her big boobs I moved my tongue around the bottom of her
breasts, her stomach, naval and it tasted quite good. I slowly moved my tongue to
her wet pussy, it was clean shaved and smelt nice. I gave a deep kiss on her pussy
and she lift that area from the bed and pressed my head on in. Then I lick her pussy
very gently and now she started moaning. Now I splited her pussy with my finger!
s, and send my tongue inside her pussy to search her clitoris. Soon I noticed that
my tongue has found her clitories and she moans little bid louder. I licked her
clitoris, nearby areas of clitoris and after that started to fuck her pussy with my
tongue. She moans louder and hug me hard and asked me to fuck her with my tool.
Then I licked her pussy with my tongue in full speed and he pressed my head very
hard and lifted her legs high. I realised that she got her orgasm and I tasted her
juice which was tasted nice.

Then I asked her to turn and she laid on the bed with her stomach. I kissed her
back, ass and bite them. I asked her to lay on her knees. She laid on the bed like a
dog and touched her pussy from her back, pressed it and inserted my fingers into her
pussy and started finger fuck. I screwed her pussy with my two fingers and pinched
her clitoris. She again makes sounds like aah, aah, usshh, aa, Arun, dear etc., Oh
its fine, fast, do it fast arun. Arun, fuck me with your tool Arun, I can’t control.
please. Then I placed my fully erected 6″ dick over her pussy and pressed it. Soon
it disappeared into her pussy, as it was already wet and slippery. But I realised
the tightness of her pussy and enjoyed the moment. She screams a little. I started
to fuck her slowly in doggy style and gradually increased my speed. Meantime my
mouth kissed her back, neck, etc., and my hands are playing with her breasts,
stomach, navel. She moans like, fast, fast, fuck me fast, aaah, amma. issshhh, ooo!
h. and she lifted her ass to accept my full force on her pussy. I fucked hard and
as I realised that I am going to come, I took out my dick and asked her to lay on
her back. Then immediatly I placed send my dick into her pussy and fucked hard. She
continuse her moanings like,, aaah, amma. issshhh, oooh, and in some moments she
again huged me hard and hold my ass with her legs and pressed it hard. She reached
her second orgasm and I continued my strokes with full speed and finally I reached
my orgasm and filled her pussy with my juice. We laid for some time and she told
‘Arun, you dit it well. I really enjoyed a lot. your work is fine’ I too told
‘Praj, you also done well, your co-operation is fine. I too enjoyed a lot’. After
that we took one more bath and went to an movie. In theater we huged, kissed,
played a lot and returned to the hotel in the evening. In the evening we took one
more session of fucking and we enjoyed a lot on that day. Night she returned to
bangalore. I!
droped her at the railway station and returned to home. At ho!
me I sat on the sofa and took rest and I heared my cell phone ringing nicely. I
thought it might be Praj and got to take the phone and I realised that it was a
sweet dream. Any how I am going to have the fun with Praj as we planed. I will
write it as my next story. Your comments on this story is welcomed to my mail i.d. Any married women, girl who wants to share their
experience can also contact me through my mail After our
fun I will write the experience in my next story. Until then bye from Arun.

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Inverting a Porn Tradition

August 27th, 2009 No comments

By Nudemodel
This story took place not in India but Rocky River, Ohio, USA. But four of the five people were from India, all of them wealthy, arrogant, attractive, and very dark-skinned young women from Tamil Nadu.

They all had South India names but preferred to use American names because Americans could neither remember nor pronounce their Indian names. So I use their American names here.

I had just moved into a condominium apartment in Rocky River. Two of the four young women, Jane and Jill, were temporarily staying in their aunt and uncle’s condominium apartment across a corridor from mine for the summer while their aunt and uncle were visiting in India.

The other two young Indian women who called themselves Diana and Judy were exchange art instructors teaching art at a college in nearby Cleveland for the summer.

I first met them at the swimming pool belonging to the condominium. I had climbed out of the pool to sit in a deck chair and was walking by them.

“Hi, Tom,” a young female voice said.

It surprised me because I had just moved in and knew no one there. I turned to see who it was. A beautiful dark-skinned young Indian woman took off her expensive designer sunglasses and gave me a wink and a smile.

“Do you remember me? I’m Judy. I was a student in art classes that you modeled nude for five years ago.”

I had been a nude model for drawing, panting, sculpture, and photography classes. I was flustered that this disreputable part of my past had suddenly caught up with me.

“I was so used to seeing you completely naked that I almost didn’t recognize you with your bathing suit on.” She laughed at it to indicate to me that she was joking.

“So, what are you doing now?” I asked.

“Teaching art for the summer where you used to model naked.”

“And I’m helping her to teach there,” the young woman from India beside her said. “I’m Diana.” She waved her hand to indicate two more young women from India. “And these are your neighbors for the summer from the apartment across the corridor, Jane and Jill.”

“Hi, Tom,” they both said. “We saw you in the corridor, but we didn’t know your name until now.”

“Hi, Diana, Jane, and Jill,” I said. “Yeah, I saw you, too. But I didn’t know your names, either.

They were all very attractive and very dark-skinned Indian women. They were all obviously liberated and comfortable with our American customs.

All of them wore skimpy colorful bathing suits. All of them had their black hair cut short, American style.

“You were the first white male that I ever saw naked,” Judy said. “Are you still modeling nude, Tom?”

“Not recently,” I said. “After my mother died and left me some money, I quit modeling. I’ve been squeaking out a living from the interest and from doing odd jobs for five years.”

Diana exchanged glances with Judy, then with Jane and Jill. “Would you consider posing nude for our private drawing class today, Tom?” Diane asked.

“Where?” I asked.

“In our apartment just across the corridor from yours,” Jill said.

“Ten dollars,” Judy said.

“Okay,” I said. “When?”

“Now is okay,” Diane said. “Is it okay with you?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I don’t have a robe anymore.

“Forget the robe. We don’t care if you just stay naked between poses,” Jane said. “Okay, lets go.”

They got up and we all walked to the condominium building and got in the elevator.

“Give us ten minutes to change out of our wet bathing suits, and you can do the same,” Jill said.

“I’ll knock on your door when we’re ready,” Jane said. “Just walk across the corridor naked. We’ll be ready to go.”

They went into their apartment. I went into mine. I slipped off my wet bathing suit and waited with my door cracked slightly open.

In a few minutes Jill pushed my door open and glanced at my nudity. “We’re ready for your bare body, Tom,” she said. Her door was wide open.

I crossed the corridor and followed her into her apartment.

Jill was dressed in white shorts and a patterned summer blouse. Jane had on blue denim jeans shorts and a blue tanktop. Diane wore khaki trousers and a blue polo shirt. Judy wore a summer dress with a colorful artistic collage pattern.

There were four drawing boards with newsprint for sketches clipped to them. They were arranged in a circular pattern on the floor with a space for me to pose in the center.

Off to the side was a high-end and high-resolution digital camcorder on a tripod. On a table beside it were two digital photograph cameras.

The photography devices didn’t bother me. I had signed model releases and had done nude photography modeling many times. There were art photographs of my naked flesh and anatomy all over the place.

The four young Indian women had pulled the drapes open to allow in daylight from two sides. There were also three high-intensity floodlights shining brightly.

Judy was in charge of the figure drawing class. “We’ll do twenty-minute poses and give you a fifteen-minute breaks between them where we can talk with and get to know one another,” she said. She nodded to the space in the center of the circular arrangement of drawing boards.

The four young women from India had obviously arranged to be looking up from below my thighs and buttocks while I posed my bare Caucasian flesh and male anatomy.

I went to the center of the circle of drawing boards and struck a heroic pose with my white legs spread apart and my arms folded across my chest. And they took their drawing positions sitting on the floor and began sketching me.

It is not easy to hold poses. But I had been a professional nude art model for years. I did what I had to do.

“Okay, Tom, take a break,” Diane said. By a clock I could see only fifteen minutes had gone by. They seemed to want to talk to me while I sat naked.

Jill motioned to a vinyl-covered chair, and I sat down. The cool vinyl on the flesh of my bare buttocks reminded me of my nudity.

I nodded at the cameras. “If you’re going to take photos, I’ll be glad to sign a model release,” I said.

“We were about to ask you to sign one, Tom. I’ll get one,” Jane said.

She pulled out a drawer of a mahogany secretary, grabbed a form, and handed it to me along with a pen. I stood up and used the fold out desk of the secretary to sign it. I signed and handed it back to Jane. She signed as witness and put it back in the drawer.

“You know, about three years ago I almost married an Indian girl,” I said.

“How did that happen?” Judy asked.

“I was lonely,” I said. “There was a marriage site on the Internet. I filled out a form.”

My legs were spread slightly apart and Jane could not resist a glance at my male sex organs.

“Most of those are scams,” she said.

“That’s what I thought, too,” I said. “I broke it off and stopped communicating.”

“No offense to you, Tom. But most Indian families would never let their daughters marry an American nude model,” Judy said.

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” Jill added. “Especially if there would be photographs of the nude model’s bare butt and male anatomy all over the place to embarrass the families.”

Diane glanced at my crotch and male organs. But the glance was long and seemed deliberate as if to insinuate my indecent nude cheapness and disrepute. Her lips curled into a sneer as if she knew my answer before she asked her question.

“Were you ever naked in a porn video or porn photos, Tom?” she asked as she looked up from ogling my penis.

“Yeah, several,” I said. “All with black African or black American girls.”

They exchanged snickers and scurrilous grins and then glanced at my male sex organs.

“Did you fuck and eat pussy while naked on-camera?” Jane asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

They looked at one another with more snickers and smirks.

“Anything else?” Jill asked me.

“I gave rim jobs,” I said.

They all spontaneously hooted taunting catcalls at my scandalous indecency.

“You mean you licked-out dirty assholes while you were naked on-camera?” Jane asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

The four young Indian women shook their heads at my lack of self-respect and exchanged gossipy snickers and sneers. They all glanced at my penis to reassure themselves that I was indeed that kind of debased male slut. Once reassured, they shot me contemptuous grins.

Jane leaned over and whispered something into Jill’s ear. Jill shot a glance at me and sneered.

“Was your facial identity and your female co-star’s facial identity seen in these filthy porn videos and photos?” she asked. “Could people recognize who you are?”

“Yes,” I said. “But the images were low-quality. I don’t think they’re around anymore.”

“The reason that Jill and I are asking is that we have been doing a study of mockery of females in pornography,” Jane said.

“Quite often you see porn with naked females giving blowjobs to penises,” Jill said. “But you don’t see the male’s facial identity. The whole porn sequence is shot from below the male’s waist. All you see is the facial identity of a humiliated naked female with a penis moving in her mouth.”

“It’s almost impossible to find this porn practice inverted with naked identifiable males humiliated and destroyed by anonymous females receiving sexual pleasures,” Jane said.

“We were talking about male analogies this morning,” Diane said. “We could not find porn where only the humiliated naked male facial identity is shown and the female is anonymously captured from the waist down with no identity revealed.”

Diane leaned over and whispered something into Judy’s ear.

Judy nodded and looked my naked flesh and sex-organs over for a second. It seemed clear that she had concluded that I was a shameless naked American piece-of-ass and that she could lay out a disgusting proposition to me that would be contemptuous and insulting to anyone else.

“What would you say if we shot some filthy degrading porn in this room right now?” she asked me. “You will stay naked and put your white American face into Jane’s brown Indian ass and filthily lick-out her dirty asshole. We will solely shoot it from below her waist so only your white male facial identity and your shame are made public.”

“Okay,” I said.

All four young Indian women exchanged dirty grins of success. Jane and Jill slapped their palms together in high-fives.

“Would you like to prove that to us, Tom?” Jane asked. “Will you lick my dirty asshole clean while we video and photograph you right now?” Jane asked me.

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll lick all of your assholes on-camera if you want.”

“That’s exactly what we want,” Judy said. “That’s so no single one of us can embarrass the others by saying who it is.”

“I’m first,” Jane said. She shot me a sneer and winked as she nodded toward her ass.

She stood up. Judy, Diane, and Jill headed for the video camera and the still photograph cameras.

Jane took off her blue denim jeans-shorts. She had not been wearing panties under them. I looked lustfully and the inviting sexy shape of her dark-skinned Indian buttocks.

Jane knelt on a sofa in the light near the two open picture windows. At the same time Judy set up the tripod of the video camera so that it focused on Jane’s bare brown ass and only recorded below her waist. Jill and Diane stood ready with their digital still cameras.

“Tom, lick Jane’s asshole, and then back your face out of her ass and look at the cameras to give porn viewers a good clear look at your facial identity an your facial emotions,” Judy said. “And then put your face in Jane’s ass and lick her asshole again. And keep doing this until I tell you to stop.”

“Okay,” I said.

I knelt naked on the carpet below Jane’s bare brown ass. Jill and Diane’s still camera shutters were clicking off new photos. Judy’s video camera was recording. I looked over Jane’s ass and asshole for a second.

Then I pressed my face into her ass and began licking around the hard flesh of her asshole. I had done it in porn before. I turned my head to the side so that the cameras could capture my face while my tongue licked around Jane’s asshole.

Then I shoved my face deep into Jane’s ass and tongue-fucked her asshole. Then I back my face out of her ass and looked for a couple seconds at the video camera, and then at Jill’s still camera, and then at Diane’s still camera.

Then I pressed my white face into Jane’s brown ass again and licked her asshole.

I continued this for six more times in Jane’s ass. Then I did the same seven times each in Diane’s ass, Judy’s ass, and Jill’s ass. My tongue became tired from licking four Indian females’ assholes on-camera for almost a half-hour.

Finally I was finished licking Jill’s asshole, and I backed my face out of her ass for the last time.

All four Indian women got their clothes back on. I was still naked.

“Stay her and stay naked, Tom,” Jane said. “In case we have to re-shoot something.”

“Okay,” I said.

Jill, Jane, Diane, and Judy worked to get the images from the cameras to the Internet. All of them examined the images to make sure that their faces stayed out of view. Only my white American face and their anonymous brown Indian asses could be seen.

Jane pressed one last stroke onto the computer keyboard.

“Okay, that’s it,” she announced. “It’s all over Internet now porn sites and social network media. You’re a famous asshole-licking naked filthy piece-of-ass all over the world now, Tom.”

“I don’t care,” I said.

We all sat down where we had been.

“Did you taste anything on my asshole,” Jane asked with a smirk.

“Maybe,” I said.

“We are too physically tired and emotionally drained to continue with sketching today,” Judy said.

“Would you like a cold soft drink to neutralize the taste in your mouth, Tom?” Jane asked. She said it with an understandable contemptuous sneer.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said.

She strolled to the refrigerator and took out five cans of soda pop and handed one to each of us.

“Thanks for helping us out, Tom,” Judy said.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“No respectable Indian family is going to let their daughter marry an asshole-licking American public piece-of-ass like you now,” Jill said.

“But we may know some disgraced Indian porno models who have publicly sucked cocks naked on-camera with only their female identities shown. They could hardly be against it because they’re the same kind of degraded naked public pieces-of-ass that you are,” Jane said. “We’ll keep an eye out for you.”

“I can’t spare any money to go to India,” I said.

“Some of them may be rich enough to come here,” Jill said. “But we don’t know any right now.”

Diane shot me a contemptuous sneer. “Would you lick her asshole every day?” she asked. She laughed at it to indicate she was joking.

“Yeah, if she wanted it,” I said.

“You’re a piece-of-ass, Tom,” Jane said. “But an Indian pornographic piece-of-ass might not care.”

“Give us your email address,” Jill told me. “We’ll ask around.”

I wrote it down and handed it to her.

“Oh, here’s ten dollars for nude art modeling and naked porno modeling,” Judy said. She handed me a ten-dollar bill.

“Thanks,” I said.

We all finished our drinks. I walked naked across the corridor and closed my apartment door.

A few days later Jane and Jill moved out of the apartment across the corridor and went back to India. Their aunt and uncle put the condominium up for sale.

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