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Fantasy By Mano

January 30th, 2013 No comments

People talk about there fantasies and much thing for others to enjoy them. Some may be just making other what they fantasies in their life and what they dream of but r unable to do. fantasising is not what we have the chances of doin or courage of doing. but telling what u have done really is very very difficult. u all be thinking that what am I saying to u start what I really had very little of thinking to do I need to introduce my self to u.i m dida (fake) name from rwp Pakistan. I’m 25 now what I did came to happen when I was 22 only. Seeing me I look like 25 at taht time. ppl always confused bout my age n physic and they always used to say that I m lying when I told them bout my real age. The thing happened was between my chachi and me. Well her name tuba(fake) she was 34 at that time was awsomely beautiful due to her large breats that I was in luv of. She had a tremendous figure of 38c 30 42.u can now imagine what she been worth of looking at,,,, well she is a mother of 2 sons and a lil daughter ;

well from this all started u must be thinking that this man is now playing with ur emotions well no I m not playing with u people emotions.. When I came in my 9th class I started to realize something happening in my pajamas..a thin stick which get stood up straight while touching to some one who is not that much clsoer to u and by seeing a nice nude body of half nude body in front of the eyes.this always happened when I was to look at some beautiful madam of our school, at those days I started seeing some nude picture through my frineds which always fantasied me… Well when I came in matric as I was attracted to femine gender I was very much rightly attracted to my aunt (chachi). She was much to younger those days,as I was or others were small she never minded of hiding her front or herself with any dupatta she always use to come in front in the thin or think she was wearing. also when she was wipering the rooms and the tv lounge her down movements always gave a way to her deep planted valley n I always et erect with that… it was an awsome feeling to have see soem beautiful breast….
as the days went by I always had that felling of joy in my self and I became hungry for more n started to masturbate on her. but that didn’t satisfied me. and I started to pick her bra’s and underwear from her bath room and started to make few collected one and masturbate on them. This gave me agreat joy by smelling her bra’s and was awsome to do….i also used to take bath in her bath room and startedm masturbating on her clothes and other things which I get from her washing machine… This kept on goin for few years I think 4 or 5 yrs. until I turned 21.
this yr was a part of great joy I ever had. Well as they were to shift to there new home and I never had any courage to even think of ksing her so I thought to make my move in few days. but as I started to make her feel that she is important and she started to feel y eyes on her they moved to their new place. Welll now I was very worried how would it be possible for me of even lookingat her.this really made me worried…so I took her new but used Bra and a panty for a soviniour. Now when she called or came to our place she used to ask that we should come to their place. Well also specially to me. Well I never thought of goin to her house… but well one day I had the chance of ,my life time. Well my chachu was to left for karchi for a weeks so she asked my mom n pops that I could stay with them until he returns. My moms said ok he can stay. So I shifted for a weeks to their place. Well they have 3 bed rooms in their house. One is for their sons. Other is for their daughter and the one is the master bed room for my chahca and chachi. I asked my chachi where should I sleep ,to my amuzment she asked me to sleep in her bed room ,i asked her well it doesnot look good but she said that she donna wanna disturb her sons or daughter as they were to go to school in the morning, so I agreed with her now the problem was that how would we sleep in her room. Well as she also wanted to have little talk me she asked me to turn of the lights and place 2 couches between us in the bed and in the night we can have little talk,as the night lamp is on. That was so exciting for me o be in the bed in front of my ideal woman in the world,and also alone. Well many times I got the idea to try to make up to her and shou;d fuck her but I didn’t had much courage ….
now the real thing start… Well she was very unusal for last few days,,and I was very much tensed what will happen in the future. Now as we were to take places in the bed,,, I changed my clothes and was in my t-shirt and pajama (track pants), she went in and came back with a sleevesless nighty on her body in white color…i was very surprised becoz I never seen her wearing the nighty before. Well she came to the bed and lied down with me ,,we talked for more than 4 hours till we went to sleep but nothing much happened that day except that we talked and she admired me of my muscles and body that I developed in the last few days,,, she was really impressed by that, well the day passed again and as I went to the office she called me twice as to know bout me and am I okies or not I was very excited byt this….. The next night as we went to bed she was in the nighty again, as we were talking she asked me that if I had any feelings for her, well I was confued but she told me that she have seen me watchiing her through the hole of the bathroom few years back and also she told me that she knows that I was stealing her Bra’s and panties from her washing machine, I was also scared wheni listen that she knew that I used to masturbate on her clothes in her bath room during my shower…. She asked me that I should tell her truely bout everything I was so upset but to my safety I took the step which let me to the wonders of the world. u be guessing what I did… as she was saying all this my mind told me to gtrab her and I should rape her doin this would never let her black mail me,,,, I never knew wht she wanted until idid this…. as she was telling me this all I stood up as I knew the door was closed I by surprise caught her hand and pulled her to me. as she was not expecting that she immediatly was pulled to me.. as I did so I grabed her and started to suck hjer lips she was so surprised that wanting this all by her self she started to hesitate ,,but as I had a very firm grip she was unable to get her self free,,,, and I put my toungein her mouth I was sucking her like the hungry child suck the bottle,she was very much surprised by the reaction she got from me… Well as I was doin so I put my hand on her breast and started squeezing them this was more new for her as she was not expecting it from me…. Now she started enjoying my things which I was doin with her,,,she felt very horny and started to place her tongue in my mouth and started sucking my lips as I got the reactiin from her I stopped and I said to her that I wanna see her nacked once again as I used to watch her through the hole…she smiled n closed her eyes this was a green signal from her and I slightly moved back and in a hungry look started to kiss her neck down to her breast over the nighty ,she was very surprised by this and asked me that what I am upto well I told htat I wanna make her thristy for me so mucht that she will tore me of my clothes ,she was astonished by it and well closed her eyes I continued doin this as I wanted to make her more and more horny and also my self thirsty like a dog, as I was doin this all my 7? tool was straight and as hard as a metal rod she got the touch on her belly n near her cunt,, during this she very quietly got hold of my cock I was very surprised and happy ,as she started stroking my cock I bent down and kissed her lightly she openned her eyes and told me that I should continue and she will play with my tool as till I will be in the form to enjulce ,,,well I kept on doin that and moved down from her breast to the cunt and started to lick her belly than her cunt and went to the thai’s and the legs in the meanwhile her hand was still holding my cock as she due to horniness started stocking it hard behind my pajama as I was on my ful I tored her nighty and wow what was waiting was a real big red melons as I always wanted to view them …… as she saw me toring her nighty she pushed me backwards and suddenly tored my pajama and got my nacked tool in her hand she not even gave me a chance to wait and by surprise took my tool in her mouth and started to suck it like a hungry baby sucking the milk from the bottle as I was in full n was bout to enjulce she bited my cock and I screamed in pain and she said that I will make u feel the best as I was about to cum she took mouth and hand away from me I was really in shocked and asked her she said let it sleep again n she will start again as my cock got settled again she started to suck it again now it was ful to n fro motion with full power and strenghth I with surprised pushed her backk with my cock in her mouth and closed her nose so she can;t breath and started to move in n out her mouth it really made her cryu and in a play of 3 mon I shooted my cum in her mouth with full power and asked her to drink it 1st she was hesitating but my power n due to her less breathe she did whati asked….. Now I wanted to make her feel exciting I came to her cunt tored the panty and started to lick it with my tongue she was in heavens than and started enjoing it to the best it only took her 2 min to enjulcate on my mouth I was really on fire now…. I went to my bag and brought out the wait cream and applied that on my penis so that I can last long as I was doin so she was playing with my tongue and her mouth…./ now I lied her on her belly she didn’t know what I up to I asked her that I will fuck her ass first than anything she said no she will not let me do that but I didn’t listen to her I spitted on her ass’s openning and started to insert my tool in her ass…. due to pain she started to shout a lot so I placed a cough and put her face there so that no one can listen to her cries…it took me 3 minutes tp fuck her ass she was virgin by her ass but after the starting pain she enjoye it the best and right after that she took my tool in her mouth and made me fall on my back and gave a hurting blowjob now we were too hot for each other I immediatley took control of her and put her legs on my shoulder and inserted the cock in her wet pussy n in 10 minutes of too & fro motion I fired my cum in her pussy.. as I was tired after 4 cums I took a lil rest while she played with my mouth n tongue by her self… after half an hour I made her in to doggie style and fucked her hard but my favorite thing was my last item for her ,,,i took my stand over her belly n that with mer bra tightened her breats she was amased what am I up to now that I took my penis and inserted it through the openning in her breat and started to mave too n fro between that valley of her’s I was so much excited that I kept on f\doin that for 7 or 10 min and than shooted my cum in her valley she was really surprised to see me doin that ,,,,, than I took my place with her in the bed and started kissing her hungrilly … We than stopped fucking each other and kissed and talked the whole night… This continued regularly with little intervals all the week I used to fuck her once in an hour and all the 5 days I kept on doin so,, I had a very strick effect of this on my self also but I didn’t enjoyed it 40 times or more in a week ,,,, after that I until now enjoy fucking her once or twice a week when I get time.

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Having sex with sister is a heaven

November 18th, 2012 No comments

7be8454ed7e027ccdd774f916c08f7ebHi! My name is Lucky. I am writing this story from my computer. This story is about my sister and me. Her name is Komal.This story is of time when I was of 18 and in class XIIth. My sister at that time was of 21 and had completed her Graduation. I was well aware of sex at that time. I always wanted to have sex with a girl having sexy figure, but didn’t know that it would really happen and also didn’t know that Komal was a HORNY girl also wanted to have sex with a boy having great physique. (As I was doing GYM for last two years, therefore, I have a great physique.) She had such a gorgeous figure (36,24,38) and had big boobs (She wore bra of size 36 with cup size d); that anyone would become ready to have sex with her, so, she wanted somebody to satisfy her.

One day I was alone at home and was bathing. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I had to go just with a towel around my lower. I opened the door and saw that Komal was there. She came in and said “Hi sexy boy!” I was looking at her with strange that what she was saying. She said, “Why are you looking at me strangely? I haven’t say something big that you are looking me like this. You should be open-minded and it’s just a compliment. You deserve this compliment.” She put her purse on table and calls me. She touched my chest and said, “So, you have developed a good physique. Your body is in a shape that makes you looking too sexy.” There was a circulation of current in allover my body when she touched me. I was nervous at that time, so, I had no other option to say only “Thanks for the compliments”. Now she also became aware of the fact that I had also something in my mind about sex. I think at that time she decided that she would convince me slowly and would have sex with me in future because she knew that I am also a HORNY.

Now she used to do things by which I got HORNY. Like she used to wear deep-necked suits in front of me. One day I was studying in my room. She came in the room. She stood in front of me and was talking to me. She suddenly dropped the pen she was holding in her hand. Then she bent enough to show her big boobs. When I saw her boobs, a bug started to become active in my under garments. I got HORNY. I went in the bathroom and started masturbating. When I came back she said, ” Where have you gone”. I said, ” I have gone for toilet”. She said with a little smile on her face, ” I don’t believe this. You have gone in the bathroom for something else. Tell me what was It.” Now imagine my position at that time. How could I tell her that I was in the bathroom because of her? But she continued to question me. Then I understood that she knew about my act in the bathroom and wanted to hear from my mouth. (What a HORNY girl!) Then with a great effort I told her that I was masturbating in the bathroom. She said, ” Why was you masturbating?” I said, “I have seen your boobs. So, I got very HORNY. Therefore, I had to go in the bathroom for masturbating”. She said, ” Do you think my boobs are big enough to make anybody HORNY?” I said, “Yes they drive me crazy”.

After that day whenever I was alone at home with her, she used to wear micro skirts through which I could easily see her waxed thighs. One day she came into my room wearing micro skirt and very tight t-shirt without bra inside. I could easily see the shape of her big boobs and nipples on them. My dick started to grow big and stronger. I said, “Sis! Today you are looking very sexy. (As she told me to be open-minded.) But you should wear bra under t-shirt, because anyone can see your nipples.” She said, “Are they visible to you? If yes, tell me, where are they?” I said, “How can I tell you where are they?” She said, “Simply! By locating your fingers on the boobs where they are visible to you.” I took my finger and put it on her boobs where I could see her boobs. Then I said, “Sis! Tell me, what is the size of your bra?” She said, “It is of 36 with D size cup.” I said, “I don’t believe that you have D size boobs.” She said, “Ok! Put your hands on my boobs and guess their size.”

I put my hands on her boobs. She closed her eyes with a great sigh. By that time, my dick had grown up to its full size. She took off her t-shirt and exposed her mind-blowing boobs. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I was sucking her boobs as harder as I could. Now, within few minutes we were totally nude. She took my dick into her hands and was playing with it. I asked her to suck it. She started to suck it as if it was her first and last desire.

Then we go to bed. She lay there with her legs open and inviting me to satisfy her. I inserted my dick into her pussy slowly. I felt that she was feeling pain as I could hear her sounds like “Aahhhhhhhh”, “Ahhhmmmm”. But later she was enjoying it. She said, “Common my brother! Fuck me faster and harder.” I started to fuck her faster. After sometime when we realized that the cum wanted to come outside, I put my fully loaded gun into her mouth. She was sucking it with a great urge. Soon, the load from the gun started to shoot into her mouth. She sucks it all. Now for sometime we were laying in the bed.

I was holding her boobs in my hand and she was holding my dick. Then we went in the bathroom and take bath together. After that day we had regular sex whenever we were alone at home. So, I think that having full-fledged sex with your own sister is heaven and is a great pleasure. And if you do not believe this you can contact my sister or me on our e-mail, i.e.

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Naughty Daughter Mala

August 2nd, 2011 No comments

I’m 38 years old tall and handsome man, I got married at the age of 21 when I was graduated from Uni. My wife was 18 years at that time, I have such a beautiful and good wife and we are made for each other. We got two daughters, both are beautiful, while my wife was busy with younger one I’m more attached to elder one Mala, she too very affectionate with me and it’s a good way to relax by spending time with beautiful kids. Well she is now early sixteen,studying in 10+1 and it happened recently. It’s really sexy to see when Mala return from her school, in her short skirts and tight white shirts.

 I don’t know whether I was tempted or not but surely I started to stare on her beautiful long creamy thighs, exposed from her skirts which hardly covers her ass and I’ll often gets the glimpses of her panties at the home. Really Mala is beautiful by all the means, her complexion, her height, weight, her curves big heavy boobs, butts everything is perfect. I was started think it’s wrong to see Mala as a beautiful babe, but I think I was not wrong it’s common to attract by any beautiful things and I’m not really aroused with her presence.

My wife was back to my home with her kid after spending summer holidays, Mala and me was alone staying at home. That was Friday afternoon I was back to home as usual, as I got more work so I thought take some rest and work late night. I stop at the entrance of my room hearing the sounds from bathroom, at instant I got bathroom over-there Mala laid on floor due to slipped on soap-solution.she was now totally nude I getup her and laid on bed of my room.She hugged me cried “papa…papa”, she was still naked and I’m rock hard seeing all the live show. Her bare pussy touching my crouch. I patted her back and told her to take rest , and dress up.

The two days went normally, she slept with me on my bed as usual, I was very disturbed for seeing such a worst situation and I’m normal with her.

On Sunday morning while I’m working with my computer she came to me running as she spooked with her mother over telephone. She was very happy after two days, she sat on my lap telling the conversation.

She was wearing a single sleeveless gown and while sitting on my lap it left her butts uncover, I wore boxer throw I can feel slit of her ass/pussy on my dick. I got hard while thinking the incidence. She lifted her arm to pull some book behind, the smell from her creamy, silky armpits made me mad. Without knowing just I kissed and licked her sexy armpits, she smiled and hugged me hard and pressed my head against her firm soft breasts soon I pulled her tits out and sucked her tits.

She kissed me deeply, our tongue’s fight for a while and no time we are on bed naked. She gave wonderful blow job by sucking my cock hardly, her silky pubic hair are just growing I’m really turned on with her smooth tender vaginal lips, her clit is big and prominent like her mother, I licked her honey clit. For my surprise she said she is on pill, and asked me to break her cherry. Her virgin cunt was really tight I stopped after inserting tip of my dick 1 inch inside her cunt, she opened her thighs as much as she can. I know it will hurt’s her and I don’t won’t to hurt my lovely kid. But she holed my hips tightly and herself gave a big jerk and she screamed loudly and took the pain under her smile, after breaking her cherry she rode on my top. I don’t want to cum on inside of her I took my prick out and filled her round belly with my sticky cum. She whispered in my ears that she was really dreaming about me, as she saw me many times making love with her mother.

I can’t even think what I did, I’ve never thought about any other women except my wife in whole life. I’m really guilty and trying to avoid her, but she is naughty and some how riding on my dick.

Now its your turn to comments on my behavior to my daughter I am really honest to my daughter but Mala give me such like opportunity she try to go further some time I ignore which lead to sex, she also see me sexy-way. Any daughter, mother or old, young lady give me suggestion what I will do in future when this type incident happen it may spoil my younger daughter.mail me at

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Family business

December 25th, 2010 No comments

Hello my name is zoe.i am 20 year beautiful girl..My parents were (looking back)
actually pretty cool although Mother tended to be very intrusive. It’s a no brainer
that I expected to have lots of fun. It was not even the Fourth [of July] when Mom
got the phone call from her mom about her dad. He was sick and it would be a good
time to visit. She took off leaving Dad and me to cope without wife, mother and
home keeper.

For more than a week, everything went as you would expect. Dad went off to his job
every day and I went to play. I managed to fit a little bit of house work into my
busy schedule. On the weekend Dad and I did stuff together. All seemed quiet idyllic
until Dad came home late and very upset from work. I was really at a loss for I just
did not know what to do to comfort him and get him back together. What I could see
was that he had crushed a fender on the car but that surely could be fixed. The most
that I could get out of him was that he had run into a tree and no one else was
involved. I suggested that he go to his room and lie down for a while. His response
was quite strange: “Yes, I’ve been a bad boy; I’ll go to my room.”
What could I do? I knew Mom was more than busy with her sick father and worrying
mother so I called my other grandpa, Dad’s father. It was the right thing to do.
Grandpa listened carefully to me and told me about stuff that Dad did more than
thirty years earlier. He had been only fourteen and somewhat wild. He and his buds
had gotten some moonshine. Far too much for inexperienced boys to handle and, of
course, got smashed. Dad had then taken Gramps’ car and tried to drive through a
tree thus crushing a fender. I interjected: “The left one?”
“Yes, zoe, the left one. Your dad was a sorry sight. He was sick drunk and threw up
on himself and then collapsed on the lawn. In the morning he had the granddaddy of
hangovers and had pissed his pants. Your grandma and I were most displeased with
“I’m sure that you were, Grandpa. Was this the time he got the ‘Spaking of his life’
that he tells me about?”
“That’s right, zoe. Not only that but he was on a short leash for six months and he
lost his pubes so that he would remember better.”
I winced at that idea. Grandpa must have been extremely angry to take his pubes.
“Short leash, Grandpa?”
“Yes, very short. We treated him like he was only twelve with an early curfew and
bedtime, reduced his allowance and severely restricted his going out. Sort of like
‘grounding’ these days.” Grandpa paused. “I guess that it worked for he kept to the
line after that for several years. Did he seem drunk or disoriented when he came
“No, Grandpa, nor did I smell alcohol. He was just mumbling: ‘I’m sorry.’ and ‘I’ve
been naughty.'”
“Go comfort him and get him to a doctor if he banged his head when he hit the tree.
Call me later.”
I was really surprised when I got to Dad’s room. He was not lying down nor was he
ranting or raving. He was naked, standing in the corner with his hands on his head.
That was just the way he had taught me to wait for a spanking when I was naughty and
the way he had to wait when he was a boy. The chair was pulled into a place where it
could be used for spanking and right next to it were the hairbrush and his mustache
clipper/trimmer. It was like Grandmother had ordered him: “Go to your room, young
boy.” even though I had only suggested that he go lay down, although his response
was more like I had told him to stand in the corner.
“Please tell me what happened. Did you bang your head?”
Dad turned and walked to me. “I wasn’t contcentrating and ran into the tree. I’m
sorry, very, very sorry. I was drinking. I had not my seat belt on. Please, don’t
spank me as hard as last time.”
I was a bit flabbergasted. Actually, a lot so I plopped down on the chair. Dad
handed me the hairbrush and got over my lap. “I’m really sorry. I know that I must
be spanked.” he said.
I confess that I had thought about spanking some guys ladies but never my own
father.A daughter is going to spank his father . Most of the times I had images of
my friends’ bratty kid brothers and sometime one of the guys at school but never an
old guy. Well, forgive me, but at my age dad’s forty-four years is old. But here I
was with him – bare-assed – over her daughter lap expecting to be spanked by me.
I had not decided that it should be but he did. Could I do it? Would he find someone
else and this all become public if I would not? That certainly would not be a good
thing! Could this require a shrink? Beside I am a dutiful daughter and he told me to
do it so I should obey. I was confused and conflicted.
With heavy heart I raised the brush and brought it down on his waiting bottom. I
watched the red spot form. It only took that one spank to understand why Dad had
always said: “This hurts me more than it does you.” It was then I knew that I must
continue. Dad had some need to be spanked. Exactly why I would leave to the shrinks
to decide, but at this moment I knew that I had to spank him and spank him hard. So
I did. Over and over I raised the hairbrush and brought it down on his ass. Dad
always said a task worth doing is worth doing well so I spanked him well. I spanked
him long and hard. He was not a little boy but a man with real muscles and a large
target so it took a lot of spanks. He did not try to escape but just accepted each
and every spank. His ass turned pink and then red. He started to sob and then cry.
He had always encouraged me to cry when he spanked me so I continued spanking him
just like he had always spanked me. (However, if he strapped me, then I was suppo!
se to take it stoically like a good daughter.) I made sure that he passed the point
of no return where the spankee truly knows that he has been thoroughly spanked even
deep in one’s soul, where one can atone for one’s transgressions. His butt was a
deep red now and he was bawling like a baby. Bawling like he made me do more times
than I want to remember.
I stopped and let him cry some more after lifting him up.He was rubbing his bottom
like crazy and danced in the room everywhere.I brust out laughing,feel sorry for
him. He was like a little boy and kneeled in front of me and I held him tightly as
he cried. Surely he was recalling his crime and his punishment, just as I had in
this position, and I hoped he was finding peace. He cried a long time but that did
not matter. I would hold him as long as he needed to be held. I was glad no one else
was around to see him this way. I wondered if his mind was in the present or the
past of thirty years ago. There were so many similarities.
With time, his crying lessened and eventually stopped. I hoped that I could get him
into bed to sleep and recover. I continued to hold him and tell him that all was OK
and I loved him. Shortly after, he was able to stand up. I was about to get him into
the bathroom to wash his tear stained face and to pee before tucking him into bed
but he reached for the clipper and then handed it to me. It did not connect for a
few seconds – Grandpa had said he lost his pubes that time. Perhaps he did other
times also. He stood straight with his hands behind him ready to accept his
punishment. He knew what the procedure was. He had never done it to me but again I
was trapped. He was back thirty years so I turned on the machine and started. The
first pass was the hardest. The clipper did not have any trouble removing the dense
hair. In less than two minutes, more than 90 percent of his pubes were gone. He
looked so boyish now. I led him to the toilet and told him to pee. He did. Then I
shed his face and put him to bed. I carefully tucked him in and kissed him
goodnight like he had done for me ever so many times.i saw he turned quickly on
his tummy beacuse he did not like to sleep on her bottom or like to sit on hard
I sat for a long time before calling Grandpa. I knew that he was waiting for me for
a report on Dad’s condition. One thing I knew is that I could never prevaricate with
him. As a kid I had tried but he always cocked his head and scrunched his eyebrows
so that I knew he knew that I was being untruthful. It would not matter that we were
hundreds of miles apart, he would know. I picked up the phone. “Grandpa, he was not
injured and is now sleeping.” Grandpa knew that was not the entire relevant truth
and told me to tell all. What else could I do? I told him all.
“You did fine, zoe. Actually, you did very well.” He said. That was certainly a
relief. “Your dad felt like he was a boy again and you gave him what he needed.
Hopefully, he will be himself in the morning. If not, then we have to consider what
else to do.”
Dad seemed normal in the morning when he went off to work. Well, he did say
something a little strange considering that this was the day he usually had a drink
with his friends after work. “I’ll be home at 4:40. Have a good day, zoe.” At dinner
he seemed just fine and reported that the day had gone fine at work. But he went to
bed at eight skipping one of his favorite TV shows. I called Grandpa again.
Grandpa explained that he seemed to be following the rules he had to when he was
twelve and after he gotten drunk and damaged the car. “He must be feeling very
guilty and needs to be punished to get over it. He did when he was a boy.” After
saying that, Grandpa told me what all those rules were.
I did not watch the tube nor surf that night. I thought about Dad; there was not
anything in the universe that mattered more. If he thought he was a boy did that
mean that he saw me as his mother?
In a few days, the situation clarified. Outside the house, Dad was himself but home
he was a boy. He behaved as a fourteen-year-old boy being punished by having to
follow the rules of a twelve-year-old. He saw me as a mother. He expected to be
treated strictly and punished for any infractions. He was even confessing to
misbehavers like skipping chores and expecting to be spanked. What could I do but to
give him what he required? Grandpa concurred so I took charge.
He did not take out the garbage cans to the curb one evening. Fortunately, I noticed
in the morning and got it out before the pickup trucks came by later in the day.
After supper, I told him and sent him to his room telling him I would be up shortly.
When I went a little while later, he was waiting, naked, in the corner. He expected
to be punished and I could not disappoint him. I sat in the chair and called him
from the corner. He stood in front of me and I lectured him like he was only twelve.
He stared at the floor the entire times, silent except for some sniffles. I ordered
him to put the pillows at the end of his bed and lie across them for he was going to
get strapped. I pulled my wide belt from my tight jeans and folded it. I gave him
ten hard cuts. It was most interesting how the red stripes formed one by one and
then merged into one mass of red.
“I am very sorry,” he said, “I won’t forget again.”
I led him to the bathtub and wet his crotch using the shower-hose. I covered it with
shaving gel and used his razor to remove the stubble that had grown out since I had
used the clippers. The task done, I told him to shower and get to bed early.
I, too, went to bed early. I’ve not been speaking of it yet, but I was changing
because of what I was doing. I was being far more responsible dealing with stuff
that my ‘parents had always taken care of for me. My room was not a mess with dirty
clothes and snack remnants about. I was not keeping house like mother did but I was
not being a pig either. I was worrying about Dad a lot rather than just playing. I
felt very different inside – more mature and more powerful. Powerful as in
commanding and potent. I was jerking off harder and more often. Dad was settling
into his boyish self and seemed happy.
It was a few days later that I returned from being out with my friends. It was past
Dad’s bedtime but I saw a light on in his room. It took a couple of second to
realize that it was flickering so that it was the TV. I entered the house quietly
and went to his room. He was surprised. Not only was it past his bedtime but he was
watching porno. I yelled at him for being bad. Good fourty-year-old boys do not
watch TV after lights out and never a porno channel. I spanked him right then and
there in his bed. I pulled back his covers, ordered him to lie on his front, pulled
down his briefs and gave him ten whacks with his slipper. He felt them for it was a
heavy slipper. He even sobbed a little. I tucked him in, hugged him and told him I
loved him and kissed him goodnight. It was only later that I realized how parental I
had been.
The next day, I studied the cable TV directions and setup the parental controls to
block the adult channels and even limit viewing times. I also set the v-chip in the
TV itself. I would not have to spank him if he could not misbehave. I still found it
emotionally very difficult to spank him. I checked his account on the family PC.
That was easy because I had the administrator access. I found that he was visiting a
great many adult sites. That afternoon, I purchased a nanny program and installed it
on his account. Within the day the log showed that he was blocked but he did not
complain. I’m sure that he knew that it was out of bounds so to complain was to ask
for a spanking. I took this as a good sign.
I always made sure that I left weekends free so that we could have quality
father/daughter time together. Society required that he had to drive and use the
credit card to pay but those were superficial things. We had been doing this for six
weeks when he actually wanted to talk about it. “I’ve been difficult, zoe.” he said,
while we were sitting in the park. “You have helped me a great deal and I appreciate
what you have done.”
“Dad, I love you and would do anything for you. Yes, it has been difficult but I’ve
grown up a lot this summer. I’ve learnt how to handle things. I’m not a little girl
anymore but I know I’m not fully a woman yet. Are you yourself again?”
Dad smiled at me and gave me a hug. “I’m so proud of you,my darling daughter. You
have no idea. I, too, have changed. I’ve gotten over crushing the car thanks to
you.” Now it was my turn to smile and hug. “But…”
“… I still want to be a boy, your boy, at home, my girl. I want you to stay in
charge at home like you’ve been for the last few weeks.” I was shocked at his
request. I’m sure it showed on my face. “I find that I’m more peaceful and I think
you like the power and authority. Also, it helps you to grow and mature a lot.”
He had me there for that was certainly true. Not only that but I was proud of my own
self-discipline. “I will be honored to be head of the house.” I immediately started
to think about taking control of Mother when she returned next week. She had some
faults that definitely needed correction. Yes, Dad hit the nail right on its head
– I loved the power and authority!
It was only a few days later that Mother returned home from her being with her
parents the whole summer. Her father had gotten over his illness (as much as one can
at his age). Dad and I had decided not to tell her immediately about our changed
relationship. She had also changed while she was away. It is not really necessary to
assign blame or cause. Folk wisdom teaches that one is always a child to one’s
parents and this was very much true for Mom and her ‘parents. Mom complained: “She
treated me like I was a little kid. It was worse than when I was in college or even
high school. And she had to have everything her way.” Well, truth be told, it
certainly was the case that Mom was very much like her own mother in this regard.
Before she left she was, so it seemed, on my case about doing my school work, doing
my chores, getting in early and wanting to know all the details of my life such as
when I used the toilet and blew my nose. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she kept
ack of when I jacked off. Now after a summer of freedom and actually being in
charge of Dad and the house, she seemed more than excessively intrusive. Something
needed to be done and very soon or something horrendous would happen.
There was another problem, however, that Dad and I agreed was more pressing. Mom’s
parents were smokers and Mom had been one also when Dad married her. While being
back with her parents she took up the filthy, dangerous, disgusting practice again.
We immediately told her that she had to stop this. We understood that just stopping
was not likely, but it was absolutely prohibited in the house and she would have to
stop completely in a few weeks. Dad even refused to kiss her because of the stink.
My refusal was not as extreme but I did not have to suck face like Dad had to. When
she was alone in the house, she smoked, thinking she could get away with it. The
stench made it obvious and we laid the law down. It was only outside that she might
smoke. Smoking in the car was also forbidden.
We got into conflicts on other matters also. Even as she complained about how she
was being treated, she was treating us like babies. That we had managed quite well
while she was gone never occurred to her. Even Dad found that she was intrusive and
excessive in her ways. It was worse for me; not only for the reasons I’ve already
mentioned but because of the usual conflict between youth and ‘rents. She had
trouble believing that Dad and I managed not to fight, much less kill each other,
during the summer. It was time to tell Mom two things. First, she was neither the
head of house, second, that Dad had abdicated in my favor and had freely submitted
to my authority. She sat there sputtering like a wet cat for at least five minutes
and she could not believe it.
Dad assured her it was really true and explained how he had damaged the car and
reverted back to being a boy after which I supported his needs and acted like a
mother even spanking him several times. She sat there with her mouth open like she
was catching flies. Dad continued explaining that when he got over the problem he
had freely decided that I should be in charge in the house. “Our zoe has grown up,
dear, and you cannot treat her as a little girl any more.”
“Mother,” I said, “while you were away, things changed. Please note that we both
managed quite well without your most intrusive ways. The same intrusive way that you
bitched about how your Mother had treated you. Just like you must, for your health
and ours, give up that filthy habit, you must respect that we are not babies.”
“How dare you speak to me like that!” she screamed and dashed into the kitchen. She
returned in an instant with the wooden spoon that she had used many times on my
little bottom for many years. “You’re not too old to feel this, young lady,…” she
yelled, brandishing it as she sat down next to me on the couch. “… now get over my
lap this instant, lady.”
I reacted but not how she expected. I did not get up but grabbed her and hauled her
over my lap. She was too surprised to do anything except scream so I easily got one
leg over hers and twisted one arm behind her back. She tried to free herself but I
was stronger and held her firmly. I looked up at Dad. He was grinning and nodding
his approval. With my free hand, I raised her skirt and tucked it under her arm.
Then I yanked down her panties to expose her behind.Her bottom was very soft,white
and bigger than dad.She has good body. Without even a word, I started to spank her
very hard. It took four spanks on each cheek to get everything nice and rosy. I
ignored her yelling as I lectured her applying a hard spank at least once a
sentence. She soon was crying. I would just have used my hand if she had not gotten
that wooden spoon which I hated with a passion.She always spank me with wooden spoon
when i was little and it hurt like krazy. I pulled it out of her hand and gave her
five dozen spank like she used to give to me. That got her bawling and she soon
went limp in effect indicating her surrender to the inevitable changes her bottom
was glowing red now.
I pulled her around so that I could hug her as she cried on my chest. She cried for
a long time and I comforted her. I confess I had not planned to go this way so soon
but she forced me. I was not even sure that I had done the right thing and the only
encouragement I had was that Dad seemed to approve. I could not know if he thought
Mom had the same needs as he did to be a kid or some other reason. I told Dad to get
the clippers which he dutiful did without hesitation. When Mom stopped crying, I
told her that I was going to treat her like I did Dad and that she had best mend her
ways and mind her manners or she would have a lot of trouble sitting comfortably
because i will have to spank my mother’s bottom regulary.She always would not like
to sit on her bottom.
I undid the button and zipper of her skirt and stood her up. As her skirt fell, I
yanked her panties down and pulled her back onto my lap. Holding her tightly as both
ends, I had Dad clip off her pubes like I had taken his. She whined a lot but
couldn’t really fight back.I spank her with my hand and she started crying again. I
told Dad to take her to bed, comfort her and explain the rules. I had homework to
There was a change in the morning. Mom had gotten breakfast ready and greeted us
cheerfully. She did not ask those irritating questions of either Dad or me but only
if we would be back for dinner. I was delighted but was sure it would not last.
It was clear that evening that she had been smoking a lot during the day and even in
the house. I had tried to give her a chance to stop gradually, but obviously that
had failed miserably and stricter measures were required. I waited until after
dinner. I sat her down in the family room and gave her a long lecture about the
horrors of smoking. “You’ve have had several days to taper off but you have not.
From this moment on, you shall not smoke at all, period. I shall now give you a
spanking for smoking in the house today which you well knew was strictly forbidden.”
I did not let her complain in any way. I just grabbed her, and undid her slacks and
yanked them down so that they were pooled at her ankles. Then I unbuttoned her
blouse and yanked it off leaving her in just her underwear. At this point I had to
hold her wrists because of her objections, so I gave Dad a signal and he undid her
bra and yanked down her panties leaving her naked. She was blushing but that was
y good.She was naked in front of me.
Sitting on the chair, I pulled her over my lap and clamped her legs in place. With
her top half unsupported she had to use her hands to keep from banging her head on
the floor. She got a long hard spanking that turned her bottom red hot. I even
spanked her after she was bawling so that it would really impress upon her
nicotine-poisoned brain that smoking had some very unpleasant consequences in the
present (as well the promised long term ones).When i stoped spanking her she get up
and jumped around the room and rubed her bottom while try to cool her hot red
bottom. Both Dad and I held her for a bit and then parked her in the corner for a
half hour hands on head. Then, room by room I made her collect all the smoking stuff
she had – cigarettes, lighters, matches, and ashtrays – to destroy it all and
put it in the trash. It took her a while to crush five packs worth of cigs one by
Much of her contraband stores were in the bedroom so we all ended up there. When she
had finished destroying the evil material, I had her lie on her bed on a towel. Dad
had used the clipper roughly the night before but she needed a proper shave. A wet
washcloth started the process and then the shaving gel. She was less than happy with
this happening, especially being done by me. I told her that I had seen it all
before when I was born and several times when I was little so she should relax. I
reminded her that a hospital aide had shaved her before I was born and I was
returning her to that nice smooth state. Dad held her hands and also told her to
relax. It was an early bedtime for her and Dad decided to stay with her. I had heaps
of homework to do.
In the morning nothing was said but she made breakfast for Dad and me and we went
off to work and school. It was that evening, when I was doing my homework that Dad
spoke to me in private. “Mom’s coming around to not only accepting that you’re in
charge but to welcome it. Give her a little time and everything will be just great.
We both really appreciate the crackdown on the smoking and Mom confessed it’s making
it easier.” I was, naturally, delighted. My destiny was up to me and I wouldn’t have
to put up with petty nagging and intrusions or any of the other stuff my friends
complained about their parents.
It was more than a month later that Mom actually told me she was happy with me being
in charge. “We’re a much happier family have beutifull and strict daughter”
I said and she agreed.
But it was what Dad told me in the greatest confidence, not even certain that he
should, which was great news. I told him that he should tell me only what he was
comfortable with telling me and I reminded him that he always told me when I was
little that I could talk about anything with him. He took a while to say it, with
several false starts but then said it in just a simple sentence. “Sex is so much
better now; it’s like we’re kids again!” That was really great news.
I’m afraid that I may have given the impression that everything was clear sailing.
It was not like we encountered typhoons but there were some squalls in the process.
Dad and I had very few because he actively wanted the change from the very
beginning. Dad always seem be able to be both man and boy so he would have
discouraged me from taking charge of Mom if he had any doubts about my handling the
situation when we talked before she returned.
Early in August, he had needed a spanking which he accepted without any objection
acknowledging his misbehavior. He did try to talk me out of shaving his pubes again
after that. I told him: “Little child don’t have pubes and that when you grow up,
you will be allowed to have them.” He was silent after that as I shaved him
Basically, it was our family secret for we did not go about with matching T-shirts
with “I’m the boy” on his and “I’m the mother” on mine. At work he is just another
guy to everyone but when he takes a pee, he is reminded when he reaches inside and
doesn’t feel any hair. He actually preferred that I shave him rather than doing it
himself. This is especially the case when he has been good and does not require a
spanking. He liked the intimate contact and the physical submission.
Mother certainly has been more difficult as I’ve already told you about. Dad
certainly helped to get her to be properly obedient. At the beginning she required a
spanking every four to six days so I got to see how her pubes were growing back. Dad
always encouraged her to relax and to be obedient like he was. I did not give her
the choice, but used the razor starp when I felt that she needed it. With time,
she became more accepting and lost the irrational false modesty she had acquired
since she was a tween. She even accepted that inside, doors may never be locked.
That rule was just a matter of discipline. Dad never had any trouble with it and I
don’t bother.
Along with the Thanksgiving holiday we got blizzards all over the country. Our
planned family dinner was canceled as they were many people that could not travel.
Mom and Dad invited their friends Ken and June Slaton and their daughter,susie , for
a holiday dinner. Their other daughter was safely trapped at college because of the
storms. June is very perceptive and during dinner commented that Mom and Dad were
much more relaxed than they had been in years and wanted to know the secret. There
was some banter back and forth. Both of the Slatons promised to keep the secret and,
just in case, I asked susie to promise not to tell, if the adults had big mouths
with waggin’ tongues and told. She smiled, promised and gave me her hand on it. she
is about four months younger than I.
The ladies went to the kitchen and then June shrieked and we all heard an
astonished: “zoe is in charge of you?” The cat was out of the bag and Mom was due
for a spanking because of her blabbing. Ken looked at Dad with the question in his
eyes. Dad nodded. All I could hope for is that it wouldn’t go any further because of
the complications that might occur. I was very glad I had made susie promise.
“We all heard, June.” said Ken when the ladies returned.
There was not any point trying to deny it so I told Mom that we would talk about
this later. I have always hated how parents seem to like to not only punish their
kids but like to do it in front of their friends for the extra charge of
embarrassing and humiliating them. Otherwise, I would have taken her over my lap
immediately. Unfortunately, Mother continued to shoot her mouth off shocking
everyone. It was totally irrational that she had just told and then was bemoaning
that they knew. It would be fair to say that she was acting like a five-year-old
having a tantrum. Dad understood and was embarrassed but provided the solution.
“zoe, there is only one way to deal with a temper tantrum.” Ken and June did not say
anything although Ken nodded. I had to act so I did.
I repositioned my chair and grabbed Mother. I dragged her over to the chair, sat
down and upended her over my lap. Then it was her skirt up and panties down to
expose her bottom. Everyone was silent as they watched. I had to spank her for three
minutes before she shut up. Then I proceeded to lecture her as I spanked her hard.
After another few minutes, I got through to her and she was bawling while lying
limply. I parked her in the corner for ten minutes with her skirt tucked into her
collar and her panties about her knees. Of course, the conversation was about her
terrible conduct.
She was very contrite when she rejoined us. The ‘parents told all to the Slatons who
were all ears. I chimed in a little but it wouldn’t have mattered. The women retired
to deal with the mess in the kitchen and Ken and Dad settled in for a brandy and a
talk. I was about to take susie to my room when she spoke. “Dad, don’t forget that
you’re the designated driver today.” she put one brandy glass back in the cabinet
and then called: “Mom, please get a soft drink for Dad.” He might have said those
things even without knowing about my being in control but they sounded more
authoritative this night.
Up in my room he was not interested in anything but what my being in charge was all
about and he certainly was impressed by seeing me spank Mother. It was obvious he
thought that it was a great idea and meant freedom. I brought him down to earth very
quickly: “It a great big responsibility and effort.” Only then could I explain it
all to him especially the part that it was only in the house and that they had to be
adults outside. I told him about how I had to be very responsible for myself, even
to punish myself. That got him to thinking.
she promised to think very carefully about it but allowed that it had been really
nice to tell, er, remind his dad not to drink and ordering a soft drink for him. Of
course, those really weren’t orders but they were close.
It was a week after school had resumed that susie asked if she could come home with
me because he wanted to talk privately. I agreed and we got down to it over milk in
the family room. First, she gave me the news that his ‘parents were talking about
abdication in her favor since her sister was away at college although they did not
know she had overheard them. Second, she loved the idea and hoped she was up to it.
Third, he had fucked up a test for no other reason than he had not studied for it.
“Plain and simple gross negligence. My ‘parents will just yell at me about this,
which wouldn’t make me change, when what I really need is a good hard spanking.” she
Of course, it was clear that she was asking me to spank her but I made her say it
explicitly. Then I suggested perhaps an earlier curfew and a shave. she immediately
agreed that she would set herself a curfew but was puzzled about the shave. I
explained. she thought about that for a while and agreed. “I acted like a kid and
should be spanked like a kid and look like a kid and have rules like a kid.” she
blurted out in one quick go. zoe, please spank and shave me.”
We went to my room and he stripped down. I let her do that herself because she was
in charge of herself and I was only a tool at the moment. I sent her for the
hairbrush and then got her over my lap. I started with my hand which got her quite
red and close to tears. Then I switched to the hairbrush. That packs a much harder
wallop and in just four minutes she was crying and soon bawling. she never struggled
although I’m sure that was difficult. she was accepting her self-decreed punishment
like a good girl. When she had cried herself out, I ran the clipper through her
lovely bush. I’m sure she was proud of her as I was of mine but she never flinched
from the clippers. Then I used the razor to get her extra smooth. she accepted her
punishment stoically.
After she cleaned up, she thanked me and asked that I help her with her new rules.
It took more than an hour to work them out and they were stricter than I would have
made for her. Then she went home.
The next day she told me her parents were quite surprised at what she had done. she
refused to tell them exactly what the punishment had been or what the rules were.
she said they were impressed. Of course, she had to live up to them. It’s clear she
wanted to be in charge of herself and her ‘parents.
Then I thought that she is going to get there soon. I bet it would be really fun for
the six of us to rent a cabin by the lake – four forty-year-old kids with two
sixteen-year-olds in charge.they were both sat on chair with red bum and crying.Two
parants get spanked by their daughters when they missbheave.

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I Love Mom and daughters

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Ours was a small family . myself , sister ,my father an manager in a mnc and my beautiful and sexy mother. I was then 18 and she in prime of her youth 34. She got married at 15 and and within three year we were born, sister and then me. Mother’s each and every part of was sexy and sensuous, fair, 5ft 4inch, wide shoulder, big and round and full breast, and shapely hips and thighs,Sliding of hips over each other was a sight to see. Our life was normal .Father and sister used to leave for work at 8 in morning, sister was coming back at 7 pm and dad at about 8 pm. My school was 11 to 4 and I was back home by 4.30. In school one day I heard my two friends talking about my mother.” Vijay’s mother is a mast maal. Her breast are full and juicy. It will be so nice to suck them. Her body is so tight and her bur (cunt) will be very tight and slippery. I want to push lund all over her body , in her bur, gand (asshole) and in her mouth.

Every night I dream of her and masterbate in her bur’ name. She has made me mad.” I was angry and shocked to here these from my best friend vinod talking so dirty about my mother. But this talk changed my all idea about mom. In evening I returned home , mom opened door ,she was in usual dress, petticoat and blouse and my eyes fell on her big breast. It was really big, and round and I wanted to know how firm these are. After taking snancks, I came near her and said, mom are you very beautifull. Who says, she asked. Then I narrated every word which vinod said about her. On hearing she pulled me on her lap and said let people talk any thing. You can not stop every one. She pulled me and kissed me. I place my one hand on her breast and pressed it few time. Vinod was right , breast was big and firm. I enjoyed holding her breast. I slipped another hand on other breast and squeezed both together . She was holding me hard and kissing me and I was kneading both breast hard and fast. ‘Let other talk but you must not talk about your mother or sister body with any one. When ever you want you can see and feel our body but you must not tell any one’ I said yes, I will not tell but can you show me your lovely body to me.’ ” I will show you, but after some time when you become big to take care of me.” She kissed and pulled me away and said son, Your mom is really beautiful’. She left me and went to kitchen,but I was feeling strange, My lund was fully stretched and I felt like to go to kitchen and put lund in her bur but I went to bathroom and masterbated first time in name my own mother’s unseen cunt. Now I wanted to know more about women and fucking and I thought that vinod can only teach me. Next day onward I also participated in sex talk with vinod .He knew too much, he told me about each and every thing of women’s body and fucking. He showed me many books and photos of real sucking and fucking. I learned a lot but he didn’t stop praising my mom body in raw terms. Once he told me that he is really mad for my mom. I asked what you will do with her. He said, he will make mom nude on bed and will spread her thighs wide and then first he will eat and suck her cunt for hours and then he will push his lund deep in mom’s bur. I asked why don’t you try this with your mother.He said he is already fucking his mother for last one year but he is not happy. He want’s to fuck my mother.

He said he will pay rs 10000.00 for one chudai. He asked whether I am fucking mom, I said ” she is not allowing me to touch her face, forget about anything else. Vinod you also forget about her , and try for other cunt. ‘He requested me to take him to my house once. I said , I will ask mom..I came home, she as usual opened door and after nasta I told her what vinod wants to do with her but this time she did not pulled me in her lap. I said he wants to meet you, can I bring him home tomorrow.’ “No”, she said Vinod has aroused desire for mom and I decided for forcibly make her nude and fuck her hard. And I wanted to do it fast and thought of giving a try next day after papa and sister go for work. Next morning when papa and sister went out for work , I told mom that today I will not go to school. She insisted for going to school but at last she agreed.I waited for opportunity. At 10 she went to take bath. She locked the door from inside . I searched for a hole but there was none. I cursed myself that why I didn’t made a hole before. I came back and sat.. After about 15 minutes she came out of bathroom in black petticoat and white bra. She was looking fantastic and very sensuous. She was moving seductively with smile on her face. Her breast protruded outward were inviting me. She came near me, I got up and without giving her a chance to protest I pushed her to wall and Placed lips on her lips and one hand on her bra and squeezed breast hard. She was trying to come out of my hold but I kept kissing her and took out both breast out of bra and for first time (since child hood) I pressed her nude breast. Though she came out after bath her breast were hot and tight. I kept squeezing mercileslly. Then after 5 minutes or so, I released her lips. “you are very rough, you should do it nicely and with love. Why you are torturing breast, you want to see them, then I will remove bra” She removed her bra and said have a nice look. I placed each hand under each breast and pressed softly. “yes, do like this.” Mom , vinod is right you are really beautiful . I am lucky that you are my mother’ She said “don’t waste time do whatever you want to do fast.’ I took one breast in my mouth and placed one hand on other and caressed slowly and softly.

She was enjoying. I looked at her, her eyes were closed. One hand on her one breast other I moved slowly over her belly and then to naval area. I moved hand down to her waist and placed my hand on her cunt over the petticoat and pushed my pelvis towards her. Our thighs were pressing each others and she didn’t protest. I pressed her cunt few times then removed my hand and opened knot of my pajama. Pajama fell down .I took lund in my hand, lund was erect and tightened pushed it on her cunt over petticoat and I pressed my hip to her. She must be feeling pressure of my lund on her cunt but she didn’t move. I looked up and her eyes were closed . Either she was ashamed or enjoying my action. Keeping pressure of my lund on her bur I moved my hand on her belly and breast area. My fingers were exploring each and every part of her belly and down towards waist and cunt. My hand came to her petticoat and I opened knot and released it, petticoat fell down and my manhood knocked at gate of heaven for first time. She also moved and pushed her hip towards me. With both hand I took hold of her both hips and pulled these towards mine. Her hips were tight and firm than her breast, it seemed that these has not been handled by my father. ” son, let’s go to bed room” But I didn’t and moved one hand on her cunt. I moved my hand over cunt, it was clean no hair on it. After few movement of hand on cunt finger found cunt lips. I moved finger along length of cunt lips. Touch of juice on cunt lips and touch of cunt petals were giving most exciting pleasure.

Up my mouth was sucking both breast one by one and down my fingers were playing with cunt petals and clit. I took clit between two fingers and messed it slowly, she moaned .She liked pressing of clit .I continued with moving my fingers along cunt petals and messing of clit She increased moaning and started sliding along wall and placed her hip on ground. She pulled my head towards her. I moved my mouth up with finger inside cunt. She took my cheeks in her hand and kissed my lips passionately. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and down I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She released me and asked ‘”how beautiful I am” I said much more than vinod described and that her lips juice are very tasty. She smiled and said that something more tasty is waiting for me down. She told me to suck entire juice of her cunt. She said, “let’s go to bed”. We got up and went to papa’s bed room. She placed herself nicely on bed and spread her thighs. With her own hands she parted lips petal of cunt. I had the first view of most lovable and sought after cunt in the town. I kissed pink area of cunt, removed her hand and myself spread lips further apart.

It was all pink and juices were all around. I put my tongue on lips and moved along the lenght of cunt. Mom moaned and pushed my head down. I licked cunt and took clit between two lips and kept pressing it. She moved her hips and and hip started moving up and down. With clit in between my lips I pushed first one and then three fingers in her cunt. I moved my fingers in cunt fast so lips also moved over clit faster. She was moaning and then she started talking filthy.” Fuck me, matherchod, put your lund inside, my bur is hot, put your water and cool it, if your lund does not have strength call your friend vinod and ask him to chodo . Bastard what you are you are waiting. Put lund in the bur.’ Her talk made me excited and her hip movement increased very fast. I thought she will discharge, so I lift my head and slid over her body.I placed my lips on her and took one breast in hand and pressed it hard. With other hand I took hold of lund and placed it on her cunt hole and pushed hard. With one push lund slid into her tunnel. There was fire all around inside cunt. My lund was feeling heat and immediately I moved faster. “son, move slowly, otherwise you will discharge soon like your father. Push hard but slow speed.” I slowed down and took both breast in each hand.”I feel your lund, it is hard and strong. Why you didn’t show me earlier and deprived me of fucking.I was thinking that you are still a boy, aaaaaaaah, it is nice, push hard,.Vinod wants to fuck me, but I don’t want any one except my son, son your lund is doing very nice chudai, keep pushing hard, yes like that. Now you can fuck me any time whenever no one is in house. Don’t show your strong lund to any girl , even your sister otherwise every girl will ask for chudai. You are doing nice chudai, keep on doing.” She lifted one thigh and place it on shoulder, which allowed more fucking space. ” you keep fucking me I will give you maximum pleasure, whatever you want. You can fuck my gand also. You are doing nice chudai. ” She lifted her other thighs also and placed it on other shoulder. Now I was able see my lund going deep in tunnel, . I was unable to stop so I increased my speed.s he streched her hand and touched my lund.” After fucking let me suck your lund. It is so thick. If you can control , take out your lund out of bur before you fall and fuck me in mouth, I will drink all your juice, aaaaaaah, move faster, you are fit for me, fuck your mother hard and fast. OOOOOOh keep moving, I am your slave, I will do everything you say, even I will get fucked by dog and donkey and elephant if you say.

If you want me to fuck by your friend vinod , I will give him chudai, keep on fucking, aaah.” I said, you are only mine and no one else will do your chudai. vinod will never be allowed to your chudai. If you want more fucking we can do it with unknown persons only.” Now I was at verge Of collapse, but I didn’t want to cum before she get organism. She was moving her hips very fast. Suddenly, I recall tips of vinod. Few times I pushed lund in her bur very fast and very hard and then pulled out lund to the entrance of cunt hole. She kept thumping her hips. “Why you stop, now I am verge of ectacy please continue fucking’, please son don’t stop.”I kept still for about a minutes and then with full force I pushed lund deep inside, . She streched her body , lifted her hip and then came down, I continued and increased my speed.” Thank you , son for the first time I got satisfaction, you are strong and I will arrange young virgin girls for you. As long as you keep satisfying your mother I will take care of you in all respect.

Now take out lund out of bur and put in my mouth. I will suck your lund.”I got very excited by her offer, I took out lund and moved over her sexy body and put in her waiting mouth. She took out lund of her mouth and took in her hand and softly kissed on tip of lund. It was best kiss I had . ” how long you have been masterbating” I said for about three years. She said ” you are a fool, you should have told me first time you got erection I would have shown your lund the way to my cunt. Any way you must not masterbate now. My mouth and cunt is always ready to gulp your lund.” She took lund in her mouth and sucked slowly and then took full length in her mouth.At the same time she was playing with my balls. My mom was giving me extreme satisfaction, I moved and pushed lund faster in her mouth and then I exploded in her mouth. She balanced my lund in mouth and drank my cum. Few drops were oozing out of lips. She sucked my lund clean and then I took it out. She pulled me down and rode over me.” Now tell , how beautiful I am” I said you are best, your beauti cannot be described.

She said, now you have fucked me and satisfied me but if I come to know that you have told to any one about our relation , even to your sister and vinod, I will deny and you will never be able to see me nude or touch my body. I promised that even if I die I will not tell any one about our love.But I said you will also have to love me whenever I want and that she will remain all nude in house when no one is around. She agreed and I put my lips on her lips and took hold of breast. My lund was hardening again to enter her cunt and she felt pressure of lund under her bur. She got up and ” you are a madar chod . You have tasted me andfucked me for more than two hours and you want it again,. Let me cook food and after lunch you can again chodo your mother.” She kissed me and went away to kitchen. I never got tired of her. She was the best.

After that We fucked for fifteen years and almost everyday. But no one knew our affairs. She used to remain nude when no one around and she taught me various acts of sex. On my next birthday she had given her asshole to fuck in morning and in night she given me a most fanastic gift- MY SISTER’S BUSHY VIRGIN CUNT FOR WHOLE NIGHT – but that story in next part. My younger daughter now is back from college and she is holding my lund and asking for her share..

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Love between mother and son

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When I came back from Canada I found both my mother Vanaja and Aunt Lakshmi waiting for me in the Airport. Both looked very radiant and it was very late in the night when I landed. I was surprised by seeing two people I was missing for so many days. When I smiled at them both looked very coy and bent their heads refusing to meet my eyes. Then Subbu Aunty looked up and said we are having an addition in our family. I saw Mother turn away and color pink with shyness. I went to Aunt and hugged her and she held me and whispered that she is pregnant. 10 weeks now. I slowly put my hands on her belly and tried to see if the bulge could be felt. She pushed me away and laughed saying it is very early for the bulge but I went to the doctor and he told me. I looked at her with love and she said it is yours no doubt you are one who is soaking me with your semen. I felt like crying with joy. Here was my aunt who without seeking anything for herself submitted to me whenever I went to her for love. I asked her what about your daughter my cousin. Aunt told me that she is yet to know but eventually she plans to tell her also about us.

All this time I had ignored mother and when I looked up for her she was already moving my luggage trolley and going towards the entrance.  Aunt understood my concern and told me ” Rathan I have always been satisfied by you, you have given me two great joys in my life. Though I don’t want to lose you, your mother has greater right on you. Go to her and make her happy. Make her your wife. After you went to US she has been pestering me about what kind of things you love in bed and what you talk about, how is cock ?, what kind of dresses you love on your woman. Whether you will like her body ? ”

Rathan, take care that Vanaja should never sleep alone in the bed again. Give her so much love that she will gain all her happiness again.

I thanked her and she said she is going back to her home and she asked me to give her a call as and when I feel comfortable but without denying mother anything. I moved on and she called me “Rathan, I would love to see more additions, this time let Vanaja take the honours”. I smiled and Aunt said seriously, ” I am serious, Vanaja told me she has periods regularly but she is worried if her body will support. I have told her that it will do fine and asked her not have any protection. Go and fill her belly, my love.”

I went out and My mother Vanaja was standing near our car. I stopped and looked up noticing many things different about her. She was clad in a nice chiffon saree, leaf green in color and matching blouse. I could also see more midriff than general. She was also wearing some makeup. I also discovered that she had dyed her hair black and she had tied it in nice fashion and she had adorned herself with flowers.  She loved jasmine. I started smiling because generally widows as a rule are not supposed to adorn themselves with flowers. It dawned on my dull mind that My mother had finally decided and today I will taking her to bed.

I went to her and for the first time addressed her ” How are you Amma ?”. Mother looked up and said “Sorry I have been very hard on you, I beg your forgiveness.” I hugged her and since it was public place we separated and then loaded the bags and started for home. As we drove Mother was very silent and once in a while she would put on hands in mine and squeeze them. I also would squeeze in return. We reached home and she opened the locks and I carried the luggage in.

She looked up and said “Don’t take too much time, I will be waiting in your room upstairs”. I quickly opened one of the bags and took the gifts that I had brought her. I had one pair of nice silky undergarments (Bra and Panties) from Victoria’s secret, I purchased in US. I took out the ring with a nice Sapphire on it. Then I went up to the room. Mother was sitting on the bed and as she saw me she got up and smiled coyly. I went in and closed the door. She turned her back to me. I went to her and smelled the flowers in her hair. She smelled heavenly. I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her so that she was facing me. I lifted her chin to look at her face more closely like a lover rather than a son. I could lines on her face, I could see the age, but for me she looked like my heroine. Her age was the attraction for me. I bent my lips to hers. She offered her lips to me. I touched her lips with mine and she was smelling of morning dew and tasted like honey. I kissed her and then slowly we started grinding our mouths on each other and we were becoming very wet there.  Her lipstick smeared my cheeks, my lips and my neck. I grabbed her and pushed her saree to reveal her breasts clad in blouse and bra. She gracefully moved to release the saree. I grabbed her at the waist and cupped her big ass. They are enormous. I felt the smoothness and the softness of her ass. Then I pushed her to the bed and slowly she unclipped her blouse and then put her hands to her bra and undid that also. Her breasts are bigger than I had thought and they droop a bit. Her nipples are almost black in color. I went to her and cupped her breasts and then kneaded the nipples. All the while my mother was moaning and taking my name and calling me her husband. It was a great feeling for me to be called by mother as her husband.

I pushed her petticoat up and found that she was not wearing any panties. I could not wait any longer I jumped off the bed and undid my pants and freed up my cock. I removed my shirt and jumped on the bed. I grabbed mom and pushed her the bed. I positioned myself between her thighs and went down on her. First attempt it missed and burrowed between her hairy thighs. She sighed and then took my cock in her hands and positioned it to her cuntal entrance. I could not wait any longer I pushed completely and I went in about half. Mother was screaming “Slowly, it is many years since your father fucked me, go slow, I need to become wet. Spit in my cunt and then you can fuck”. I pulled out and then bent down and collected a lot of saliva in mouth and as she spread her legs I spat into her cunt. Then I went down on her again and this I was able to position myself on my own and pushed. As I entered her I felt like on fire. Mother cunt muscles were grinding against mine and all the while Mom was feeling the pain.  She was weeping with pain but when I asked her if I should stop she said “NO this is heavenly pain. My body will accept you as my lover, I have in my heart accepted you”. I felt for her love and just hung there. She suddenly gathered up all her strenght and pushed up her hips. Now I sank in completely upto my balls. She urged by moving back and forth and I could not hold any longer and I started fucking her taking long and slow strokes like my aunt had taught. She was all the while moaning and I suddenly realised that she was non longer in pain. I started fucking her faster. I don’t know suddenly I started blabbering “Vanaja my love, I want to make you pregnant. I want to have a girl from you. I want to make you my wife”. Mother started moaning “I am all yours my son, take me and fuck me, I am not having any protection. I am all yours to fuck me”.

I came in torrents and filled her cunt fully. As I fell on her I could feel our combined juices flowing out between her legs. I looked up said the bedsheet is becoming wet. Mother laughed and said, from now on there will be lots of bedsheets to wash. We will wet the bed everyday. I was so tired from the journey and our love making I hugged her and slept.

I am going to have a big family, with two wives, one my aunt with two of my kids and the other with my mother and I don’t know how many kids she would like.

Any mothers, aunts, sons needing to send me email my do so on


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My Son Guddu

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I had threatened and threatened Guddu that if he didn’t clean his room I was going to clean it for him. I even told him before he went to bed that if it was still a mess in the morning I was going to clean his room, even if it meant going through his personal stuff. So, when I saw the little shoe box tucked away behind some blankets in the closet I figured I had every right to peek. Even though I knew Guddu was at school and well into his second class of the day, I couldn’t help but feel my heart race as I opened the box. Inside I found a pile of photographs upside down and I was dying to see what they were of. Quickly I pulled the box down from the top shelf in the closet and sat on my son’s bed. I looked nervously at the door, expecting I don’t know what and flipped over the first stack of pictures. The first thing I noticed was that they were nude photographs of some woman and it only took my spinning head about 10 seconds to register that these were nude photo’s of ME! I knew the photo’s full well. My husband had gotten a new camera outfit a year ago for Guddu’s photography hobby. As I flipped through the pictures in utter dismay my face flushed with embarrassment. In picture after picture I posed like some cheap slut, spreading my legs and playing with my breasts. There were pictures of me fingering myself, and sucking on my own nipples. There were even pictures of my husband and I having sex. A few of me giving him head, a few of him eating me out, and a whole bunch of me on top of him. How was I ever going to face my son again knowing he had seen me like this? ****I surprised how my son got these pictures of mine. I closely inspected the bathroom and bed room, and I saw holes was made on windows behind curtains.oh! it means my son see me nude and took my pictures.I BECAME RESTLESS IMAGING MY SON SEEING ME NUDE. I went bedroom. I locked the door and ripped down my panties from beneath my skirt. Plunging three fingers up inside my sopping cunt I fucked myself right there as I bent my knees and brought myself to a raging orgasm. As I prepared for the evening, putting on garter belts and fishnet stockings I had to play with myself three more times while thinking of my son inside me. I had never felt like such a slut before then the moment my son walked through the front door. Here was my own flesh and blood, whom I gave birth to not even 17 years ago and I was going to try and seduce him tonight. When he entered the house I was wearing a short skirt, fishnet stockings and a tight white tee shirt that really accentuated my 38DD breasts. In an instant I felt like a silly whore and wanted to run and hide in my bedroom and never face him again. “Wow” Guddu said when he realized what I was wearing. “I’m sorry,” I said as I blushed cherry red and looked away. I couldn’t face him now. I couldn’t look in his eyes knowing what I knew about the pictures “You look beautiful,” Guddu said ignoring the fact that I wasn’t looking at him. “Thanks,” I said weakly. “You and dad going to some party tonight?” my son asked naively “Actually your father wont be coming home tonight,” I said as I found the nerve to look at him. My son’s face turned pale and I realized what he must be thinking.

“we are alone tonight,” I said. “To talk.” “About what?” Guddu asked as he sat his books down and looked at me quizzically. “Things,” I said embarrassed about the whole situation. I said sheepishly. “But we haven’t talked about it right?” “I guess not,” Guddu said as he sat on the couch. “Ok, let’s talk.” “You’re making this very difficult on me,” I said as I stood there waiting for him to offer some encouragement. “from where you get my nude pictures.” “UH…” Guddu stammered. “What pictures?” “Pictures of,” I said. “Of me. You know, naked. inside bathroom and upon bed laying with your father.” “Oh uh, ya, Iam very sorry mommy, please excuse me, ” Guddu blushed. I threaten him” I WILL TELL TO YOUR PAPA, and he will beat you violently” “oh, no ,mummy please excuse me ,please dont’ say to papa” Guddu begged I asked”tell me why you did this all?” He became silent then he replied softly” mummy, you are the only woman in my life,I always dream of you, you are very beautiful,caring and affectionate, I love you very much my sweet mommy, I can not think of any other girl,in my dreams you are my only girl-friend to whome I love infinetly,” Listening his feeling I realised that my son loves me truely and I also fell in love with him.I ASKED”Guddu do you think of me while you masturbate?” He bowed his head and told in soft words” yes mommy,” “do you dream of loving mummys’ naked body?” I asked again His mouth opened”yeas mummy” “Do you know how to do that stuff?” I asked. “Oh sure,” Guddu obviously lied. “I know all about it.” “Do you?” I asked again. “Do you know how to do it right? Do you know how it feels?”

“No,” Guddu blushed. “Don’t you want to know what it’s like?” I asked baiting the trap. “I guess” Guddu blushed. “After all, you don’t want to have a girlfriend who’s ready someday and you don’t know what to do right?” “Right,” Guddu said quietly. “Ok,” I said as I quickly sat on the couch next to him and put my hands in my lap. “So let’s say I’m your girlfriend.” “RIGHT!” Guddu said embarrassed. “Just pretend,” I said. “Now let’s say I’m your girlfriend and we’re kissing. Do you mind if I kiss you?” “Uh,” Guddu turned bright red. “I guess not.” “Ok,” I said. “So let’s say I kiss you and I do this.” Without hesitating I kissed my son on the lips and slowly parted them. Surprisingly my son’s lips parted with mine and I slipped my tongue quickly into his mouth and licked his hot young tongue. My body tingled all over as I slowly worked my tongue across my son’s, filling his young mouth with my kiss until I finally broke away breathing heavy. “Now,” I said looking into his eyes. “What would you do?” “I’d probably feel her up,” he said shyly. “Show me,” I breathed as I started kissing him again. Suddenly my son’s hands were feeling my giant breasts as his tongue flicked around inside my mouth. Without thinking my hand stabbed into my son’s crotch and began rubbing his hard young cock. To my utter surprise Guddu’s cock was huge! It had to be much thicker than his father’s and probably longer too. With my free hand I quickly began pulling up my shirt until I uncovered my bare naked tits. Guddu’s hands were instantly on my bare breasts, kneading and squeezing them frantically. “Fuck me Guddu,” I panted as I started unzipping my son’s pants. “Give me that big hard cock!” “Oh mother,” my strong son moaned as he laid me down on my back, his hands still all over my massive globes. My body was on fire as my son took control and quickly pulled up my skirt as I finished unzipping his pants. “You want it?” I panted as my son tugged my panties down and uncovered my well groomed brown bush. “You want to fuck your mother?” “Yes!” Guddu groaned as he struggled to get my panties down over my knees while he was still on top of me. “Just rip them!” I demanded as my son struggled more and more to get them off. “Just rip them off I don’t care.” I was pulling my son’s pants down off of his young muscular hips as he grabbed my panties with both hands and tore them open. I nearly came right there as I felt my panties tear away and expose my naked pussy for my eager son. My knees fell wide open like the slut I knew I was deep down inside. I tugged my son’s underwear down over his enormous hard pole and stared at it over the top of my bulging chest. “I want it inside me Guddu,” I gasped out of breath. “I want you inside me son.” “Oh god mother,” Guddu said as he reached down and grabbed a hold of his thick monster. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Like a pro my son guided his big pole between my legs. Holding one of my breasts in hand I used my other to open the lips of my eager pussy. “Put it in,” I begged him. “Please baby. Put it inside me.” I bucked uncontrollably when my son’s thick cock head hit my open pussy and I started to cum. Both of my hands shot up and grabbed on to my son’s strong shoulders as he plunged his huge cock up inside me with one hard push. “OHHH!!!” I gasped out loud as my body wracked with orgasm. My legs instinctively wrapped around my son’s back, my heels digging into his tight young ass as he started pumping his monstrous cock in and out of my dripping cunt. “FUCK ME!” I screamed shamelessly. “Oh fuck me son!” Guddu obliged my every desire as he pulled himself up into me further and drilled me hard on the couch. I could feel my son’s big balls slapping on my ass and it made me cum even harder. “I love you mom,” he said to me as he leaned down and began sucking on my sensitive nipples. “I…love…you…too…” I gasped as I pressed my sons face into my breasts and worked my hips upward to meet his stabbing thrusts. With a loud howl my son suddenly pulled his thick cock out of me and grabbed it in his large fist. I raised my head above my chest and watched his beautiful thick cum squirt out onto my stomach and tits. “Oh baby yes!” I purred as my son frantically jerked his cum all over my stomach and pussy. “Get mommy all sticky. Ooo!” “Oh mom,” Guddu moaned as he finished jerking off all his load. Then slowly my son got off of me and left me there, spread wide on the couch, covered in my own sons cum, my panties hanging from one leg and my shirt up around my shoulders. “I feel like such a whore,” I said quietly as my son sat at the end of the couch exhausted. “Don’t,” My son said as he reached over between my legs and smeared his cum across my stomach. “That felt so good Guddu,” I said. “Are you sorry you did it?” “Oh never!” Guddu laughed. “I’m just trying to gather my steam to do it again. “Well let me make it easier on you baby,” I said as I sat up and pulled my shirt up over my head. I quickly tossed the tee shirt across the floor and put my hands between my legs. son’s eyes stared at my heaving chest which still oozed his wonderful hot cum. Slowly I slid off the couch, looking into my son’s eyes as I crawled between his knees and took hold of his still hard cock. “Here,” I said as I smiled. “Let me give you some enthusiasm. With that I opened my mouth and slid my son’s big prick between my lips. “Oh yes,” Guddu moaned. “Just like I always imagined it…” Slowly I sucked my son’s cock, bobbing my head up and down and licking his head with wet circles. “Yes mother,” My son moaned as he grabbed my long brown hair and curled it up in his fist. “Suck it!” “Let’s get you out of these pants,” I said at last as my son smiled warmly down at me. “Yes,” he agreed as he helped me pull off all of his clothes. Standing on my knees I leaned forward and pushed my huge breast around both sides of my son’s glorious cock. Slowly I moved my tits up and down my son’s cock feeling it’s thick hard shaft sliding between my sweaty breasts. “Oh mother,” Guddu groaned as he watched me work his big pole between my lobes. Brushing the hair off of my breasts I pulled back and rubbed one hard nipple across the tip of my son’s cock. “I never imagined it could be this good,” I said as I kissed his stomach and began working my way up his body. My son took me in his arms and lifted me up on top of him. “Oh my you’re strong,” I admired as I positioned my knees on either side of my son’s hips and felt his hard cock against my wet pussy. Guddu could not respond as he suddenly buried his face in my tits and began sucking my nipples hard. I held on to my son’s head for a moment and moaned with delight as he suckled my breasts like he did when he was a baby. “I love it when you do that baby,” I moaned. “But I just have to get the wonderful cock back inside me.” “Here you go mother,” My son said as he reached between us and grabbed his big prick. “Let me give it to you.” “Yes. Give it to me baby. Give it to your mother like she’s never had it before.” son wasted no time positioning his thick pole against my wet cunt and I obliged myself by pushing down on his enormous pole. “UHHHH!” I gasped as I felt my pussy stretch around his thick shaft and adjust once more to his wonderful size. “That’s just what mommy needs! Ooo ya…” “I wish dad could see us now,” Guddu laughed uncomfortably as my pussy squeezed his cock like I was wringing the life out of it. “OH I don’t think your father had any idea how big you really are,” I panted as I slowly began moving my hips around making my son’s thick cock stretch my pussy even more. “I think you’re going to stretch me all out tonight.” “Oh mother I hope so,” Guddu moaned as he grabbed my ass tightly and pulled my hips back and forth on him. “Oh ya?” I gasped each time he pulled my ass toward him. “You want to make my pussy all loose and sloppy for him?” “Oh ya,” son smiled as he began sucking my nipples while he fucked me. “I do too,” I said as I began lifting my ass up each time he let me move so that I began fucking his big cock up and down inside me as well as back and forth. “Let’s wreck mommy’s pussy. Fuck the shit out of me baby.” “YA!” son moaned as he let go of my ass and let me start bouncing up and down on his glorious cock. I made it a concentrated effort to wiggle my hips as I fucked him so it drove my ass into his hips. My body pulsed with the rhythmic slapping of my ass against my son’s thighs. “Pump me!” I groaned as I worked my pussy up and down on my son. “Pump my pussy!!! OOH!” “Come on mom,” son moaned as he grabbed both my tits now and played with them. “Stretch it out!” “I am baby,” I panted now. “Stretch my pussy baby! Stretch mommy out! OOO…” son continued taking turns squeezing and sucking my big tits as I fucked him until I came again. “Make mommy cum!” I shouted. “Make her cum!!!” “Oh mother I love you!” Guddu shouted spontaneously which made me cum with gushes. “OHHH!!” I screamed. “OH GOD FUCK ME!!! MAKE ME CUMM!!!!!!”

My son and I made love all night that night and I found myself fucked in so many ways and so many times that I could hardly move come 2am. He fucked me on the kitchen table, bent over the counter, in the shower, in bed, and on the floor. I also learned that my son was just as good eating pussy as he was stretching it out. By the end of the night my son’s cock slipped inside me like a hot knife through butter and I knew my husband’s average size prick would feel small from now on. It didn’t matter. I had found my new lover anyway. THE END

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Home Alone

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By SV I am a good looking guy from townside Bombay.I go to jaihind college and doing commerce. One day I came home from college as it was a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. My ssister Sunita was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me if she should prepare some coffee for me . I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, what the hell started to shag, what I didn’t know was that I had left the toilet door open. And over all that Sunita was just entering the room with my coffee, she saw what I was doing and as I finished cumming in the tissue, and cleaning myself, she walked in with the coffee. She said sorry and just acted as if nothing happened . but I could feel that she saw what I was doing.Like a chut I was very embarrased , but as a whole I felt a little more horny about that scene. I later came to the hall and was watching the television, and on the movies channel there was some hindi movie song playing and in that ,Raveena Tandon was dancing with Akshay Kumar and she was wearing a short skirt. Sunita came and sat down and started to watch. The promo was on and then I just looked at her and she too looked and smiled.I didn’t respond then and after that my dick again stood to attention and then just to adjust it I raised myself and did it.Again embarrased , i asked Sunita to go out and get some water for me.She said ” thik hai bhaiya…jaati hu.” She left.
I dunno what came over me and I just got too horny , so I
felt what the fuck… there isint anybody at home so I may as well try something sexy. I pulled my pyjamas down and my dick stood up to face the ceiling. When I went to close the door she came outside the door and saw me in that condition.My shaft gave a jerk when I saw her.
She put her hands on her mouth and said ” Auh bhaiya , yeh
kya karte ho mere saamne.” I felt soooo horny , that I wanted to have sex with her. it was gonna be my first time.So i asked sunita ” idhar aah sunita…kabhi tune chodha hai ? ….mere saath aaj karegi kya ? .maine kabhi kisi ko lagaya nahi hai ! She was aghasted. ” bhaiyaaaaa….yeh aap kya bol rahe ho ..mai tho aapki choti behan hu nah ? mai tho jaati hu idhar se.” I stopped her with my hand and said ” arrre sunita idhar aah yaar, please karne de nah mujhe.Dekhna koi gharpe nahi hai.tho kisi ko malum nahi hoga.kya tune lagaya hai pehle ? …….she said ” bhaiya mai jaa rahee hu.” i said ” mai tujhe sau rupaye doonga sunita , sirf ek baar mujhe andar lene de please.” She came and hugged me and that was it ….. in a matter of seconds I was near her rubbing her thighs through her salwar and slowly pulling up her kameez. My one hand was on her full round breast. She at first didn’t do anything and after a while she started to rub my stuff which was already rock hard. I asked her to suck it she first said no then I explained that I was clean. She agreed and bent over and started to blow me. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said “Hehehe….Bhaiya aapka juice nikal raha hai…aapne sachi mai kabhi kisi se lagwaya nahi hai “ heart was pounding hard and i was very fucking nervous. She started to shake it and in a matter of seconds I came in her hands and then she cleaned it with her kameez. After that she told me to come to the bedroom and she removed her salvar and kameez and she was staring at me when she unhooked her bra from behind and got rid of her bra very slowly.FUCKK sexxxxxx…her boobs were goooood.Then she kept looking at me and removed her panties and that made me even more hungry for sex.
She had dark and thick pussy hair which came out of
her panty and her panty smelt of her inner scent.I stared at it and wanted to kiss her entire body and which i almost did. i started to sweat and feel very nervous at the same time excited as it was my first time i was doing with a girl
” Heheheh …aapko itna pasina kyu aaraha hai bhaiya
?… hahahah….aaram karo bhaiya.” FUCKKK MAN..she was sexxy man..her figure was sexy.Her boobs were well rounded and she had the typical black nipples that Indian women have and I love. I could ‘nt wait any longer and I grabbed her by her shoulder and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pussy which was soaking wet.She said ” Yeh mujhe bahut pasand hai bhaiya apko malum hai ? ..kya maja aata hai isse karne ko bhaiya “…she made me soo horny that i wanted to rape her there n then.
I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she
kept letting out these soft morns of pleasure..:” haan bhauya ,,,haan …accha lag raha hai bhaiya….: and she told me she was going to cum …her come tasted very sexxy too. “Bhaiya abhi mere bur se gilapan niklega bhaiya ,,,woh bhi lena haan….ooee maja aaraha hai “! she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden. I could see liquid come from her cunt. Now she said ” bhaiya abhi chodhte hai …apko malum hai kaise karte hai ? ….aap apna danda mere is chut me ghusao abhi. dhyan rakhna ..mera bahut tight hogaya hai kyu ki mujhe time hogaya chodhte… tho aap koi tel daldo..bathroom se narayal tel lelo.”
I took oil from the bathroom and put it on my cock
and then stroked it up and down. Fuck !!!…i w became soo horny that my blood was boiling inside and my cock was erect and fully red with urge to just fuck for the first time in my life. I pulled her legs apart and saw her cunthole clearly. I thought that my dick will go inside very easily.Hmmm i was all ready. I held my dick with one hand and guided it to her hole.Totally excited , I pushed my cock onto her cuntlips and it wasnt going in.She said ” arre oh bhaiya …dekhke dalo yaar….aap dekho thik tarah se aur fir ek zor ke jhatke se dhakka maro to jayega. ” I did what she said …and fuckkk man went inside half and suddenly I wanted to pull it out and she screamed loud and then i din’t take it out.Suddenly I felt immense tightness around my cock and it was hot and wet inside.But it felt verrry sexxxy.It was like your pole is wraped in velvet. I pushed my fuckpole deep inside her and started to dig into her cunt like a madman.She kept screaming for help and I used both my hands to stop her from getting away.She said ” bhaiya bhaiyaaaaa ….mardoge mujhe kya ? arre arre aaaaaaah…..ohhhhh…..aaiyaaa…aiyaaaa….. I came all on her face, hair lips..etc. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut and bearing the pain along with me. She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly pushing inside harder because now I had the confidence to fuck her.She asked me to get faster “Jorse chodo bhai”. I was screaming cause she had tightened her pussy very much and it felt very tight for me.I was very excited so I rocked hard and harder into her pussy.As soon as I had pushed it in …it felt easy to fuck.And with her forcing me to pick up speed and push harder , i did it.
Now i was feeling on the top of the world guys.I
wanted to fuck her as if I was the King of India. I spoke up and said ” sunita ..saali …lele ….chodunga tujhe ,,,aur chodunga ..mera lund tere chut ko phad raha hai ” she asked me to shootout on top of her because she dint wanna get pregnant with my baby..after all she was 16 only.So when I decided to pull it out of her….I spilled my some of my sperm inside her and then I pulled out my cock and started to shake it and then fuckk…i came like crazy ….i had shagged minutes back andi hadnt come all that much,,but fucking was different and then I threw my come all over the place.She screamed ” bhaiya aap mere chut ka kya kar rahe ho .aap bade zaalim ho, aapne tho andar hi daldiya..abh mereko tumhara bachha nahi chaiye haan …arre bhaiya bhaiya….bas karo ….mujhe mar daloge aap ……bas bas …..arre ….baskar ” I kept stroking my dick and feeling her body with my come all over her thighs and belly button.
” Arre sorry yaar sunita, yeh mera pehla baar thha nah
,,tho merese handle nahi hua tho woh hogaya.Thu abhi sambhal lena haan.thank u sunita…yeh baadmay bhi karenge haan ..kya bolti hai ? ” …i was almost breathless then.Breathing and mourning hard she said ” haan bhaiya haan..apko maja aaya nah ? ,,maine kaha thha ….aap sahi admi ho bhaiya …maine kabhi socha nah thha ki aapke saath mai lagva sakti hu ”
” Toone kis kis se lagvaya hai sunita ? sach bol “” mai apko bata sakti tho hu par tum kisise kehna mat
haan…kyu ki isme meri gaand lagsakti hai ” ” hmmm gaand tho ekdin mai teri maroonga ladki.sirk mujhe terese aur chuvane de ..fir dekhna…tereko mai aisa maja dilaoonga ki thu dekhti reh jayegi….accha bol ”
” Maine liftman ko ekdin apnee ball ko dabane diya.woh
madarchod tho mereko niche tt room me leke table may sula ke chodne laga bhaiya. Fir maine aapke servant mahadev se lagvaya.Aaplog khandal gaye thhe tabh. Fir Rajesh ne , babu ne , aur shyam ne bhi mujhse lagvaya hai.”
” Wah ..thu tho badee raand nikli ….aa abh ..mujhe firse
” Chalo bhaiya…apse jo maja ata hai woh koise nahi ata hai
” And thats it …I used to fuck her almost everday till my parents found out. I was thrown out of my home and then I went to stay in my cuzins house.

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Making Love To Mom

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Hi everybody! I am PRAK from Delhi and a great fan of I am here with my true story called Making Love to Mom. Ever since my dad divorced her when I was ten, I had grown closer to my mom. We spent a lot of time together, shopping, cooking, and vacationing. I guess I became the friend my dad never was. Mom even taught me the birds and the bees, and I found myself better prepared when I started puberty. But preparation could only do so much for me, just two years later, I found myself becoming a man. I masturbated for the first time in my bedroom, fantasizing about a girl in my class at school, and was very surprised to find hot, sticky cream covering my hands and the blankets. I realized it was cum, remembering what my mother had taught me about my body. I rubbed it into my stomach and chest, not really understanding yet what had happened, but wanting more.

I soon found myself in a jerk-off frenzy. Two, three, five, ten times a day. I couldn’t stop myself. Imagination wore out as a means to satisfy myself. I began to search through everything for stimulating pictures: Debonair, Fantasy, even pictures of gorgeous actresses from Internet that I would trace and redraw naked. I would have killed for a Chasity, but they were simply not to be gotten at the time, especially in our house. Later that month, as I was rooting around in the hallway closet, I found several pictures of my mother. Not just any old pictures mind you, but shots of her all dolled up in lingerie and laying on her bed in very seductive poses. Nothing slutty, and no nudity, just incredibly sexy shots of my mom. I wondered why mom still had the photos. My active imagination conjured up the idea that she had left them there for me to find. Maybe she was trying to show me more about women! In my hormone-saturated brain, I even played with the idea that mom would teach me personally how lovemaking worked.

I’ve got to let you know what my mom looks like before I go on. She’s 5’3″, about 70 Kgs., with long brown hair that has a definite reddish tinge to it. Her eyes are light brown. Her body shapes out to 38D-28-40 – she has some awesome hips on her, not to mention a pretty ass, not perfectly curved, but very mature and womanly. Her tits were something I almost couldn’t get my eyes off of. I took those photos into the bathroom, my stroke-base of choice in the house. I peeled off my shorts and underwear, sat on the toilet lid, and proceeded to whack off with renewed intensity. I must have cum at least four times before I came out of the bathroom, and my cock throbbed for the rest of the day from the beating I gave it. Fortunately, mom didn’t come home from work until a half-hour later; or else I would have had a tough time explaining all my time in the john. But my lifelong infatuation with my mom had begun.

Later that summer, I was in my bedroom, when I looked out the window and saw my mom and the next-door neighbor lying on the grass between our houses. Both were dolled up in tight shorts. Mrs. Sudha was somewhat pulpy, around her mid-thirties, with a nice dark tan and long black hair. But mom, in her dark red gown, stole the show. Her huge melons were nearly bursting from her straining loose upper cut of her gown, and they shined with the tanning oil slathered all over them. My cock sprung to life and I stroked right there, on my bed, behind my curtains, peeking out with my free hand at the delicious female flesh in view. I spent most of the next seven years fantasizing over mom in various ways – I wrote stories that I kept hidden under the carpet in my bedroom, I clipped pictures from tons of fuck-books my buddies and I collected – I saved all the pics where a model even remotely resembled my mom. These I taped into a slowly growing personal porno mag, which I wrote in, trying to give it the look of a real skin mag. I lost track of all the times I dreamed of fucking mom. I dreamed of fucking her even more than the girls at school, the cute teachers at school, even the hottest models or porn queens. But through it all mom and I continued to grow in our relationship. I spent more time with her than my friends in my senior year in high school. But I was certain to never let her know my utter and total lust for her.

I graduated and mom got a new job. We moved to Delhi and mom bought a really nice house – her new job as General Manager at an MNC paid through the nose for her talents. I decided to take a year of before going to college. In reality, I didn’t want to be away from mom. I was infatuated with her. Luckily, mom had no problem with my idea, and she even said that a year off was a good idea – it would give me time to plan my future. It was a fall night when the first event happened that changed my relationship with mom. It was pretty late, maybe 3 am, when I went into the kitchen to get a drink. I had on loose red shorts and nothing else. In the other direction down the hall, I saw the light still on in mom’s room. Sometimes she had problems sleeping at night, so she was probably checking out the late show, or watching a video. After I got my drink, I decided to check on her. Padding up to her room, I could better hear the tv, which was turned down – she probably didn’t want to wake me. But as I reached her door, I recognized the sounds – the gasping soundtrack and grunts and moans of a porno movie.

I first saw the TV, and sure enough, some stud was plowing a stacked blonde doggy-style while the blonde ate out a petite redhead. That was shocking enough, but looking over at mom almost made me wig out completely. She was sitting back against her pillows, wearing a grey sweatshirt, but her sweatpants were down at her ankles. I could hear and see a thin white vibrator in her right hand, and I watched awe-struck as she pressed it through her thick bush onto her clit, then down and through her pussy lips. I heard her moan softly then, and slightly arch her back, grinding her hips in a lazy circular motion. The light from the TV reflected off of the wet vibrator when she pulled it out of her pussy. The electric thrill that went through me on seeing this scene was almost as powerful as the one that next shot through me when mom turned and saw me. Her mouth just stayed partially open, and I tried to stutter out some words, but nothing intelligent came out. So I turned and went back to my room, feeling the heat from my blushing face. I closed the door and crawled into bed, wanting to die. Mom saw me! I was a goner for sure. I knew that she’d have me out of the house in the morning. I was so lost in my own thoughts of doom that I never noticed my mom open the door. I noticed when she turned on the light, though. I started and turned over. She was still wearing only the sweatshirt, which was just low enough to cover her bush, tantalizing me with her thighs and hips, and incredibly long, strong legs.

“Prakash!” she started to say. “Mom, I’m sorry,” I blurted, rolling over again. I still had an incredible boner, and it was showing through the blankets. I felt her hand on my naked shoulder, though, and she made me face her again. “You didn’t do anything wrong, honey,” she told me. “You just caught me at a bad time.” She smiled slightly at this. “No, I really should have let you know I was coming. I’m really sorry.” I couldn’t have been any sorrier at that point, but the image of her masturbating wouldn’t leave my mind. “Honey, it’s okay. I’m a grown woman, and you…” she looked me up and down, “you’re a grown man, for certain now! I’m also lonely. Does it shock you that I masturbate?” I couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with me, but when I thought about it, it made sense. We were each other’s best friends. And then the seeds of arousal sprouted in me, and I found myself letting go of some of my inhibitions. What would happen next, I had no idea, but I couldn’t stop myself. “No, mom, it doesn’t shock me. But what were you watching? And where did you get that vibrator?” Mom smiled and paused for a moment, looking at me like I should have known the answer. And I should have. “Well, Prakash, I just took a video from your own collection.”

Oh my god! I must have turned pure white after that. But mom gave me no time to reply. “Honey, do you think I’ve been blind to your ‘collections’ all this time? I’m the mother of a normal teenage boy… of course I knew you’d have some stuff like that. I just never expected to find it. A few years ago, I found it while cleaning the windows. I knocked over some of your books, and there they were. And they’re very good, too. You have good taste.” She gave me a saucy smile. “Mom, stop!” I couldn’t believe this! “Hush, Prakash. They’re very useful, and you know it, too. No use trying to act innocent in front of me! I’ve been around for a lot longer than you, you know. I’ll bet you didn’t know that I posed for some magazines when you were eleven?” What? Mom in fuck-books? My head was spinning… “No, mom.” “I have them in my room still… I think it’s time that you saw them.” “Mom, I don’t think I should…” I stammered. But inside I was boiling with lust. I was going to see my mom in a porno mag! “Honey, can you help me? They’re up in the bedroom closet…”

“I leaped up from my bed, then thought better and slowed down a bit. Entering my mom’s bedroom hesitantly, I saw her straining upwards, reaching for something on the top shelf of her closet. The sweatshirt came up with her arms, and the full glory of her tightened ass and long legs was exposed to me. It was better than I had ever imagined! She still had some tan lines from summer, and I gawked at her lower body until she turned around, showing me again her thick but slightly trimmed public hair. She noticed me staring, started to pull her sweatshirt down, then chuckled. “Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter, if I’m going to show you my nude shots. Can you get that box down for me Prakash?” I was melting. Her voice was more beautiful than it had ever been before. I think I’d have done anything she asked at that moment, but I reached up and got the box down. It was marked ‘mementoes’ on the top. I put it on the bed and she had me sit down next to her. She opened the box and right on top was a skin mag I had many recent issues of, but I saw the date was over ten years ago. Not to mention mom was on the cover in a very seductive pose, with her incredible breasts pushed together…

“I was 33 when I posed for this,” she said, taking the mag out and handing it to me. “It wasn’t long after your father divorced me, and we were so short on money. One of my old friends was a photographer, and he told me I was a born model. Now when he told me he wanted me to pose nude, I laughed, but when he told me after that how much I’d be paid, how could I refuse?” I heard every word she said, but my eyes were glued to the magazine pages. I found her photo spread and my mouth hung open. My god, she is so beautiful, I thought as my cock throbbed wildly in my shorts. Her ass was a bit tighter, her breasts obviously firmer, and she had a few less wrinkles, but the pictures were no more beautiful than the 43 year-old woman who sat beside me now was. We went through every magazine in the box, and by the time we were done, it was like I was in a dream world. I felt all tingly inside, and my mind was full of my mother’s erotic, delicious body. I put the magazines back in the box and started to put them back in the closet. “No, honey,” mom said. “You can keep those… if you want them.”

I tried to stutter out some words, but none came. A knowing, sly look came over mom’s face. “Prakash, the videos weren’t all I found. After watching some of them, I decided to search your room for other things…” My heart was pounding. Oh my god no, I thought. “I found a scrapbook with lots of cut-out pictures… more good taste in women, honey.” Mom’s eyes were locked with mine. “I also read what you wrote in it… and what you wrote in the stories with it.” I almost passed out. Why was she torturing me like this? Why not just gets it over with? Then I felt mom take my hand. She looked deep into my eyes. “I came right then when I read your stories, honey. You’ve been my friend, my best friend for so long, and when I read your stories, it finally dawned on me how you truly felt about me… and I realized I felt… the same way… about you.” My emotions did a 180. My head was spinning. And my cock was pounding in my shorts. I wanted to say so many things, but they wouldn’t come out. “Mom…” I said in a soft moan.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, and we hugged. The thrills that shot through me from our embrace were better than anything I had ever felt before was. “You’re the most perfect man I’ve ever known,” she said, her breath tickling in my ear, driving me wild. “You’ve always been here for me, and now… now that you are all grown up… oh god, Ricky… I love you… I… need you…” I finally found my voice. “I need you too, mom. I love you so much.” My hands seemed to work with a mind of their own, rubbing her back at first, then sliding down, beneath her sweatshirt, to palm and squeeze her curvy ass cheeks. I felt her tremble with desire. “Oh baby, yes… momma’s wanted you for so long…” She didn’t resist when I pulled the soft grey sweatshirt up over her head, finally exposing her long-awaited breasts to me. I just gazed at them for several moments. They were big and full with dark areolas the size of half-dollars and erect nipples as big as the ends of my pinkies. Only sagging slightly, they were dusted along the tops with many sun-born freckles, which only made them more desirable.

“You want to suck them, don’t you honey? I can remember when I breast-fed you, how much pleasure it gave me… but this will be a different pleasure. Come here, baby. Let momma take care of you.” I moaned in anticipation and desire, and lay across her body, taking one of her breasts in hand, kneading it, and caressing it. The sound mom made drove me on, and I finally rested my head on her and took the fat nipple in my mouth, sucking softly. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it… suck my nipple. Oh god Prakash, you’re so good…” I just moaned and kept on sucking, taking her other nipple in my free hand and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, delighting in feeling her body reacts to me. Both of us were trembling, and it added to the emotion of the moment. “This is so perfect,” she purred, stroking my head, “this was meant to be.” My cock by this time could take no more. I moaned loudly, and sat up, taking my cock in my hands, stroking fast and furious. But mom put her hands on mine, and shook her head. “Prakash, let mother take care of that.” Then she pushed me back softly until I was only propped up on my elbows. “I’ve been waiting to do this for SUCH a long time, honey,” she said, then took my cock in one hand and leaned over, wrapping her lips around my cockhead.

It was incredible. The pleasure just shot through me like lightning. I threw back my head and yelled from the sensations slamming my brain from my mom’s sucking. I looked down at her and the full impact of what was happening hit me. This was my mom, my MOTHER, hot, naked, aroused beyond belief, giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. Every fantasy I had ever had about her could not compare to the reality of right now! Mom pulled my cock out of her and looked up at me, but she kept stroking it. Her hair had gotten a little mussed, but it just made her look sexier. Her eyes were smouldering and her pouty lips were wet. “Cum in my mouth, Prakash. Momma wants to taste your hot cum.” Then she bent back down and swallowed me whole, which was amazing, considering I’m a good seven and a half inches. Her eyes remained locked on mine as she sucked, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed her head with both hands, and with a long shout of pure ecstasy, I came in my mother’s mouth, thrusting my hips up and pulling her head down. She did her best to contain my jism, but some of it dribbled out, from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. I came and came what felt like a gallon of man juice, but mom swallowed down every bit of it, and licked up what had spurted out of her lips.

“Oh god, Prakash, that was good,” she panted, her voice husky and erotic. “But now I need you… I really need you… inside me!” With that she climbed up and straddled me, squatting just over my still-hard cock. I could see her pussy lips, glistening wet, and poised mere inches over my throbbing rod. Then, with an animalistic moan, she thrust her hips down onto mine, impaling her cunt onto my big fuckstick. “Oh god yes!!!” she screamed, throwing her head back, her long beautiful hair flying. “Fuck me Prakash! Fuck momma hard!!!” I was as aroused as she was, and grabbed her by the hips, thrusting my own upwards at the same time. I felt my cock slam home, sliding deep inside the same woman who gave birth to me, raised me, loved me like no woman ever could. Every thrust made her grunt with pure lust, and made her big breasts bounce and jiggle. It didn’t take long for me to reach the point of no return again, and I roared in pure ecstasy as I came inside my mother, feeling her tighten her cunt around my spasming cock, milking every last drop of cum from it, gripping it tightly as if she’d never let go. I finally stopped thrusting and let go for her hips, exhausted.

But mom just leaned forward with that erotic gleam in her eyes and purred out huskily, “I want more, baby… momma wants more of her boy’s big cock.” With that, she sat back up and began to grind her hips back and forth, up and down my sensitive boner. I screamed in pleasure, grabbing her ass cheeks, feeling her puckered asshole with my fingertips. Driven beyond any kind of hesitation, I slid a finger inside mom’s asshole, and heard her moan long and loud. “That’s it Prakash honey… oh god, fingerfuck my asshole baby!!!” I went to town, sliding another finger into her tight bung. She’d definitely never been fucked in the ass, but we would change that… Mom was going wild; bucking and bouncing like a seasoned whore. “Touch me Prakash! Make me cum! Make mommy cum baby!!!” I pulled my fingers out of her asshole and brought both hands to the front of her, the left one going to her breasts, and my right hand seeking out and finding her swollen, wet clit. I immediately went to work on it with my thumb, kneading it like there was no tomorrow while at the same time taking turns pinching her nipples with my other hand. And yet again, I felt my orgasm approaching.

But it was mom’s turn to explode. A moan of pure sexuality began in her throat and became a scream of absolute orgasmic pleasure. Her cunt tightened on my cock like a vice and that was all it took to make me cum again. We screamed in pleasure together, cumming as one, now joined by more than just our incredible mother-son bond of love. When it finally ended and the seething emotions had quieted, mom laid down on my chest, my softening cock still inside her dripping pussy. She slowly ran her fingers through my hair, kissing my forehead gently. I stroked her back lightly, still amazed at what had just taken place. Mom seemed to realize what was on my mind, and she smiled. “Don’t worry, baby… this is just the beginning. You’ll sleep in here with me from now on… I have so much planned for us.” All I could do was groan in pleasure and wonder what tomorrow would bring. All mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, sex lovers can e-mail me for more stuff at Till my next story good bye.

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