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How sheetal turned us on, our voyeurism

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Hi,my name’s Abhay.I’m from Pune and my mother tongue’s marathi, i’m 23 yrs old.My height is 5 feet 7 inches.I’m fair-skinned.Though i’m not so muscular i do look good.I’m not so slim nor fat.Girls do find me decent enough to talk to.
I’m engaged to my fiance anushka since college days.She’s my classmate so she’s of the same age as me.Just a fortnight or so younger than me.She’s from gujrat.she’s a fair girl of 5 feet 6 inches in height, slim, having dimensions of 32,26,36.This story is the story of our voyeurism.It dates back to our college days.
Our exams had just got over and so we couldnt have sex for 6 months.Though we used to hug,touch and sometimes nibble we hadnt even kissed properly since long enough now.We were overloaded with studies.Now we wanted to relax.
Anushka was worried that how she would learn my marathi traditions & rituals.So I was even teaching her marathi language.She had told me that she wanted to be such a good wife and sister-in-law that no one should comment on her when we would marry.Though this was not such a big problem as already my family had accepted her,she just wanted to be perfect.

So one sunday she asked me to come to her room.I went there.As i knocked she opened the door.She was looking quite good.She had put absolutely no make-up.Not even nail paint or lip-stick.She had cut her nails-both,of hand and feet.This was so that whatever licking,sucking and touching we do,we should feel comfortable & it shouldnt damage us in any way.She had kept her hair open(not tied)which were flowing on her shoulders.THough they were short,it looked nice.She was wearing a white sleeve-less top with small straps which revealed just the starting of her chest and some part of her back.It was not looking vulgar though and it meant that she had dressed according to what i liked to wear.She was wearing a tight, black-coloured sports pyjama which ended just a little lower than her knees.It gave the impression of beautiful,slender,toned legs and medium-sized hips.She had tied a fine black thread to one of her ankles,which she believed saved her from evil.Overall she was looking gorgeous.

She smiled and asked me to come in.I held her hand and we walked to her bed.We sat down there.She told me that she wanted to give me a surprise today.I told her that even i was going to give her a surprise today.”You first” we both said at the same time and giggled.Then she told me to speak with her in marathi as far as possible.
First we hugged for quite some time.Then she told me that she had found out that one of the new girls in her hostel,whose window was opposite to her window was fond of seeing blue films.”Usme kaunsi badi baat hai?” I asked her.She said “arre,par usne apne boyfriend ke saath jo sex kiya hai usse hi record karke rakha hai.Aur bahut baar maine ye dekha hai ki wo raat ko usse dekh kar apne jism ke saath khelti hai.Mujhe ye pata hai ki tumhe wo dekh kar bahut maza aayega.” “Theek hai,main bhi tumhare liye ek surprise laaya hoon par baad me bataunga” maine kaha.
First we talked for some time,then we had dinner together and we sat in bed waiting for the other girl in the window opposite hers to appear.It took quite a long time.Anushka told me about the other girl,meanwhile.”Tiche naav Sheetal aahe” She said “She’s dusky but not too dusky.She has got very short hair.She’s quite short 5 feet 4 inches maybe but her boobs and ass are bigger than mine.She’s not a bisexual otherwise any lesbian girl would have liked to check her out.She’s very thin.When in hostel she mostly wears very revealing clothes,in college she wears western clothes mostly.She’s in first year.”
It was 1’o clock when we saw her coming to her bed.Sheetal was more beautiful than i had expected.She was wearing just a T-shirt and nothing below.”Even i’m not wearing any undergarments” anushka whispered in my ears and winked.But something disappointed us.The way in which she had placed the laptop on her bed,we couldnt see its screen.”Rehne do,waise bhi sheetal khud ke saath jo karegi utna bhi tum dekhoge to kaafi hoga” anushka said.
Sheetal sat on her bed,resting her back against a pillow.She kept the laptop on her thighs.Then she stripped herself even off her T-shirt and switched on the video.First she started rubbing her hands on her boobs.The way in which she was massaging her boobs was driving me crazy.Even anushka was getting turned on seeing her.”Saali agar ye lesbian hoti to kitna maza aata” Anushka said.”Mi tila sodlach nasta”.
Sheetal started massaging her boobs starting from their outides.Then as she started moaning she started massaging the nipples of her boobs.Her nipples had become pointed telling us that she was aroused.As she increased her speed she started massing her cleavage with the other hand too.After sometime she gave a cry and looked exausted.”Tini juice sodla asel” Anushka whispered in my ears and laughed.
Then she lied on the bed on her tummy and started rubbing her whole body on the bedsheet.The way in which she was rubbing her breasts,hands,face,navel,pussy and leggs especially her feet was so sensuous that i dared not looked at anushka.I knew that if i looked at her,i wouldnt be able to control myself.Then suddenly sheetal got up and sat again on the bed in the same position as before.She put fingers of both her hands inside her pussy and started fingering herself vigorously.Though she had inserted only two fingers inside her pussy(one from each hand)she was moving them with so much force and speed that seeing it,we couldnt control ourselves.
I turned to anushka and held her hand.She understood the signal and looked deep into my eyes.I pulled out a tablet from my pocket and gave it to her.”Yeh kya hai?” She asked “Its my gift.Its a morning after pill.You will use it tomorrow morning because we wouldnt be using any protection tonight.I want you to experience this without any tension and without anything between us,making it more natural.That’s one of my gifts.The other gift is this small kamasutra position booklet which i’ve bought with me in my pocket.We’ll do some fun & easy positions from them today.”I said.Her eyes twinkled with excitement and love.”Majha tujhyawar khup prem aahe” she said and coming closer,she kissed me.
Then she went in a corner of the room and bought a small tin of chocolate.”Apply it at a naughty place and suck it all tonight,”she said,blushing.Now we both knew that tonight was going to be much more fun as we both had made some preparations to make it special tonight.
Suddenly i realised that my parents were not at home & would be coming 2 days later.I wanted to make it more memorable.So i asked her to come to my place.Especially since i had a bike,and it was just 2 km away.She hurriedly put on her sandals and we left on my bike.
Though we both were aroused we could control ourselves because of the new things we would be doing today,at my home.She started feeling cold so i lent her my jurkin.She wasnt ready to wear it “tula thandi vajel” she argued.But finally she had to listen to me.She sat on the bike tightly hugging me from behind.
On our way to my place i was thinking about our sexual journey so far.She had some lesbian affairs too which lasted for an year or so and she was serious about those girls too.After a couple of girls ditched her,she couldnt have it.If the girl was lesbian they used to make love or finger themselves while i watched.If she was bisexual,we all used to have a threesome sex and we all used to fuck each other.Though this happened only 2 or 3 times.She had chosen to be a straight girl and had decided to marry me,but she had given me the sexual liberty to have sex with other girls on some occassions.We would never cheat each other.She had never even talked about another guy though.
As we went inside my appartment,i found out that the windows were closed.As my parents had gone out,i was even more relaxed.I removed my sport shoes and kept the bag of things inside my room which we would be using tonight.
When i came out,Anushka was wondering about me.I came close to her and lifted her up in my arms.She blushed “I love you” i said.”Let me remove my sandals atleast” she said.I removed the straps of her sandals and they fell down.Suddenly she gave me a jerk so i let her down.
She stripped off her top,my jurkin and pyjamas in one go,and ran totally nude inside my room.I followed stripping myself from my clothes.I ran towards her and held her from behind by my both hands.She laughed.Then i lifted her slightly above in the air,holding at her waist and we collapsed in my bed,totally nude.
Then she faced me and i lied on her.I stroked her hair and gave her a deep french kiss,using my tongue.She liked it and responded by doing the same.After some minutes of kissing she asked me to go ahead.
I held her hands.Her nails revealed how much pressure she was using to grip my hands.Then i kissed and licked her shoulders,neck and arms step by step.Her breathing had become fast.I also kissed and sucked her fingers.
Then i took the tin of chocolate and opened it.I put it on her entire chest,from just below her neck to her waistline.Then i gently started sucking one of her breasts while massaging the other with another hand.Even she started running her fingers all over my neck and body.I sucked,licked and massaged her boobs hard-one with my mouth and the other with my hands.I proceeded from their outer curves to her nipples which had become hard due to her excitement.After alternately treating both her breasts in this way,i went to her cleavage.
As i put my mouth on the area between her boobs she let out a faint moan and pressed my head hard against her cleavage.Most of our bodies were getting covered with chocolate as she herself sometimes used to stroke her own breasts.After i had sucked all the chocolate on her cleavage i proceeded to her navel.
When i started licking her navel feverishly she said “Yes,dont let even a single drop of chocolate be on my body” She was enjoying it immensely.
With one hand i stroked her navel first.Then i put a finger inside her navel,took it out and licked it.”I will be doing the same thing again honey,but i will just put my finger somewhere else” i said and she blushed.
When her navel had no traces of chocolate left on it,she put her lips on mine and again kissed me very forcefully and passionately,using all her tongue.It felt very nice.
Then she told me to spray my cum on her whole body or as much part of it as i could.”I am madly in love with you.I want you to mark my whole body with your sperms.Make my whole body yours,dont hesitate.”She said.
I wondered if i could spray so much cum.Though we had did it once or twice before and it had been to her satisfaction,this time it would be even better,i thought.That was because i rarely masturbated and so it seemed possible.
I asked her to suck my cock for me.”Pyaar se” She said and started sucking it.First she kissed and licked my balls(the projection at the root of the penis)making a heavy sucking noise and moaning loudly “hmm”.Then she licked all the sides of it,topside,bottom and left and right and took the whole of it in her mouth.It had already become large due to our foreplay.
She sucked it wonderfully.She used to take the whole of it inside,gripping it with her mouth tightly and then leaving it out of her mouth,just keeping the tip of the penis inside her mouth.After she sucked it for 10 minutes like this,i felt the walls of her mouth brushing against my penis making me feel as if i’m in heaven.Then she stopped sucking my cock and started stroking it very forcefully and fast using both her hands.
The feel of it was amazing but even the scene was making me crazy.Her soft hands were moving the foreskin on my cock up and down very fast with too much speed.Finally i felt that i was gonna cum so i asked her to be ready.
“Here it comes” I said.I cummed really a great quantity of sperms.I sprayed it on her hair,face,mouth,neck,hands,chest and navel.She had moved her body as if someone moves it when she stands in front of the shower in the bathroom,adjusting so that my sperm should fall on her and shouldnt fall anywhere else.
Then with her own hands,she sprayed my sperm juice to the other parts of her body too,where it couldnt have reached.She literally massged her whole body,front and back with my sperm juice.Then she lied down again on her back as before and asked me to do the next.
I kissed and stroked her legs with my hands,from waist to feet.She was perfectly hair less and her natural body odour was making me even mad.As i reached her feet i massaged them for some time.Then,i asked her to lie on her tummy while i sucked her toes with my mouth.Then continuing with her souls i kissed her entire legs from the back side.Then i squeezed her hips very hard.”Ahh” she screamed with pleasure.
Then i nibbled them for some time.I massaged her hips,starting from their sides and coming to their center using both my hands.She must have felt marvellous,as she jerked a little.Then i put my hand inside her anus,between her hips while i started kissing her hips with full force.She murmured “Kitna chedoge,ab chod dalo na”.”Thoda rukho darling,aaram se maze lenge,hamare pass sari raat hai” i said.
Then i stroked her back and bit her earlobes.With my tongue i tasted the periphery of her ears later sucking the central part of her ear.She moaned very loudly “Umm.Haa.”Then i went lower and kissed parts of her back quickly but deeply.
Then we relaxed for a while,looking at the pictures in the kamasutra booklet thinking of some easy & fun position.We found out one.
She lied on her back and we came closer.I lifted both her legs,very slowly and kept them on my shoulders.My cock had already grown in size looking at her expressions and feeling her excited to do it.In one go,i inserted my cock deep in her pussy and started rocking her too and fro.She started co-operating and moving her body accordingly.Slowly we increased our speed and now we were fucking both fast.”Lets cum together” she said and asked me to make her sit,not stopping fucking.
I lifted her,holding her hands while she came even closer,keeping her knees on my shoulder and hugging my back tightly with her feet.Then she asked me to put my feet near her back as it was seen in the book.When i did it we came closer and started kissing.Her moans had increased in duration and volume.At one point she screamed “Meri itni mast chudai aaj tak kisi ne nahi ki hai.Aur zor se chodna mujhe.Chodna nahi.Lesbian sex ka isse comparison hi nahi ho sakta.Umm.Hmm”.After fucking for some minutes in this position we cummed,almost at the same time.Really it was the most pleasant sex we ever had.
Then she looked for another position in the booklet as she wanted me to have anal sex with her.Before doing that i asked of i could suck her pussy.
As she lied on her back i asked her to stretch her legs wide open so that i could see her pussy.It was nice,shaved,pink.I first just sucked on it with my lips later when i just touched it with my tongue she put her hand on my neck and pushed her legs forward allowing me to suck her even more deeply.As i finished sucking it to my heart’s content,i started fingering her pussy with my fingers.
Though we had recenltly fucked and we had been doint it since 3 years atleast once a month,i found it quite tight.First i just teased her,encircling the area around her pussy.Later on i inserted one finger each of both my hands.I found that my fingers had become wet which drove me crazy.Then slowly,i started finger-fucking her pussy,some time later inserting my thumb of both the hands too.In 5 minutes i increased my rhythm and made it as fast as she would allow me.As she cummed,the juice got sprayed on my fingers.Though i had did it before some times,this was one of the best times till date according to her.
Then she asked me to lie down on my back.”Ab mera number hai yaar,she said and winked.”First of all she kissed me very gently and delicately.She barely moved her mouth but she kept on moving her tongue.Though i had taught her kissing i couldnt do it in this manner but i didnt regret it.Then she held my hands and came on top of me.She kissed my chest for some time,mostly licking me all over and stroking my back and neck with her hands simultaneously.It prepared us for the next step.
Then she sat on me,resting her foot to my side and keeping her thigh on my waist.Then shyly she asked me to insert my penis into her anus.We both held my cock with our hands and guided it to her anus.Very gently but firmly she lowered her anus,sliding it on my cock.When it hadnt got it as much inside as she wanted,she asked me to push it hard and not to worry even if she screamed.I gave it a forceful push,she moaned but said that it was ok and asked me to start.”What start?” i said “You take charge and get fucked as hard as you want”.She smiled and started moving her hips up and down,just as i started moving my waist too.
After some time we increased the speed and she told me not to stop and keep on increasing the speed unless she told me to stop increasing the speed.Sometime later she said “Ya peksha zorat nako karus,dukhtay” which made me stop increasing my speed.
I really dont know for how much time we fucked like this.Until i cummed and she slept on top of me hugging me tight and asking me to hug her tight too.Then we rolled and laid side by side.We kissed once and then i asked her if i could do some after-play.As were tired we didnt do it then but next morning we did it in a novel way,not like anytime before.
She lied on her back and i slept on her in 69 position.While i licked her cunt she also sucked my cock.This time we did it gently and slowly,enjoying each second the sensations which we gave to each other.After some time we both cummed,had a bath together and then left my home.
She allowed me to have sex with any girl but i should ask her first and if she’s a bisexual girl she would like me to introduce with her.I could make love to the other girl only once and that too if possible in front of her,which she loved to watch.This too only till our marriage.”Then only you & me”she winked.I agreed as i knew how much she loved me,always being in contact with me & not even thinking of any other guy,sacrificing too many things for me.I’ve kept this promise and look forward to keeping it as we still aren’t married but we are officially engaged.

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Beautiful girl from Hyderabad

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Hello everybody, My name is Jamal Ray i am a 27 yrs old Black-Arab guy been living in Hyderabad/India for 3 years now, and leaving by the end of 2012, i like everything about india, the Culture, People, Food.. Language ,Music.. and alot more. and i believe indian woman are one of the Most beautiful women on earth, as i am someone who enjoys reading erotic stories.. (im not a Fan of Porn but its kool sometimez) i had different sexual experiences in india, with foreign girls (arab,Turkish,Latin) and some indian women. this incident was one of Them.

on a Monday Morning it was around 1:30 pm and casually dressed in red v-neck T-shit and blue Jeans.. i am 5’11, Muscular, i am in a Clean
Diet and i workout Regularly, i went to the Super market to get some Brown Bread wich i use always (as its a healthy slow digesting carb),
and when i went to the Food section, i saw a Beautiful Girl standing and reading the label of an Item.. she was Gorgeous, with Monica
Bellucci body type (google her, she’s the most attractive hollywood actress, curvy and not anorexic) dressed with a black Jeans, a  purple T-
shirt and Soft sports Jacket on top, she had a Beautiful long hair drawn back and tied at the back of the head as a Ponytail,.. i thought she
was like 25 something but later she told me she was 29 years old, all of a sudden i wanted to talk to her.
there was only me,her and 2 other customers in the supermarket, as an Excuse to start a conversation, i picked up small Chicken Masala
Powder and i said to her:
Me : Excuse me, i know u don’t work here, but can i ask u something?
she :Yes , what.
me:  is this used for all soup or just chicken?
she: laughed. and said u can use for any type of soup but it tastes good with Chicken.
me: i said, oh ok. i was making sure.. ( to take advantage of the moment i said) ..
but there is something that i am not making sure.
she: she said , and what is that?
me: i am sure that a pretty girl like you can’t be single.
she: laughed. and she said, well that is true.
me: my name is Ray, and u ?
she: my name is Priya.
me: in a joking way i said, No, it can’t be.
she: why?
me: Priya is one of the 3 of my favourite indian female names.
she: tell me the other two..
me: Neha, Puja.
she: so they all end with A.
me: i laughed and said everything beautiful ends with A. even the delicious food .
she: really?, Ok..tell me one
me: i will tell u one food that u can’t stop craving for it when ur on diet.. and its PIZZA.
she: laughed and she said that is true. u guessed good.
me: ok. Priya it was really nice meeting u, before i leave .. i think ur an Interesting girl and i would like to know u better as a Friend.
she: ok. Friend..but i am married.
me: i laughed and i said in a joke facial expression, if you are married , your not burried.
she: laughed . and she said ok give me your phone number. and i will call you.
me: i said . i insist let me have yours.
she: she gave me her number but ( later i realized she changed the last 2 digits) cos she didn’t wanted to give her number but as i was
insisting she don’t wanted to refuse.  and again she said tell me your number .. and i gave her my real number.
me: i said it was great meeting u and looking forward talking to you soon Miss Pizza.
she: Ok mr joker. i see you have some jokes . u2. bye.
i left the Super market.. and after 2 days  i wanted to call her but to my surprise the number was an airtel out of service number.
but at 3:00pm Friday.. it was almost 4 days after we met .. she called .. we have talked and i asked her why did she gave me the fake
she said , u insisted but as a married woman i don’t give my main phone number to guys,  i asked again in a joke way.
so is this number for the strangers..  she said.. no, but i use it secretly and nobody knows it.  it was true.. cos most of the time when i tried
to call her at that number it was switched off.. i realized she used that simcard when she wants to call someone.
after talking for an hour about alot of general topics.. and getting to know each other ,  she told me she has 1 kid in a school now, and her
husband is a Doctor. even though she was somehow Shy , i asked her about her Sexual life and she later opened up and told me, that she
was having a very Dull and a boring sexual life.. and she said that she is lucky if her husband have sex with her 2 times a week. cos he is
much older than her and devoted to work and social life.
finally we decided to meet.  and she said there is a friend of her wich is an air-hostess and has a flat in Banjara Hills ( those in Hyderabad
know, its a cool area)  and she comes to her flat twice for the whole month.. and she told me she had a Key to that flat.
she texted me the Address of a famous Building in Banjara Hills Road no.12. i went there at 5 Oclock.
she went there before i arrived and prepared a simple tasty Juice Drink for us ( im not a Fan of Alchahol)..
when she Opened the door , she was dressed with a figure hugging white Top with a Bra, and casual gray Yoga Pants , she is not fat but
curvy, nice big boobs and round pretty ass, (i love women with a nice shaped ass) she had tonned legs and small size 24 waist., i hugged
her, and kissed her on the Lips.. and i said.. its Great to see u again.. u look absolutely stunning, she said thank you.  u look great too..we
drank the Juice and shared some jokes about india, men & women..etc..
adrenaline like substance was gushing through my veins..while i was looking at her sexy body.
she said.. i know its first time we meeting alone but we have to be clear with each other.. i like you as a Friend and i want to have  only
Physical relationship with you , with no strings attached. if you are ready ok.
i laughed and i said. that is ok.  and it reminds me the movie Friends with Benifits.
as i am a generous lover who always start pleasuring the woman first , i started kissing her, she had a beautiful full lips..( i didn’t saw alot of
indian women with those big full lips)  and with my left hand i was squeezing and touching her boobs she had 32D.. lovely big Boobs .. i
took off her bra, and fondled, her boobs, caressed them lovingly and erotically while sucking and softly bitting them with my front teeth.. she
was breathing heavily..  and she said oh. please do it again.. she liked the teeth part.. i did it and teased her.
i went down and removed her gray yoga Pants she had a red underwear.. i started kissing and licking from her Toes before i removed her
pants.. she had a Beautiful clean feet.. so i licked and kissed them.. she was looking at me and enjoying..  i kissed and licked her thighs and
when i came close to her Pussy.. i kissed her pussy on top of her underwear.. and i could see she was getting wet down there..
i removed her underwear with my front teeth while i was making the roaring funny sound and talking dirty to her saying i will eat u so bad
girl.. she was smiling.. and noding.
she had a very lovely pussy clean shaved with a perfectly shaped lips ( labia majora & labia minora),
i kissed.. and licked (with changing the tempo and speed and the tongue style)..i enjoy giving oral to a woman more than anything.. and it
arouses me alot.. i started licking and sucking her clitors.. i inserted my middle finger inside her vegina while i was licking her clitor and
blowing soft-cool air on her clitor sometimes hot air.. from my mouth ( most women like it, note it down) .. she was moaning and breathing
so hard.. then she had her first orgasm and she was shaking.. to give her sometime to Resuscitate her Dying strength, i went up to her face
and started kissing her.. she came on top of me and she removed my T-shit started kissing my chest and with the tip of her tounge she
started playing with my nipples.. then she went down and removed my Jeans and by the time she saw my hard on.. she said wow.. i guess
he is ready (referring to my penis).
she tried to remove my Underwear with her teeth.. but she could not.. i laughed and i said .. try that next time..
she removed and i was fully erect and she started stroking.. my dick is 9.5 inch when Fully erect ( as a Black Guy, we are blessed down
there, even though its not all of us).. 🙂
she put it in her mouth.. and man she was really good on Blowjob even though i have seen some better woman she was great.. she was
trying to Deepthroat but i guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds..u know whatta,imean.
i told her to come off the bed and i took her to the floor and told her to get on her knees.. i was standing and i told her to suck me now.. i
love the moment when a beautiful woman on her knees sucking u while she was making eye-contact with u.. man, its beautiful..
as i always like to talk dirty.. i told her to say. IM UR BITCH !… she laughed and said .. i don’t talk dirty , i never did..
and i said its ok u will like it.. try .. it will give u more pleasure… she said in slow voice, im ur bitch.. i said .. now say..
DO U LIKE ME, U BASTARD !… she laughed and said it loud..
after that i took her to the bed and put her on the corner of the bed while i was standing on the floor and in a missionary style with both her
legs on my shoulder i inserted my cock inside her pussy.. it was warm and juicy.. she was loving it and i started pumping her so hard and
fast.. she was moaning and saying please don’t stop..  after 10 min of pumping it slowly and i took it out and started teasing her..  i said to
her say please give it to me.. she said please give me..  please fuck me.. fuck me deep and hard… i need it.
it was good to hear while she was talking dirty…  after 20 minute.. i had my first Dry Orgasm but i didn’t cum, (dry orgasm means u will
have the tension and muscle contraction as a normal orgasm but ur not gonna cum) as from a young age i always was a Multi-orgasmic
male.. ( u can master it if you try kegel exercises 4men, and women also can.. even though is gonna take long). as i was semi-erect due to
the Dry orgasm, she put my penis into her mouth and brough it to full erect again.. i told her to go on the Lying rear entry postion ( the
woman lies on her stomach, lifting her ass slightly upwards so the man) its one of my favourite sex postions and alot of women love it,  i
come on top of her and i didn’t use a Pillow to elevate her belvis as my penis was long enough to hit her from back, i fucked her so hard
while i was holding her long hair.. sometimes whispering to her ear that she has a Beautiful body and i am loving it.. and some other dirty
words,  sometimes putting my Tongue on her left ear.. she was moaning and loving the words i was saying..she had her 2nd orgasm and i
could feel the juices coming out of her pussy while i was still inside her pussy..
after 25 minutes of penetrating her i was about to have my 2nd orgasm.. and still i can make it a Dry orgasm and go on without a cum but i
didn’t wanted to come inside her, cos i was not sure if she was protected or not.
as she was looking at her watch , i realized she was in a Hurry and wanted kind of get back to her house…. when i was about to cum and
wanted to take out , she told me that she was on the Pill and that i can came inside her..(i am one of the guys who during ejaculation make
a ton of semen) i shot a load of cum inside her.. she breathed heavily and she looked at me saying.. oh, that was great.. and i never had 2
orgasms in a row.
i leaned and kissed her at the lips and i said .. Thanks , u were great.. she went to the Toilet and cleaned her self and i went to the toilet too
and kissed her in a while there.. she said she has to go.. i dressed and kissed her good bye..  she asked .. can i call you anytime i need you?.
i smiled and said.. yes.. since u gave me a fake number, i  guess ur the only one who can call now… she laughed.
and she kissed me and said.. i am sorry sexy, i didn’t know you, and i didn’t know what to expect.
i smiled and said. its Ok priya.. i know ur married and u have to be careful with guys…
before  i leave she asked if i would like to have the Juice drink before i go, .. i said of course ..but from your mouth..
she grabbed a cup of juice she took it in her mouth, and drank the juice from her mouth while kissing.. it was lovely..and i kissed her
goodbye and left.. i drove my bike. she drives a Blue Maruti car.
at 10:20 pm, on same day, she called me .. and she said that she can’t forget the glorious time she had with me today.. and she thanked
me.. so i said.. No Thanks, we are Friends remember.. and we just helped each other.

for 3 months we were Meeting on that flat and used to have a Wild, magnificent good times. not only that, we become good friends too and
she used to talk to me about her relatives and family problems and i used to give her Honest Opinions and advices.
there was some days i used to bring her small gifts.. before i come to the flat.. wich she loved..  i knew her body measurements.. and i
bought her a Sexy lengerie one day.. she really loved and told me that her husband never bought her a lengerie..
with her sexy body she looked drop-dead-gorgeous with the lengerie.. and i took pictures of her with my Nokia N8 phone.. but i later deleted
it as i didn’t wanted anybody to see them or being leaked ( as some Dumb friends do, and upload it on the internet, without you knowing it).
she used to color her feet and one day i brought a shining Pink south Beach nail color and i told her to sit on the sofa and while she was
watching a Tv , I painted her feet .. i was doing it for fun and making her feel good about her self.. but when i finished colouring, i looked at
her face and i saw she was emotional with a Teary eyes.. i asked. are u Ok Sweetness?..  she said yes. nobody ever did this for me.
no man ever cared me this much.. even my husband..
i looked at her and i said i am glad u like it.. and to change her emotional mood i started tickling her. she laughed so hard.
that day we tried all kind of sex postions and i even taught her the Kinky playful sex stuff like ( Blind-folding, Dominance & Submission and
alot other stuff.. wich most of women enjoy)..

all these good times was coming to an end.. and to get into that.. she called me one sturday morning .. and she said today we have 5 hours
together and we can do everything as her husband went out of hyderbad.. i was excited..
and when i met her at the flat hugged and kissed her .. she said .. Today i am all yours.. u can do whatever u want to me.. in my mind i was
like is this the last day am going to see her (wich actually was).. but i didn’t asked her..
when ur about to have something for the last time, there is a feeling coming with it.. and i had that feeling .. so i fucked her pasiontely with
all my heart.. she was on her knees sucking me .. and i gagged her and fucked her face like a pussy, she had rape-sex-fantasy as she told
me several times and she was enjoying it while i was gagging and fucking her mouth so hard… we fucked and done different sexual postions
and when i was about to come she said do u want to come in my mouth?..
i was surprised cos she never done that with me.. (she didn’t like the taste of semen at all as she told me) .. so while i was holding her hair
in one hand and the other hand stroking my penis and looking into her eyes.. i shot my warm cum into her mouth and she swallowed it, and
i gave her a full facial shower all over her pretty face.. she kind of loved and when i was done she went to the toilet and washed her face
and got cleaned.

we sat on the sofa and she told me to just listen and not to interrupt her, she told me that she had the most amazing sexual moments of
her life with me, and thanked me for fulfilling alot of her fantasies and desires.. she said that she developed strong feelings towards me..
and for her its not just physical relationship anymore..(i was not sure if its true or if she was bullshiting, but i believed her) she told me that
she thinks alot about me even while she is in bed with her husband.
and she told me that she couldn’t balance her life and our relationship..( wich i can understand) .. cos she was kind of emotional for the final
days of our relationship as she was calling more on her phone,  she told me alot of things that she never shared with anybody.. so finally she
said that she don’t want this relationship to continue .. as it was turning to love/lust/and obsession.. from her side..
i had this kind of relationship previously and may be it was new to her and that is why she couldn’t go on…
i was kind of sad loosing such a lovely friend like her, but it wasn’t my fault and in some way not her fault either, i understood that women
are emotional but as the line of friendship was crossed..and the friends with benifits deal was broken.. we had to Terminate our relationship.
i never saw her again.. but it was a great experience with a Smoking Hot indian girl.
i have some other sexual experiences with indian women and i will post a new different one again soon.. a threesome with a couple
i would like making new friends and let me know what you think of my story u can get intouch with me at.
cheers. live, love and laugh.

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Hot Ahmedabadi

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I am a 28 year old guy from Ahmedabad who lives alone in this city for last 2 years and I am a great sex lover and get erection easily when the topic comes to sex. I also watch XXX movies and from which I have learnt lots of positions for having sex. This is an incident which I had 6 months ago. One day when I opened my e mail box to check my mails I saw that there was a mail from a lady named Deepa in which the subject was,’Please Help Me’.I got excieted and immediately opened the mail to read what Deepa had written. She was a 29 year old married lady from Ahmedabad with two kids (A 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son) and was happily married.

Deepa wrote that she hailed from a conservative family,so she was married at the age of 19 years and had her first kid at the age of 20 years. She had written that she was interested to have sex with me and wanted my 12 cms long cock in her vagina,because it was long time that husband did not have sex with her, as her husband was a rich businessman and had no time for sex, as he was a busy man travelling from one place to another and Deepa mentioned that she was a kind of person who would love to have sex every day. So,she was desperate to have sex with me. Along with her mail she also gave her telephone number. Now my sex encounter starts from here. As I got Deepa`s phone number in her mail,I did not waste any moment and I immediately rang her up and fortunately Deepa had picked up the phone and I introduced myself and she was happy to hear me on the phone.

Then I and Deepa decided to meet each other in parimal garden in Ahmedabad the next day. Deepa told me that she would be wearing a blue sari.The next day I quickly went to parimal garden to meet her and I reached the park on time and saw that Deepa was also waiting for me wearing a blue sari.I saw that Deepa was a sexy lady with a fair complexion and a figure of 36-26-34 and was a very goodlooking lady with round boobs and sexy ass which was waiting to be pressed and slapped. She was happy to see me and we sat besides eachother like lovers and started talking about sex and when I touched her hands I felt that her skin was like butter. Deepa told me that she had all the comforts of life excepting sexual satisfaction . After chatting for about 2 hours,then Deepa gave me her address and asked me to come to her house the three days later.The next two days we spoke to eachother on the phone and finally the D day had arrived for having sex with Deepa.I rang up Deepa and asked her could I come to her house,she told me to come immediately as there was no one in her house.

Now there was tremendous sex filled in my penis as I was getting the sexy feel that I was going to have sex with a married woman.Now when I reached Deepa`s house,she welcomed me.I saw that Deepa was wearing a blue coloured suit in which she was looking damn sexy.I and Deepa enjoyed a cup of tea and then I asked her about her kids,Deepa replied that she had sent her kids to her relatives place for the whole day.I wondered that it was indeed a smart planning.Then Deepa placed her hot erotic hands on my bulge and said,’Darling come on lets go to the bedroom’. Deepa accompanied me to her bedroom and I saw that her bed was a sexy bed, as if it was meant for honeymoon couples. Deepa then closed the bedroom door and then she put her arms around my neck and placed her soft red lips on my lips and started kissing my lips like a desperate girl and I too held her tightly in my arms and was enjoying the kiss.Then I undressed her salwar kameez and Deepa was in her bra and was wearing a printed cotton panty.Now I placed Deepa on the bed and took off my red t-shirt and jeans and I was also in my underwear.Then I slept over Deepa to make love with her and I started kissing her lips and we kissed in French style with our tongue and then I kissed her forehead,earlobes,lips and then I softly touched my lips on her lips and then started kissing Deepa`s neck and we were breathing heavily and both of our body had become very hot.

Deepa started moaning,’Aahhhhhhhhhhhh Darling mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai,Zarra mere boobs ko bhi dabao na’. So,I unhooked her bra and kissed her boobs and then started licking and sucking her pointed nipples and she moaned loudly Aaahhhhhh……I started pressing and massaging Deepa`s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning and telling me,’Darling tum mujhe honeymoon ka mazza de rahe ho,zorr se dabaoo aur pura sex mere boobs se nikal do’.I kissed her navel and her tummy.Now I started giving Deepa erotic massage with my fingers on her abdomen and her pussy over her pussy,she was giggling and moaning and said,’Ouch kya kar raha hai?Mujhe bahut gudgudee ho rahi hai.’Now I wanted to remove her panty,she smiled at me and she stood up and pulled her panty down and I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I kissed her pussy and there was an erotic odour coming from her pussy.Now I started fingering her pussy and mean while I was kissing her lips. Deepa now told me,’Janeman tum apna underwear nikalo na,mujhe tumhare sexy lund ko kiss karna hai’. So,I pulled my underwear down and my red hot 12 cms cock was rock hard and she started touching it.We were now in 69 position as she laid above me and I was enjoying licking her pussy as it tasted like nector and her love juices flowed in my mouth and I drank it.

Now it was time for the real sex action as I now slept on my back and Deepa then sat on my penis by inserting it in her pussy and she moaned loudly,Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh and I caught Deepa`s soft ass in my hands tightly and Deepa` started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning,Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Ummmmm,Oh Yeaaaaaaahhhh and we both were pumping. Deepa said while pumping,’Darling let me tell you one thing,though I am married and I have two kids,but I feel that you and me are made for eachother.’Mean while we changed our position and now I laid above Deepa and she kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force and so her moan were louder,Ooooookkkkk and I was kissing her lips,forehead and pressing her boobs tightly and she was scratching my back vigoursly..I wanted to give pleasure to Deepa,so I made sure that I don`t ejaculate very early.Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and Deepa was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms on Deepa`s tummy and on her abdomen and I massaged my sperms on her abdomen.

We now fell into eachothers arms and slept for a while. After sometime we woke up and started making love and as a result we both were aroused and so it was time for my penis to go inside her pussy and I sat on the bed and made Deepa sit on my lap facing me with her legs kept over my thighs,so that I could embrace her in my arms,kiss her lips and caress her boobs.Now with my penis inserted in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now Deepa started moving her hips sexily and was moaning Aaaaaaaaaaauuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and we were caressing eachothers body like anything and she was so sexually excieted that she kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes and was moving like anything and she was moving her gaand in a very sexy manner.

My sperm was boiling again and this time I spurted inside her pussy.Now we again started making love and we were talking dirty things.Now I brushed my lips softly on Deepa`s lips and told her that I will do something to her pussy that will give her real pleasure. So with my erotic finger I started tickling her pussy and clitrois and was moaning with pleasure,’Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,Uuuuuuummmmmmm,bahut mazza aa raha hai darling aur gudgudee bhi ho rahi hai’ and now to my pleasure Deepa told me,’Darling mere choot mein kuch kuch ho raha hai’. Deepa told me that she was getting a pissing sensation due to my stimulating her pussy,so I took her to the toilet and she sat down to piss and to my surprise she pissed in full force and while she was pissing I touched her urine and saw that her urine was hot. We were now again back in bed and this time I slept on my back and Deepa started kissing my penis and now she lifted up my legs and with her long finger nails she started ticklinmg and stimulating the area below my penis and my testicles,Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved it and as a result I was hard again.

Now I sat on Deepa`s tummy and placed my hot penis in between her sweet round boobs and started fucking her boobs vigorously and after that I started kissing her hips and then slept in eachothers arms for few hours. When we woke up after sometime she got a bottle of cheese spread and spilled the cheese spread on her pussy and asked me to lick it and I started sucking and licking her pussy and she was moaning loudly,’Chhhato aur zorrrrse chato mere choot ko’ and I was sucking her pussy for an hour and she cummed 4 times. After that she was happy to be in my arms and now she told me that It would be better for me to leave,because it was now the time for her kids to return. So,I made love to her and I asked her,’Deepa darling did I satisfy u?’ She said,’Yes’ and then I went home. And after that when ever she wanted she called me for fun, but now she has left Ahmedabad and I am once again all alone in this city.

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Seducing Umera Bhabhi

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My elder 2nd Cousin’s wife Umera was like fermented wine, and sometimes I thought she was like a sister to me. She had three sons aged seventeen, fourteen, eleven and a daughter aged eight like their mother, and they were all a conservative family. I called my cousin’s wife Bhabi (Hindi word used for sister-in-law.) She was indeed a lovely lady; Her most striking feature was her eyes, which were jet-black and accentuated by the pure whites of her eyes. The fact that she was pushing forty meant that she had a well lived in figure. She was a lovely woman; Nice big well shaped bust and ample figure, her face and jet black hair highlighted her dark eyes. She was not very tall, about five feet five, with long jet-black hair that she often wore in a ponytail I would say.

She has been kind of like an elder sister to me since I was kid; she never hesitated to be alone with me. We were quite friendly; she gave me big smiles and the odd warm hug now and again. I had literally grown up before her eyes.

At the time this story evolved I was in my early twenties. Describing myself back then, I would say I was lean, slightly under developed as I never bothered about keeping fit like other guys did around me. Someone insignificant and in offensive, that was me. Sexually, I was curious, not able to make up my mind that I was.

Well, not until I began to notice Bhabi looking at me a lot more than usual. There was something in her eyes as though she was weighing me up. She was looking at me in a lingering way; it began to unnerve me a little, thinking there was something wrong with me. Then there were the touches, on my arms, or on my ass that also lingered more than what was usual. I started to feel a stirring within me, excited at her touch. I wanted to be close to her, please her so that she would touch me more.

What made it more excitable for me was that she never hesitated to give me glimpses of her ample breast even in the presence of her husband and kids. She deliberately bent forward when she knew I had my eyes on her and she would smile at me as though wanting to attract me to her beauty. She wanted me to look at her breast! Suddenly I realized this thing she was doing was sexual! She wanted me! She was enjoying teasing me! After fucking our maid Noori, had taught me about sex, but up to now I had not thought about it with Umera bhabi. When I talked with Noori about this, she told me, “little master why don’t you understand your sister-in-law want to fuck you.” Now at night, I did, I thought about my sister-in-law. Her naked body. Her arms and legs open to me, gesturing me towards her. Then I was forced to deal with my unruly erections. Thoughts of my Sister in law, my Bhabi, were giving me a hard-on!

When I knew she was teasing, I used to tease her by sucking my finger. I would slowly lick my lips and move my straight finger in and out of my mouth in a fucking motion, while pretending to be deep in thought. Our teasing was becoming more obvious. I could almost smell the heat from her loins. Our need for each other was getting critical. We were getting the hots for each other and I could think of nothing else but the need to fuck her!

Neither her husband nor her kids ever noticed what we were doing.

I was always looking at her now and she seemed ageless. Sometimes she seemed younger, mid thirties, Even at that age and no one could tell because of her cute figure. She never made any effort to control her weight. She had a bit of spare tyre around her middle, but that added to her overall attractiveness, she was a big woman, but with her round extra soft body, people often mistook her for ten years younger. More than that, people often were surprised at how she didn’t see this in herself. She had black hair without any gray, as yet. To be honest, my dear old sister-in-law was one of the tightest packages for her age. One could describe her with just two words; “sexually voluptuous.”

To a young man like me, in our culture, she was very attractive and the fact that she fancied me made her extremely attractive! Fuckable!

Her skin was still tight and shiny; her breasts were still pert, fleshy and delicious, feminine, shapely broad hips. When I checked her soiled linen basket in her bathroom as boys of my tender age often do, I found her bras and panties sizes, that she was forty inches in bust size and forty-two inch hips! Needless to say I checked out her panties for her aroma. My cock became immediately erect so I paid homage to them in the healthiest way that I knew how. Guiltily I replaced them, soaked with my sperm at the bottom of the basket.

Sorry, I got side tracked there – I thought her ass was the most beautiful ass. Sometimes I had trouble figuring what to watch when she walked. It was wondrous to look at her bum. A friend of mine was always talking about fucking ladies in their bums. Her voluptuous hips made me wonder if Bhabi would…………………? Maybe not, she has a wonderful personality, very warm and caring, but she is fairly conservative in her ways. In bed, she might just be a little more adventurous. Would she turn onto her belly for me?

The sexual teasing continued between us for some while and I was getting very impatient to get my leg over her. I always flirted mildly with her, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my interest in her body, which she didn’t seem to mind. Sometimes she responded to my harmless flirtation. In fact, when we were alone I was now seeing passion for me in her eyes. She was as desperate for it as I was. Doubt and maybe some fear was holding her back, after all she was a married lady!

I never tried to sit near her but her eyes were always on me to check out what signals I was giving.

Then, one day my luck turned. I was dining with her family and Bhabi sat just opposite to me at the table. My cock stirred when I felt our feet touched but stayed there, sometimes we would move them, but they kept touching. I knew it was Bhabi and it was not accidental. She pretended not to notice, and continued to eat dinner. I admit, my head felt dizzy, and I wondered how she meant it – to play?

Actually I was shocked, because, our culture, don’t allow females to touch a male, and here she was rubbing my cock with her feet! Was she moving on me because she was scared that I was not interested in her sexually? Did she want me, that much!

Soon she gave me an erection and my cock was bursting for relief. Her toes were curling around my cock just like fingers. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t, her husband was talking to me about my work.

Finally she forced me to excuse myself from the table and I had to rush to the toilet to release myself.! I swore to myself I would fuck the ass off Bhabi when I got her into bed!

When I came out and sat back down at the table, Umera bhabi met my eyes and smiled. I had forgotten how many times I had fantasized about her while I was masturbating. How many times I did that whilst thinking about her I have lost count. I always was thinking about what her body would be like under her clothes. Stripping her naked in my mind.

Once when I called her by her name she asked me in mocking anger,

“How many times do I have to tell you? Only call on Umera Bhabi when someone else is with us.” She advised me.

” And when we are alone?”

“Then you also call me Umera Bhabi,” she said to me teasingly.

There were not any restrictions on me moving about freely in her home, so once, when I was passing by her bathroom, I heard a sound from the bathroom. Umera Bhabi was in there and she was singing. That was my luck. I found a small table and I placed it under the ventilator. Standing on the table, I gleefully saw scene, which was unforgettable! My face went white, as I saw that scene, a mature woman was, stark naked. Umera Bhabi, in all her naked glory! She was stark naked before me! There was Umera Bhabi stood completely naked, the glass steamed up I was that close to it. Oh! She was so beautiful! Her grapefruit sized ample breasts standing proud from her chest, sporting hard and erect nipples. My greedy eyes feasted on her cunt, it was a lot bigger than Noori and my thought. Her fleshy thighs surrounded it. Such rapture! My mouth watered profusely so that saliva was trickling down my chin. She was very hairy down there, which surprised me, I never thought of her pussy being that hairy! She was standing in front a full-length mirror, bent forward slightly looking down at her cunt as she was applying hair remover on her very private parts.

Obviously, she didn’t know I was there. So I stood there watching, admiring her mature beauty for quite a few minutes, my dick rose up vertically as if hoisting the flag of sensuality. All that was left for me to see was her hips, I had always dreamed about how her full ass would look like. Soon she turned around providing me the full view of her naked body from behind. She had a large and supple arse. Her buttocks were full and round with the crack adding to her sensuality. What was real show for me was when she bent down to pick up something from the floor and so raising her ass up high. I saw her pussy and the forbidden treasure, her anal orifice! I was feeling like as if I was in heaven. I feasted on her nudity for a while and I was still watching her, thinking I was immune from discovery, that she would never see me watching her. The next moment, I heard some noises, she also became alert and then she turned round and spotted me. She looked so shocked when she saw me. Then she scrambled to cover her naked body and immediately tried to hide her breast and cunt with her hands. From her looks, I could see, she was traumatized as if ashamed of herself.

I also came out of my trance. Realizing the danger I was in of discovery from other people in the house I quickly jumped down off the table and replaced it where I got it. Then quite nonchalantly I walked back to join the others.

When she was dressed, she found me sitting in the lounge chatting with her sons, so she called me to do a favor for her and I followed her into the kitchen. Where she commenced toweling her hair dry. She was so angry with me!

“What were you doing there? “Is there a reason for you staring at me while I was taking bath?” Umera bhabi asked quietly, so her children wouldn’t hear.

“Umera bhabi, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I said. She looked at me without uttering a word.

She stayed calm still looking at me, without uttering a word. Then she shrugged her shoulders as if composing herself, ” Ok, Jawad, but take care in future, I know my behavior towards you made you do that. You do realize also that we are crossing the limit; I want you to be careful. I don’t want to involve my name with yours.”

“Umera Bhabi I’m sorry for staring at you in bathroom but I couldn’t help myself. In my bed at night I imagine what you look like naked. I had to see you! I wasn’t able to have a really good look because you hid yourself.”

“You mean you didn’t see me?”

“Only your breasts.”

“Oh that’s okay! Most men like looking at a woman’s breasts!” Think I saw a bit more than your breasts,”

“What? What do you mean?” A strange look came over her face.

I got a little bolder seeing as she was not angry “Your nice, smooth pussy.”

“What you saw, Jawad was an accident. Please don’t tell anyone. I forgive you this time, but please don’t do it again,” She returned to being casual with me as if nothing had happened.

I left her,

She treated me after just as casually as she would every time, so I became bolder and once, I had to her when she was cooking in kitchen I went there to drink water while her family was in living room. I asked her for a kiss and a quick feel of her of her breast or maybe give me a flash of her breasts.

“Behave yourself someone might hear, don’t be a fool as I’m married woman and my husband is your cousin ” she replied.

Nevertheless, I was always flirting with her, taking every opportunity I got to touch her up.

The next incident happened a few weeks later, when I paid a visit to her house on a wet day. All of her family was there in lounge watching a movie on VCR. As it was so cold, they had arranged a mattress on the floor for them all to sit on together covering all their legs by sharing a blanket. They asked me to join them. My luck was in again as Bhabi was at the end of the line by the door. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I sat next to Bhabi and our thighs touched as I tucked in the blanket around my legs.

She did not draw away from me and I was feeling her heat so I risked putting my hand on her inner thigh, which was covered by her silk shilwar. She should have been angry that I was so bold with her, but strangely, she wasn’t. I allowed my fingers to flutter up and down her thigh and she moved her legs wider apart to give me room. She admonished me with her eyes, but graced me with her open legs. I was that close I could feel the heat of her cunt. I had a hard-on I was dying for her to touch me, touch my cock, just a little stroke, perhaps. A wicked message flashed through my brain, if she allowed me to touch her cunt she would allow me to fuck her for sure!

She had her eyes on the TV and I was now feeling brave enough to touch the forbidden fruit pie. My hand slid slowly up to her upper thighs and into the cleft between her legs. She really had a big, fleshy oven between her legs. There was still plausible deniability, if she protested, but I had a hint to her desires because of her wetness that her vagina offered on either side of my fingers. Umera Bhabi did not stir to deter me. Tweaking her very intimate skin between my fingers I could feel her stifling a moan, she began to shake and use her vaginal muscles to grip my intrusive fingers. I wished vehemently that it were my cock entering her cunt, not my fingers.

Boldly I took advantage of the situation, sliding my hand slowly up her stomach, I tried to insert my hand into her shilwar, She didn’t let me, but a small smile appeared on her face as I felt her restraining hand holding back my roving hand. I teased her relentlessly for half an hour, trying to get my wicked way with her, but even I knew where to draw the line, because I was only teasing her, nothing could come of me going further. Instead I went to bathroom and once inside I banged the door to with my bum and placed the fingers that I had used to tap up Bhabi’s pussy with over my nose and mouth, they smelled divine! I just had to taste them, suck them! What I did know was it was the elixir from Bhabi’s cunt, which I had touched! I had fingered shallow, fingered deep. I had felt up her intimate wetness! Now I was sucking those fingers clean! My right hand was on my hard cock masturbating furiously. I cum that hard I fell to my knees with exhaustion, kneeling in my own copious spend which had spurted out of me onto Umera Bhabi’s bathroom.

After that when I went to her house. She didn’t hug me and went to the kitchen after a formal welcome to me. I went just after sometime behind her to the kitchen and asked her, “What is the problem bhabi you don’t look right?”

“Don’t talk with me Jawad, you’re not doing with me right,” she replied.

“But what I’ve done wrong bhabi,” I asked her.

“You know better what you was doing last day, this is not right between us, Jawad,” she told me with little anger. I was yearning to adore Her, and placed my arm around her, and drew her closer, but she pushed me and walked out from the kitchen.

There is always a turning point, then, one particular day not long after the under-the-blanket incident I decided on going to visit Umera Bhabi again, I knocked on door repeatedly and was about to leave when she finally opened her door to me. She looked hot and bother, sweat on her brow. She greeted me with a welcoming smile, gave me a little peck on the cheek and stood back to let me in “Come in and close the door behind you.” Leaving me there she turned and walked back to her kitchen. I stood in the doorway watching her busily cooking. The fact that I could plainly see that she was braless, wearing a camisole was really alluring to me, really, it was really showing the full effect of her creamy white cleavage, and her thimble shaped nipples trying to burst through the thin fabric. I wanted to just bury my face between her fleshy mounds and suffocate in the valley between her breasts.

Just looking at her like this excited me beyond control. She noted me staring her continually her so she asked me, “I think, Jawad, you want to eat me.”

See her in jolly mood, I quickly thought of something to say. I did want this moment to end. I had a good chance with my sister-in-law Umera bhabi if I didn’t ruin it, so was like a child needing courage to talk to a grown up. Finally I said, “Umera Bhabi, I want to tell you something, may I talk to you?”

“What is it, Jawad? You shouldn’t have to ask me when you want to talk me.”

“No! This is something new.” I said to her.

“Don’t be hesitant with me, I will not bite you! You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Umera Bhabi, I have so much respect for you! I love you! I always have and I always will! My feelings for you are foremost here in my heart! I have never tried to establish a relationship with any another woman.”

She laughed out loud, and said, “This is not something new to me, Jawad! I have always known it from the way you do and look at me.” I was upset that she laughed at me, but finally, managed to say, “Umera Bhabi, I want to hold you, kiss you, for just once in my life.”

“Oh! What are you saying? You are a very mature young man for your age, but I’m not your age, look at me Jawad I am old enough to be you Mother! How I can do it with you?”

“Why can you not?”

“Because I’m too old for you! Much as you tempt me, flatter me with what you want from me, it is not to be.”

“You don’t take me seriously, because of my age. It means you like me, you want me, but you are using you age as a barrier, are you not?”

“I’m not young and pretty and slender not like the girls of your age, how can you want me? ”

“You would let me fuck you if I was older! Our ages should not count. Let me kiss you. You let me feel your lovely pussy again! You let me feel your need for me! Umera Bhabi, in my eyes you’re the most beautiful lady in the world!”

“You are getting me hot and bothered. I have given you the reasons why I can’t do it with you. Why don’t you go and fuck a girl of your own age, Jawad?

“You said you like me?”

“Yes, I like you,”

“A man likes to at least kiss the women who like him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you think this is wrong. But I’m a grown man, and you’re a grown woman. I have loved you all my life, but until this minute I didn’t really know how much. It would take just one kiss to show me you like me. I’m not asking you something that is impossible to give, just one kiss? ”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not your wife.”

“You are a young man, but I’m not to your wife to be kissing you, but I’m your sister-in-law!”

“You don’t take me seriously because of my age. It means you like me but not completely. If you were younger and unmarried, would you consider me?”

“Would I want to be married to a young sweet man? Don’t be silly, yes.”

“Then pretend. Umera bhabi, you’re the most beautiful lady of the world in my eyes.” I replied.

“You mustn’t say like this, she told.

“You’re my sister-in-law, but you’re also a woman, are you not? “You said you like me?”

“Yes, I like you, I’ve said,” she said.

“I need you so bad, bhabi. I’ll go crazy if I wait any longer. You make feel special please bhabi only one kiss, just one kiss,” I said.”

She averted her eyes away from mine while biting her lip and seemed that she was going to make some final decision, and then, she croaked and cleared her throat. “Alright, I guess I can do it, just this once, mind!” she whispered, “Could I trust you? It has to be our secret.”

“You can try me.”

“Okay, Alright if it will make you happy, but only one No misunderstandings, she repeat, only one, right,” she said. “And this would just between you and me; you would never say anything about this to anyone?”

She was standing over at the window looking out at nothing in particular. Excitedly, I swiftly closed the yawning gap between us. Slipping my arms under hers and hugging her warm tremble body tightly to mine. I cuddled her to me kissing her ears and neck, which made her want to turn into my arms, and our lips met.

She blushed when I whispered, “Your lips are beautiful and soft I wish to suck them.”

“Oh, Don’t tease me like this,” she moaned. I could feel the heat from her body as it touched mine. She was touching mine, as though in hunger!

Impulsively she put her hands on my chest and pushed me away from her. “You are far too young for me,” she whispered.

“And you are the perfect lady for me. ”

She had given me just a small fraction of herself, but I had the feeling she wanted to give me much more. She wanted much more, of that I was sure. So I took heart and kissed her again. My lips sought her lips. I looked into Umera Bhabi’s eyes then took her face into my hands and brought her lips to mine. At first, I felt resistance when my tongue brushed her lips, but my teeth nibbled on her soft lips. My tongue worked to open her mouth. I heard her groan. “No,” but her mouth opened allowing my tongue to slip inside. As soon as her mouth opened to my tongue, I pushed my lingam deep into her mouth, licking and massaging her, sucking her sweet mouth and her lancing tongue. She was returning my passion.

I could feel her hands on my body holding my butt, my neck with the other hand, pressing me into her so she could feel my lust for her, feel my rampant hardness rubbing up against her pussy, and so making our kissing that much more intense, more heated. I ran my hands up to cup her large breasts.

“What are you doing, Jawad? Don’t you feel ashamed at grabbing at your sister in law’s breasts like this? She gasped and tried to pull away, but did not seem to try too hard, letting me kiss her again, then again, I was massaging her breast while trying to slide my hand in her neckline to her breast flesh.

“No,” This is crazy,” she groaned. “This is madness. We shouldn’t be doing this. Behave yourself; you are only a boy,”

“You are my love! Our age doesn’t matter in love, we’re just a man and woman,” I whispered as my hand slipped inside her neckline, squeezing softly at first then harder, her nipple pressing into my palm, I squeezed and massaged as much as I could.

As I became more ardent with my love making, she said to me, ” Please Jawad! Don’t do this with me; I haven’t had another man other than my husband in my life. Now, I am too old, too old for you. We can’t.”

I didn’t hear her and my hand struggling to reach her pussy while she was trying to keep her legs together. Even so, when I caressed her prominent mound she jerked forward as if I had given he an electric shock.

“Oh…No!” she whispered. “No, Darling! No! I don’t want this! Don’t touch me there! Oh! It’s feels so lovely and it’s not fair.” She was saying, no, no. But her eyes were saying yes, yes take me, fuck me! Bhabi was not made of stone after all. She was a vibrant sexually aroused woman in my arms. A woman desperate for love, for loving! For fucking! For me! “We can do this! You will love it. You want my kisses; you want me to feel you up like this. You want much more from me, don’t you My Bhabi? You can feel my hard cock, tell me you don’t want it in where I am putting my hand just now! You say no, but you are really saying, “Yes Jawad!” Aren’t you?

She was kissing me more freely now, more passionately. My hands still working on her cunt and her breast. I scolded her, “Come on, Baby! You want me; you want me to fuck you! I know you do!” Then, suddenly I felt her legs ease apart and my fingers found her pussy through her clothing. Clothing which just as suddenly got moist to the touch as her secretions seeped through to my fingers. I heaved a sigh, “You are wet, My Bhabi! I am so pleased you want me, you want my hard and ever so rampant cock!”

“No! No. You’ve promised me only one kiss and now this! I’ll never trust you again,” she ranted, but her body reacted so differently, she was pushing her pussy onto my groping fingers. When I tenderly touched her clitoris she sighed deeply into my mouth, around my tongue. I was also still working on her bullet shaped nipples. I sensed her resistance was over and said her,

“Don’t lie.”

Then I heard her whisper very quietly, “Oh! Don’t make me mad. I will do this willingly, but some other time, not now, please not now,” she begged.


“How about tomorrow?”

“How will I trust you to keep your word?”

“I promise, you may come to me in the morning at 10 am.” She was looking at me with a yearning in her eyes; we’ll do it, Jawad. We will do it in the bedroom, but not now.”

” No, Umera Bhabi, I want it now.” And then suddenly I heard some noise like someone coming into the house! Umera Bhabi started to panic. She pushed me away. We immediately made ourselves look decent and pretended everything was normal. The youngest daughter entered the kitchen after a few pleasantries with us she left to go to her room.

It was then Umera Bhabi turned to me, “I think it is time you left, Jawad. I have things to do. Change my shilwar (baggy trouser used in India) for one, you have made it all dirty!”

“We have a deal for tomorrow, you promised me Bhabi!”

“I bet you wont even turn up tomorrow, Jawad. After what you have seen of me tonight, surely its put you off me?”

I left her home after that and went to my home, and was thinking all the way to fuck Noori, but couldn’t. Because we had some family guest in our home. I couldn’t sleep that night and I don’ remember how many time I masturbated thinking about Umera Bhabi.

Next day I woke up at 9 am. I masturbated quickly before taking a shower, to make my sessions longer with Umera Bhabi. Then it was breakfast; I was so excited I couldn’t eat. I dabbed myself three times with shaving lotion and dropped the bottle and it got spilt on the floor. I was late and I was off and running breathlessly around to Umera Bhabi’s house.

When I reached it I found the door open. I entered quietly and locked the door. The object of all my sexual dreams was in the kitchen. As usual, she was in there cooking.

I crept up behind her, moved my arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts and then quickly groping her pussy. She allowed me my liberties. She pushed her head back. “Jawad, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You smell hot and beautiful,” I murmured into her ear before nipping her lobe with my teeth.

“Don’t tell lies, I’m all sweaty and wet,”

“Oh! I can see you’re sweaty but didn’t know you’re wet, may I check your wetness.”

She laughed teasingly and acting all coy, “Don’t be silly, why are you talking like this to your Sister-in-law?”

“I want to fuck my Sister-in-law,” I moaned. She didn’t’ jump, or cry out, she just leant her body back on mine. Her buttocks feeling for my rampant love shaft. As soon as it was in position I pressed myself tightly to her arse.

I kissed the back of her neck, moving my extra hard prick slowly in an out against the cheeks of her arse. I felt the firmness of her arse and my dick seemed to swell even more. I was kissing violently her and groping her wide ass, roughly mauling her beautiful breasts through her qameez.

When I tried to swallow her ear, and my tongue searched the ears inner depths, she shuddered and moaned. “Jawad, don’t do this with me, I think this is wrong, I’m married, and have young children of your age.” She said softly, but she did not push me away, just the opposite her bum was gyrating on my cock!

My hands partially released her qameez zip from behind, and pushed her bra up. Immediately a more than ample breast and nipple escaped their prison. Her large hard breast sagged slightly. I pinched, pulled, and played, with the erect nipple, whilst I slid my other hand up till I was caressing her belly and then pushed my fingers through the waistband of her shilwar, and finally I cupped her big juicy hot pussy. She was so hot and wet I could smell her cunt.

Now my both hands were full. I cupped those breasts of my dreams, using my fingers to lightly stroke her nipples; and I was rubbing her cunt, all the while my prick was massaging between in crack of her soft and wide ass. She was also pushing her buttocks gently against my cock to encourage me to further increase the level of play with her pussy.

“We mustn’t, I’m old enough to be you mother, please tell me this all you need from me and you do not really want to fuck me?”

As her mouth was saying “no, no.” Her voice kept telling me No, but her body kept responding. My hand returned to her curvaceous arse and the other moved over her breast tweaking her nipple. The cheeks of her ass were rubbing back hard against my prick. Her head was moving with my mouth, rolling back to get more of my kisses.

I whispered in her ear, “You’ve been teasing me for years, now I am going to fuck you, you want it, right up you, don’t you? You are begging me to put my hard cock up you!”

“No! That’s it!…………. This has got to stop!” She pushed me away.

As she turned, I took her face into my hands, holding it so that she was looking directly into my eyes. With passionate meaning I said to her, “We’re going to fuck! I want to fuck you! You must let me fuck you!”

Crushing her to me, in my arms, feeling her softness, she was smelling so lovely, my hands were roaming all over her body, my palm was on her butt caressing and squeezing her firm round ass cheeks. Fingers deliberately searching out her puckered rosebud, to tweak with my finger. It made her jerk her pussy onto my hardness. She moaned and kissed me with great passion as she rubbed against my hard cock pushing into her thighs.

“I have to suck your nipples, please let me do that, my Bhabi?”

Her cunt became wetter. She couldn’t control her fake refusal and finally the ice had broken, she turned and wrapped her arms around me and said, “Jawad! What is this thing that you have done with me? Oh! Jawad, tell me! What if someone comes in, what if someone catches us naked and doing such naughty things to each other?” saying this her legs opened wider!

She had stopped all movements and when I looked in her eyes. They were filled with her stubborn, “No I am not going to do this look,” she said.

“Don’t tell me this! You made me a promise!” I stroked her breasts and fingered deeply her sopping wet cunt. “You know, I want it, and I know you want It.” I told her.

We looked at each other for a long time. Then, she spoke softly, “have you locked that door?” “Yes.” I replied.

“You naughty boy, you have made full plans. How can I resist the ardent desires of a young man like you? I would be a fool to say no. There may never be a next time. So Jawad, if you want to do this thing, then make it a fuck of both our lifetimes.

Barriers were down. “Oh Jawad! Your lust is setting me on fire!” she gasped, “Take me, Jawad!! Do anything you want with me, but the bed would be more comfortable. We will be able to get me a lot easier on the bed.” She whispered in my ear.

“No more refusals, Bhabi?”

“No way, before we continue let’s get more comfortable, Jawad.”

” Come with me, we don’t have much time?” Umera Bhabi whispered.

I moved behind her placing one hand on her hip. We entered Hurrying into bedroom; I closed the door behind me.

She lay on bed on her back; She swiftly pulled the knot of waistband of her shilwar. I slid it down to her feet and was naked bellow her hips completely. She raised her knees, heels flat on the bed but she pressed her thighs to hide her cunt. I couldn’t believe, I’ve lusted and masturbated for this woman from years, dreaming about her every day, and now she was there, waiting for me to fuck her.

“We must not be fully naked.” She told me.

“Why not.” I asked?

“Because anyone could ring the bell anytime.”

I didn’t argue with her, because she was right, but I asked, “How I would I be able to see your lovely breasts?” My tongue went dry. And snaked it out of my mouth to I lick my dry lips. It was a dream-come-true for me as I saw Umera Bhabi lay half naked on bed preparing her for me to fuck her.

“Don’t worry about it, you will get to see, feel, lick and suck them, Jawad! I know how you’re starved for them.”

This wonderful woman of all women was lying on her back, near naked looking up at me with a serious hunger in her eyes. She smiled coyly has her legs parted for me, her knees up and open. Feet flat on the bed.

For the moment her pussy was tightly shut, shaved, it looked so sexually enticing. My mouth watered and my cock stiffened like never before.

I couldn’t believe, I’ve lusted and masturbated for this woman for so many years, dreaming about her every day. Now she was laying exposed waiting for me to fuck her. I could even see her rose-bud! In my fantasies she had allowed me that intimacy too! Maybe, in reality? My cock twitched at the thought. I had to get my dick into her ass!

She was getting more and more daring by the second as she stared into my eyes and slowly pulled up her qameez towards her chin and collecting her bra on the way and so unveiling her treasure-trove mounds of delight! Oh! Those gorgeous supple, firm breasts! Her areola were coin sized and brown in color with bullet-like pink nipples, so erect, like hard points. Her breasts were still firm and had a very little sag comparing to her age. The most beautiful breasts in the world and I’m going to suck on them; I had been dreaming of her breasts for so long, they were lovely, even better than my dreams.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked me.

The string of my shilwar had gone into a knot! I cursed as I impatiently tried to undo it, feeling so foolish and inadequate. At last! Success! I felt it slide down my legs, even that felt sensuous to me. I held my throbbing cock gesturing at her, hiding my inepbreastude, my lack of experience. Then she cheered me up, restoring my confidence when she said with a smile, “Oh! Jawad! You have such a big one! Is that for me?” I grinned when she showed me great wonder by lifting her eyebrows and fluttering her dark lashes coquettishly. Umera Bhabi was one sexy lady!

“Yes my sweet Umera Bhabi, this is for you, whenever and wherever you want it.”

She was so ready to be fucked. I wanted to lick her pussy but when I lowered me head down between her thighs, she smacked them together and so boxing my ears with them! As soon as I cleared my head away she shut them like a steel door!

“I want to kiss your cunt, Umera Bhabi,” I begged.

“No! Don’t kiss it!”

“Then, please let me see it?”

“I told you once, no. When I say no, I mean it.”

“But Bhabi! I’ve seen you naked!”

“If you have seen that, then that should be sufficient.”

I became a bit annoyed; as I love to get down to open the petals to see and to taste what is hidden inside. After all, Bhabi’s cunt was the cunt of all my wet dreams! The hassle was she was not happy for me to touch her pussy! Not even let me have a look at it. To me that was weird!”

“Why, Umera Bhabi? ” I asked.

“Don’t ask me why? No question.”

Then, she took my hand in hers and moved it over to her breast and said, “Suck my nipples, and suck them as much as I want you to. I will tell you when I am ready to go on from there.”

“Sure, I understand, Sweet Bhabi. I love your breasts! They’re lovely; they’re gorgeous, oh! Yes!”

She smiled and replied, “Then, Darling Jawad, they are all yours.”

Who the hell was I to refuse? So, I immediately laid on top of her burying my face between her breast, my cock became sandwiched between our thighs, there was her feminine smell that was so I told her so, “Your pussy juices smell so good, so sexually good, Umera Bhabi!”

“Oh God! Jawad! It’s been so long! Please suck my swollen beasties!” She moaned and her fingers grabbed onto my hair and let out a feeble moan, “Oh Yes. My Jawad, suck, suck, and suck them!”

My hands started running all over her mounds of love. She was moaning and whispering in my ear, “Play with my nipples, nip them, massage them, pull them, smack them with your hands! You will make me cum if you hurt me!”

I obeyed the lady. I took them both in my hands and start kneading them hard! The nipples pushing into my palms. I took her hard nipples in my thumbs and fingers and rolled them in my fingers, pinching hard! I played with her nipples and breasts and kneaded them hard! Enough that they turned red and thimble-like in my hands.

Now, I buried my face in her breasts. I kissed them one by one and then licked them to feel the hotness of her breasts. I took the flesh of her one breast inside my mouth as possible sucking hard till my cheeks hollowed completely and then drew off scraping her teat with my teeth. This brought forth a reaction. She pushed my head deeper into her breast and screamed out, ” Yes, Jawad do it, do that! That feels so good, now you are turning Bhabi on! Oh! Yes!”

It excited me that at last I was nearer to fucking her because I was stirring her needs for me. She held my head with her hand urging me to switch over to her other breast. So I repeated the treatment, which gained a like response. Feeling so successful I carried teasing, scratching, kissing and biting her nipples until she screamed out in orgasm! She humped her pussy onto my cock feeling it in her wet slimy slit. I was heartened, but she had not yet told me she was ready, so I continued sucking on her breast. I had her other nipple in between my other fingers, rolling it sideways. Eventually I swapped sides and began to suck on the other nipple. She was moaning with pleasure as I sucked hard on the nipples. With each suck she was letting out a sound, and she was asking me to bite her breasts and nipples, but gently. I bit her nipples and her fleshy breasts so hard, leaving a reddish bite mark with my teeth and her fingers dug into my hair and she began to sway from side-to-side. I kneaded her chest as if to milk her and sucked in as much of her flesh as I could. Her hand held my head guiding me on to suck her more and more into my mouth.

Then I felt her opening her legs allowing my hard cock to nudge deeper into her vaginal crevice. She moaned as if agitated and feverishly searched for my rampancy. Finding it, she gripped it lightly and commenced to massage it up and down which made my testicles contract urgently. It was then I felt the liquid heat of her hot cunt as she guided my prick into herself. The sensation was mind boggling as I heard her say, “Now, you can show your old Sister-in-law what you wanted from her, Let me see if this old cow can match a young stud like you.” She opened her legs further apart and placed them over my thighs.

“Now! Jawad! Push it in! I want your big prick! Want it up me! Fuck me! Come on, Baby! Do it! Do what you wanted to do for so long! I wanted to keep you waiting, tease you more, but I am as desperate for this fuck as you are! Later on, maybe, we will do it properly, but for now, fuck me!”

I slowly pushed my cock into her throbbing, hot and slippery cunt engulfing my cock. Amazingly she felt very tight, like a virgin. The walls of her cunt were gripping my shaft as if my cock was up her ass. I pulled back out of her and my cock slipped out! Her hand beat mine at the speed of light to put it back into her cunt again. The lady wasn’t playing hard to get now.

“Come on, Jawad! I won’t break. Fuck it to me! Push it in, hard!”

I pulled it out little and shoved my cock in her cunt. This time, my entire length buried into the very depths of her cunt. My balls hit her arse betwixt the junction of her thighs with full force. Her cunt was liquid juicy fire and welcoming, She spread her legs more apart with ecstasy, and pushed her hips up jerkingly up towards me.

We were slapping together now, the sound of her belly meeting my belly and her breasts meeting my chest in the most adulterous of unions. Umera Bhabi let out a loud moan, slowly relaxing her cunt muscles. As I pumped slowly into her, I looked into her eyes and said, “Now we are one. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said, it time pushing her wet loins up towards me.

I began to stroke into her, slowly at first, and then gradually beginning to increase the tempo. She was responding by moving up and down along with me.

I felt her nails digging into my back, pulling me tight as she whispered in my ear,

“You would be mad if I was to tell you how many times I have wanted this, wanted you to fuck me, Jawad. Every time I saw you, I wanted to push you down onto your back, take out your prick and sit my boiling hot pussy down onto it. It was I who wanted to fuck you!”

“Oh Umera Bhabi! I’m not a kid, I knew how badly you wanted my penis,” I laughed and pulled my cock right out of her cunt, this is my penis! My cock! My prick! This is what you want and this is your cunt! Take it, take it, my sweet Bhabi, take it right up you!”

She moaned out loudly, almost a scream when I slammed my cock full force into her cunt.

“Oh! Oh! Jawad! Be gentle. Go easy. Fuck me, by all means, take it slower, take it easy and build up to a crescendo, so that we both cum together.”

“Sorry! I don’t wish to hurt you, Bhabi. You teased me for so long! Made me impatient with the obsessive desire to fuck you, because I want you so much! I am so overcome by your beauty, your nakedness, your smell and your taste! I love you, so much!”

“Are you angry at me?”

“Yes, I am, I think you need bare-bottom spanking, Umera Bhabi!”

“I am sorry, take revenge, get your own back now! Fuck me, now, faster. Do it fast and deep with your Umera Bhabi and don’t stop until you have fucked me to death!”

“I must have laid awake hundreds nights just wondering what it would be like to do this to you. Fucking your pussy like this.”

” Oh, my Jawad! I wish I had known and we had done this before.”

“Umera Bhabi! You’re so tight, and hot.”

“Have you fucked lot of ladies cunts?

“I have not fucked many girls, but only our maid Noori.” I replied.

“Tell me the whole story Jawad, tell how you fucked her? and how she was? I need you to tell me about her all. What she said to you when you were driving this lovely big prick of yours into her? Just like you are doing it to me just now. I never want it to stop!”

I told her All the juicy details from my first fucking session with Noori.

“How does my cunt feel, compared to her, good?”

“Your cunt is delicious, you are delicious! Compared to her you are more mature, more fuckable. You turn me on more. I have wanted to get into your knickers for so long! The biggest turn on for me is because of who you are, my Bhabi!”

“I want your cock in me and you laying on me all day. I am glad we are fucking.”

“I wish I could, but I don’t know if I can or not.” I laughingly replied.

She laughed and said, “No one can do it all day!”

Umera Bhabi, seemed to be much more aggressive in bed now. Showing her horniness. She gripped my bum muscles again, and her legs pulled me closer, in an effort to completely melt into me. I felt that she wanted to be a part of my body forever. She was whispering, “Come on, Jawad! Get that prick fucking Bhabi good and hard! Oh! I love it, oh! Yes! Go on! Ram it up me! Oh yes, please, yes!”

Talking like that made both of us mad with uncontrollable passion. Our movements became much wilder! She was a roaring Tigress! Wild with happiness. I was trying my best to keep up with her because I was not as experienced as she was. With a groan of powerful passionate lust, Umera Bhabi pulled my head down to her ample breasts again and I sucked those breasts again, again and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping cunt! I grabbed both her full ass cheeks and started plunging my hardness into her cunt vigorously. I began to pump harder, grabbing Umera Bhabi’s ass in my hands and pulling her up so that my cock rubbed directly against her clitoris and so my cock-head massaged her G-spot deep inside her. She moaned, her mouth wide open to receive the tip of my hard shaft at the end of each forward brutal thrust.

“Jawad, suck my breasts.” She moaned.

“Oh, Umera Bhabi, how could I neglect your beautiful beasties!”

My hands were working her anal crevice, which she seemed to like, especially when I eased a straight finger deep into her tight asshole. Reluctantly I left her ass alone to return to her breasts. I dove into her luscious mounds and began licking her nipples. “That’s it. Suck and lick my breasts like that, don’t hesitate bite them they’re yours. ”

She shuddered. Her legs moved to rest on my shoulders. I began to bite and suck on her breasts, taking into my mouth her nipples, areola and as much of her breasts I could suck into my mouth, she went absolutely wild when I did this to her. All this time I was still fucking at a piston-like pace. This continued for some length of time and I still hadn’t cum yet, although she had already come twice, each time greater than the other, as with each cum session she squealed and cried out loudly and I was not a kid, I understood what was happening.

“Umera Bhabi! Your pussy! Oh yes! How it is squeezing my prick, so well! I want you to cum with me. Can you cum with me? Spend your juices with me, over me.”

“Yes, I will, and I had already cum, that felt so good!” I could feel her pre-orgasmic spasms beginning inside her, so I pushed deep and just ground my hips back into hers, rubbing my cock head against her cervix.

My balls hit the base of her thighs with full force. “Oh! Jawad! My sweet lover, Aaaaagh! Yes! Go on, do me, do me faster, don’t ever stop fucking me!” Her sighs and moans turned to another scream.

“Umera Bhabi, I’m going to cum! I’m unable to take it anymore,” I screamed.

“Yes, me too, cum in me and fill my cunt with your cum,” she was screaming aloud.

“Oh, Umera Bhabi,” I moaned aloud as I burst my balls into her cunt. And I spurt my full load of sperm of my youth in her cunt. She felt me throb inside her. Hearing my cry pushed Umera Bhabi over the edge and as I was sucking her nipples one after the other, she came hard for her third time and so saturating my prick with her slimy wet juice yet again and so milking the last of my cum deep in her pussy.

Breathless, we lay, still joined, for a long while. I brushed Umera Bhabi’s hair from her face and kissed her over and over again.

After a long silence I spoke to her, “So, what happens now? After today?” I was uncertain what our new relationship would be, whether it was as a one-day thing or would be of something longer.

“We’ll see,” She replied very calmly.

“I like you too much, I wish you were my wife.”

“It’s okay now. We can’t change our life, but I would love us to continue, you make me feel young again. I didn’t feel like a mother of young, when you made love with me, I feel like a teenager.” She grasped my hand and looked deep into my eyes appealingly, “I need you, My Jawad. Do you have a problem with this?

“How I can, I have wanted this, wanted you, Umera Bhabi for years.”

“But we would keep this, just between us. Promise me you will never talk even to your best friends, do you promise me?”

“Yes, I promise you.”

My one hand was all the time roaming on her hips and pussy, and then I grabbed her hand and placed it on my already re-erecting cock.

“Oh, Jawad, you made it hard again? “How can it be hard again so soon?” she asked surprisingly.

“You made it hard.”

“No! I didn’t.”

“Let us do it again, Umera Bhabi, How long will it take you to cum again?” he teased.

” I’m not allowing you to fuck me again, No way!” she said.

“Why? You made me hard and now you say no?” I was surprised.

“You’re young but don’t make a pest of yourself.”

“What about this.” gesturing with my cock for emphasis.

“Wait till tomorrow, I’m too old for all these games with you, Young Man,”

“Don’t tell me again that you’re too old, who says you’re old?”

“Your cousin says, that we’re too old for these things and that we shouldn’t do it regular.”

“Oh, he doesn’t fuck you, as good and as often as I want to fuck you!”

She laughed and said, “Don’t try to be smart, I know it.”

“Ok! I don’t talk but I want it now,” I said with pleading eyes.

“No, not again today, Wait till tomorrow and tomorrow is not far.” She had leaned forward and planted a wet, open mouth kiss on my cheeks and on the top of my nose.

“Relax, Jawad, we have all our life to do it again and again. It’s late and you should dress and leave now? I wouldn’t want anyone to catch us like this.” When I was leaving she asked me while I was at the door, “Jawad,” I turned and she said me, “Don’t forget, tomorrow, then. Ok! ”

And tomorrow with Umera bhabi never ended like she promised. That day had been the beginning of a long and juicy affair of two passionate creatures. Although She never said me, “no” from that day onwards and we never missed a single opportunity that came our way, but she would never allow me to see her naked and she would always keep her top half covered whilst I fucked her. Once in a blue moon, Umera Bhabi would get horny enough to want me to fuck her ass. Umera Bhabi and I had fun together. Umera Bhabi and I fucked regular five years and throughout those years Umera Bhabi and I fucked almost four days a week.


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Indian Housewife & Her Houseboy

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720174f9189a09aabcd06bf029bcfbe3Sofia still had a marvelous body at the age of thirty-nine. Her long black hair still retained its youthful appearance and her beautiful, big, dark eyes seemed to transmit smoldering warmth that drove men wild. Sofia had a rather unusual body shape. Despite being short in stature she had a beautiful and very shapely bottom that drew many admiring glances whenever she went to the market. She was very proud of her breasts, which were large but not too big. Sofia had been married to Imran for twenty years. He was a highly successful, and very wealthy businessman, who brought all the money into their marriage that allowed them to enjoy a privileged upper middle-class life style. In some ways Sofia was very content with her life but recently Imran had become more and more obsessed with his quest for success and less concerned with giving satisfaction in their marriage bed.

In quiet moments Sofia was the first to admit that he was not a great lover and never really tried or claimed to be another Casanova. He gave her everything money could buy but Sofia longed to be appreciated in bed and like so many couples, their relationship had lost its spark over the years and settled into a safe, predictable routine. Lately he was too exhausted to make love to her more than once or twice a month and then it was over almost as soon as it began and he would roll over and immediately go to sleep. Sofia longed for more sex but her situation and standing demanded fidelity to her husband and for a long time she continued to play the good, conservative and shy Indian wife. Sometimes she masturbated in an attempt to relieve her increasing frustration, rubbing herself frantically through her shilwar but unable to bring herself to the orgasm she desired.

She sighed as she tried to remember the last time she’d had sex with Imran. It had been so long and every day her frustration increased. She was torn between her duty to be faithful to her husband and her own aching need for physical relief. Sofia was careful never to be seen acting in an improper manner but the temptation was strong. A few of her husband’s so called friends had snatched a quick feel of her ass and breasts on several occasions but she had never responded although in her heart it made her feel extremely aroused and sexy to know that other men still wanted to feel her up.

Sofia was uncertain what to do. She was well aware of the danger of giving in to the feelings that she felt. So she decided to talk one of her best friend Neelam. Once she invited her and she promised to reach her house at noon.

Now, waiting for her best friend to arrive. Neelam and Sofia were sipping tea in living room served by the young servant Nadeem. Neelam asked her what was wrong and Sofia told how lonely she was, and how she hadn’t had sex with her husband for months.

It did not help when her friend laughed when Sofia confided in her.

Her friend simply pointed to Nadeem the houseboy as he worked in the kitchen. “What’s that guy for?” she said, lowering her voice. “Is he your father? What can heaven give you that is better than this young guy? Use him Sofia, use him.”

Sofia was shocked and blushed at the suggestion. “What are you saying Neelam? I’m a forty-year old woman, and he’s hardly twenty, just the age of my son. I fancy him more than anyone but how can I be so foolish? The boy is twenty years younger than I am.”

Neelam replied, “Don’t take this the wrong way but it is exciting to have sex with someone besides your husband, especially when your husband doesn’t care about it any more.”

“What in God’s name are you thinking of?”

She leaned a little closer. “Don’t be silly, look at him. Nadeem would really make you happy, a young guy like that could fuck all night. Just imagine the excitement of him exploring and playing with your body.”

“But he has worked here since he was a kid, how I can? He is three years younger than my son.” Sofia demanded.

“I know you are older Sofia, Nadeem is young, and would satisfy you,” her friend whispered.

Sofia laughed to hide her embarrassment. “You always have such a dirty mind. You always think like this. As if it is as easy as that”

“Don’t knock it until you try it” her friend said with a smile.

“You have a young guy like him hanging around, suppose? That young. Have you used him?”

“Yes, I have been having him for a year. I couldn’t hide it Sofia he’s cute. Go for it.”

“Really?” asked Sofia.

“Yes! It’s true and I know it’s going to happen between you and Nadeem. An old fart like you and a young tart like him. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Just do it soon. An affair with a houseboy is safe. Sofia, he’s cute. Go for it! Nadeem also seems interested in you.” She also told her an affair with the houseboy was both extremely satisfying and completely safe.

Sofia said no, she could never do such a thing, who wants a guy who’s the age of her son? But when her friend was gone she found it increasingly difficult to stop thinking about her suggestion.

Nadeem the nineteen-year-old houseboy was very tall, charming and had an athletic body with a lot of sex appeal. He was dark, but not sinister. He had broad shoulders and perfect and muscular arms. Even more exciting he was very shy by nature.

Once Nadeem had been working in the garden near the window when he heard the sounds of a woman’s moans coming from his master’s bedroom. His heart pounded harder as he got closer to the window. He heard a gasp and a moan from the room. He was now alert. He heard a voice say “Like that honey?” It was Sophia!

“Oh yes, it’s brilliant darling. I can’t believe we’re doing this after such a long time. It’s feels so good. You’re making me so horny.” Another moaned flowed through the window as Nadeem listened. He could hear the sounds of the springs in mattress crying for mercy.

Nadeem climbed up to the window, trying to make sure the noise wasn’t loud enough to alert the occupants in bedroom. He peeked in the open window. His heart made the front of his T-shirt move as he saw the two naked bodies moving on top of bed. Sophia had her legs wrapped around the man’s body. Her face was turned away from him and he strained to see to be sure.

Nadeem couldn’t tell who the man on top of her was, but he watched as the man’s butt pumped like a dog on a bitch in heat. They didn’t care about the noise they were making. Nadeem could feel something strange happening as his cock become erect. He’d never felt it do this before! He could only guess that this was wrong.

Soon they stop and the man, whom he recognized was his master Imran, laid his sweaty body on top of his wife Sofia and she kissed him. Then he rolled off her and almost immediately fell asleep. He saw Sofia as she reached down between her legs and held herself as she hurried to the bathroom.

Nadeem left the window and went to wash his face with cold water. It had a soothing effect and brought some of his senses back. He was just into his teens. It was the first time he had begun to explore the difference between a man and a woman.

The more Sofia began to think about Nadeem the more the idea of seducing him appealed to her. She’d noticed before the way he sometimes stole secret glances at her breasts when he thought she wasn’t looking, and now she began to feel excited every time she looked at him.

Very slowly she began to change her style of clothing. Sometimes she wore more revealing clothes that showed her midriff and cleavage. Often she decided not to wear a bra when she knew she would be with Nadeem and she began to spend more time talking with him. If she knew that he was watching her she deliberately swayed her hips as she walked about the house.

One day she told him that she wanted him to go to the market with her and Nadeem hired a rickshaw. Sofia knew that she looked stunning in her tight black qameez and white shilwar. Her nipples were clearly visible through her tight qameez as Nadeem stepped aside to let her get in first.

Nadeem hired a rickshaw and gave the rickshaw puller the directions.

“Did you lock the door?” Sofia asked as she settled on the rickshaw.

“Yes, Malkan, I’ve locked the door,” Nadeem replied, as he followed her on the rickshaw.

“OK. Come on, then.”

Sofia began to have some very naughty thoughts as soon as she was sitting in the rickshaw beside Nadeem. She deliberately sat as close to him as she could, close enough so their thighs touched with every bump of the road. Remaining silent as the rickshaw trotted along the bumpy road. She kept thinking about what her friend had said.

With every pothole they went over she made sure Nadeem was aware of her supple body close to his. She was pleasantly aware of the way her breasts moved with the motion of the rickshaw and flattered when she realised Nadeem was sneaking looks at them at every opportunity. Sofia felt a strange sensation when she felt his warmth. The road to the market was full of potholes. The rickshaw jerked Sofia violently, throwing her body against Nadeem

With every jerk, Nadeem could feel the supple body of his Malkan colliding against his side. Occasionally, he felt her breasts touching his shoulder. He could feel a cold sweat break out. He was nervous; but he could feel his cock getting hard. He knew it was a sin to think dirty things about his master’s wife, but this day something different was happening. He was sporting a massive hard on. It made him uncomfortable.

Nadeem was grateful when they reached the market. As the rickshaw stopped by a big showroom, Sofia got down and hurried to the shop. Nadeem waited for her outside.

When she finished her shopping, they hired a rickshaw and went back home. On the way back home, Sofia couldn’t stop herself feeling Nadeem’s body. Sofia was so excited She just wanted Nadeem to feel her, drag her into a bedroom and fuck her. She was trying to throw herself on the poor young man. She was enjoying this cat and mouse game. She’d been thinking “Who knows, he might even rape me if I tease him too much. It would have been my fault if he did and I would just have to take it.”

Probably, Sofia was only playing games with Nadeem but she wanted to seduce Nadeem.

After that day, Nadeem found Sofia staring at him a number of times. Every time he turned his gaze and looked in other direction. He spent his days trying to focus on his work. It was hard to do especially as Sofia was around. Her presence kept his cock hard and throbbing in his pants.

Sophia’s sexuality was an irresistible lure for Nadeem. Around other people, he never let it show but he had fantasized about Sofia many times. Nadeem’s eyes always followed Sofia’s plump butt-cheeks as they moved from side to side with each step she took. When Nadeem played with himself, his thoughts were always on Sofia, and he always ended up with a shattering orgasm.

He began dreaming about fucking her, however, he knew that would never happen, and therefore he kept his fantasies as a closely guarded secret. Every time he saw those perky, rounded breasts and that big ass sashaying across the living room he had visions of her bent over her luxurious king size bed gasping for breath and screaming his name while he fucked her silly. He even dreamed of fucking her big ass.

Now that her children were both in college, Sofia spent her time at home during the day watching videos and reading books, and helping Nadeem in household chores. One day he was cooking and while she was instructing him in the recipe, she stood just behind him. She was pressing her firm body against his back, pinning his to the counter. He could felt her breasts against his back. He felt guilty when his cock twitched in anticipation. He wasn’t to blame, he reasoned with himself. That woman was definitely doing wrong with him.

Distracted, he burnt his finger on the hot saucepan and as he jumped to back, he fell heavily against her. He slipped, and she draped her arm over his belly to support him. He turned to her and he could feel her breath on his face, she was so close. Their faces were almost touching. He looked at her with a wicked grin. When he saw she was confused he felt a little embarrassed and immediately made his apology. He didn’t try anything, not even a furtive fondles of her tits. “Was he teasing me?” Sofia wondered. She was confused about his sexual intent. And she was horny. She did a few more chores with Nadeem in kitchen, feeling hot and sweaty in the warmth of the day.

At the door, she turned to give him a quick glance before she walked out of the kitchen to her bedroom. After her bath, she dropped into bed. Thinking about touching of Nadeem made her incredibly horny. She slipped her hand down her shilwar and found her pussy extremely wet. Her fingers made long lines up her vagina lips. Slowly she penetrated her wet, aching pussy. Her finger deep inside her felt good. She was simply dying for a cock, a hard piece of thick meat slicing through her scorching cunt, driving her to the verge of ecstasy.

Unsure what to do, she decided to ask Nadeem to massage her. One of her close friends had had similar encounters and had told her about them, and she had ended up having sex with the young man who was massaging her.

“What am I doing here? Here am I, a married woman, going to seduce a young houseboy. After no sex for nearly a year, now I’m a slut. But it’s so much safer to seduce my own houseboy than go out,” she decided. “Nadeem, come here, you come here,” she shouted. She heard Nadeem put down the dishes. She hadn’t locked the door — she never did.

Nadeem opened the door after knocking but didn’t enter the room and remained standing outside the door. “Yes… Malkan?” he asked nervously. “Come in.”

She was laying on her bed on her side, with her head propped on her elbow and her long hair falling down. He caught a whiff of her perfume. “Yes, Malkan?”

She rolled her eyes and a slow smile crept across her face. “Come in and close the door. Have you have finished the cooking?”

“Yes. What can I do for you, Malkan?”

“Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk.” She pointed to the bed. “Sit down.” She sat up on the edge of the bed. “Nadeem, I am too tired and not feeling well.” “Oh! Should I call the doctor Malkan?”

“There is no need of a doctor. But give me a little massage on my feet, if you’ve no other urgent work.” She was suddenly feeling embarrassed, asking for massage.

He slowly sat on the side of her bed.

“No, come up, you should sit on the bed. It would be easy for you.”

He started slowly, massaging her toes and legs, then his hands moved up, massaging until he reached her knees. They both were silent.

He was not going above her knees, so she told him, “Nadeem, I need you to massage of all my body, continue up to my upper legs.”

Without saying, a word started above her knees. He was working his way up, smoothing. Then he used his hands to slowly pinch and massage her thighs. She could feel the heat in her breasts, and her pussy was getting wet. The thin cotton dress she was wearing seemed to be too flimsy. Nadeem could see the outline of her nipples through the qameez.

Nadeem’s gaze seemed glued to her breasts. The thought that she made him horny made her feel horny as well. It was wonderful. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy his touch.

Soon he came up to the top of her thighs, and she slowly opened her legs. It felt like the sensations were sending signals from her breasts down to her swelling pussy. The juices began to flow in her pussy, making her feel as though she were about to cum…

Nadeem just couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His fantasy woman was laying in front of him in a transparent qameez. He could see delicate curves of her breasts and the dark erect nipples. Could she see the bulge in his shilwar? He was so close he was having difficulty resisting the urge to reach out and touch her nipples.

Nadeem shivered with excitement. Being near to Sofia always excited him. Sofia found she enjoyed teasing her young houseboy. “Wow,” she half whispered, looking him up and down. But her heart began to sink. She was not young enough to hold the eye of a twenty-year-old lad. “What, Malkan?” he asked.

“You’re so young. I guess I never noticed how solidly you’re built. Have you been working out?” “Some, but I don’t get much time with housework and all.” She tried to remain indifferent, but her face slowly turned crimson. Her throat went dry. She was breathing hard; she could feel her legs shivering violently. Her mind shouted loudly, warning her to stop, to keep this young man from feasting on her body. But her body argued that she needed the attention of a man. No man in her life apart from her husband had ever touched her bare skin. The thought of Nadeem going to taste her forbidden fruit gave her an erotic rush. Nadeem picked up his head, looked into her eyes and said, “Malkan are you all right? Can I help you with anything?” Sofia’s fantasy faded away. She shook her head. “No I’ll be fine. I was just thinking about something. Thanks for asking.” Her breasts moved up and down as she spoke. He tried to look other way, but every now and then, he stole a good look at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts. His cock was raging with lust, and he was afraid that Sofia would notice his bulge. His stiff cock stood straight up. He tried to avoid touching Sofia but couldn’t. His cock brushed her leg. Sofia jumped. Their eyes met as she reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock. “Is that hard-on for me?” It was as if he had been hit by a rock. Nadeem stared at his Malkan, completely stunned. She was directly looking at him. He lowered his head. His eyes locked on her breasts, but he looked back up at her face. She wore a pleasant, self-satisfied smile on her face. “I know you’ve been admiring me for quite some time and I’ve really enjoyed that. I’ve been admiring you for quite some time. You don’t need to be afraid or ashamed, just relax and do what comes naturally,” she said. “Now tell me, how many girls from the neighbors have you been with, Nadeem?” He looked down again. “No, one, Malkan, I’ve never…” “Oh! You’re a virgin. Well maybe I just need to teach you a few things.” Sofia didn’t know what had come over her. Maybe it was all those years of sexual frustration. “Come on, Nadeem,” she whispered, holding her arms out to him. “Love me!” Seeing him hesitate, she grabbed his hand and pulled him down. He lowered himself over her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him tight against her. Never before had she offered herself to anyone in this manner, not even to her husband. Her breasts pressed to his chest. She could feel her soft breasts flatten against him and her lower stomach pressing into his erection. Looking up at his eyes, she whispered, “Don’t be ashamed, I know you really want this, you need it.” She grasped his cock through the material of his shilwar and began stroking him. His cock was large and thick. She wanted it in her right now. She stroked his throbbing cock harder. Nadeem felt her hot breath over his lips as she kissed him. Their mouths melted softly together, their slippery tongues gliding hotly in and out between their parted lips, while Nadeem passionately ground her steaming pussy against his hardness. “Do you like what we are doing?” she whispered in his ear, gently nibbling at his earlobes. “Yes!” Nadeem could hardly believe his luck. His entire life, he had been obsessed with the idea of being with Sofia. He fantasized constantly about her. She took Nadeem’s hands and placed them on her twin treasures. At first he hesitated but then his hands cupped her heavy fully laden breasts. He gripped the breasts, briefly feeling the grape-like nipples, he began squeezing them softly, and tweaking Sofia’s hard pricking nipples. As he got bolder, cupping and caressing her bosom, Nadeem leaned forward and ran his tongue along the valley of cleavage between those sexy tits. Her purring told him to keep going so he licked his way closer to her tit through her material. Nadeem moaned loudly in ecstasy and closed his mouth on her breast, through the thin layer of cloth, and bit down on the mound of flesh. “May I see them Malkan?” suddenly he asked her. “Yes! Why not let me show them to you,” she said and she slowly lifted her qameez, pulling it up her chest. What a sight that was when she revealed her fat, large, pink, slightly succulent melons. His mouth fell open when he saw the sight of his naked Malkan. Those amazing breasts were now completely exposed to him and he stared at those huge pink nipples surrounded by the areola. Nadeem plunged his hands down and reached out to take her large breasts in his hands. So soft, so pliant, so big and so wonderful, he thought as he squeezed the monstrous globes with his palms, surprised that even his big hands couldn’t hold them completely. He took them both in his hands together and squeezing them. “Don’t you like pinching my nipples? Pinch them, harder, harder,” she ordered as he grabbed each one and twisted them a bit in his fingers. “Yes! Yes!” he moaned Like her breasts, her nipples too were quite large. Of a deep pink color, they looked like a couple of bullets, surrounded as they were with the vast areola. He squeezed and pinched them, almost cruelly. He continued to twist and pinch her nipples for a few minutes. They felt good in his hands as he rubbed them and flicked her erect nipples. “Take them in your mouth.” He bent his head taking her breast in his mouth. He licked her perky nubs of nipples, licking the areola in circles and moving the buds around in his hot mouth cavity his hand found the other proud counterpart and twisted it playfully making her gasp in wonder as flood of sensations raced in her famished body. He started sucking her tit gently as he was rubbing the other one, Sofia’s hand still working his thick cock. As he bathed her tits with his saliva, he focused in on her nipples that stuck out so far. So he took her delicious looking nipples between his eager lips sucking and biting them. Nadeem drew Sofia’s nipple between his lips, and sucked wildly, eagerly, his tongue lapping in wet swirls.

“Ohhhh, Nadeem!” Sofia sobbed softly, her breast swelling inside his mouth.

“Ahhh… don’t stop.” Sofia screamed at the top of her lungs and her hands clutched his hair tightly, trying to push his head deeper in her breasts. “Suck it harder! Oooooh, suck it harder!” Sofia screamed.

Nadeem pulled as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, hungry for it. The wet pull on her tit sent a wild ripple of delight down her body, causing her cunt to suck inward tightly. She squealed in soft sounds, her eyes blazing and slightly unfocused with fiery passion.

Now they were in each other’s arms, breasts flattened against each other and lips clamped together as one.

“Oh Nadeem, this feels so naughty but so good. I really think this is wrong but it is very, very stimulating.”

Sofia noticed that he was rubbing his cock through his shilwar. His bulge was huge.

“Come on, Nadeem, don’t be shy … you need to get over this shame you have been feeling. Your turn to show me what you have, Go ahead don’t be shy.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Obediently Nadeem unknotted his shilwar and pulled it down. When he did, his fully erect, rigid hot black cock swung up free like a released arrow. Nadeem had a weapon that was both very long and excessively thick. She looked at his erect cock for the first time with wide eyes.

“Oh Nadeem… What…what a man!” was all she could say as her hands eagerly and tentatively closed over his thick cock.

She shook her head and then looked up his face and she cried out “It’s too big, I wasn’t expecting that!”

She gasped as she wrapped her fingers around the glistening shaft. She ran her fingers through the rough coarse hairy nest at the base his cock and gripped his hardness between her delicate fingers.

She closed her fist about his cock, testing the hardness by squeezing. The head seemed to bulge more, and a clear bead of love dew bubbled from his piss hole. With her fist tight around his cock, she pressed down hard, bringing a moan of delight from him. Holding the base of Nadeem’s cock, she ran her closed lips up and down his long shaft. She began pumping his cock and squeezing it a little extra at the end of each stroke. Her bangles started to jangle and the beat of her hand and the stroking of his cock were the only noise. She could feel his cock throbbing and twitching under her grip. She enjoyed its rigid warm flesh. When Sofia touched it, his cock began to throb so much that it was hard to hold her hand. Sofia could see his precum leaking from the open slit at the tip.

While Nadeem sucked frantically on her tits, Sofia massaged his cock crazily. The bangles she wore made rattling noise when she was stroking his cock. Nadeem could feel the churning inside his balls; he knew that he could begin shooting anytime. However, he continued sucking his madam’s tits waiting for his own orgasm to peak.

Nadeem was young and the excitement of the woman of his dreams, the first woman to touch him sexually and the progress in one short morning had made him ready to burst. He could not control himself and he came suddenly, squirting his juice. “Mmmaa’ ammm.” he hissed as his cock spurted. Jet after jet of ropey cum gushed forth. The first blast was like a shot, which leapt out of his cock. The next several jerks released his sperm in waves over her fist. She continued to stroke his cock, slowly milking it until he quit spurting. His cock spurted jet after jet of hot white cum all over her palm and fingers.

He looked at the mess he had created and felt little ashamed.

She withdrew her hand; streaked with cum showing him her hand and said “Look what you’ve done.” She smiled at him seductively. Her hands were a mess but she enjoyed the release of the young man; it was virile, energetic and wild and it provided her with a sense of conquest.

“Sorry.” he apologized. He didn’t know what else to say. He was totally in love with this woman the first to touch him, and how! He was sure he would soon fuck her.

“No need to apologize. That was just the warm-up anyway.” Then she added “That’s good. Yes. I know you needed this, don’t be embarrassed this is natural.” She found that he knew nothing about sex.

“Now let me clean myself.”

She wiped her hand with some tissue and looked at his now limp cock.

“When will it be ready again?” she said huskily.


“I need it, Nadeem.”

He took his limp cock between his fingers and began stroking it tenderly. “I don’t think it is ready.”

“Let me take it.” and she grabbed for his cock, which was now languishing between his thighs. She took hold of it and began pumping her fist over it to revive it back so that she could now take it in her pussy.

Sofia worked furiously over his cock length. The warmth of her delicious hand had the right effect as she felt his cock slowly began to swell. She was rewarded quickly as in a minute or so his cock swelled to original proportions. Finally, satisfied with her efforts, she left his cock.

“Now you’re ready to fuck me.”

Sofia unknotted her shilwar, slid it to her feet and laid her down on her bed with her elbows propping her up and her legs bent at the knees. His eyes followed her delicate feet up her long silky smooth legs to the wicked curve of her hips. Sofia had wonderful thighs, Smooth, white creamy thighs! Just the way he imagined them. She lies on the bed and spread her legs exposing her delicious pussy. He gasped when she opened her legs and showed him her cunt. She spread her thighs even farther apart, giving him a clear view of her open pussy; she unashamedly exposed herself before his prying eyes. Nadeem looked in total disbelief. He had never expected that his first view of a real naked cunt would be of his madam’s. For a moment, he held his breath relishing the wicked flaunt.

“Have you ever seen a woman naked before?” she asked.

He was frozen with fear and excitement. “N-n-o, no” he stammered out. “No, I’ve never seen one before.”

“You like my cunt, don’t you? Is it beautiful?”

“Yes Malkan, yes. It’s so beautiful … so cute.” he hissed.

“Are you ready?” Sofia asked.

Nadeem simply nodded his head. Sofia looked squarely at the growing rod in his lap and smiled.

“What are you waiting for? Do it now Nadeem.” she whispered. She continued “I can’t stand it any longer. Do me now.”

“How … how do I begin …?”

“Oh! Come between my legs, I will teach you how to begin.” Nadeem eagerly positioned his hips between her wide-open thighs, the bulbous head of his cock probing majestically against her welcoming open pussy lips.

Sofia arched her body, rubbing her horny dripping cunt against the swollen head of his cock.

“Oh, Nadeem.” she moaned, feeling his cock head rubbing against aroused pussy. “Do me, Nadeem please fuck me!”

Nadeem readied himself to impale his cock into the begging pussy. However, before he could move, Sofia reached down between their bellies and impatiently took hold of his raging hardness, guiding the swollen head into the entrance of the hot sucking lips of her scorching pussy.

“Push it, Nadeem.” she asked him.

He was now leaning over her, ready to assume the traditional missionary position. As he did so he couldn’t succeeded and in the chaos, he slipped out of her causing the sexual shock of a sudden emptyness in her. He too gasped as his cock slid along her bare skin and he missed the hot caress of her pulsating flesh.

Urgently and quickly her hand reached between them and she grabbed his convulsing cock once again and guided it back to her waiting, cunt.

Looking straight into his eyes she said “Now gently push your weight forward but Slowly, Nadeem.” she murmured. “Don’t be in such a rush! Don’t cum too fast.” she said. “I want to enjoy this.”

“I can’t help it!”

“You must try! Okay, are you ready now?”


“Put it in slowly!”

He sank in, now completely leaning over her. This time his cock head slowly entered her warm moist abode. Sofia squealed with delight as the mushroomed head of his cock penetrated her. His cock slipped easily into her cunt. It was hot, slick, tight, and wonderful. He looked in her eyes, bright, happy and radiant with lust.

This was the first time someone other than Imran had put his cock inside her and the feeling was like nothing she had experienced before. His cock felt like a hot rod to her. As he began thrusting, she rolled her head back and moaned gently.

“Ooooh you’re so big, please be gentle with me I’m begging you.” she panted as she felt his cock slide into her.

“Good. Now easy do it, put it in slowly, yes, it’s right, yes that’s it. That feels so good, Nadeem! Yes!

That’s wonderful! Now push it in deeper! Oh, yes!

That’s it! C’mon, deeper. Shove it in, Nadeem as deep as you can. Yes! That’s it! Put it all in! Oh Nadeem! Oh Nadeem yes! You’re a good guy, Nadeem. You’ll make every woman very happy”

Nadeem got the first feel in his life of a hot pussy engulfing his cock head. She was hot, incredibly hot.

Nadeem let his cock buried into his first pussy and enjoyed the rapturous feeling. It was difficult for him to believe that he was actually fucking his first pussy, his Malkan.

He thrust his hips forward, he was buried as deeply into her as he could get. Nadeem began slamming repeatedly into her, banging his pubic bone against hers. His balls were bouncing and touching against her butt. She felt the fire began to spread and she knew she was on the edge.

She had never felt so full in all her life. He fucked her slowly and then gradually picked up the pace as. She adjusted to his size. Soon he was pounding her pussy and bringing her off to multiple orgasms.

Now Sofia closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body jerking gently with his thrusts, her fingers clenching his shoulders. Bent over her on his forearms, Nadeem kept his eyes on her face, captivated by her sensual loveliness. Her lips were parted and her two front teeth glistened. Her cunt, hot, wet and tight, convulsed greedily on his pistoning cock, her hips writhing rhythmically under Nadeem. Her hips started bucking, and the moaning got louder and more frequent. “Oh, Nadeem, don’t stop. That feels so good. Oh …Nadeem, Nadeem!” she helplessly moaned. “You’re making me so happy.”

Sofia began humping wildly beneath him, slamming her juicy cunt up and down over his pistoning hard on. Her hand worked its way into his hair to make sure he didn’t leave her.

The soft delicate folds of her cunt sucked his cock deeper and deeper into her ravenously hungry burrow.

Sofia’s moans were more like grunts as she took Nadeem’s hefty manhood. She had felt his equipment through his shilwar, but she had no idea that he was so well endowed.

Sofia felt so wonderful so she instructed him, don’t move for a minute.” Pleased with himself, Nadeem lay motionless on top of Sofia. It was his first fuck and he wanted to savor every moment of this blissful occasion. He never imagined that he would ever be able to fuck his fantasy woman; but it was happening, and he had lost his virginity with this dream woman.

Above her, the twenty-one year old houseboy groaned thickly and flexed his buttocks taut. His lean hips dipped and his eight-inch erection squelched into her convulsing slit. She gasped and arched steeply under him, clenching his powerful biceps, lifting her hips to meet his in descent.

“Now, fuck me hard, hard as you can.”

Obligingly, Nadeem started banging into her with as much force as he could muster.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” she moaned.

Two more strokes and she were shouting. “Yes.” she murmured. “Fuck me, Nadeem, fuck my cunt. Nadeem shove your cock into my slit, Nadeem fuck me. Ohhh that feels so good Nadeem, come on fuck me harder, yes, that’s it!”

Sofia had an instantaneous orgasm: she had already been on the edge for over an hour now, long before as Nadeem had played her and she played him. Hardly a dozen powerful strokes of her Nadeem’s cock inside her, and she was moaning and bucking her hips up and down.

She pressed her buttocks back at him, urging him to continue, as Nadeem didn’t realize what happened but he could feel lot of wetness and lubrication and also could hear the wet plopping sounds his cock made when he slammed inside her.

He could feel her nipping at his cock with her pussy. He paused for a while as they were face-to-face and she immediately began kissing him again flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth. Sofia wrapped her long legs around his back and pulled his cock to her pussy.

Nadeem started again slow and gentle at first but then she began pulling him in deeper and faster with her hands grabbing at his ass. Her cunt was getting wetter as his cock slid in and out and in and out of her pussy lips as her legs spread wide and pulled up to her chest. She clutched his back with her hands and dragged those finger nails across his back so hard it hurt. He began thrusting harder and deeper as the pain sank in and she started screaming. The bed creaked ominously as they moved and pulled at each other. Sofia was bucking so wildly beneath him, he swiveled his hips, slamming his hard cock into her cunt from every angle. He continued fucking his cock deeper and harder into her sweltering pussy, she wildly arched her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

She then lifted her legs up over his shoulders, so he pushed her thighs back until they were resting against her chest, in a position which she had never experienced in her twenty year marital life. He was positioned on top of her that he was fucking almost straight down into her cunt. This wild position also gave Nadeem the fullest access, allowing him to fuck even deeper into her cunt. The bed was creaking due to their furious copulation.

She lost count of her orgasms as waves of pleasure went on her often and she shouted. “Ohhh … yes … like that … yes … yes …”

Nadeem picked up speed effortlessly, rocking his hips swiftly up and down, his buttocks flexing, powerfully, his enormous cock plunging and thrusting steeply in and out of her cunt. He pumped into Sofia’s tightness like there was no tomorrow. She hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into her flesh. It crushed her gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro passage, mashing her cunt-flesh delightfully. Her body lurched and jerked faster and faster under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, and her gold necklace slithering and tossing. Her head flipped from side to side as she moaned ecstatically. Sofia was moaning, her eyes closed with ecstasy, her face contorted with lust, her head rolling crazily from side to side as she wildly swivel her juicy cunt up and down his fucking hard-on.

“You liked it, Nadeem?” she asked as he plundered her pussy. “Did you like fucking me?”

“Yes Malkan, yes!” he moaned, pumping his cock and out of her delicious pussy. “You’ve got such a delicious body and I was dying for it for years.”

“Tell me didn’t you yearn for me?” she asked.

“You don’t know how I yearned for you.” he answered back with a huge smile on his face.

She laughed out loud. “I’ve wondered when you would get around to me. What took you so long?”

“Because you’re my Malkan and I was afraid of you.” he muttered. He fucked hard and furious. She fucked back.

She twisted and humped up her cunt to try conquering his cock. Quickly she reached under with one hand and ringed his cock with two fingers. The extra sensations and the pulling back of his skin made his cock bulge harder still.

She gasped and bucked eagerly under him, her legs spreading wider, her hips rocking up and down in increasing urgency, her body jerking and lurching in pleasure, her tongue arching erotically across her “I am your bitch, not your Malkan you will take me when and where you want!” she panted and wailed.

“Fuck me Nadeem, make me your whore. Ohhh, yes Nadeem, oh my ohhh yes ohhh yes Nadeem hurry up Nadeem fuck me, You’re a fast learner, Fuck me Nadeem …ohhhhhhhh ohhh yes, ohhh that’s so good shove your cock deep in Nadeem, shove it all in your Malkan’s old cunt, yes. Don’t stop, never stop, and fuck me for ever, deep and harder!”

Nadeem Quickly covered her breasts back with his hands and returned her favor of twisting and squeezing the nipples She held his hands and forced him to knead her harder, more brutally. She wanted to be owned and abused by this man. She wanted to be possessed so hard and deep that she could never be separated from him.

Her hands moved up his arms and she tried to pull him closer. She was now able to reach behind his neck and pulled his head to her breasts.

Nadeem was Kissing down her chest and pulling her nipple up to his mouth. Her nipples were the normal size and absolutely blood red. They were standing almost a half inch tall fully erect. “Bite me.” she whispered between mewing gasps.


“Bite my breasts.”

Nadeem sucked in all of her nipple, his tongue toying with it. The teeth tugged and chewed on the nipple. Sofia groaned and clutched at his head. Her other hand snaked behind him and cupped and pulled his ass closer trying to get his cock deeper inside of her. But Nadeem wanted to feast on her breasts. Both his hands were squeezing her hard. The masses of her breasts were clutched in each hand but the nipple and areola was exposed. His mouth flitted from one nipple to another.

When he was at one nipple the other one ached for his attention. An eruption of feelings she had never felt before rushed through her body. She cried out with pleasure. She felt a sensation in her pussy she had never felt before. It caused her to tighten all her muscles. She could all of a sudden feel every bump of Jakes cock. Her nerves seemed super sensitive. Each stroke of his cock sent another wave of pleasure through her pussy. Her legs raised and went around his hips and she tried to pull him in.

He sucked on them and bit them gently pulling on the nipple between his teeth. He did. Gently at first, then harder, he bit her breasts as she asked for. She arched her back making her tits look larger and her stomach flatter. He clutched her breasts and there was a loud slapping and sucking noise as he fucked her as hard as he could. She was now moaning like a whore begging him to fuck her as her teeth clenched and her brow furrowed as she now begged him to let her orgasm.

“Not yet.” he replied.

Sofia had not expected the boy to be so dexterous.

There was something more appealing about the muscle and tone of the body of a young boy who had achieved that from working on the farm. And that boy was Nadeem. The contrast between how he felt, and how her husband felt was so obvious.

The muscle and the strength of the young boy’s arms matched the roughness and calluses on his hands. That roughness brought an electric friction to the caressing of her soft skin.

It was like a flint to match, setting her alight. She felt the furious pounding of his mammoth cock and left herself at his mercy, squealing from the unbelievable joy of getting fucked in a position, which she had never experienced. Her husband was never fond of experimentation and he had never tried variations.

Nadeem had his hands under her ass lifting her off the bed and pulling her into him. The bed was shaking with every thrust. As Sofia locked her legs around Nadeem’s back and her pussy tightened around him, he felt totally at home inside her. He began exploring Sofia’s pussy with his cock, driving slowly but deeper and deeper. They were totally lost in each other.

The room was filled a wild slushy sound, like a perfectly fitting piston moving inside a watery hole.

Sofia had never been so aroused and never felt so wet before. Her free flowing pussy fluid was flowing down her crack towards the bed sheet beneath her ass. She had never had this feeling before their two bodies had merged as one flesh. Nadeem began fucking that sex starved woman with rapid, hard deep strokes. She was screaming with pleasure.

Sofia’s orgasm was violent, her cunt convulsing frantically on his throbbing, swollen penis, her body arching, the breath hissing from her throat in a choking, rattling gasp. He continued ramming his cock into her cunt repeatedly till at last her orgasm ebbed. He slowed gradually, rocking gently in and out of her cunt.

He pushed his cock fully into her pussy, paused, drew out, thrust in again, and yet again, and each thrust drew a shuddering, cracked moan from deep in Sofia’s throat and made her lurch forward.

At last, with a loud, shuddering gasp, he came. The heat erupted from his groin and spewed in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into her pussy channel. She was almost cumming and kept squirming as her orgasm began but he held her firm with his prick deep in her vagina and fucked her frantically as his full load exploded inside her. Her cunt contracted, greedily, milking every drop of spunk from his squirting manhood as her own orgasm shook her body.

Nadeem exploded and climaxed fully, squirting his hot cum inside of her. Sofia came like she never had before and so did he at the same time, cumming buckets full.

Sofia savored the moments as she felt herself come down from the experience. Her pussy could almost feel him inside of it still. Her clit was still throbbing and she knew that her hole was still open, gaping wide, as she felt a little more of his cum dripping out of it and running down onto her ass crack. She wanted to just lie there and relax for a little longer. Sofia had never felt so satisfied, so fulfilled in her life.

Her legs were parted wide around his narrow hips and their genitals were still merged together. They didn’t make any move till their lips meet in a deep kiss.

Slowly, with a soft sigh, Nadeem pulled his cock out of Sofia’s pussy. He slid out of her body; he slowly rolled over on his side. He cupped her breast, squeezing it, nibbled her earlobe, nuzzled the nape of her neck. Their bodies were slippery with sweat.

“That was great darling.”

She took his wet flaccid cock between her fingers and stroked it affectionately. “Malkan loved the way you fucked her. When can we do it again?”

“Whenever you need it.” he smirked.

“Keep it always ready for me.”

She smiled seductively as she stroked his cock. “Whenever no one is around … I’d like it inside me.”

“What if we get caught? What’ll happen?”

“What will happen?” she asked and laughed lightly.

“What if we get caught? My husband will kill you and me, nothing more than that.” Then she added, don’t worry nobody will catch us, we’ll be very careful and we’ll make sure nobody can interrupt us.”

“What do we do now? Can we do it again?” he asked her.

Her eyes were mostly closed when she answered. “No!”

“This is enough for today, you are a young but I am an old and my body is aching from our hard-core lovemaking and your weight on my body, now you should go to your room. You have given me the real fuck of my life so I’ll go to sleep and enjoy it in my dreams now.” She smiled, her eyes still closed. “And you don’t tell anyone you fucked me.”

After Nadeem had left, Sofia just lay there for a while, She became worried but when she calculated days and she was somewhat relieved to find that she should be safe. Then she felt proud of herself. She didn’t feel dirty, or guilty, she felt exhilarated. Here she was, 39 years old and feeling sexy and wanted by a younger boy. She was feeling new sensations she wished she had felt twenty years ago. She was being fulfilled sexually like never before in her life, and she didn’t want it to stop.

That evening Nadeem engaged himself in household chores because he didn’t want to encounter his Malkan after having fucking her just a few hours earlier. Some of the housework did allow him the benefit of keeping his eyes on the task and his head down rather than getting into eye contact and conversation with his Malkan

Sofia was also so circumspect. There was no communication in words or in glances and looks between them and they acted that nothing has been happened.

Later that night Sofia when she lay in bed she thought what she had done. She tried to sleep but the mixture of her infidelity on the one hand, and the sheer ecstasy of the experience on the other hand, kept looming in her mind and she couldn’t sleep. She started to get angry as a married woman, having sex with a young boy is not good and sensible.

She thought about her husband who was sleeping snoring on the bed where she was lay, she felt fear if he ever found out, what would his reaction be? Would he kill Nadeem and her to? Even if her husband never found out, she would always have to live with the knowledge that she’d cheated on him. She never thought that she’d go through with it.

She convinced herself that she shouldn’t worry about having sex with her houseboy because she had needed it and her husband didn’t give her what she needed. And it had been wonderful. She tried to convince herself that her husband would never know if she didn’t tell him. After those considerations she dozed off to sleep.

Next morning she awoke and recalled the events of the previous day. She was a bit ashamed. She never should have acted that way. She was a married woman. She didn’t want to ruin her marriage, and she didn’t want to break up her family.

Nadeem couldn’t sleep all night. He just kept thinking how he fucked his sexy Malkan. He was fucking his Malkan and was wondering would she allow him to fuck her again?

In the morning, he kept his routine as normal. He got up early morning, prepared breakfast and served it to all members of the family, who left after breakfast. So Nadeem and Sofia were left at home alone. He kept himself in kitchen. He was busy in the kitchen washing the cups and plates of breakfast, when he felt a pair of hands grip his shoulders from behind. The scare quickly turned into a pounding heartbeat as he recognized the grip: it was Malkan.

Nadeem did not move. From his position he looked up and behind at her and smiled. But he stayed that way. Malkan placed her hand between his thighs on his cock, which was raising now. That was all it took her to melt him. Her soft hand on his cock.

“I have been waiting for an opportunity.”

“What if we get spotted?”

“No one can see us, be a man.” she replied.

Nadeem turned to face her, hugged his mistress, and pushed his hips out, rubbing the head of his raging erection against her crotch. He pulled her close to him right there in the kitchen, and they attacked each other. They began to kiss deeply as she slowly stroked his cock.

He grabbed her breasts, Sofia giggled, allowing him to thrust his hand inside her qameez and take hold of her luscious breasts. “Take them my hero and be man, but tell me how you became so randy so suddenly?”

“You! Who can else other than you?”

He fondled her breasts then she reviled her breast for him and she sighed when he grabbed the pair and bending down, stuck his face between them. She shivered when his tongue licked her cleavage before sliding over to one erect and rosy nipple. He sucked on the nipples constantly.

As he suckled on her breasts, she fondled his cock, gently stoking it. “The other one, Nadeem, the other breast now Nadeem.” she whimpered and he immediately obliged by stuffing the other breast in his mouth.

“Ah, Nadeem, I need this!” she hardly squeezed his cock.

“Who am I to deny? I am you’re servant.”

“You are my lover not servant!” and she pushed him down on to the bare kitchen tile, and She had been faster at unknotted his cord of his shilwar. He raised himself a bit so she could slide his shilwar off.

His prick was rock hard. She let him lie on the floor. Then she sat on his midsection, on top of his dick. She reached down to grab his cock and guide it to her cunt and slowly sank lower, his cock went smoothly in her already wet pussy. A deep moan escaped from his throat as her pussy engulfed his prick. Slowly at first and then with increased momentum, she began to ride him. Every time he pumped, Nadeem grabbed her hips in his hand and dug his nail in them as if he could not believe she was there fucking him in the kitchen. “You like this, Malkan?” he muttered. “You do like to feel me inside you, don’t you? You like when I screw the living daylights out of you!”

“Yes, I like your fat cock in me, like this!”

“It’s for you, Malkan, only for you!” She bent down and gave one her breast in his mouth; he started sucking on the engorged nipple.

“Yes, Nadeem, suck it harder and bite it too!”

She rocked herself back and forth, drawing him inside and out of her. As the act continued, she began to buck faster and faster till her orgasm came and juices ran down his dick and her thighs. They were fucking like there was no tomorrow. As their climax neared, they both bucked and pushed into each other. They came simultaneously and as their juices mingled, she laid on him to catch her breath. She rolled over and lay exhausted beside him.

Nadeem grabbed a tissue from the kitchen cabinet, cleaned around his cock and around his legs, and wiped her.

They fucked that day in Sofia’s bedroom on her king size bed at noon like animals.

Nadeem is now her secret lover and she is not ashamed of it. They both were opening a whole new world of sex and pleasure that she never knew existed. At the age of twenty-one, handsome and muscular, Nadeem had become an exceptionally fine lover under her teaching.

Nadeem had brought her a whole new way of enjoying sex. Nadeem was a young and inexperienced though Sofia had been married for the last twenty years but she had also known very little about sex.

Sofia always wished she would spend more of her time with her young lover than with her husband. Nadeem was one hot firecracker! Sofia had never imagined that making love to a man would be so pleasurable and so adventurous. They both slept together when her husband was out for business.

The long winter nights were the best time for long erotic sessions, while her husband was away. They never cared about the children as Sofia knew that her children all slept soundly and not even a rocket going off was going to disturb them. But they always tried not to make any noise during the night when they were busy.

Nadeem loved his mistress’s ripe body, the way her breasts jiggled, the way her thighs clenched around his and the way she moaned and whimpered. And he loved her ass more than anything else in the whole world.

Over the next few months, he became more adept in lovemaking, learning to pleasure Sofia with his hand, body and mouth as well as with his massive cock. He would make Sofia beg him to fuck her. Sofia just thought it was his way of keeping things interesting. She found all of it very stimulating.

He was taking her to new heights sexually. She just went along with all of it. Nadeem was totally dominating Sofia in bed, though was still a servant when they were not alone. They fucked all over the house including her children’s bed.

Once Sofia’s mother and sisters had came to stay with her for two weeks so Nadeem and Sofia didn’t find any opportunity to make love. Nadeem as a young man was too frustrated so once, when Sofia came to kitchen to give him some instruction for lunch, while the guests were watching TV, Nadeem grabbed her and wrapped both hands held her at the waist. Sofia grabbed his face and pulled it to hers, kissing him passionately. Nadeem returned her kiss just as aggressively. His hands immediately began roaming her body. First, he reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands. Then leaving one there, he found one of her tits and mashed it in his other hand.

“You seem to have been waiting for an opportunity, you cannot keep quiet when I come to you?” she said with a playful smile.

“Yes, I cannot keep quiet when you come to me.” he replied, both hands held her at the waist.

” In such a full house, what if we get spotted?” She asked.

“No one ever saw us before.” he replied.

“Then we were alone and now we have a lot of guests, we can’t hope to be so bold!” she said. She was, however, so hot she wanted to him to take her right there in kitchen. Still, the fear of being caught made her reconsider. If some guests were to see her, she would be shamed.

“Then tell me what I am to do with It.” he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock.

She gripped his cock and it was hard like a bone, she told him “Let me think.” and the said I am going up stair to the store once I went so then you come to me quietly.” she advised him. But then said him “No, doesn’t come quietly, when I went there I would call for help and you’ll come up stair to the store.”

So as planned she left the kitchen and after few minutes she shouted from the store calling Nadeem to help her.

He also shouted from the kitchen. “Yes Malkan coming in a minute.” showing to the guest that he was in no hurry.

He went up to the store and as he entered to store Sofia was stood there, like she was really looking for something in the store, he reached around her from behind and grabbed both of her both breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Don’t waste time we don’t have any, do whatever you have to quickly and quietly, otherwise someone might come looking for me.” she told him while he continued to molest her tits

Nadeem reached down and unknotted the cord of her shilwar which went to her feet as usual she had no panties, he lifted her qameez over her hips. Nadeem pulled at her hips and she backed up a bit. She now stood with her hands on the mattress, which was on a big table, her ass sticking out and her legs spread, like a criminal about to be frisked.

Nadeem discarded his own shilwar quickly and dropped it to his ankles. His hard cock jutted out from his groin hard as ever. He grabbed it and placed it at her dripping hole. He slowly pushed it in until his pelvis reached her ass. Sofia moaned her approval, and Nadeem began to pump it in and out of her .He now lifted her qameez revealing her ass to him.

“Oh Nadeem!” she gasped as he picked up his pace. “You feel so good in me today.”

Thinking about the guests was affecting her. She never imaging that she would be fuck in store while guest were sitting in living room. “Oh yes, Fuck me harder!” she demanded. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was no prude, but here she was standing and in her store with some man’s cock buried in her horny pussy, telling him to fuck her harder.

The situation was very stimulating. Just under them the guests were watching TV and Sofia’s houseboy was fucking her from behind while she was whispering and demanding “Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Make me cum!”

Nadeem grunted and pulled back to thrust again. The bangles on her hands jangled as he fucked her. She was wearing a full hand and she wished she hadn’t. She actually added to the noise with a series of grunts as Nadeem changed his pace.

Nadeem had started rapidly sliding in and out of her cunt. His hands slowly slid up her waist, up the sides of her chest and gripped her breasts. He squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples.

“Yes Nadeem! Yes, maul them and ride me like this. How I missed this!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She shook her head from side to side as indescribable pleasure emanated from her breasts and as the occasional lunge from the cock touched a pleasure zone inside her pussy.

She could feel the orgasm building. Nadeem’s pace was fast and furious by now. He had hold of her hips and was pounding her pussy. Sofia bit her lip as the orgasm reached her brain, so as not to scream from the pleasure. Waves of euphoria washed over her as Nadeem continued his assault on her dripping cunt.

When her orgasm had subsided, she begged Nadeem to finish. Nadeem fucked her like an animal. He couldn’t control himself anymore and it took him just a few fast strokes to reach his own explosive climax.

They came down as soon as they finished cleaning up and they acted as if nothing had happened, just a houseboy helping his Malkan find something in the store.

Ever since Sofia began fucking her young houseboy, she had become a cock hungry whore. They fucked all the time. If there were eight days in a week, they would fuck on all eight days. They fucked in the mornings on the kitchen they fucked in the afternoons in her king sized bed and they fucked, whenever she got the chance, at night in his room on his small bed. Initially, they were overly careful, screwing only when no one was at home, but then she became somewhat daring, and they occasionally began enjoying their carnal relationship even when someone was at home though such occasions were very rare.

Now her lover Nadeem was not a learner anymore but had become an expert as they tried and enjoyed every possible position.

Nadeem expressed a wish to fuck her butt. First, she refused but his demand became more forceful day by day. As an Indian conservative she’d never thought about having anal sex before, though she had heard about that, and she knew some women let their husbands and lovers to do it.

Sofia loved Nadeem and she couldn’t see him sad. She also wanted it once in her life. She’d finally decided to do it. That’s right. She finally gave in and told him she would let him have her ass. It wasn’t a quick decision. For months, he was demanding to fuck her ass. He was playing with her ass. He used his finger inside in her ass. As the time passed, his demanding for her ass grew. She loved him, as he was the only one who gave her pleasure of sex and he gave her new life so she knew what it all led up to. She knew that one day she’d have to give in and let him go all the way.

His hands were roaming over her body, Sofia ran her fingers through his hair and announced it to him by saying “Nadeem you are going to take my back side.” Sofia was so nervous when she told him, but she knew the anticipation had to be killing him,

Sofia instructed him to use the specifically purchased petroleum jelly on the nightstand, as she bent over, presenting him her lovely ass high in the air. Nadeem lubricated his finger in his saliva and slowly inserted it in her anus. Sofia tightened her sphincter as he tried to push his finger into her. His other hand was at her clit, which grew now like a tiny penis due to Nadeem’s constant attention.

Sofia’s sphincter finally relaxed and opened to accept Nadeem’s finger. He penetrated her and slowly finger fucked her. As her anus got used to the intrusion, he pushed more and finally the whole finger was in her rectum and the palm of his hand pressed against her buttocks.

After some time Nadeem pulled out his finger and pressed his lips onto her bottom, his tongue replacing his finger, pushing into her. The contact was electrifying for Sofia. Sofia bit her lips and it happened. Nadeem felt her sphincter tightened and grasp his tongue, as she felt a strange and sensual pleasure.

Nadeem grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand opened it and liberally applied the petroleum jelly to his cock, to his fingers and inside her ass, coating it with the jelly to ease his entry.

“Malkan shall I insert my cock In here…” as his finger inserted itself into her vagina “…or in here?” he asked as his finger moved down to rub against her anus.

“You can put your big cock wherever you wish, but please don’t hurt me.” she pleaded.

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her asshole before pushing against it. As she felt him enter she thought with a thrill that this was her first ever anal experience.

Nadeem was not sure if she could take him and he was afraid of hurting her. He eased the head inside her without much trouble. For Sofia, the pain was excruciating, nothing like when he had his finger inside her. She cried out, begging him to stop. And immediately he complied, afraid of what he’d done, until she asked him just to stay there with the bulbous head of his cock inside.

After some time she relaxed and asked him to continue. He started and with each successive thrust, the cock head slipped a little further in, until finally he had come to rest on his madam’s sexy broad ass. After few slow thrusts, he left her hips, placed his hands on her shoulder, thrust his cock deep into her, and held it there.

She moaned at the sense of fullness as he slid further into her. Sofia rocked backward, pushing him all the way inside her, and he moaned as her tight ass fully enveloped him. He moved slowly at first, sliding almost all the way out before pushing back inside her ass. His hands slowly slid up her waist, up the sides of her chest. He grabbed her hanging breasts and started massaging them and pinching her nipples.

“Oh, Nadeem! Maul my breasts and ride me like this. How I missed you!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She shook her head from side to side as indescribable pleasure emanated from her breasts. Her face now buried in the pillow. He could not control himself at the incredible tightness of her anal muscles gripping him. It was immensely satisfying for Nadeem to take his Malkan from behind.

Sofia was trying to keep pace with Nadeem behind her who was sliding his cock with his renewed vigor; she was bouncing her large buttocks back and forth, impaling herself on his huge cock.

Nadeem shuddered in ecstasy as spurts after spurts of his sperm ejaculated inside Sofia’s rectum. The thick liquids formed a balm for Sofia’s ravaged anus as he coated her. Her sphincter relaxed and at that instant, Nadeem penetrated her deeper. Sofia could only gasp as she felt her bottom filled with his hardened penis.

Nadeem never felt such complete sexual satisfaction before as he slowly fucked his madam’s anus, although he had completely spent himself inside her. He felt as though his cock had grown in size and firmness. He fucked her gently, making sloshing sounds as her rectum grew wet and slippery.

Finally, Nadeem pulled out and he could see her gaping hole. His ejaculate ran out of her anus onto her cunt and down onto bed.

Should I continue it…?

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Fucked by husband’s friend

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01cda8970bca70cd6ca23ecaa5f61fc7Randip had been known to my husband for years before our marriage, in fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had welcomed us and had helped me set up home in the building where we all lived. He was in the habit of dropping in some evenings and staying over for dinner as he was divorced and lived as a bachelor. This closeness through the days between us had been on a very innocent level and randip has always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him staring at my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was normal behavior for a man. And I had also cum to know that he had some affairs with few married ladies. I was friendly with girl who told me that her best friend had a hot affair with randip and she used to swear by randip that he was the best man ever she had ever slept with.

In this recent days however something had changed a bit. Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe I was giving out some king of signal as my sex life wasn’t quite what I would like. My husband and I had good sex, but over the months it had gotten a bit stale and I never enjoyed sex with him. He was also not been caring at times when it came to my needs, occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm. How ever my husband sameer had a strange habit of making me expose in front other and show off my beauty and good figure. He used to get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths which exposed my body. He bought me sexy saree’s with deep back and low neck blouses which did not cover much of my boobs. In fact I really had a beautiful pairs of tits. (34 d). I remember on our honey moon in goa he made me sleep in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came to deliver us tea. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with a young boy passed by. This also continued in Delhi when moved to this place. After showing off my body to other in parties and other places he used to get exited and that night he used to have a wild sex which I also liked.

Now coming back to randip, over the last few weeks, randip and I had been flirting a bit – there were some innocent hugs and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We had seen each other a lot at the lakeside boat house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once I caught him in his briefs, with his back turned. Along with this we had seen each other many times in pj’s so we were quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. That day sameer told me to wear something very sexy. I understood that he wanted me to show off my body to others so I selected a very sexy dress which he had purchased for me. It was with a very deep back and it had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold the boobs. I was really looking very sexy in that. It was supposed to be a bunch of friend’s but instead because of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Delhi club full of young crowd. We sat and stood at the bar and talked and at some point the conversation turned to sex. Whether it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had consumed, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms. We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my “husband and I don’t have nearly enough sex!” this was said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise he would have felt very bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as randip and I were much more touchier then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing it seemed we were always touching lightly. During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my butt and latter shifted on my nude back. He used to hold me tight when ever sameer was not watching or was out of the room. He used to pull me close to him and at times I could feel his crouch with a little bulge on my stomach and my boobs used to get pressed against his chest. The night ended and we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn’t know.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at the mall, one of gurgaon’s largest malls. I had gone to pick up some clothes after work and he was also shopping. I was enjoying the quiet cup of coffee at the coffee outlet when I saw randip. He sat down got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter I mentioned I needed to shop, he offered to walk with me since he also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual.

Then we entered a the Nike store as I needed to get some sneakers. As I sat down, I didn’t realize it at the time but randip was sitting directly across from me. As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized he was gazing at my legs as they parted. Now I was feeling a little horny and I decided to lead him on a bit. His view wasn’t probably all that good as the skirt I was wearing wasn’t that short but I made sure my legs spread apart each time I tried on a pair and flashed him a few times before settling on a pair.

We left the store and walked around looking for another store. As we walked I thought about teasing him a little more it felt pretty comfortable teasing him in a place like this where there were lot of people waking around and no one knew us.

The next store was Westside, I was looking for some track suits to wear to the gym and he was looking for jeans. We picked out a few sizes each and headed towards the changing rooms. The salesgirl gave us two rooms next to each other and as I went in, I told randip that I wanted his opinion on what I was buying.

I started by removing my skirt and putting on a pair of the tracks, I then came out of room and knocked on his door. He opened it a bit and to my surprise he was standing in just his briefs. He was yet to put on his jeans. Although it caught me a little off guard, I did not react as I had seen him a couple of times before in his underwear. Of course, I could not help staring at his crotch – it looked like a mild erection was in progress and it looked big.

I asked if the track suit fit nicely and he said they were nice but maybe I should get a smaller size which would do justice to my figure. As he was talking, he pulled on his jeans with his ass towards me and facing the mirror. He turned and I told him they looked good but he too should try on the smaller size. I then jokingly said that maybe we should both try the other clothes together to save the effort of going between rooms to show our stuff to each other. That was enough for him, he just picked up his stuff and we both squeezed into my cubicle. I could see the salesgirl smirk!

I was feeling very naughty by now and proceeded to slip off the track pant. I also removed my shirt and stood there checking out myself in the mirror. He looked at me of course but also acted quite matter of fact about it. I told him that his briefs looked great and then he commented that I look very sexy in the black bra and panties. I then pulled on the smaller pants and turned around to see in the mirror. These were white as well as being too tight in the crotch and realized with a shock that my panties were wet and it showed through the pants. He said these were better, now its my turn to put on the show. He pulled down his jeans but as he had not removed the top button, it ended up in his briefs coming down too and the start of his cock could be seen. He made no attempt to pull up his briefs and instead nonchalantly pulled on the jeans.

Finally after a couple of more trials, we both got dressed, paid for our items and left the store. By now I was feeling very horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience.

Then as we walked and commented about the conversation we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. He had said how sexy they were and I had mentioned that I didn’t have any since my husband didn’t seem to like them. So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started to look through the panties. I am not shy but was a little embarrassed as he went through picking out different ones, finally I agreed to two of them. He paid for them and handed me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn’t really been my intention but it was too late.

We left the mall and he escorted me to my car, a warm hug and peck as always followed but I thought his lips had slightly opened as I felt a wetness on my lips but I wasn’t totally sure. I drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A couple of days later we were all sitting around in our den. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were chilling out over some beer. Randip was staying the night as his house was being fumigated it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of the regular friends and family were over . So there we sat after a rainy day, we had consumed a fair amount of whisky and wine. The kids were asleep and we just hung out talking and watching a stupid movie.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day is that randip had kidded me about my thong so when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, I kept saying I can’t here, he of course said it was safe for a quick flash and anyway he had already seen me in my panty at the shop.

It was a little cool so I had put on some long pj pants from Victoria secrets and a tee. Randip had noticed the thong through the pj’s in the light. He insisted that all he wanted was a quick peek and I could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so I did it. I pulled down my pj’s and showed him the front of the tiny thong and then turned quickly and showed the back. He told me I looked amazing and I pulled them right up. I was so hot showing off for him like that I cant describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that my husband hadn’t even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty.

So there we were few hours later in the den with some more whisky and wine under our belts. Now my husband for the past few months has liked when guys look at me in bathing suits and stuff so what was about to happen wasn’t that crazy even though he could also at other times be very jealous. He talked about playing strip poker and of course randip approved. I don’t like being dared so I went along and I think my husband thought I wouldn’t have gone along, or he figured I would play down to my underwear and quit. But he hadn’t realized how little my underwear was and he also underestimated my competitiveness. He also had no idea of this building sexual tension between randip and I who made the thought of some nudity sound quite hot to me.

So we sat down and played. The first few hands were pretty uneventful. We all lost a few hands and lost our socks and jewelry. We were down to real stuff now, everybody had on a tee shirt, I had on pjs and the guys had shorts, and all had underwear.

The next to lose was my husband; he took off his tee, which exposed his chest. Then randip lost and also took off his shirt. He had very good body and hairy chest which I really liked. I admired his chest and gave a naughty smile and he also smiled back. Again randip lost and took off his shorts. He was wearing briefs instead of the boxers I had seen him in a few times before and he seemed semi hard as his bulge was looking big. . I was enjoying looking at him and his semi hard cock for the first time. Then I lost, I had a hard decision, if I took off my shirt I will be left in a bra, or I could do my pants and expose my thong. As I thought my husband commented that I was quitting, I gave him a look and stood and stepped out of my pants. Wow he said noticing I was wearing a thong; I took a little spin saying you like. Then I winked at randip as my husband’s reaction had just confirmed that randip was the first to see my thong. I felt so naughty sitting their knowing randip had not only seen them first but also picked them out and paid for them.

The next round sameer lost and took off his shorts. I giggled a bit as he sat back down cause even he had a hard on but his bulge was looking smaller then randips’s. Now my husband said that the game was over, randip said we should play till one winner, my husband started saying no he was tired etc so I chimed in saying, look who was quitting now. I was dying now to continue and see where this game will take us. I did not even mind getting naked in front of randip and I was about to say I would keep playing when he decided to continue. However he said that we will not strip any further but the loser will have to what the winners say. The next loss was mine; so both the men were what to make me do. Randip gave an idea that I should have a close dance with then with only the dim lights on. Sameer also agreed so I got up and sameer came to first and randip played a cd with real slow numbers. My husband caught me and took me in tight hug and danced for few minutes and kept kissing me and I could fell his hard on and knew he wanted me badly. Then it was the turn of randip to dance with me. He came close to me and slowly took me in his arms while sameer watched with eyes fixed on me and he gave me a naughty smile. Randip pilled me closer and we started to slow dance. I could also feel his hard on which more looked then what my husband had. Then sameer said that he is going to the bathroom and will be back in few minutes. This was enough for randip to pull me close to him and was a little scared that sameer may come in the room any time but he was just not willing to listen to me my breast were pressed against his hairy chest and his hard cock was pressing my stomach. I was getting wet in my panties and was on the verge of dripping. I could feel his hot breath on my face, neck and ears. His hands were all over my back and he slowly moved them to my naked butt as my thong hardly covered anything. I slowly whispered to randip that sameer may come anytime. He also understood and released his grip and just then sameer walked in and we finished our dance. After that my husband decided that we will have a last game and then call it a day. So it was decided that anyone who loses now will remove his one garment while the light were totally dim and we call it a day. As luck would have it I lost and I hard to remove one garment out of the two I was wearing. I decided to open my bra and as I took my hands behind my back to unhook my bra my husband switched all the lights with little light coming out from the kitchen and the bedroom. I unhooked my bra and lowly let it fall to the ground and exposed my breasts and my rock hard nipples. Even in the dim light my boobs were visible to both of them. My husband seemed quiet while randip made a gentlemanly comment about how nice they are or I looked. I was only left in panties which really did not cover much. He was looking hard at my tits and then winked at me.

My husband quickly declared himself and randip the winners and suggested we turn in. I knew he was getting jealous about randip looking at my half naked body but I wanted to enjoy the moment. I sat there finishing my wine and making small talk about what to do in the morning all naked except the panty and making no effort to cover myself. Randip followed my lead chatting with me with his raging hard on at attention. We continued this for about 15 minutes while my husband nervously fidgeted and picked up cards and stuff before we finally started on and went to bed. Before going I went and hugged randip as we used to it every day and this time as we hugged my bare breasts were pressed against his bare chest. I said good night and as I was moving away from him my erect nipples brushed against his hairy chest and it was great feeling, after that I left for my room.

We went to bed and I was horny and so was my husband so we started having sex, it was hotter then it had been for quite a while. I had a very intense orgasm as did my husband but then with the wine he drifted off to sleep and I was wide-awake. I didn’t know it at the time but randip had hung out by the bedroom door and tried to listen to some of our love sounds. He would confess this later.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen, I was naked so I threw on my short robe figuring that randip was also sleeping. I was surprised to find randip, sitting on a chair drinking a cup of tea. He also thought he would be alone and had only his briefs on. His hard was still on and I could still notice a bulge. We exchanged hellos and I poured myself a cup of coffee. He asked where my husband was and I told him he was sleeping, he knew we had sex but he was probably hoping that once had not been enough for me that night and he was right.

I went to sit and noticed he was now hard; I couldn’t help comment about it still being that way. He of course reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been pretty arousing. He also let on that based on what he could hear in his room I had gotten pretty aroused from the game also. I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom.

Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other. What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation. He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his room and I kind of admitted that I too might. What happened next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful comments the possibility of masturbating together came up. I would have love to do something crazy yet safe like that with him but was too scared so I said no way, he said okay like a hurt puppy dog and I then said something I shouldn’t have,

I said I would be willing to help him but he had to promise not to try anything. He looked pretty surprised, I took a walk to check on my hubby and make sure he was asleep. On my return I took him to the laundry room, I figured if my husband came down he could stay there and I would come out like I was doing late night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry room, randip slipped down his briefs and told me to go ahead and help him to cum. I told him to wait as I had to put some lotion on my hands which I had picked up while coming back after checking out my husband. When I was done I took my hand forward to grip his hand but could not find his cock in the dark and I also found that my hand was shaking with excitement. Then randip caught my hand and lowly guided my hand to his cock. As my hand touched his cock I was shocked to feel what I felt. His cock was very very large and much thicker then my husband. I could not grip it fully in my small hand. I slowly moved my hand up still shocked, to find out the complete length and ended at the top of his cock where a huge knob was there. It must have been around 8 to 9 inches long. I just held it for some time to get used to the length and the thickness of this monster that I was holding. Randip said what are u waiting for go ahead and make me cum. Then I slowly started to jerk him off, what a rush I felt. It was so hot having a man’s cock in my hand that wasn’t my husbands made in supper hot, as I slowly stroked and gently played with it. Looking at him, asking him if it felt good. I jerked him slowly as I wanted the moment to last a bit and I could tell the night had taken its toll and he would cum quickly. He was enjoying it starting to moan a little as he leaned back against the dryer. I continued jerking him for a while and then started doing it harder, I had to apply some more lotion on my hand and his cock as the one I had applied earlier was not enough. I was on fire myself and he realized it. I am not sure if he undid my robe or it just happened but at one point I realized I was naked with my robe open.

He whispered in my ear “just a little feel ” as his fingers started to play with my nipples. I started jerking really hard as I didn’t have the will power to stop his advances and figured once he came he would calm down. Well it did, he moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of sperm all over my belly and pubic hair. In the process he cupped my one breast and I also moaned with pleasure jerked him until his was done and stepped back. He had cum all over my stomach, hands and pubic. I had never seen my husband cum so much like a spray I cleaned up with some paper towel and gave him a peck goodnight and ran back to my bedroom.

That night I kept thinking of randip’c cock. I still could not believe that a man could have such a thick and long cock like his and how a girl could take it in. Thinking of that I went off to sleep. Next day morning I got up early and made tea for all of us. I was still thinking of what I and randip did last night and was a little shy of facing him in the morning. I went to my bedroom with tea and woke up sameer. He asked me if I had given tea to randip and I said no. He told me to go and give him tea. I was a little shy and also a bit exited to meet him as the memories of last night were still fresh in my mind. I knocked and went in. He was awake and smile on seeing me, I also smiled back and said good morning. I put the cup of tea on the side table. He pulled me close and he kissed me on the cheeks, I also kissed him back and told him that sameer must be waiting for me and ran out. My face had turned red. After that evening with randip where I had helped him to jack off, whatever barriers were there between us crumbled. We had seen each other half naked though we had not seen each other in full light and only seen in dim light or felt each other and we had shared some more secrets including touching each others parts. It was like we were walking down a path of no return.

That day ended when sameer and randip went off to office and before going I hugged randip as we used to do it earlier. For the next few weeks we did not get a chance to meet in private other then normal visits to out house, which ended in just hugs and kisses on cheeks. After a month later, my husband was chosen by the company to go for training to usa for a month. The day he was to go randip came over to pick him up and drop him at the airport. That way I was wearing a very sexy nightly which did not cover much. I did not wear a bra under that as sameer always wanted to see me like that. So my boobs and the nipples were visible through the night dress. Randip hugged me very tightly as my husband was not there and I also did not mind that at all. He looked down at my tits after we broke the hug and smiled, I also blushed and went to the room. I came out with sameer and this I wore a gown on top. I hugged sameer and wished him luck and as he was going out randip winked at me and I knew that we will have a nice time till my husband was away and maybe be have more secrets of ours. When my hubby went out randip again came in to collect his car keys which he left on table and as he was going out he gave me a packet and told me that it is for me, winked at me and went out. When I opened the packet I found a very sexy lacy pair of red bra and panties in it.

As soon as sameer’s flight took off randip rang me up and told me that sameer has taken off. I said yaa now I will get bored at home alone. He did not waste this opportunity and asked me to join him for lunch. I did not want him to say something and I don’t know what happened to me and I asked where and when should I come. He told me to come to his house and from there we could go out for lunch. I agreed and the time to reach his house was fixed at 11 am so I started getting ready fast as there was not much time left. I chose a very sexy saree with a very sexy blouse which really did not cover much as I was planning to tease randip today. He was delighted to see me and more so in that sexy saree that I was wearing. We hugged each other and he kissed me on my cheeks and held me tightly for more time then normally he used to. My body was pressed against his and I felt current going through my body. He then took me to sitting room holding me by my nude waist. We sat on the sofa close to each other. He asked me as to what will I like to have and we decided on Bacardi and made two drinks and we started sipping the same. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both we a little shy to start any topic. Then randip only started by saying that I am looking very sexy in this saree. As I bend forward to keep the glass on the my pallu slipped and fell down and my breasts were popping out. He looked at them and commented that my tits are the best he had ever seen. I blushed and tried to cover them but he caught my hand said that if I wear such a sexy blouse then what is the need of covering it with my saree and told me leave it like that. I smiled at him and asked him if his attention were clear. He also laughed and said that yes they are as clear as yours and we both laughed to this.

Randip then asked me as to how did I like the gift he gave me in the morning. I said told him that it was really very good and fitted me very well. I then asked him that how did you know my size, he smiled and told that he had a good feel of my boobs that night when I helped him to cum at our house. I smiled and told him that was a very nice time we had and our secret will remain a secret. I told randip that I was wearing the bra and panty that he gave me and it is very comfortable. Randip then told me that he wanted to see the fitting of the bra and panty. I was a little shy and a little scared to show him that because I was at his house and thought some one may come there and finding me in that state may lead to some problems and also told him that. He assured me that no one will come there and this will also remain our secret as the previous ones. I thought for some time and asked him that I hope it is just seeing me in that bra and panty and nothing more then that. Randip smiled at me and said that from his side its just that and if I say so it can be more then that too. I also smiled and said please give me another drink so that I can gather some courage to open my cloths. He poured two drinks for both of us and I started sipping my drink. When it half finished he again told me to go ahead. I smiled at him and said ok wait let me finish then drink. He got up and put on some soft English music and in the mean time I also finished my drink and now I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing , & decided to play along a little bit. I slowly pulled my saree paloo down onto my waist & sat there, my blouse had a low neckline cut as I told earlier & my cleavage was pretty prominent & my breasts were sort of seductively visible. I sat like that for a few minutes & tried as if to show my bra shoulder strap. I glanced at randip and he was watching transfixed with a very focused look, I slowly pulled out the strap of my bra and showed it to him. He then said not to show my bra in that manner. I got the message & then hesitated a bit & then thought , might as well & with him watching I slowly got up send stood a little distance from him and began to unbutton my blouse, halfway through I spread open the blouse to show him the red bra and randip, in a hoarse & choked voice asked me to open it further. I slightly hesitated thinking if some one comes over then what will I do but then thought, might as well do it only once & started opening the rest of the hooks of the blouse slowly and totally unhooked my blouse & spread it open for him to get a good view of my breasts in the sexy bra. It was actually a ” loveable ” bra with a good provocative cut and randip said in a soft and emotion filled voice ” they are really beautiful” and I actually blushed at this and felt quite proud then . I let him stare at my bra and breasts , slowly feeling a thrill about it myself. He did not budge from his seat and as he promised he was content on just watching me. My saree paloo was on the ground and my blouse was fully open and I held it open for him to see my bra and the tits in them. Then he told me that why don’t u remove the blouse and keep it aside other wise your hands will get tired holding it. And becoming a little bolder now and also the effect of the drinks was there on me, I slowly removed my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders I dropped it on the seat next to me. I felt awkward and also thrilled at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my husband’s best friend. This was the first time I had ever exposed to a man like this in full light my tits trapped in a bra were now exposed to a randip who was looking at the, with his mouth dry.

By then I never felt threatened or pressurized with him and walked around the room without my blouse on . He asked to see my panty now and instead of trying to remove my saree , I then simply pulled it up to sort of mid thigh to show my fair panty to him and felt a thrill about it. He asked me to repeat it and I again pulled up my saree, this time a little higher and when every time his request was repeated , I would oblige , pulling my saree further up till he could see the red panty presented by him as well . By then I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing. Then he told me that why don’t you remove your saree so that I don’t have to lift my saree every time I had to show him panty. I was also getting bolder by now and was much more relaxed then I was when I first removed my blouse and slowly removed my saree and kept it on the sofa where I had kept my blouse and then after a little while and on his persistent requests of ” please remove your petticoat ” I actually pulled the string of the petticoat and let it drop on the flood and stepped out of it and showed my fair, slim and shapely legs. Now was in a red bra and lacy panty. I also felt that I was getting wet in between my legs. I went to the table where I had left my glass and told that I am going to refill my glass and he told me to make a drink for him also. I went close to him and picked up his glass too, he was just staring at my boobs. I turned my back to him and moved to the bar to make a drink for both of us. Took my time thinking that he must be looking at my back and wanted to tease him more. After some time and heard standing behind and to my surprise I felt his body touching my back and I was surprised to feel that he had removed his cloths and I could feel his nude chest and legs touching mine. A shiver ran down my spine as his body touched mine. Then he moved his hands in front to help me fix the drinks and in doing so he brushed his hands on my breasts, I also let him do it as it was really very arousing. Then he moved more closed pretending to fix a drink and now I could also feel his half erect cock against my hips. I was really getting turned on and then the effect of the drinks was also having its effects. I was as good as being in his arms. When the drinks were made he moved back and then I noticed that he was wearing his under wear and rest was totally nude. He smiled at me and told that how could he be in cloths when I was in just a bra and panties. I too smiled and said hope your intentions are clear. He smiled and said that they were as clear as yours.

Then he told me that he will be blessed if I could remove my bra and showed him my beautiful breasts and that he was sure that he had never seen any thing like this in his whole life. I felt a pride in what he said and than decided to open my bra. But before that I told him to switch of some lights as I was feeling shy of opening my bra as I had not done it in front of any one till date. He agreed and switched few lights but the light was enough to my tits clearly. I stood in front of him and slowly took my hands behind my back to unhook the bra. His eyes were fixed on my bra and was waiting desperately for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps as the straps got released my boobs came to full size as they were caged in the bra but were still covered by the bra from the front and were not visible to
Randip. His mouth half opened in anticipation of seeing my boobs I was really getting very exited at what I could do to a man. Then he told me to please remove the bra fully so that he could se my beautiful boobs. I slowly took my hands to the straps on my shoulders and pulled then down on the side of arms thereby slowly exposing my lovely and shapely boobs to randip. I let the bra drop to the floor and my boobs were in his full view with my nipples erect. I just stood there like that and he just kept staring at my tits as if he had never seen any tits in his life. I felt a proud of my body. I become a little more bolder and slowly walked topless in my red panties to him . He just sat on the sofa in front of me and did not budged from his seat & was very content just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally topless & in spite of myself enjoying , what I was doing . Also, with him being a passive watcher, I was quite comfortable as I could have been undressing at home, for that matter. When I glanced at randip

I was surprised to note that he had opened his underwear and had withdrawn his cock & was slowly stroking his erection . I was taken aback because this was the first time I was seeing a cock in real life other then sameer’s though I had held his cock but that was in darkness. He seemed to be in such a heavenly trance , stroking his erect cock , that I did not say anything or show some discomfort , though it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly looked at his cock quite closely and was impressed with it’s size which did appear pretty large then what I had seen of my husband and in some of the blue films I had seen. I was now enjoying myself, sort of posing for him. I was still topless & on an impulse, to just stand in front of him, sort of naked, with just my red skimpy panty on. I turned around for him to see my buttocks etc and sort of just walked around the place , with just my high heels on & my red panty, randip was quietly and intently watching me doing all this and still stroking his erect monster of a cock. This sort of gave me a sense of satisfaction . I was enjoying my bout of exhibitionism. He indicated me to pull my panty off and I for the first time really felt shy and avoided doing so. He pleaded again and I then turned around to show my buttocks and pulled my panty down and displayed my fair and soft buttocks to him and then pulled my panty back up. I heard randipl sighing loudly , and I looked at him . He was stroking his cock furiously now and I watched him fascinated and when he slightly leaned forward , his eyes staring at me like in a trance. He once again told me to pull down my panties and remove it. I was totally exited and wanted do the dare so I slowly pulled down my panty and it fell down on the floor and I slowly stepped out of it. I was totally nude now and there were so many ohhhh’s and ahhhh; coming from randip’s mouth which really exited me more. He slowly got up and let his underwear drop on the floor and he too was totally nude and now his cock was looking even bigger. He slowly came near me and took me in his arms. He held my face in both his hands and turned it up towards his face. I closed my eyes as my lips parted and my hands came to rest on his hips as randip bent down and kissed my honey sweet lips. My hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Randip lifted his head and looked at me. I quickly hid my face on his shoulder, my eyes evading his every glance. Randipr held me from my back and tightened his grip on me, crushing my beautiful firm breasts hard on his chest. A soft sigh escaped from my mouth. Randip said that why are you still hiding your face from me as I was feeling shy and my face looked red as it was when I saw my husband nude and he took me in his arms. Randip asked me as to why are you feeling shy of me and hiding your face from me. I said that you are the first man other then my husband who has ever taken me in his arms and kissed me and I love my husband like anything.

Randip stroked my hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation that I was in. Then randip moved me away from him and again placed his lips on mine. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel his tongue go in side my mouth for which I opened my mouth a little more and after some time even I put my tongue in his mouth and it looked a perfect french kiss. My hands slowly rising from his back to his head, my fingers running through his hairs. Randip was moving his hands all over my back. His hands moved down to my waists and as he grabbed my buttocks, my grip tightened on his back. Randip slowly moved his hand upwards sliding through my hips, up my belly and then cupped my breast. I was now going weak in my legs. And randip supported me from my back as he began squashing my sexy, firm and full breast. I broke free of his lips and began to push him away from me. I said randip I think we are crossing the limits and randip said that its ok and we are just keeping each other happy. I said that we just started with flirting with each other and look where we have reached now. Randip said that the way you used to dress up in at home and show your beautiful tits to me in front of your husband turned me on and when we had that few minutes in that washing room where you helped me to cum that day changed every thing and we both had the desire to have each other. So don’t feel guilty and lets enjoy life as you live only once. Then randip quickly held my hand and pulled me towards him, grabbing me and kissing me fervently. I too submitted myself completely to randip and again held him firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as he let my lips go. I stood there, my eyes gazing at him lustfully . The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

Randip again gently began to stroke my hairs and kissed me softly, pecking occasionally on my lips. His hands moved down on to my breasts, rubbing them softly. Randip enjoyed my breasts for a few moments and then I could see fell that I began to tremble as he bent down to kiss my breast then sat on his knees and kissed my triangle. When he kissed me there I said ohh god ahh. He then got up and took me in his arms and my big and firm boobs were pressed against his naked and hairy chest. His hands were moving on my back till my butt and I also took him in my arms and my hands were also moving up and down. He admired my boobs and put his hand on it and started pressing it, then he kissed me on my lips his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it and then his tongue rolled down my neck, onto my breasts grabbing my one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as my sexuality began to rise at my peak. He sucked it hard until it was swollen red. I was now like a bitch on heat, my pelvic thrusting on his dick. As he sucked me hard his hand freed her pressed the other breast and began to maul me. I arched backwards enjoying every moment of his licking and caressing of my breasts. He was enjoying me with as much vigor as he could. Then a moan escaped my mouth and I said ohhhhh god you suck them so hard it feels sooooo good. They have never been sucked so hard I love it. My breasts were fully exposed to him tugged, I closed my eyes put my hands on randip’s head and pulled him to my boobs and he once again started sucking both my boobs turn by turn. I kept on moaning now a little louder.
He left my boobs and took me in his arms my breasts were now crushed to his naked chest. I was sure he could feel the contour of my well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of my erect nipples. His hand went straight through my hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become so exited that my pelvic were once again thrusting on his dick which I could feel it on my stomach and it was very hard and hot, the pre cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and I could feel the wetness in my stomach. His hand began to grope my breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over my belly. He found my navel and teased her there for some time. He then slithered down to the most sensitive part of a girl. Barely had his fingers been on my triangle that my hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed his hand. “no.” I said in my soft and sensual voice. He said why not and I said I don’t know but I am feeling guilty. He took me in his arms and said please don’t worry its ok and we both us are enjoying this and I will not come in between you and you husband and we also love each other, so if we love each other then there is nothing wrong. Saying this he started kissing me and I also responded by taking him in my arms and her hands were all over his back and his head. My pelvic again thrusting on his cock and his cock was looking bigger now.

I could feel that I was melting now. And randip was not the one to miss this opportunity and so his hand began to slide down. This time I held his hand but soon let go of his hand as I too could not hold it for any longer. Randip’s hand reached my triangle and as he further moved down he could feel my soft and well shaved area, which he played for some time and then as his fingers went further down a shudder ran through me and I shivered as his fingers ran over her wet clits.

A subtle groan came through within me as he inserted his finger into my cunt. It was dripping wet. I jerked my body and began to moan like an animal. He said to me that you are very tight. I again blushed. Randip took my hand and placed it on his on top of his cock. It was by now hard as a rock. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it from the center. Randip’s finger was moving in my cunt now as I was groaning louder. Then he took my hand and told me to move it up and down the shaft of his dick. As I moved my hand up and down I said ohh my god! It’s so big and thick.” and I blushed. Randip said “then quench its fire with your nectar of love.” he replied cunningly. “oh, god! No. Please! No.” I pleaded and buried my head in his chest. His lightly pressed my clitoris and then I was at it again. His hand and finger were doing wonders, that I started groaning again. I slowly began to move his dick back and forth my thumb caressing the tip of his penis’ head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I repulsed and said that its so big and I can never take it in my mouth, it will never fit in my mouth and I said that I has never done it to any one else other then her husband. He made me sit on the sofa and he was standing in front

Facing me. Now I could see his cock which was still in my hand clearly as it was just inches away from my face. I was surprised to see its size. It was really very big cock. My husband’s size was less then 6 inch and very thin but randip’s cock

Was very thick and big. Must have been 8 inch plus. His cock was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant its so big. It had a big purple knob which was double the size of my husband and then the shaft of his cock was even thicker. I was just wondering that how could a girl take in such a big cock. But after coxing a few times I went down on my knees. I pulled his cock down in front of my face and then released it, it sprang up like an angry lion to its full length and jumped in front of me. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it. I examined it thoroughly from all angles and said appreciatively, “you are endowed with a real monster, big and thick. My lips parted as I moved forward to take his penis in my mouth. My tongue wriggling his cock. And I slowly started licking the complete shaft up and down. I now began to enjoy it. And opened my mouth wide and put his cock head in my mouth and sucked him in. I was very good at giving blow jobs and really turned sameer on when I did it to him. I started by stroking his member gently, to and fro and my mouth was filling with saliva, which started dripping down my chin and on to my boobs. I sucked hard and sometimes a slurping sound escaped from my mouth, which was strangely very erotic. I moved my head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. My tongue was licking every part of randip’s huge cock. I was now sucking his juices right out of his body then randip took out his penis from my mouth before he could ejaculate.

Randip pushed me back on the sofa and said that I want to lick you down there. I did not say anything and threw my head back on the sofa and closed my eyes. Randip took this hint as yes, he came and sat in front of me he held me from my waist and tried to pull me towards him so that he could lick me. To my amazement as well to randip’s I actually helped him get my self closer him by lifting my hips and moving to the edge of the sofa. He folded my naked legs and spread them. My both legs were now on the arm rest of the sofa and cunt wide open. His hand soon grabbed my knee of the raised foot and began to slide down. My pussy now lay bared to him, cradled in the nest of my well shaved pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for randip to discover it. Randip kissed me on my thighs and his tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of me. Am sure randip could now smell my feminist odor. His tongue then began to graze on my clits. I grabbed him by his hair and began to push him, deep inside me. His tongue ravaged the insides of my pussy and he began to taste hungrily at my juices. “shittt!” I exclaimed as both my legs began to curl up in position.

I pushed him more inside and he almost suffocated. His mouth was inside me, his tongue dwelling inside tasting my fluid and stroking what was my g-spot. I was dying as I had never been licked down there by my husband for a very long time and more over sameer never licked me as randip was doing. I was nearing a climax and started moaning like a animal. When I had cum I let go a loud scream which could have woken up the neighbors. He pushed himself up on my belly and his tongue began to play with my navel. I had her hands over his back imploring him to get back to my wet orifice. Randip did as I wanted and started licking again as I wanted another orgasm. He kept on doing this till the time I started moaning loudly and my body was shivering. My head started tossing form right to left and I griped the arm rest of the sofa tightly and my moans were getting louder and breath harder again. Then suddenly I thrust my hips up in the air and this gave randip a chance to put his tongue deep inside my cunt. It was darting in and out of my cunt very fast. I knew I was is going to come any time now. And then I let out another loud scream, threw my head back and my chest came up, my breast up in the air like two peaks. My body stiffened for some time then a loud ahhhh escaped my mouth and I came down to the sofa. A smile on my face said every thing and I said you are too good randip, I never enjoyed it so much.

Then randip said lets go to the room and make love and you will enjoy it even more there. I said “you really don’t mean to put that thing into me, do you?” I asked rather coyly. Randip said “yes honey, and you and me are going to enjoy every bit of it.”. “Jesus!!! Save me.” I moaned and closed my eyes and then said “randip I cant do it, I can never take that monster inside me. Please randip no I cant do it’.

Randip got up lifted me in his arms and moved towards his room, which was his bedroom when he as carrying me in his arms to the room I was protesting to radip. I was still saying that I cant take it in randip please don’t do it. Randip was in no mood to listen to me now as he was getting a female after a very long time. As we reached the room he put me on the bed. Randip said to me “don’t worry sweet heart it will be pleasurable.” he assured me. Gently running his fingers through my hair. Then he went to the dressing table and got a tube of key jelly and started applying it on his huge cock and then he put a lot of it on my cunt and massaged it there.

Randip then came to the bed near me and slowly spread my legs and as he was doing it I felt a shiver run down my spine as I was still scared of that cock of his but heart in heart I want to have in my tight cunt. He came in between my legs and positioned himself on top of me in between my legs and his cock was close to my wet and lubricated pussy and he was ready to fuck me tight cunt. All this time he was gently stroking my hair to pacify. I bit my lip as his huge cock touched my clits and parted them and my hands came over his hips as he slowly entered me.

“ohhh!!! You are so tight.” he said as he gave a bit more force . My body arched and I threw back my head lifting up my chest. He took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them hard. Randip then slowly pushed his hips and his huge purple head of his cock was almost inside my cunt. “unnnhh!!! Nooo.” I yelled and said please randip take it out its too painful and I cant take it in.

Randip said that I have never had pussy so tight as yours and I can feel my dick burn as my head of cock entered you. I said that even I never thought that a cock could be so big as yours and my husbands cock is not even half your size. Randip said that that’s why your cunt is so tight cause he has not fucked you enough. The head was now fully inside her. He kept on stroking my hair and interchanged my nipples and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing me. I began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle’s claws. I said please enough don’t put in more I cant take it. But randip was in no mood to listen to me. Randip made a strong move and forced his huge cock deep inside me and half of his cock was now inside my tight cunt. I yelled and screamed and said no, please randip its hurting me. I began to plead. My pleading only made him hornier as he began to again thrust his cock deep into me. I began to shout and moan in pain and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped my mouth. He placed his hands on under my shoulder and grabbed me tightly so that I could not move at all and also put his complete weight on my body. Randip’s mouth went over mine and he took out his cock till the tip of his cock and again thrust his cock into my cunt with a very hard push. This time I threw my head back and yelped. “aaaaagggh!” and randip’s cock was now fully inside my cunt. I once again screamed loudly this time. But there was no once to hear my screams in his house with just me and randip alone in the house. My screams echoed through the house. My vaginal lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate him. I dug my nails in his back and tried my best to push him off but he was very strong and did not move off me. I was babbling incoherently and moaning loudly at the same time. My face was all sweated and in almost agony. Randip held me like that for some time kept kissing me and I said randip you almost killed me. Its so painful. You have bust my cunt and made me fell like a virgin again.

Randip grabbed my mouth with his and kept mauling my breasts. My hands came over his back and I was now nailing his back and biting his lips. He entered me deep inside as my paws encircled his back, guiding him inside me. Randip said that you are very tight. I said that now I will not be tight any more. Randip ’s prick began to thrust inside me, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. I too began to move my hips along with him. I was having an orgasm. Randip licked me face, my ears and my nipples and then I could feel a storm brewing inside me. In his excitement, randip’s cock slid out completely from my cunt. It looked even bigger now with his huge purple knob at the tip. His penis shining with both from the key jelly and with my juices. Now that he was out of me he again applied some key jelly over his shaft and pulled a pillow beneath my hips. He again opened my thighs apart and I didn’t resist anyway, as he again mounted me. He came over me and impatiently began prodding my loins with his penis. He was taking a long time to center because my cunt was still very tight and my hand emerged in between our groins, held his penis and guided it over to my wet vagina. Slowly he again gained entry into my cunt. Once fully inside, he again started humping me, slowly at first and then furiously. I was calling out his name and pulling at his chest hair, I was wild. In a short while he began thrusting inside me rapidly and after some time I moaned loudly and there were a lots of ahhhhhh and uuuuhhhhhhhh from me as I was coming and when I did come, loud scream came out of my mouth and followed by a loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. My body went stiff under randip for a while, my eyes rolled back and I gave a deep, satisfied sigh. We both held each other tight and randip increased his speed as he made his final force inside my pussy. Moments latter he ejaculated inside me and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my vagina running down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me…his huge penis buried deep in my cunt and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping.. His cum continued to be pumped into my vagina.

Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After some time I felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside my cunt. My god….it was amazing. His penis becoming hard within few minute. He smiled at me. “again?” He questioned me ‘now baby…it will be my way’ he said. He told me to get into doggy position and I quickly turned over and got on fours on the bed and thrust my bottoms out presenting my pussy to him. Needing no instructions, randip grabbed my hips and held me by my waist. He positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. It was such a good feeling when he rubbed his cock on my slit that I was moaning with pleasure and as I could not hold any longer I yelled to him and said ohh randip fuck me, fuck me like a bitch. With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long penis forcing its way into my cunt. I went silent and then started panting wildly as he held my hips and was fucking me steadily long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around my back and his hands were squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world and didn’t care about anything but the monstrous penis I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick. ‘Oh my god! It’s sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!!’ Randip then pushed me forward! On my huge heaving breasts, propped my ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck me earnestly.. He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again. Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for at least five minutes. All the time I screamed for more. He was squeezing my nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of my stretched cunt made me buck into his thrusts.. ‘Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh’ I moaned out in pleasure. I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting and screaming. He got the hint that I was about to cum and he took his one hand to my clits and started rubbing that fast. I said, yaaa fuck me randip fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was coming fuck me aaaahhhhhhhhh and I climaxed.

I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto the bed. I felt randip pulling my legs down the bed and pushing me on my face down to the bed. His rock hard cock was still standing like a pole. He then began kissing my back and was gently massaging and squeezing my labial lips with his hands. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge penis head was swelling up to it’s enormous proportions. I felt randip push the top of my back forward and spread my legs as he prepared to mount me the third time with his big dick. I grabbed the bed and anticipated the monster. ‘Oooooh!’ I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy. My vagina was aching and paining. I don’t think you can ever get used to something that big entering you. He started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed against the bed. My body lay limp as randipl thrust his giant cock into me.
He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine deep into me .I came about three times during randip’s this intrusion. It took him longer, but when he finally climaxed, he came as forcefully as he had earlier. He kept pumping his warm cum in me. My god, it never seemed to stop. When he pulled out of my pussy, the thickness of his manhood caused it to remain gaping open for a time; the mixture of his cum and my juices trickled out and puddle atop the silken sheets. Lowering my legs, he collapsed on the bed and pulled my back in against him; wrapping my in his arms. Several minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. I said, taking his hand in mine and kissing it. “i’ve wanted to do this since that first day I saw you as a newly wed bride also knew that sameer was not fucking you very well ,” replied randip.

They both of us went to the bathroom. We both had bath together and came out. Randip lifted me and put me on the bed. I just rolled over with my hips up and relaxed. Randip said sweetheart will you have another drink I said why not. He made drinks for both of us and also ordered lunch for both of us. When came to the bed I turned to face him and I saw his half limp cock dangling between his legs and it still looked very big.. As he came to me I took him in my arms and we started having Bacardi from the same glass. I kissed him and said that this is the best sex I have ever had in my life. Randip said that I am very tight and I blushed and said I that you are too big and I could never think that your cock could enter me. We kept having Bacardi and then I told him that did you not stop when I was crying and screaming, he said that my screams made him even more hornier and to top it I had not seen or had a cunt so tight so I could not control myself. I told randip that you cum so many that I could not believe that a man can cum so much. Randip said I wish you had tasted my cum. I told him that I have already tasted it when I had helped you masturbate that night as you had cum on my hand. After that I went to the bathroom and licked every drop on my hand and it tasted very nice. He took me in his arms and we both started kissing each other. After some time he started getting a hard on and I took the lead this time and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him hungrily till the time it was fully erect. Then he went down on me and started licking me till I got a climax. Then we did 69 position and I was finally ready to get fucked. This time again he used key jelly to lubricate me and his cock so that it was not painful for me. And when he entered me, I let out a loud ahhh again and said its still painful. So randip put his cock in slowly till I could get used to it. I had 3 climax this time and finally randip came inside me.

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Sex With Hot Mumbai Girl

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Guys let me you its very difficult to understand to understand a women. It would be very easy to reach the bottom of an ocean but it would be very difficult to understand a women what she wants from men, in short woman’s heart. Any way lets not be philosophic and come to the point. This story got its birth like this. Well I am a guy of 21, living in MUMBAI, India, along with a friend, as we share the Flat together . I am working as a Computer Network Administrator for some company. Once I was surfing the internet and chatting along which is suppose to be one of my hobby but the only difference is that most of the time I chat, I have a Theme for the Day to chat on, on that particular day, I chose the theme to be PRIVATE SEX LIFE! and I went on and was chatting to quite a number of people.

After sometime there was girl came online to chat and we chatted for a while as she has to go offline, in the meanwhile we exchanged our email addresses. The next day by change when I was downloading our company’s mails from the net I was logged on, which is very common for me as most of the time I have to do many work online. So we again chatted for a while & I asked her, for her phone number coz she itself was from my city. Then after that we often spoke on the phone for long hours late in the night as I have to come home late. This went on for a at least 3 months then, I showed some interest to meet her, where we decided to meet on a particular day on some spot. Later on the relation went on for couple of months as good friends. Then I Had to take a Break to go to my sisters wedding as she was out station. When I came back we started again but not that frequent what was earlier, anyway that doesn’t bother me much. In the mean time of all this I told her that I am interested in her. She said this / that and so on…

After a couple of months it was the time for Valentine’s Day. I told her that I would like to celebrate the day with her, she said no!!! I waited and took it cool as hurry is not good in this matter. After the Valentine’s Day she told me that she likes a guy who is her good friend & he like her took. I wished her All The Luck. But the fucking does not get over here it starts now. Its my nature to keep people together & always keep in touch so most of my friends like me for that. The same applies over here, I was always in touch but not very frequent, then one afternoon I made a phone call to her just to say hi – hello. After the phone call I put on the music and was getting ready to go and have a shower as that day I got up late coz it was a weekend holiday, and my friend was out of station. Then I went to take the shower & after almost five min, I heard the door bell ringing still that time I was in the bathroom taking shower I said loudly Just give me a min. I just Rapped a towel and opened the door, to my surprise it was the same girl SCOOBY (name changed) standing right in front of me in a nice tight jeans n a full sleeve t-shirt in dark blue color, it was the second time I met her, any way I welcomed her nicely inside and asked her to sit and enjoy some music what ever she wants & help herself as I had to go to finish my bath. In few min from then I came back nicely dressed she put on some lovely dance music from my collection. I have a lovely collection of music on disk & tapes as well. I asked her if she would like to have some soft drink. She said yes and accompanied me to my kitchen, I served her some chilled Thumps-up and got back to the hall. She asked me if we can dance, I agreed and we were on the floor, In fact that was the first time till now that some girl was dancing with me in my own room for the first time. While dancing I mad her wild and that moment of time we were very close, she asked if I have something on JIVE or WALLS, so I changed the music and we were doing walls & jive alternatively as the music went on. She came very close to me my hands went on to her body for many times, nut I was not in the intention to do anything as I was just enjoying the music & dance. Slowly & slowly she can quite close to me and was just about to kiss. Then I said just excuse let me have a sip of a drink. I went to the kitchen and brought some ice cubes in a jar. I had a sip and up a ice cube in my mouth and aging on the floor with her in my arms. this time I was exited. Just in a while our body met just stuck to each other as we dance she said if she could kiss me, I shook my head. Then she kissed on my right cheek and put her head on my shoulder by this time I was erected completely & she could feel the same, to control myself I said lets take a break, I went straight to the kitchen opened the fridge and had a lot of chilled water & poured some on my head and body. She was standing at my side & watching all this then she hold me from the back both her hand went under my arm pit she drew me closer to her body.

I with out taking time immediately turned back and hold her tightly in my arm and asked is this is what she wants she did not respond to me but I understood the silence and put my lips in her. And we were just smooching for some time and our hands went her and there in our body caring each other she was responding excellently. In the mean while I opened the fridge and took out some ice cubes.

Then I just, hold her like a baby in my arm and took her to the bedroom. I sat down on the bed and placed her on my lap facing me. Then I placed the ice jar in the table adjusting to my bed. Again she hold me in her arms and we started to smooch each other then I moved on to her neck, face to some extend down. then she did the same with me while I was caring her by moving my left hand on her hair on head, neck, and on her lips. Then I took off her t-shirt now I could see her boobs very well, which in a shape of apple, she took of my t-shirt and our body met once again she was moving her hand on my body. Then suddenly I turned and up her on the bed and put a ice cube in my mouth then slowly rubbing it on her starting from the head, nose, lips, cheek, neck, shoulder, arm-pit, boobs, stomach, I moved downwards. Guys can you imagine the scene. I opened the button of her jeans put both my hands inside till her ass inside her panties pressing her ass then I started lowering her jeans as well kissing her all around and making her feel more horny then before. I removed her jeans then I went straight to her pussy removes the panties off which was well shaved and kept clean. I started to suck her slowly and she started moaning slowly & gradually as I increased my speed to suck & tongue fuck her pussy. she whispered slowly that she is going to cum, soon I laid down on the bed and took her on top made her sit on my chest, and her pussy in my mouth, (you could very well imagine the situation) and I was tongue fucking her she cumin soon. I took the full JUICY SILIVA and drank it. It was tasty guys. and was stills fucking her the same way then soon she cumin again but she never told me, this time I missed some JUICE which off course fell on my bed. but any way she way some relaxed then she came down on my side and lay down. BUT MAN WHAT ABOUT ME?? I AM STILL UNTOUCHED WHEN ITS MY FIRST TIME ALSO?? Any way she did not take time to rest but she got up and went straight to my pant removed my pant the same way as I did. took my erected hot dick in her mouth and made me go horny like any thing. I felt, as if I was in the tour to heaven. She would not allow me do any other thing, then I suggested her why cannot we do opposites i.e.. 69. In the mean while doing 69 I cum in her mouth & she again in my mouth. Then I pulled her down me separated her legs as I put in mine in between her legs, then bent down and as we kiss each other we were caring each other by moving hands here and there on our body. I put my mid figure in her pussy and was caring to make her ready she was getting hot & hot like a milk. Then in the mean while I put my erected dick on top of her pussy and with a sudden push the full thing went inside she tried to scream on top of her voice but she could not utter a sound as my lips had a tight grip on her mouth tightening the lips. and the sound went silent. Then I started increase the speed, she would try to adjust her self according to me. Her pussy was very tight & to my surprise I saw some blood running down, my good

ness she was virgin in my arms, she whispered in my ears why did you put the dick so badly when I was responding you well. I had no answer to her question. But any way we continued. I did not cumin her pussy as I did not wanted that, If fact she too. So I cummed out over her body. Then we laid on each other. sometime she on top, sometime I on top of her caring for each other. Then again we had sex. Then I told her that I wanna fuck her ass, she refused me by saying that she do not want her ass to be hurt. Slowly I convinced her by saying this – that and put some oil on top of her ass then sliding my fingered in it. when she was convinced, I put some coconut oil on my dick and slowly made her lay on her chest down and I went on top Slowly I started to insert my dick in her asshole but man it was tighter then her pussy. any how I managed to fuck her the cummed my whole juice in her asshole. and came out.

And there we lay on the bed tired caring for each other, I asked her about the guy she was in love with but no reply she changed the topic. But till the moment I could not understand why she wanted to have sex with me. I was very confused that time & till now. Hope any one could answer my question. All sort of question in my mind. Let me describe the girl with whom I just now had sex. She must be 5.4″, slim ( midume), apple size boobs, & a Midume sized Pappya hip, a 17 year old girl. I am 5.7″, tall not a good body built but ok, as mental & physical does not develop together, but I am happy about that. Any way, after about 5 min we got up from the bed we both went to the Bathroom had a shower together over there kissing under the shower. Then after the bath. I dressed up and went on make some quick noodles & garnished it with some egg. & potato chips. While she was dressing up & in the mean time she also changed the bed sheet of my bed. And then I served the food, well a compliment came for me from her that I cook well, at least know how to serve things that goes along. By that time we were sitting in the hall and listening to music and she was feeding me like a baby. And my GOD the door bell rung, I jumped out of the sofa, I really thought we were caught. Together we gathered some courage & I opened the it was my BOSS. With a surprise he said crazy a girl in your room, in reply I said one of my best friend of old days, we were working together for quite sometime. My BOSS & MYSELF are good friends. He said its our weekend I gueesed you might be in the house as usual so let me go & see you so we could go for a movie tonight, I hope to see you 9.30 p.m. at the usual theater. Thats all he had to say & have a NICE TIME TOGETHER. and he went back. He told me to call me on his mobile for further details to be discussed. Then he went back. As soon as he left we had a relief and we both took a deep breathe. and just lay in the sofa to my surprise. She came up on my lap and we had sex on the sofa I sitting down and she on top of me. I should say she was a “JEM OF PARTNER’S TO HAVE SEX WITH”. She knew almost every thing, about how to do sex. Then she said I wanna go home. I got her a auto rikshwa as she lived very near by to me the place might be almost a 15 min distance form my place.

After she went I wonder how much time we were together, I couldn’t believe that we were just 2 hrs together, and we had so much of FUN. But still now I am in a state of shock why the hell she wanted to have sex with me? Why not the guy she liked? What about the guy? Why did I had sex with her? Was it right on our part? and so many questions?

But one thing for sure I have learnt that its easy to understand a geography & science of women, But impossible to understand the History & Physiologic of women. Guys better be safe side. Well I conclude over here & welcome you comments & replies to my first mysterious sex with a girl whom I liked, but she liked some one else. Till that time for a weeks time she did not call me up or did I, Then it was her call to me to say hello.

Leaving you over here with a mystery….. to solve..?

I hope you Enjoyed the pleasure of reading. I would request you to tell me weather I could explain things nicely & could become a writer. If you like to communicate and share your ideas with me most welcome. I would welcome you for any of my services.


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Stranger in Festival

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Hello, I would like to share my pleasant moments with all desibaba fans. Well this happened with a stranger girl who was impressed by me. (And she impressed me too). We were in a festival (Basant mela) in a racecourse. And were flying kites. Well we were standing very close together and unknowingly she hit me accidentally after pulling her kite. And stumbled down on the ground, well I left my kite and gave her a hand for help. She grabbed my hand and got herself up. And said sorry. I told her no problem. Are you all right? Did you not get hurt? She said I am fine but when she walked she was trembling and I told her that she was hurt. I told to Sit down for a moment and then go. She sat and I also sat beside her. And after knowing each other I invited her to my house and she readily accepted:). We left the festival and came to my house. I was alone at home. She told me about her hobbies that included chatting on net and with that I started to question her about her boyfriends. But she said she never had any boyfriend and was willing to have one. It was a good chance for me to say her that I can be your boyfriend. And she was ready to hear that. She gave me a smile and we had cheers.

We talked about each other and then I told her that I was quite impressed by her body and she said would you like to see me more? Wow! I loved to see her. She Slowly and passionately removed her clothes from top to bottom and asked me How’s this? She was gorgeous and very sexy standing there naked in front of me. I moved forward and rolled my fingers on her Breasts. While she was touching me all around me. She was very furious to see me naked. And went down for my pants. And dropped them off. She saw my big cock and got excited like this is real. I am seeing a real cock first time after all those from the net. She shacked my cock up down and asked this is how you masturbate. Yes I told her but now I won’t masturbate Ill have real time sex with you and she smiled. She didn’t know how to give me pleasure because she’s new to this. So I had to tell her to taste my cock. It’s just like a lollipop I am sure you’ll like that. So she kissed the tip of my cock and then took the whole big cock in her deep throat. Wow I had so much pleasure like that. Then till the creamy liquid started to come out my cock she stopped and wiped it and again took in. That was too much for me and now I also wanted to get in her. So I lift her up and threw her on the bed and laid on her kissing like JUNGLEE on her body from face till her toes. She loved that so much she started to shimmer all around and was pulling my hairs saying to stop it. But I couldn’t help myself to eat her. Well I was getting out of my consciousness and before it could happen I got up and opened the door to her pussy and entered the tip of my cock in it. She screamed with joy! And slowly I moved my whole cock in her small Pussy. Surely her pussy was very small for my cock and before entering it she asked me that would you put that while in me. And when I succeeded putting my whole cock in her I told her to see it’s in you now. And she asked what’s it doing. I said it’s having fun. That went off by laughing but then she screamed out loudly. Because I started the turbo power of my cock in her Pussy. It starts when it is to its end. And without caring about her screams I went on pushing her whole body up and down vigorously. We both were wet in our selves. I was to complete my tour when I got my cock out of her and splashed all my money on her tummy. She was looking at me. And when she saw me splashing she took her hands out and spread it all over her body saying you are so HOT!

Sure I was at that time. She kissed me all over again and I washed my cock and again put it in her mouth to give me a completion. She gave me a lovely blowjob and we both were exhausted by the time. She lay on my body and relaxed for few minutes by kissing me. Then we got up dressed up and went back to the festival where the girl’s family was searching for her when they found her and she left. My most disappointing moment was when she left because doing all this I never asked her contact. So a stranger came in my life gave me pleasure and went off. If she is reading this please come to me again. I am searching for you. Where are you?

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Bangalore girl banged

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Kamini Kulkarni found me in the Brigade Road a couple of years ago. I was in my early twenties and muscular enough to entice the cosmopolitan girls who frequented to our shop. I immediately realized that she was watching my features closely and I felt as if she was surprised as to what I was doing in the garments showroom. Having known about (some) women of Bangalore, I was convinced that she must be one among those flirts in the city not content with the husbands. It was an easy guess that she might be rich with plenty of money to throw at young boys who dared to jump on her. Honestly, she was good looking with those predominant plump curves. Although her breasts seemed to have been over utilized, she still looked sexy. She managed to flip her visiting card at me while shopping and as she winked at me moistening her lips, I smiled to have come across one richer whore with the urge to take on the strength of younger men.

I haven’t had sex for quite some time and hence it wasn’t difficult to decide visiting her once. I called her on her mobile one Thursday and after ensuring that she would be alone at home, I planned to visit her right away. She was staying in a posh apartment in Wilson Gardens and it did take some time to locate the building. The first thing which struck me after the door was opened was her smile soaked with desire and lust. She served me with samosas and hot coorg coffee although I was more curious about what would follow.

“Hello Ranjit,” she started talking sitting close to me on the sofa while she kept staring at my muscles under my T-shirt and Jeans, “So how old are you?”

“I completed 23 last month. Madam.” I replied as I observed that she had made herself up well for the occasion.

“The reason I gave my card to you is that,” she began revealing. “I have a crush for young boys like you. I love watching them play with my tits and clit. I enjoy the feel of young cock inside and I get thrilled to watch them go haywire on my body. Every time you visit, I will shell out a few thousand rupees so long as you keep me interested all through. It is just between me and you and you will assure that you will never reveal to anyone about what we do. Is that ok?”

I pretended as though I was thinking over her proposal for a while before turning to her and nodding my head in acceptance.

“That’s like a good boy,” she flashed a smile and began unbuttoning her shirt while I kept watching her holding my breath. Soon, she sat revealing her naked breasts with reddish areola and perky nipples. She didn’t waste much time in pulling off her pants either as within minutes after my reaching her home, she sat naked to the hilt next to me.

“I won’t tell you what to do,” she let her legs spread apart as wide as she could and winked at me. I stood up to get rid of my clothes and I watched her taking a deep breath seeing my hard manhood standing erect. I went on my knees between her spread legs and got close enough to let my hot breath fall on her naked body. Her breasts still looked firm although their shapes were uneven and I could see a few veins being visible on her shining skin on the breasts. She had a pair of wonderful cherry red areolas which held her hard enticing nipples. I leaned forward to mouth one of the nipples as a gentle moan emanated from her mouth feeling my mouth on her nipples for the first time. I could feel my cock getting tensed hearing her sexy moan and soon my mouth began exerting vigorously on either of her breasts. While I held a breast in my mouth, I was playing with the other with my hands. Kamini Kulkarni’s hands started traveling all over my hair while she kept moaning while enjoying the feel of my mouth and fingers all over her flesh globes. Her hands easily found their way to my throbbing dick and began stroking it gently.

“It is so big,” she said in a husky voice as she found it almost impossible to wrap my member with her hand. She kept stroking my shaft while I suckled at her breasts. Our naked thighs were brushing against each other as we continued to play.

“Get down to my pussy at once” she pleaded. I was amazed to see her pinky pussy which peeked out between her shiny thighs. My hands rested on her waist while my head descended onto her pussy. Her moans were getting louder as my lips brushed her pussy to begin with and soon my tongue encircled her soft flesh. I helped myself with a couple of drops of juice oozing from her pussy with my tongue sending her body to move as if she was having a convulsion.

“It is hot,” I managed to comment for which she blushed slightly. I was smelling the aroma of her musk and my lips began motioning harder on her pussy. My tongue kept nibbling on her pussy lips and sucking them into my mouth. Kamini Kulkarni humped unable to contain herself while my probing tongue kept exploring her hole. I smiled as I watched her caressing her own tits and teasing her nipples.

“I am feeling it through from my nipples to my pussy,” she admired as I was unrelenting on her pussy with my mouth. As my teeth closed over her clit, she screamed as she reached her first orgasm. Equal to the task, I managed to lap at her juices while she looked down with great deal of appreciation and content. Immediately after I lifted my head away from her pussy, Kamini Kulkarni instructed at once. “Let’s get on with it”

She pushed me onto the carpet defying my expectations and came down heavily on me pressing her naked flesh on my body like a rock rolling down. Before I could comprehend, she had positioned herself to a nicety and was attempting to descend on my hard erect cock. As I watched her with excitement, her pussy was sliding down my shaft making me feel as if the tip of my cock was piercing inside a tender apple.

“I love to ride on young boys,” she admitted winking at me yet again.

“I don’t mind,” I quipped. “I can see your tits jumping as we fuck.”

I was convinced that she might be an expert in the art as she began pushing down her pussy in a smooth motion to let my dick enter her cavity inch by inch. I could see her face lit up in anticipation once the entire length of my dick got inside as she pushed her long hair behind revealing her naked tits above my eyes. She began jumping on my dick gently and I felt elated to feel her soft pussy all over my dick as we soon motioned faster than before. Kamini Kulkarni hushed in joy as my dick pierced inside her pussy. My breath was becoming irregular coping up with her pumping speed while my dick was getting a feast of the lifetime. Her naked breasts were jumping while she went up and down on me giving me a visual treat. My hands soon rested on her waist helping her move up and down with synchrony.

Kamini Kulkarni was gasping for breath while she kept the momentum of her movements increasing all the way while her face was letting out funny expressions as we fucked. Riding me faster and harder, she plunged his dick in and out of her body, screaming as she quivered on top of me. I wished to withstand for longer although it was she who came first which was soon followed by my dick bursting inside her pussy enormous loads of cum I had preserved for quite some time. Her body banged on my chest in exhaustion after we exploded and for a couple of minutes, the room was filled with noises of our gasps. We recovered soon and I was gladdened to hear that she loved every bit of whatever we had done. She pulled off a few currencies from her wallet without even bothering how much she had flipped off and I walked out of the house later a very happy man.

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Islamabad sex

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This all started during this summer about 4 months ago. My wife and children had gone to Karachi my hometown for vacations. Due to my job I was to stay back in Islamabad, my adopted town. I live in one of the few luxury apartments in the city where most of the people are stuck up and usually don?t know who is living next door (culture of Islamabad). Exception was a couple that was our next-door neighbor Lubna and he husband Salman who was in garment business. We have good relations with them and socialize with them occasionally. Salman is usually out of city/country on one pretax or other.

Coming back to summer vacations, on one Thursday I left the office after reading a lot of desi stories and horny. I picked up the food on the way and an xxx CD from the rental store. After reaching home and having my dinner I sat in my living room wearing a Taup (Arab men dress of long shirt which comes to the ankles) and played the CD. This CD was hottt, as it showed nice women in different variation of sex with well-hung guys. I was smoking and started to play with my lund, which is about 6?. Suddenly the door bell rung, I stopped the VCD and got up to open the door, their was Lubna, my neighbor standing at the door excusing to knock at this time of night (10 pm). She was wearing a house coat over her nighty, let me tell you about Lubna, she is about 5?.4?, beautiful round face, luscious lips, curly hair, fair skin, 36C(I found later) nice tummy and ass to die for. I asked her what?s up, she said Salman is not home and my son has a fever, do you have any children medicine. I said sure come on in and went to children?s room to look for the medicine. Once I came out with the medicine she was still standing on the main door, I handed her the medicine, she looking at the cigarette in the ashtray said, ?I didn?t knew you smoke? I told her ?only when I m lonely and bored?. She smiled and thanked me and left.

Thinking about her I went back to the movie and started watching after about ? hour my lund was hard as steel and I was thinking about masturbating for some relaxation. Again the doorbell ring and I paused the CD to check out the door. Lubna was standing there in her housecoat with the medicine bottle. She said I wanted to return the bottle, I asked how is your son and told her there was no hurry cause I wasn?t planning to use it tonight. She smiled on my comment and said, son?s temperature is down now and he is sleeping with the maid. I asked her to come in if she would like to have a cup of coffee. She said she is tempted to come in but not for coffee but a cigarette. I said sure and asked her to take a seat closing the door behind her. I lit two cigarettes, one for her and one for myself and set down on the sofa across from her. She looking at the blank screen of the TV asked me what was I watching, I told her aaan nothing just a boring English movie. She looking at my crouch (which showed a significant bulge) smilingly said I don?t think it was that boring. I just smiled sheepishly and ask her if you like to watch she, taking a puff from her cigarette said why not I was feeling bored as it is.

I played the movie than only she realized that it was a complete xxx rated. I saw her face turning red and I asked her if you want me to switch it off. She said no its OK, I enjoy these movies sometime with my husband. I saw her cigarette was about to end, since I did not wanted her to finish the cigarette and go I lit up another one for her any walked across the room to give her another and took the previous one from her hand. I had to bend down next to her extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray, doing that my arm rubbed her breast, which felt very soft and confirmed my suspicion that she was not wearing in bra. I just sat down next to her and posed as nothing has happened; to my utter surprise she did not moved from her place either. Now we were sitting right next to each other, me with a bone hard as a rock and she face gleaming red hot face. Our legs touched creating a spark and on the screen in the meant time a hot blonde was giving a blowjob to a 12? cock. I commented that I can bet this is a fake cock; she laughed and said are you continues of your size or jealous. I said jealous, she asked why how long are you, I simply said 6?. She smilingly said same size as my husband. Good! came out of my mouth, she just looked at me and said yeah!

We both were talking double meaning talk and no one was taking the lead. Than I thought to myself ? abay chotia this is the time to make a move or apna lund aik mahenay taak haath may laiakr ghoomta rahay ga? with this in my mind a lazily put my hand on her thigh, she looked at me and just turned her face towards the TV. Her thigh was burning with her body heat, I slowly started to move my hand up and down, she still did not make any move to avoid the rub. I was getting bold and desperate I just rested my hand around the junction of her legs and pussy and started playing with my fingers around the nape of the pussy. She opened her legs a little and put her hand on mine pulling it towards her breast. This was the encouragement I was looking for. I just pulled her face to me and started kissing her, she responded by opening her luscious lips for me and my tongue started probing inside her mouth. Her tongue doing the same we started exchanging our saliva. She was hot as a red pepper and I was hard as a steel crow bar.

With my hands I started removing her coat and my mind blew off, as she was not wearing anything underneath and her breast had not gravitational pull on them. Her nipples were standing like two prunes waiting to be eaten. I wasted not time and started eating her nipples and rubbing her breast. She was arching her back with her eyes closed. My lips were all over her body her ears, eyes, nose lips, neck and than back to her nipples. She was moaning with pleasure. I lower my hands inside her coat to find her pussy was clean-shaven her and was dripping wet. I put my one figure in her pussy, which went in as a knife in the butter. She sighed calling my name and grabbed my hard lund from top of my long shirt. She said Zubair take off your shirt, which I did urgently and she immediately grabbed my lund and asked me to come in 69 position. Once in the position on the sofa I started lapping her delicious choot, which was red as strawberry and drinking her juice, which was coming out, like a leaked faucet. She in the meantime started sucking my lund like an ice cream. She nibbled on my balls and than started tugging on them with her lips one by one.

I was using my tongue like a small dick poking in and around her choot, she was shaved and chikni as marble. My assault on her pussy was yielding more and more juice from her pussy along with muffed moans coming out of her stuffed mouth. After the onslaught of the pussy I turned attention to her ass, which was soft as a feather pillow. I started pressing it with my all might and poking my tongue on her asshole. She jumped and said my husband never touched me their and it feels great. I kept doing what I was doing/enjoying with her choot and gand until my tongue got tired and dry as a bone.

I turned her around any put my tongue in her mouth for the much needed lubrication. Than lifting her on my shoulder I took her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and again started chewing on her clitoris. She was heaving with pleasure her breast jumping up and down I put my hands on her nipples and my mouth busy eating her choot. She said Zubair I cant wait any longer I want you in me NOW. I lifted her legs and opened them in V shape and started rubbing my hot lund on her choot. She just pushed herself on my lund not wanting to wait any longer, I also pushed my self in her hot choot. It was stretching to accommodate my lund and she was out of control with ecstasy. She told me to ram it in, which I did and she gave out a loud scream. With one thrust I was completely in due to the wetness of her choot. I stayed there without moving for a minute enjoying the warmth of my friendly neighbor. She started to move herself and I just stood their feeling the claw like sensation of her pussy. Than I also started to move lying on top of her crushing her marvelous boobs with my hairy chest. She was moaning with every push and held on my back hairs to hold herself from my deep pushing. My lund which was now easily 7 ? inches was going deep inside her hot pussy and her mouth was open with voices of aaaah oooooh coming out from it. I kept ramming into her for 15 minutes while our bodies wet with sweat even in the air-conditioned apartment. After 15 minutes I felt I was ready to come and I told her I cummmming she just used her cunt mussels to tighten the grip on my dick giving me the signal to cum inside her choot. I started to spray her inside with cum which was of unbelievable intensity. She had cum twice during this time and I just dropped on her body like a log.

After about 10 minutes we just lay there kissing and fondling with each other?s parts she complimented me on such a beautiful session and told me I lied to her about the size, as my dick was much bigger and fatter than her husbands. I smiled and thanked her for the reassurance and started biting her nipples. She exclaimed, do you ever get tired. I said with you NO! She said Zuabir I want you to enjoy me until your wife is not home, I asked and ?after that? she said we can think of something.

By this time I was hard again and she started playing with my dick and balls she pressed it between her breast and I started rubbing it between these beautiful mounds of pleasure. I than turned her around and started fingering her asshole. She again jumped up and said ?hey! May yahan say bilkul kunwari hoon?. I said I have tried all your holes except this one and why not lose the virginity of this hole tonight. She agreed to it but asked me to take it easy and do it slowly. I was more than happy, I used some Nevia cream on her asshole putting my finger all the way in and opening the beautiful winking bud. I told her to relax and enjoy the ride, with that I started to insert my dick in her shit hole. She first gave out low moans and when I pressed harder my disk went ? inside her ass, she screamed with pain and I put my hand on her pussy tugging on her love bud. That diverted her attention giving me enough time to force my dick all the way in. she screamed again but I was not listening I started pushing in and out slowly, after three four jerks she started moving her ass along with my dick enjoying the pleasure given by me.

I kept pumping her ass for about 20 minutes enjoying the tight grip of her ass, looking down on her ass hole with my dick coming in and out. She was mooning with pleasure saying Zubair jaan tum nay to aaj chudai kaa sahi maza day dia. May ub tumharay alawa kissi say kaisay chudwaoongi. I told her Luba jaan tumhay jaab meri zaroorat ho ajana, may tumhari choot or gaand ka diwana hoon aur tumharay mummay to mujhay pagal karday tain hain. Talking this dirty made me more aggressive and she in the mean time was Cumming again as my hand never left her choot. She screamed again Zuabir main phir choot rahi hoon tum please maray saath chooto. I started pumping her with my full force with my fingers still playing with her pussy. I blasted along with her in an earth shaking orgasm. This time we were both too tired to move and just slept in each other?s arms. Around 6 am she got up and hurriedly put her coat on and said I have to take my kid to school. She kissed me again putting her tongue in my mouth and said Zubair jaan may yeah raat kabhi nahi bhoolongi as it was better than my wedding night. I pressed her boobs and told her whenever you are in need you know where to find me. She left smiling and I went back to sleep.

At around 8:00 am I was waken by door bell, I cursing under my breath opened the door to find Lubna standing on the door, smiling freshly washed, asking can I come in my friendly neighbor. I just smiled and let her in closing the door behind her and grabbing her tits from the back.
That days story some other time?..In the meantime any friendly neighbor woman, girls, of any age wants to have good company in Islamabad, Lahore or adjoining areas feel free to send me an e-mail, satisfaction and secrecy guaranteed. My e-mail is

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