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How I seduced my Friend’s wife in Cinema hall

February 14th, 2016 No comments

Hi Friends, I have always been a fan of Indian adult stories as I believe they stimulate the mind better than what a video can. I have particularly have had a liking for believable scenarios and therefore do not read fantastic stories(read lies) that some of you post.

I am average looking guy about 5’6” tall weighing about 70 kilos and belong to northern india and hence have a relatively light skin albeit oily and scarred one. I have always been a decent fellow yet I never used to miss out on opportunities to touch opposite sex in crowded buses and trains and it gives me enormous pleasure to pleasure another woman in such situation as she despite not wanting to, starts to enjoy the duress. Now my story is not about this subject though.

I was transferred to Mumbai about three years ago and my eyes opened to the brave new world that rest of the country is not exposed to. Women in slinky clothes, fashionable young girls and older women in revealing clothes frequenting the malls and business district made me lose some of the overexcitement about women but also gave me courage to stretch myself . All this change and a new passion for working out at the gym changed my perspective to life and soon I metamorphosed into a much wicked version of myself.

I made a new friend in Mumbai and I’ll call him Vinayak (not his real name). I knew vinayak from many years but never was close to him. He had been married about a year back and it is then that I became closer to him as his wife used to invite me over for dinner in the previous town that we were together. Anitha (not her real name), belonged to bihar and is plump and to my assessment didn’t deserve Vinayak. But Anitha learned the ropes of carrying herself well quite quickly to my surprise and was pretty comfortable by the time I met her again in Mumbai.

She had never been to Mumbai before and hence was(like most women of india) very happy to have come here. The freedoms that a woman gets in Mumbai is without parallel and it’s every girls dream to live here.

In some remote corner of my mind, I always wanted Anitha despite her rustic bearings because the fun of fantasising about your friend’s wife is very unique. This feeling grew when i met the couple in Mumbai. Since Vinayak and Anitha didn’t have many friends and I by virtue of being a single guy didn’t have much to do either, I used to hang out at their place on Saturdays. I would use the opportunity to eye her in nighties and make out her plump outline. I felt that she liked the attention as Vinayak himself is quite a bore and can think little else than doing well professionally. He’s a total fashion disaster and is overweight. When I would go to their house on Saturdays after having worked my chest and biceps well, wearing my neat white Levi’s slim fit shirt and a smart blue Jean, i could see the sparkle in Anitha’s eyes.

One Saturday, I asked them out for an English film knowing fully well that Anitha wouldn’t understand it easily and Vinayak also wasn’t too fast with catching English dialogues. We went to Regal Cinema in south Mumbai in Vinayak’s car. I went and bought tickets with a smart choice of seats in middle.

Now since we got the middle seats there were guys on either sides so Anitha had to be seated in the middle and both of us on either side. I have a time tested habit gently feeling women sitting next to me in buses and trains to gauge their reaction. But since this my friend’s wife i couldn’t gather courage to do it for few dithering moments. After half an hour or so I realised that Anitha was comfortable now and did not mind my hand touching hers as she had placed it right next to mine. Her soft hand was scrapping against mine everytime she moved and this was giving me a mild hard on. I decided to take my relation with Anitha and Vinayak to another level. Vinayak was involved in the movie by now and did not bother me much as he did in the initial part by asking me about the dialogue which he apparently missed.

Anitha was seated right of me. I let my right thigh gently touch her thigh and waited for the reaction while looking ahead into the screen. She did not react. So i pushed my thigh a little harder and withdrew as if to announce my charge on her. I kept away from her for few minutes and then again slowly placed my thigh against her. I expected her to withdraw her leg to give me a negative signal but no such thing happened. I could feel the effect my thigh had on Anitha as she pretended to be engrossed in the film now and stopped talking to Vinayak as she was initially. Now i began to gently move my knee up and down by moving my heel off the ground thus rubbing her thigh.

The feeling of her thigh inside her Pajama rubbing on my jeans was amazing especially because we had no verbal communication and her husband was right there. I was gaining confidence every minute and now she seemed to be in a trance as she didn’t move her leg despite I beginning to scrape her thigh more and more. I was afraid that Vinayak might notice this going on but he seemed perplexed at the complexity of the dialogues that Tom Cruise was mouthing on screen. As we approached the interval, I continued to rub her slowly as my heart was thudding at this sinful pleasure. I had no idea what twists and turns the film was playing instead my mind was imagining Anitha’s milky thigh as i continued to outrage her modesty.

All of a sudden i felt Anitha close her thighs and I thought its game over for me as the lights came up during interval. Anitha recovered just in time but I didn’t miss her facial expressions of a release. The smell hit me next. She had come and the concoction of her cum and urine produced a faint smell which I could clearly smell. Since I did not want to scare her off, I got up and left for coffee while both of them remained seated. After going down a few steps I gestured both of them if they needed anything. Anitha actually tried to put up a smile and said something which didn’t matter. But I realised that she was not going to complain to Vinayak about what had just happened. Vinayak is a miser and hence didn’t come off his seat.

I joined them both post interval with two cups of coffee and one of popcorn. Popcorn went to Anitha and Vinayak and I got to have the coffees. Once done with the coffee, Anitha shared the large bucket of popcorn with both of us. Whenever she offered it on my side, I deliberately let my fingers touch hers a little longer as I picked up pop corn from the bucket. I was warming her up for what was to come next.

The film was approaching the latter part and we got more involved in the plot. My thigh had got back to trying to touch Anitha but it seemed as though Anitha had had enough of me and she raised her ankle from the ground and placed it under the other thigh in the most awkward position one can sit in a theatre. I was dejected and let her go for now.

After 10 minutes or so, I on the pretext of taking out popcorn placed my hand on Anitha’s and held it in the dark. This was the moment of truth. It was going to decide the future of this charade. I was about to be exposed and humiliated or Anitha was about to bow to this pressure from me. She chose the latter and did not raise an alarm. It was kind of a morale boost for me. Our relation had changed forever. All the niceties that we used to exchange and innocent relation were sure a thing of past henceforth. Everything had changed in the course of the last one hour.

I now placed my hand on her folded thigh taking care to keep it hidden from direct line of sight of Vinayak who seemed oblivious to all that was happening next to him. She was torn in between two choices of either standing up and exposing me and jeopardising my friendship with Vinayak and also making a scene in the process and of keeping quiet and enjoying this explicable phenomenon. I guess her being a small town girl just couldn’t muster enough courage to do the former. I suspect she was enjoying this torture a little bit herself.

I began gently to knead her thigh on her pyjama. She decided to change from this exposed position of her legs and kept the foot down quietly without letting Vinayak take notice and then squeezed her thighs together while holding the empty bucket of pop corn to hide my hand from Vinayak.

I caressed her in gentle strokes, and soon my hand began the upward trajectory between her tightly closed thighs. I soon felt the fabric of her panty under the softer fabric of the silky pyjama and began to toy with it. I could feel her increasing rate of breathing which it seemed she was having difficulty controlling.

My right hand was making slow but sure inroads in her valley of flowers. I could feel her tiring of holding her thighs together for the previous 10 minutes as she was giving up. Vinayak was in the meantime engrossed with Tom Cruise kissing his onscreen heartthrob. Anitha’s thighs gave up as I shoved my hand between them and placed my finger right on her crotch. I felt a sigh escape Anitha mouth. I saw through the corner of my eyes that Vinayak hadn’t noticed. Anitha’s resolve was giving up faster than I imagined. She now was beginning to relax and laid back on the chair, a departure from the stiff posture she put up for most of the evening.

The film was entering the darkest scenes, set in some underground locale thus making it darker in the hall. I noticed that Vinayak was still engrossed as it was probably the last few minutes of the film. I had to increase the pace now.

There was no resistance from Anitha now, which was a little scary. I also got a little brave and my heart was pounding as I entered the definitive stage of this evening.

In one bold move, I undid the string of her pyjama, and inserted my hand inside her pyjama first and then the panty. I was greeted by the hairy bush. My heart was now pounding faster than Anitha’s and I looked through the corner of my eyes to find out why. My god! She had closed her eyes. I was shocked.

Just to check if Vinayak was seeing all this and if i was about to be murdered, I glanced across. To my luck she had ensured that pop corn bucket was placed such that he doesn’t see any of it. He in fact had assumed that she has fallen asleep. In order to distract Vinayak, I also kept checking my mobile for missed calls time to time while looking away from both Vinayak and Anitha. This did not let any suspicion build as my hand had located Anitha’s crevice and was massaging her clitoral hood.

Oh Man, I felt like a multi faced demon. I was doing my friend’s innocent wife right next to him. I pushed my finger further and as best as I could with the difficult angles began to massage inside her totally wet pussy and bulging clit. On the screen Tom Cruise was about to give a killer blow to the villain and here Anitha was beginning to contract. I felt her vagina begin to throb and so was her groin. I was scared of being caught but couldn’t leave it now. I kept rubbing her vigorously. Anitha brought her left hand down while her eyes were closed, and began to assist my hand, the Popcorn bucket still doing its assigned job for the night. And then as the onscreen villain was slain, Anitha’s powerful orgasm brought her up form relaxed posture on the seat to an upright one as her eyes opened and mouth opened with a muffled scream drowned in the climactic moment of the film.

My hand was drenched as I pulled it out quickly and rubbed it on my jeans before licking a little bit of it off my index finger. Anitha furtively tied up her Pyjama as the credits rolled and was all set by the time lights were switched on. When lights came on, I first looked at Anitha and saw her flushed look but quickly turned towards Vinayak and commented on the god quality of the film.

He seemed to agree. This was just enough distraction for Anitha to ensure her Pajama is set right before Vinayak suspected anything. Vinayak turned to Anitha as he lovingly rebuked her for having slept throughout the second half of the film.

I smiled at his rebuke and asked him to be gentle on the poor creature and promised them that the next film I take them would be to a Hindi blockbuster.

Anitha and I had better times thereafter but the thrill of this first occasion is the best. Do feel free to give feedbacks on

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Reema In PC Bhurban Hotel

February 4th, 2013 No comments

I’m a guy from PAKISTAN. This trust me is a true story. No not a storie it is an incidence which truly happened. So i’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes.
I’m a guy working in a P C ( BHURBAN ).( I cant tell my post or name as I can lose my job. Actually I’m taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this i’ll be dismised immidietly but anyways!). Its a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middleclass people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy. I like almost all actresses. But there is one actress who is a sensetion & is a persone ’cause of whom i’m wriiting this. Its REEMA !! This happened in Sept 2002. I was told thst REEMA is going to visit our hotel. I was happy as alway to know that an actress is coming. In that september our hotel was not crowded as it was a rainy season & not many times can people go out of hotel as it rains cats & dogs here.

So finally the day came when REEMA moved in. When I first saw her I was stuned!! Man she was hott!! She wore a pink sleeveless punjabi. I didn’t notice at that time that a guy from HYDERABAD ( SINDH) also moved in the same day but it was important you will com to know later the importance of him. So back to our story.A day after REEMA moved in, i saw her talking with that guy from HYDERABAD. REEMA was wearing a black skirt & looking hot as always. The black colour looked so sexy on her white body. I thought some weired things about them but i did not know tha things will really go this far. The two of them seemed to had became good friends they left the hotel fore siteseeing as there was not much rain that day.
REEMA came back first in the evening. In the night the guy(his name was IRFAN) came back. Their rooms were adjoining eachother. So the time was passing as usual. In the night at about 11:30, I was passing by REEMA’S room & I knocked the door to she if she wants any desert or something as dinner was taken late. There was know responce. I knew she doesn’t sleep this early as she goes for night walk for an hour after a late dinner. I thought that she had gone out may be for a night walk. My mind was full of ugly thoughts I quickly rushed into the room & started finding something like her bra or preferably panties so that I can masturbate. I was searchng for it suddenly I was amazed to see that the door joining this & IRFAN’S room was open. generly they are kept close. I just started to hear something. The two of them I think were having a desert in his room. After they were done REEMA thanked him for inviting her she said that it was good that he didn’t know that she was a famous actress so that they have became friendly. She thanked him again & started to come to her room. I was planning to escape from there immidietly. Now the most interesing part begins folks.
Suddenly I heared some noice as if someone rushed to somewhere & heared the voice, “What r u doing? leave my hand!” Yes folks! It was REEMA who was angry. IRFAN said,”I want u dear!! I want to have sex with u. I was waiting for REEMA to call security but to my surprise REEMA said,”Oh IFOO ( SHE CALL ME IFOO WITH LOVE ) !! you have no idea how much I was waiting for u to say this !!” My god!! It was hot!! I couldn’t help myself & knowing that I may get fired if I get cought I still peeped very carefully in the IRFAN’S room. It was dark in the room where I was & those two were comletely under control of lust so they didn’t notice me.
IRFAN was holding REEMA. His arms were on her waist. REEMA was wearing a black nightie & a black night gown above it. She had put her arms locked around his nake & they were kisiing each other. IRFAN untied the nightgown of REEMA & removed it. She was only in her nightie know & was looking like a doll in front of 5?2 feet IRFAN. He was wearing only shorts. Now they were kissing really hard. He put his hands on her ass & started carsing it. She broke the kiss & looked at him. He kissed her all over her face & started moving down on her neck. He lifted her nightie up & removed it. Now she was in only black coloured bra & panties. Her white body was looking soo hot !! Now he licked her below her neck & moved to her stomach. He licked her belly butten & at that time I heared first of REEMA’S many moans. “Ooh IFOO..ooohh!” He kept licking her bellubutten & caesing her ass. She kept moaning. Then he lifted he & took her to bed he made her seat there. He moved to her backside. He kissed & licked her back opened hook of her bra & pulled it of with his mouyh. Yy god!! I was seeing REEMA’S breasts. They were not big & heavy. Infact they were tiny. But absalutely hot & sexy. He started carsing her breasts on by one. She moaned “Oooh!! Ooohh goodd!! Aahh!!”
I was able to see their each & every action. He fliked her nipples pinched them. “Aaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooooohhhhh….!” was the reply. He pushed the nipple in. caresed hr breast again. Meanwhile his hand slipped down to her pantycovred pussy. He was in total control till then. Suddenly when he moved to her pussy REMMA got fired up she let the moan out “hmmmmmmmmmm….!” & huged him tight pushing his face in her breasts. He made REEMA lay down & started licking & kissing her breasts. Without toching her nipples he moved down to her bellybutten.He made her lift her hands above her head & licked her armpits she almost screamed,”Ooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhhh…!” You should have looked at her expresions. They were of joy,satisfaction & dissapointment. His hand sliped through her panties & pulled them to her thighs. Her pubic hair were not shaved but neatly treamed. He pulled her panties out & started licking her feet, creamy fleshy thigs & especially her ass.
She has got a beautiful ass I’m sure u’ve seen it on television also. Big round ass.
Then he went up kissed her hard & started pulling her pubic hair just a little not to hurt her. At the same time he linkes & bited her nipples. REEMA moaned loudly,”Ooooooooohhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm…..!”
He kept licking her breasts for some time & then moved to her cunt he started fingurefucking her with his fat middlefingure. She started moving her hips in his fingure’s motion. She was moaning louder,”Oooooh yes baby!! Ooooooh IFOO ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuaaahhhh..” then he put his toung on her pussy his mouth covred all her pussy & his toung must have got in & found her clit ’cause look on REEMA’S face was of sexual ecstacy. She was moaning,”Aaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……!!” After some time he got up & started removing his shorts & then underwer. My god!! Was it true!! The size of IRFAN’S cock was amazing. I have got a big complex since then. Trust me it was about 7 inches rock hard. She got up & said,”Will I have to suck you?” He said dont blow me just make it weight. She started sucking & licking him. What a sight it was!! Lips of REEMA’S fully streached due to that fat long black cock.
Then he told her to stop, pushed her back parted her legs & started to rub head of his cock on her slit.She noaned,”Aaaah please put it in I cant bear it anymore!!” He like an expert slowly pushed head of his cock inside.Stopped for sometime gave a few small thrusts. REEMA moaned,”Oh IFOO! I want u inside of me!! Ooooh common!!” He slided his cock in & again the look on REEMA’S face after being felled with 7 incher was a must see! He slowly started moving with slow thrusts. Small thrusts at first & then sloe complete lomg thrusts he was removing his cock completele outside her cunt after each thrust & my god!! He went on & on with his rythmic long thrusts. After some time REEMA feet crossed each other behind IRFAN’S back her boddy started bucccking & shivering & she moaned for quite a some time,”Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. aaammmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm….!” He went on & on trust me he went on for 20 streight mins. Before he increased his speed violently & shot his load in her cunt. Some of it flowed outside. In kow time he was hard again. They fucked in various positions for 3 hours. He had 4 orgasms each one taking more time then previous one. REEMA had atleast 14 min blowing big orgasms which I couls make out & god knows how many smaller ones! Finally REEMA was laying on the bed on her back sweating like hell & fully exshausted. What a site it was! But IRFAN was still not done. He parted her legs again & started pumping realy fast.
She didn’t even have power to hug him. She just kept moaning. He was having time of his life he went on for the longest time of all. She was moaning loudly. It seemed to be too much for her but still she seemed to like it. Her moans now changed into screams,”Aaaahhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaahhh oohhh ooooohhhh oaooooohhhh sssssss.. aaaaahhh!!” Her body was glowing as she was sweating like hell. Finally she shouted,” Oooh IFOO please stop i’ll die.. i’m gonna die hmmmmmmmm..” & almost lost her conciousness. thats when IRFAN shot his load & colapsed on top of her & that is when I rushed out as it was 3:45 in the morning & I had to get ready for my job.
IRFAN as scheduled moved the very next day. He went to REEMA’S room only to say byE & left immidietly. REEMA didn’t get out of room that day stay in that she was not filling well. Only i knew what the truth was. The day after REEMA also move out & that was the end of a great chapter of my life.

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Reena Ki Pyaasi Choot – II

January 24th, 2013 No comments

Vibha was herself crazy with hot incredible desire. She was positively dying with fuck-hunger. After watching the scene of Reena being fucked by Javed, Vibha’s own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires. Vibha got down between Javed’s legs and grasped his semi-erect cock in her soft, skilled hand and began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his cock, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers, feeling it still growing and swelling in her hand. She held his almost erect cock in both hands and started sucking him like it was the last cock she would ever see. Reena bent down and held his cock with both hands for Vibha as she was sucking the life out of it. Trying to get it hard again. Meanwhile, Reena also licked his balls and thighs.

Javed was going nuts. Vibha’s magic mouth brought him back to life again. She loved the taste of it. The heat of it caused her pussy to quiver and burn. Vibha slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of cock-flesh she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming prick pressing against the back of her throat, but she relaxed and let it slide still deeper inside. Inch by inch, his big lund disappeared into her voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn’t hold any more. But she knew she still could. She opened her mouth still wider and drew the last few remaining inches of his lavda into her throat. She loved the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock, feeling her lips brushing against his pubic hair, his big prick throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. She raised her head back up to the top of his cock-shaft and was beginning another downward plunge.
She sucked him back in faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She released him again, his shaft now glistening with her saliva, and made her next stroke harder and more forceful as she plunged downward. She sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big prick sliding in and out of her mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing fiercer and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole. “aba mujhse nahi.n rahA jaatA,” Vibha breathed lustily. “meri choot mei.n jaldi se apna lavDA Daalo.please.abhi… jaldi.” Javed positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her tits, angling her spread pussy toward his angry, red cock. He rubbed the head of his prick up and down through the wet, burning valley of her crotch. “Uuummmmmm,” Vibha moaned as she felt his hot cock-head touch her sensitive pussy-flesh. “ghusedo meri choot mei.n… chodo mujhe, Javed… jaldi chodo mujhe!” she begged passionately. Javed placed the tip of his cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy and slowly screwed the big head into her cuntal opening. He felt the tight muscles at the opening of her fuck-hole grip his throbbing cock-head. Reena had been watching passionately beside them, tickling her clit with her fingers as she watched Vibha suck and massage Javed’s cock and balls. She had begun to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as Javed began to rub his cock against Vibha’s waiting cunt. She couldn’t resist joining in now, and placed one hand on Javed’s muscular ass-cheeks while pushing his hips toward Vibha’s pussy. “pail de apnA lunD saali ki choot mei.n!”
Reena cried with excitement, grasping one of Vibha’s firm tits with her other hand and watching the rapturous expression on Vibha’s face as she pushed Javed’s ass harder, making his cock plow into Vibha’s straining, stretching cunt. “phaaD Daal is ranDi ki choot, saali ki cheekhai.n nikAl de, aisy dhunaai kar iski choot ki!” Vibha did scream as the huge cock stretched and filled her pussy. She screamed from the pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was creating. Her cuntal passage convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft, squeezing with muscles she had never even used before. “AAAHHHHH… kitna baDA aur moTA hai… kitnA tagDA lavDA hai… chod mujhe.mAdarchod.jor se chod!” she screamed, wrapping her strong legs around Javed’s waist and pulling him in deeper. Her cunt-muscles squeezed and hugged his thrusting prick. He couldn’t hold back. Vibha’s tightening legs, Reena’s pressure on his ass, and the maddening sensation of Vibha’s cunt biting and squeezing his dick caused him to thrust forward as hard as he could.
He felt his cock slam its full ten inches into Vibha’s quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk backwards and her mouth open wide in passion! He began to fuck his cock in and out of her tight, vise-like hole with wild abandonment. She was letting out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her cunt. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper with each thrust. He watched with passionate delight as Reena grabbed both of Vibha’s straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled the inflamed flesh. Vibha responded by reaching her hand between Reena’s spread thighs and shoving her fingers into the hot, dripping hole of her pussy. The incredible tightness and heat of Vibha’s pussy was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he could tell was going to flood her pussy with steaming, boiling jism. He knew he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the lips of her tight cunt. “Aaaahhh… uungghhh,” he grunted passionately. “merey mun.h mei.n apne lunD kA ras nikAl!” Vibha cried suddenly as she felt him approaching his orgasm. “Please, Javed… mujhe terey lunD kA ras peenA hai… mujhe mun.h mein chAhiye, mujhe peenA hai!” She pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came. She wanted his hot jism in her mouth.
Her whole body ached for it. Reena gasped as she felt Vibha’s pleading voice send shivers of lust through her cunt. She loved seeing Vibha so excited. She moved back away from the two lovers slightly as Javed withdrew his incredibly red and swollen cock from Vibha’s cunt with a loud slurping pop. She could tell by the way Javed was grimacing and panting that he was trying hard to hold his cum inside his balls until he could reach Vibha’s mouth. Vibha’s fingers continued to probe and pull her cunt as she sat down on her knees. Reena urged Javed on as he positioned his cock in front of Vibha’s waiting mouth. “apne lunD kA saarA garam maal iske mun.h mei.n Daal de !” Javed pointed his bursting cock straight at Vibha’s mouth. Reena leaned forward and grasped Javed’s red-hot cock in her hand, aiming it at Vibha’s mouth as she began stroking it vigorously. “Uuuuuhhhhh… mujhe de… mujhe terA saarA kA saarA maal chAhiye!” Vibha cried wildly as she stared transfixed at the steaming prick
Reena was holding right in front of her mouth. Javed felt his jism began to race through the length of his burning cock. He looked down at Vibha’s face, her mouth open and tongue protruding, cupping the head of his cock with her waiting tongue. “Uunghhh!” he grunted as the first hot jet of cum spurted out of his piss-hole and almost filled Vibha’s hungry mouth. Reena squeezed his rod hard with each spasm of his hips, milking spurt after spurt of thick jism out of his balls and into Vibha’s overflowing mouth. Vibha released a moan of pure passion from deep in her throat as Javed’s boiling hot cum filled her mouth. She swallowed hungrily as more and more of his luscious cream shot into her throat. She felt his hot, thick jism spilling over her lips and dripping down her cheeks. Javed just kept cumming and cumming. It was amazing that one cock could have that much cum in it. Reena was swallowing as fast as she could, but soon, the cum began to overflow and started pouring down the side of her face.
Reena continued to milk and squeeze Javed’s convulsing cock dropping the loads on Vibha’s face, hair, stomach and thighs. Javed panted and groaned with the final thrills his gigantic orgasm sent through his loins. He continued to kneel over Vibha’s cum-drenched face as Reena gently rubbed the head of his still-erect prick over Vibha’s lips and cheeks as Vibha lapped and licked at his sperm-smeared cock. Reena held his thick, glistening cock in both hands and pulled the tender skin downward until the slit at the top of the head gaped open. Then, placing her lips against the open piss-hole, Reena sucked the remaining thick jism from deep in his shaft, milking it with her hands to squeeze out every drop. Reena released Javed’s cock and moved her head toward Vibha’s face. Reena began to lick all the remaining cum from Vibha’s lips and face. She sucked and lapped hungrily all over Vibha’s legs and even her sandals, drinking in all the delicious jism she could. Reena Vibha held her cum-covered tongue out from between her wet lips and Reena sucked it into her own mouth, sharing the pleasure of Javed’s cum with Vibha. Then Javed started putting on his clothes.
Vibha took out a 500-rupee note and handed it over to him. “gazab kA lunD hai terA. vaisey tau gaanD bhi marvaani thi tujhse par phir kabhi sahi.” After Javed left, both the women kept sitting there nude except for their high-heeled sandals. They lit cigarettes and Vibha poured whisky for both of them. “Aaj tau bahut mazaa aayA.mai.n kabhi nahi.n bhooloo.ngi yeh din.” Reena said exhaling the smoke. “arey abhi tau tooney dekhA hi kyA hai.saaDe naal rehegi tey aish karegi. chudaai de naye naye mazey kaish karegi” Vibha replied as Reena gulped down her drink. Reena poured more for herself. “arey thoDa dheerey pi.ghar bhi jaanA hai chaD jaayegi” Vibha tried to stop her but Reena said, “jis par chudaai ka nashaa sawaar par yeh whisky kyA asar karegi.” Reena poured herself three glasses in the time it took Vibha to finish one. She raised her last glass in a salute to Vibha, who had just finished her first, and drank deeply. Then they started putting on their clothes. “kal Sunday hai.mere ghar aajA afternoon mei.n.thoDi aish karengey.” Vibha said with a wink as she put on her saree. Reena also put on her salwar-kameez and they parted with a kiss.
Vibha dropped her at the nearby bus stop in her car. As they lived in opposite direction, Reena insisted on taking bus when Vibha offered to drop her. Although Reena had been drinking and but she felt herself under control, just a little light-headed. Luckily, the office-crowd time was over and the bus had very few people. That had been quite a session of fucking, Reena reminisced as she sat by the window in bus. She was relaxing, thinking back to that wild session she and Vibha and Javed had that day. Whew! She thought. “That Vibha was really a sex-driven woman.” Reena realized that bus had to take de-tour due to some reason and she will have to get down at the bus-stop which was about more than one kilometer from her house. When she got down, it was already dusk (darker part of twilight). The drinking she had done a little earlier now seemed to be hitting her. Reena felt a little unsteady on her feet. So, she decided to take a short cut through a narrow dirt path, bordered by knee-high grass and trees and wild flowers. Although this dirt-path was going to be deserted, still she opted to use it, as it would save her more than half a distance. As she strolled along the pathway, she felt as though her legs could no longer support her; they were giving away under her!
She started weaving drunkenly just slightly in her high-heeled sandals as she walked up the path her hands tightly clenched around her purse. To make the matters worse, she felt a strong urge to pee. She lurched ahead for a minute and when she could not control her urge anymore, she quickly glanced through her surroundings to make sure no one was there and since it was almost getting dark, she loosened the nada of her salwar and pulled her salwar down to her ankles and squatted on the ground. She was not wearing panties at that time. She took a deep breath, and then unleashed a steaming golden torrent and next moment she caught the rustle of grass and dry leaves behind her. Then to her horror, she noticed a middle-aged man in cheap rustic clothes about 100 meters from her. He looked like a vagabond. In her drunken confusion, she got up pulling up her salwar. She couldn’t hold back the dribble of hot golden piss streamed out in a gushing torrent from her cunt, that flowed down her thighs, drenching her salwar and soaking her feet and sandals.
As she teetered forward trying to keep her balance and trying tie the nada, she realized that the man was now just behind her. “aisey laDkhaDaati hui kahA.n chali, chhamiyA.zaraa apni choot ke darshan tau karwA do..” the man said putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. She was afraid of what he might ultimately do to her. “mujhe jaane do..dUr raho mujhse” she screamed. “saali.nakhrA karti hai.nashey mei.n jyaadA phudak rahi hai.abhi terA nashaa utartA hu.n.ranDi.kutiyA”. he hissed and held her close to her and kissed her on mouth. Reena was scared as well as excited. “mujhe chhoD de…” she started struggling and protesting, with great trepidation, but enjoyed every bit of it. “chhoD du.n yA chod du.n.” he mocked her and pushed her against the nearby try and tightly embraced her. With one hand he furiously, squeezed her breasts. In his eagerness to open her kurta, he partly tore it and even ripped her bra to knead her now exposed tits. He leaned down and sucked and bit her erect nipples. “saali. kutiyA. dekh terey nipple kaise sakhat ban gaye hai.n.mazaa aa rahA hai, phir bhi jhooThA nakhrA dikhAti hai.” he said while he tore and ripped off her piss drenched salwar from her legs. Reena tried to think how terrified she was, how much she hated this dirty vagabond, but she felt herself becoming more and more excited. The man pulled down his own trousers and briefs to his ankles.
Reena stared unabashedly his cock with her mouth agape. His prick was almost as thick as her wrists, over a foot long and it hung halfway down between his thighs. It was the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat knowing that soon enough she probably would be forced to take that black shaft in her choot. Reena both wanted him and feared him, and the combination of the two made her absolutely sizzle and smolder with contradictory feelings. His hands were rough and weathered, his lips chapped and cracked, and his fingers and mouth rasped on her tender skin. He kissed her bare gleaming bronzed shoulders and her smooth upper chest, and squeezed her breasts so hard that it hurt her, but Reena was growing so weak and dizzy with passion that she didn’t care. His chapped, rasping lips found her aching nipples and tore at them, and waves of heat shimmered through her breasts.
He held them in his palms and milked them fiercely from beneath, digging his fingers into the springy round globes, hurting her again, but beautifully, while he lip-pinched her fiery nipples and sucked them between his strong teeth. Reena put her hands on his shoulders in order to keep her balance on her high heels, and shut her eyes, turning her head to and fro and hissing with pleasure, pushing her hot aching breasts into his face. She was already moaning in low animalistic guttural sounds, bursting and burbling all over with lust, crying out softly from the sweet pain his harsh mouth and his rough, grasping fingers caused to her sensitive breasts and her flaming, teeth-tortured nipples. Then he forced her on her hands and knees. “Aaj tau gaanD hi maroo.ngA teri.” he chuckled lewdly. His eyes seemed to glaze as he stared at the illicit crack. “Oh nahi.n! meri gaanD mei.n itnA baDA lavDA nahi.n samaayegA! mar jaaoo.ngi mai.n. gaanD phaT jaayegi. chaahe tau meri choot mei.n apnA lavDA Daal ke chod le,” she moaned when she felt the hard rubbery head of his penis pushing crudely against the defenseless opening of her rectum. She felt numb all over, and her brain refused to register what was happening. He continued to surge forward, straining with all his might.
Stabs of shooting pain shot up Reena’s spinal cord as he finally managed to insert the thickly pulsing head of his cock up inside the elastic-tightness of her futilely resisting rectum. For a moment, she thought she was split in two. She was completely stunned by the excruciating pain and her breath was coming in agonizing gasps. He didn’t let her get used to his massive tool either. Immediately upon entering her anus he pushed hard forcing his hard black cock all the way in her ass. Reena screamed in pain. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Her asshole was still dry and unlubricated to take anything so large inside. “ruk jaao… ruk jaao, please… haai mai.n mari…” she rasped hoarsely, barely able to make her voice heard. But he was cruelly oblivious to her agony. After a moment or two of gathering his strength, he shoved forward again, forcing his huge, lust-distended cock into the tight, unyielding sheath of her rectum. Relentlessly, he surged on; searing the sensitive inner membrane unbearably, until at long last, he was embedded to the hilt in her sorely abused anal depths. He held it there triumphantly, watching the desperate squirming of Reena’s lewdly skewered buttocks.
He started fucking her ass right away, removing his cock almost all the way and ramming back in. And not just once or twice, but kept on going over and over as Reena screamed and screamed. She had always like it in the ass, but not this way. But now, she couldn’t relax enough, her asshole was too dry, it hurt. She could feel every inch of his hard meat slide in and then out, then back in and back out. The pain rippled through her entire body starting at her asshole and traveling all the way up until it registered in her brain. He began a slow, laborious in and out rhythm, the tortured rectum finally yielding slightly and allowing him to plunge and withdraw with greater ease. Her anal muscles were relaxing, accommodating his huge cock, and the pain was being replaced with an unbelievably intense desire, a desire for all to go on and on. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back and forth, his hard, expanding cock going in and out of her like a powerful piston. “Uuuuugggghhh! haan! maar meri gaanD jor jor se!” Reena moaned as the man fucked his cock in and out of her burning rubbery passage with longer and harder thrusts.
She was rolling her- buttocks in and undulating rhythm to match his driving cock, and the fluid from her cunt was pouring in such amounts as to run free down her inner thighs. She was like a wild animal as she worked her hips around, her anus trying to hungrily suck the juices from the man’s sperm-heavy balls. The man was fucking in and out of her anus with ever-increasing tempo, his big cock seemingly becoming even bigger with his nearing climax. Reena was screwing back her buttocks and she was gibbering incoherent sounds, pleading with the man to pump her full of his cum. Her dark hair was hanging loosely about her head, swaying as she twisted her head back and forth in opposite time to the fucking of her rectum. Her large breasts danced beneath her chest like jelly as the man fucked her anus harder and harder strokes, and the force of his fucking seemed to carry through her body to the top of her head. The man’s balls swayed as he rocked back and forth, fucking Reena’s wide-stretched anus with his cock. When he fucked his cock deep inside Reena’s hot rectum, his twin balls would swing forward up between her inner thighs to hit the mound of her open cunt. She continued screaming and jerking in her bent over position, begging the man to pump her rectum full of cum. The man did as she wished, all right. With a low groan, he held her hips tightly in his hands as his cock released the stored up sperm from his balls, and it began shooting hot blasts of searing hot cum deep up inside Reena’s rectum. “Oooooh! Oooooohh! meri gaaaaanD. chodoooo!” she screamed, her face wildly contorted with passion.
The man finally jerked his hips forward and with a deep-throated groan pumped his cum into her widely expanded anus. Their obscenely joined bodies spasmed in lewd unison as his cum filled her rectum, squirting in great explosive blasts from the tip of his giant cock. Each hot blast was spilled out by a loud cry of pleasure from Reena, and it seemed like the man was never going to run dry. His ass-cheeks flexed and unflexed in emphasis to his exploding cock deep within her hot rectum, and his head was thrown back as he strained for the exquisite pleasure of his orgasm. The man finished his orgasm, and as if in grand finale, he straightened up and pulled his still hardened cock from the depths of Reena’s rectum. Reena was in a state of collapsed exhaustion. She turned around and saw how slimy his cock was from being in her ass so long. Reena opened her mouth to him. He put his cock on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Reena opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy cock. He pushed more making Reena tilt her head up as it hit the back of her throat. Then he forced it deeper making her swallow his big black cock.
It entered her throat and he pushed it down, all the way down, forcing into her throat until all twelve inches of the slimy cock was lodged in her gullet. Then Reena wrapped her lips tight around the cock while he slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Reena cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. The man put on his trousers quickly and left in haste. The whole session took only 15-20 minutes. It was night now and she was sitting there on the deserted dirt-path, nude except for her high heels, with her body glistening in the white moonlight. Oddly she felt neither shame nor guilt nor revulsion, now only complete satiation was flowing through her. Finally she managed to gather enough strength to stagger to her feet and nakedly began to gather the tatters of her clothing together… After she pulled the tattered remains of her kurta and salwar that stinked of her piss, around her naked body; she stumbled in her heels through the empty dirt-path. It wasn’t until she got home that she cleaned up with a shower and laid down for a nap. Reena had enjoyed a day of exhausting nasty dirty sex. But now she was satisfied. Her sexual lust lay dormant, at least for now.

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Mind-boggling sex with Neha

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Hi, friends. At the outset, let me tell you, it would be better if you take a printout of this lengthy but single story and read it conveniently at your leisure, imagining the sequences really happening to you, whether you are a male or female. I assure to give you an overwhelming and delightful reading from beginning to end. Well, you must have got my introduction from my story titled “Satisfying friend’s sexy wife”. In this story, I shall describe my amazing encounter with a lady who was my e-mail/chat friend. Her name was Neha (name changed to keep anonymity and secrecy) from Vishakhapatnam. She was 34 years old, married. Our acquaintance on the Internet originated as friendship, turned to romance after developing faith, trust and confidence on each other spread over two years. The ultimate inevitable was to happen one day as we craved to meet discreetly for intimate physical relationship.

I and Neha had planned to meet at Puri in Orissa and I had already booked a double-bed a/c room in a good hotel at the beach side for us, obviously as husband and wife. Due to different arrival time of our respective trains, I had also informed the hotel that my wife would check-in first. Neha reached Puri one hour before me. She went straight to the hotel, told the reception about our booking and collected the key. She told the reception that I, her husband, had gone to attend some urgent job and would be joining her soon. She went to the room on the second floor. As I reached the hotel one hour later, the reception told my wife had already arrived and gone to the room. I reached the room, gently pushed the door which was not bolted from inside. I went in and looked around. There was no sign of Neha. But I found a small suitcase on the rack. I smiled to see some clothes lying thrown on the double-bed. I thought she must be taking a bath, so I wanted to give her a surprise.

I kept my suitcase hidden behind the rack. I heard Neha humming a song and water splashing. I went near the bathroom door, turned the handle to open it slightly. But she had bolted it from inside. I inspected the door for any opening to peep inside but I could not find any. Disappointed, I went to the bed and sat on it. I saw on the bed the salwar-kameez, bras and panty she wore and removed before she went to bath. Then I remembered her fantasy, as expressed in one of her mails including throwing her bras and panty at me to make me hot. I took the bras lying on the bed and inspected its cups. They were big and I smiled imagining how I was going to treat relishing myself with those beautiful things which were covered by the bra-cups till a few minutes ago. I held the bras with the cups rubbing on my face. I kissed both the cups and sucked the nipple-portion of the cloth. I got the sweet smell of a perfume. Then I softly held one of the cups as if squeezing.

Then I took the panty and kissed it madly as if it was a precious treasure. Next I turned the panty’s inside to outside. I inspected the portion which covered and touched her pussy. I found some faint stain marks and wetness on that portion. The very sight of it made me crazy. I brought the wet portion to my nose and smelt it deeply. What I could smell really made me intoxicated. In extreme madness, I began licking the wet portion of her panty the way a thirsty dog licks milk from a bowl. Not satisfied, I took the entire portion into my mouth and began to chew the cloth. My madness did not end there. I took the front portion of the panty and rubbed it on my cock over my pants. I knew my actions were crazy but then there was absolutely nothing a man would stop at when excessive lust goes into his head.

At this time, I heard Neha unbolting the bathroom door. Throwing the panty to the bed, I rushed to hide behind the almirah just in time she opened the door. I peeped to look at her coming out of the bathroom. She really made quiet an entrance!! What I saw of her made me catch my breath sharply. I missed many of my heartbeats. She wore a new pink-colour panty and bras only. Her fair, fleshy body looked electrifyingly sensuous as if made of marble. She literally appeared like an enchanting temptress from head to foot. Her nonchalant steps made her hips swaying to either side mesmerizing me. Water dripped from her long, untied hairs. With water drops still on her body refracting light through them, she appeared like a live dazzling diamond. While walking to the room, she wiped her hairs with a towel. Any creative art director or photographer of an Advertising agency would love to shoot her for a cosmetic or toiletry item. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy from head to foot than what I saw of her in her picture she had sent to me earlier. I felt an inexplicable and uncontrollable urge to rush and take her in my arms.

I found her suddenly fumbling, so I took my guard. She hastily looked toward the front door. I heard her curse herself. She rushed to the door, nearly running, and bolted it. I imagined she had forgotten to bolt the front door before going to bathroom. I saw her return to the dressing table, now in a relaxed mood. She stood in front of the full-length mirror, smiled and admired her own reflection. She hummed another song under her breath. She began to wipe and dry up her whole body with the towel. Then, to my pleasant surprise, I saw her hands reaching her back and unhook the bras. What I saw nearly petrified me. Her big boobs now released from the clutches of the bra-cups charged out menacingly. I felt a chill run up my spine. I could see parts of her white beautifully shaped big melons. The bras still hanging on her shoulders, she ran the towel beneath the bras and over the boobs wiping. I shook my head sharply to bring me back to senses. Then she hooked back the bras neatly placing her boobs back into its cups.

Next, she pulled down her panty up to the knees. Oh..My Goodness!! That was a real testing time for my willpower. I felt sudden gush of hot blood all through my veins and into my head. I felt being inundated by wave after wave of sexual desire. I nearly took a step from my hiding place behind the almirah to outside to rush and jump at her like a cat in ambush pouncing on a rat. I became aware my hot cock kept confined under my clothes was writhing inside unable to stand fully erected. With much difficulty I controlled my rising erotic feelings and watched her intently. I could see her beautiful naked ass, buttocks and reflection of her love triangle on the mirror. She had shaved her pussy removing all pubic hairs and it was glazing like crystal. She adjusted her standing posture keeping the legs widely apart. Then, bending a little, she began to wipe her pussy with the towel. When the cloth touched her pussy, I saw she closed her eyes and released a soft moan as if imagining about the sweet coming events with me. After that, she pulled up her panty to place.

I found her applying talcum powder all over her body. Then she took a bottle of perfume and sprayed on her armpits. Later, she raised both the hands up in the air and made a stretch of her whole body. It was at this time I made a foolish movement which made a sound. She turned sharply, made a hiss sound in fear as she held the towel across her body to cover whatever nude she could hide. She looked towards the almirah and demanded in a strident voice “Who is there”? I thought for a second and came out from my hiding place fearing she might call the hotel staff. Seeing me, she released a soft shrill in fear. As I smiled and waved at her to relax, I found her recognizing me soon.

“Oh…Jai, my darling…was it you? When did you come? I didn’t know? You gave me a shock and nearly killed me”, she said.

Soon she came running to me. In the melee, the towel fell off her body leaving the bras and panty only on her. I felt as if I consumed a bottle of raw scotch whisky when I saw her boobs bouncing and dancing as she came running towards me. But then she did not care either. She hugged me tightly with her big boobs pressed on to my chest. Then she stood on her toes, circled my neck with her arms and kept her face upward looking at me. I found her mouth opened with rosy lips parted. I noticed her lips trembled while she implored:

“ sweet Jai, kiss me, kiss me hard…it is our first kiss”.

As I was bringing my face down on yours, she could not wait any longer. She held and brought down my head and rammed her lips into mine locking in a long passionate kiss. ‘Pplleeuuuuu” our kiss produced a long sweet sound. I heard her hissing while she sucked my lips hungrily often chewing them. I held her tightly clasped to my body, her boobs crushing on my chest. While I was trying to suck her lip, she inserted her tongue into my mouth playing with my tongue.

Later, I brought her to sit on bed, saying: “My loving Neha, I am too glad and excited to meet you in person. I am blessed with your love and presence in my life”. In reply, she said: “Jai, that makes two of us”.

While we sat on the bed side-by-side and talked, my eyes wandered and hovered on her bosom and pubic areas, visibly thrilled. Seeing this, she grinned and told “Hey naughty Jai, are you giving a treat to your eyes probing my body? It is not fair you remain dressed up while I am semi-nude”. With this, she shoved me to the bed. She stood up, removed my pants, shirt and banian and threw flying to the corner of the room. I was in my underwear only. She eyed the bulge in front of my underwear, touched it as if it was made of egg-shells and remarked: “Jai, it seems this sharp weapon of yours would rip my velvet pussy into pieces. I was dying to be stabbed repeatedly with this”. I said smiling: “Me too”.

There was sudden silence between us as we remained in a long gaze looking intently into each other’s eyes. We were panting slightly and knew our bodies had boiled up. We could see the lust, libido and hunger for each other building up. My hands went around her body, found the metal on her bras and unhooked it. The bras remained hung on her shoulders and her melons popped out threateningly. I said: “Neha darling, why are you keeping my these two lovely assets in captivity?”. To this she said “No, actually I wanted you to release them by yourself as they are all yours now”. As my hands began to caress all over her big boobs, she leaned onto my body moaning slightly. My palms ran all over the mounds of flesh in soft massage. I titillated her by squeezing her soft nipples and aureoles. Soon, the brownish nipples became erect and hard. While moaning, she whispered: “Jai, you know, I have been waiting for these beautiful moments and experience for months together. Please don’t feel soft not to hurt me. Squeeze your assets and take out the entire milk from them and enjoy”. I sat behind her, removed the bras and brought my hands to her boobs from under her arms. My legs remained at either side of her. I cupped both her melons and began to squeeze them simultaneously with heavy pressure. While doing so, I licked her back and shoulders. She turned her face towards the ceiling and moaned softly. I continued to squeeze the boobs for more than ten minutes.

Later she turned to utter in sexy voice: “Darling, I think my milk is almost oozing. Do you want to waste it?”

I knew what she wanted me to do. I made her sit facing me. Bending a little, I brought my mouth to her left boob. I took it inside greedily and began to suck mildly for two minutes. Then I stepped up my force and began to suck very hard. She began to moan fiercely. Then I began to squeeze her right boob while sucking the left one. After five minutes, she said: “Look, my right boob is complaining now”. So, immediately I left her left boob off and took the right boob into my mouth and began to suck it very hard. At this time, I noticed she made gyrations with her pelvic while she continued to moan.

She said: “Jai, while you enjoy these two assets, your most precious asset is complaining now”. I smiled at her and said “Yeah, it is the turn to take care of that asset”.

I got off from the bed, made her legs hang down. Then I pulled down and removed her panty. I went on looking at her love triangle for few minutes. I felt thousands of volts of current pass through my body. I made her lay on her back with her legs hanging but widely separated. I placed myself between her legs, standing on knees on the floor. First, I ran my hand on her velvet pussy. With the touch of my hand on the pussy, her body writhed in pleasures and titillations. Her pussy lips were throbbing and pulsating a little.

I said: “Neha darling, my most valuable asset within you was waiting to be robbed and assaulted mercilessly” She replied “Yes Jai, what are you waiting for?”

I brought my mouth and touched her pussy in a hot kiss. The touch of my lips on her vulva made it throb violently. I showered on her pussy with hundreds of incessant hot kisses. I found her pussy began to dampen a little. I kept my nose close to her hole and smelt it deeply. The odour emanating from her pussy made me reach Heavens. I inhaled so deeply in order that the aroma was imbibed by each and every drop of my blood and carried to every parts of my body. I wished if I could get this sweet smell all through my life.

I separated her pussy-lips with my hands and brought the clitoris visible. I ran the tip of my tongue all over it. She wriggled in pleasures. Suddenly I took the clitoris inside my mouth and began to suck it violently. This made her release a wild shriek in utmost ecstasy. She yelled: “Darling, eat it….eat it fully”. In response, I began to suck it vigorously the way a child sucks a lollipop keeping it inside his mouth. Also, I bit the clitoris with my teeth painlessly at several places. Her pussy lips contracted and expanded involuntarily.

Later, I turned my attention to her pussy orifice. It was now palpitating more. I found it wet, rather fully drenched in juices. I divided the outer and inner labia wide apart. Now I could find the slightly reddish pussy hole. I remained looking at it for a long minute. So, she urged me: “This is the most precious possession you have with me. What are you waiting for Jai? It is all yours now. Give no consideration and treat it as roughly as you can”. Her words pierced like welding sparks into my head. Since I found her hole a little tight, I wanted to make it accessible for my tongue. So, I slowly inserted my middle finger into it. She yelled in pleasure with every inch of its penetration. My finger slid through her pussy flesh the way a hot rod passes through a lump of cheese. I finger-fucked her and churned my finger inside her tunnel in circular motion. Later, I took the finger out and examined it. It was fully covered with her oily pussy juice. I sucked my finger and enjoyed the juice smeared on it the way a child sucked his finger dipped into a bottle of honey.

I brought my mouth close to her hole now. I extended my tongue and touched it. Then I pressed my tongue with force the way one drills a hole on a plate. She moaned and bounced on bed as my tongue touched her G-spot and further traveled into her tunnel. Soon, my tongue began to work. It probed, twisted and licked inside. The sensation of my tongue touching the inner walls of her tunnel was too much for her to sustain as she bounced and wriggled on bed like a fish taken out of water. Suddenly, she jumped out of the bed to stand on floor in front of me while I sat on the floor. She stood keeping the legs wide apart in such a way my head was between her thighs and my face close to her pussy. I found her panting heavily in uncontrollable sexual urge. I knew she wanted to feed me in standing position so that she can also make thrusts with her pussy. As I began to mouth her pussy again, she bent forward a little and grabbed my head with her hands. She guided my tongue into her hole pressing my head very hard on the pussy. While still holding my head tightly pressed to her pussy, she made forward thrusts with the pussy onto my face and said: “Here you enjoy my pussy darling. I am going to open my dam now and you quench your thirst with all my juices. Don’t stop sucking till it is drained out completely”. While I sucked, she trembled like a person possessed by an evil spirit. As my sucking continued for more than five minutes, she shivered violently and I felt a spasm between her thighs. I found a trickle of colourless oily liquid oozing from her hole. I knew she reached orgasm. Madly, I sucked and gulped her juices down my throat as if I was thirsty for a month. She was watching my action merrily. I ran my tongue wiping her pussy to enjoy the last drop of juice when something I could not imagine happened.

I was really taken unawares. She gave me a heavy push sending me sprawling on my back on the floor. In one quick jerk, she pulled down my underwear and threw it flying aimlessly. To my utter surprise and disbelief, I found her eyes glowing and burning like ember with lust and libido. She eyed my hot cock now standing fully erect freed from the imprisonment of underwear. As she sat beside me and grabbed it with her right hand, I said smilingly: “Neha, this is your most valuable asset I was keeping for you. This is not a knife but a hot gun spraying milk. I wanted to kill you by drowning you in the ocean of its milk. Also, I wanted to fill all your holes with it. Come on…don’t wait any longer…pull its trigger by yourself”.

She held my cock and began to kiss it the way a mother frantically kisses her long-lost baby. Then she ran her tongue all over its length wiping it madly. Next, in one quick jerk she took it inside her mouth as if to send it down her throat. She moved her tongue over my cock for a long time and smeared it with her saliva. Later she took my cock in and out of her mouth repeatedly in quick succession. I was getting pleasure indeed. Then she took only the head of the cock inside her mouth and began to suck fiercely as if she was trying to suck my life out of the body. It was my turn to moan now. She sucked, often shaking her head sideways as if a dog struggles with a long bone. Then she did something marvelous. Still sucking my cock holding it by one of her hands, she began to play with my balls (testicles) with her other hand. I felt as if going blind out of the extreme pleasures I derived. As this continued for 3-4 minutes, I felt I was nearly reaching climax and ejaculation. So, I jerked my cock out of her mouth. This made her go wild as she could not enjoy my cock milk. She demanded sharply: “Hey, darling, you are behaving like selfish. This is not fair. You had my juices. Now let me drink and enjoy your milk and quench my thirst too. Give me your cock soon”.

But I was in no mood to listen. I was raging and trembling with hunger for sex. I pushed her to the floor sending sprawling on her back. As I tried to mount on her to fuck, she gave a heavy shove sending me reeling to the floor. As she attempted to grab my cock to thrust it again to her mouth, I grabbed her with my hands. I made her lay forcibly on the floor by holding both her hands pinned down. Though both of us knew we were enjoying this love-play very much, yet we were not willing to surrender to each other. As I was trying to insert my cock into her pussy, suddenly she rolled over sending me fall on the floor. Immediately she sat and tried to grab my cock again to suck. But I got up and grabbed her with my hands between her thighs. As we wrestled with each other, both of us fell on the floor. Still, she was struggling to suck my cock as I was fighting to fuck her. While trying to dominate each other, we clasped our bodies and rolled over and over on the floor like a barrel mounting on each other’s body alternatively.

At one stage, she found she was about to lose as I was overpowering her with more force. So, she stood up and ran across the room. I enjoyed watching her nudeness. She looked like a deer running for its life escaped from the jaws of a hungry tiger. I too stood up and went after her. As she began to run helter-skelter across the room, I willingly gave her more space to evade me. It was a splendid sight of her big boobs bouncing rhythmically as she ran. We took 4-5 rounds of the room, running. Lastly, I caught hold of her long untied hairs and jerked it. The effect made her head bend back and she stopped. I reached her and held her tightly circling my hands around her body from behind. This made my hot erect cock rub over her big beautiful ass. Though both of us were getting pleasures yet we were enjoying the struggle between us. I lifted her off the ground and carried to the bed. She began to hit me painlessly with her hands and legs. Once, she bit my shoulder with her teeth. But I did not give up and shoved her to the bed lying on her back across the bed. Both of us were gasping and panting out of the wild run and chase.

I looked at her nude body and admired for a long time. In fact, both of us were boiling in the heat of sexual hunger. I separated her legs and thighs and drew it upward using force. She was not cooperating, but playfully. I told her sarcastically: “Look Neha, I am going to shoot and kill you with my gun now. Let me see how you can protect yourself”. As soon as I finished saying this, I sprang on her body. In the same action, I held both her hands, stretched it side ways and pinned down to bed. I manipulated and adjusted my pelvic and tried to penetrate her pussy. Smilingly, she struggled under my body not allowing my entry. I applied more brutal force. My cock touched her hole. Since her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock slipped into it. She moaned and writhed in pleasures though she felt a little pain while my cock pierced through her soft pussy flesh. It was a real treat to my ears as she moaned ah..aahh..aaahhh…aaaahhhh…in extended rhythmic sounds with each inch of my cock’s penetration. Once my cock went fully inside, I began to fuck her savagely and incessantly using more brutal force. I ploughed the entire length of her tunnel nearly making it in a mess. Each time my cock went through her juicy tunnel, it produced slush…slush…slush…sounds. In utmost lust, I pressed my chest hard on her big boobs. I licked her entire face while I continued to fuck her. Then I crushed her lips with hard kisses often biting them.

This was too much for her to resist. The show of acting faded from her face. Suddenly, she brought up her legs, wrapped it around my body and held me tightly pressed to her body. Simultaneously she released her hands from my clutches and hugged me tightly over my back. In a fierce manner beyond the strength of any lady, she began giving upward thrusts with her pussy by bouncing and jumping on the bed. Every time she thrust upward, she heaved making deep huuh….huhhh….huhhh…sounds. Each time our thrusts coincided, it sent my cock deeply buried inside her up to the hilt. I felt as if she wanted to send my testicles also inside her. We continued fucking like this for nearly five minutes.

Suddenly, she released her hands and legs off my body and rolled over sending me off balance to bed. I found her get up and run again. I felt like a wounded tiger whose prey slipped out of its mouth by injuring its face with nails and sped away. I too got up and went after her. She made three rounds of the room with my chasing her. Once I again caught her by her loose hairs but she suddenly turned to face me. Both of us stood looking at each other with hands extended as if two wrestlers about to fight. It was very exciting to look at her nude body and boobs swaying rhythmically to her palpitation and deep breathing. I enjoyed watching her naked wet pussy remained exposed due to her standing position with legs apart ready to pounce on me. I knew it was difficult for me to grab her from the front.

So, I adopted a trick. I looked beyond her shoulders at the window and said: Hey Neha, why don’t you draw the curtains or else somebody may see you from outside through the open window”. She failed to remember the curtains were already drawn in place, but my trick really worked. Suddenly she panicked and turned to look back towards the window. I sprang on her at the same moment. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the floor.

The commotion made my cock placed between her asses. Though I could not make any penetration into her anus, yet I made forward thrusts with my cock. As my attention was shifted toward her anus, my grip on her body became a little loose. She struggled making violent movements, freed herself from my clutches and ran again. I went after her. Lastly I caught up with her near the wooden table. I shoved her to the table sending her upper body sprawled on the table, face downward. I went behind her and clasped her tightly with my hands. She pretended to struggle savagely. Still holding her from the back, I used my legs to separate her legs and thighs so that her pussy was exposed. Once I located her hole, I released my right hand, caught my cock and guided it into her pussy. Once it went fully inside, I brought my hands from the sides of her body and cupped her big boobs. I began to make thunderous thrusts forward fucking her savagely while I squeezed both her boobs heavily. While fucking, I thrashed and stabbed her pussy the way Robinson Crusoe would have fucked a beautiful girl in the deserted island after many years he landed there. It would not be any wonder if my cock had crushed her pussy to cause bleeding injuries. The most interesting thing was both of us were getting pleasures and a little pain too due to such brutal fucking. Besides, in utmost ecstasy, we were hurling dirty and slang words at each other. Due to my rough handling and squeezing, my finger-nails dug into several places on her big boobs making tiny red marks.

As I continued with my heavy onslaught of thrusts, the table moved inch by inch. As her body also moved, I too moved forward fucking her. Lastly, the table reached and touched the wall blocking further movements. At this stage, she too kept her pussy thrust backward to welcome my fucking. Both she and I felt painful burning sensation due to mad fucking which was simply mind-boggling. I was not contended yet, so I garnered strength from all parts of my body collectively accumulated on my cock and fucked her in a crouching manner exactly the way a dog fucks a bitch. At this stage, she moaned like the whistle of an electric hooter. I wondered if I could ram her to send the table to push the wall and collapse it. I felt my cock as if its outer skin had peeled off and burning inside an electric oven. At times, during my fucking, she looked at me over her shoulders and cried: “Oh..Jai, go on fucking me, harder, deeper, give no mercy to me, injure me, pulverize me, crush my pussy, make it bleed… are really a marvelous fucker…How I wish to get such fuck every day and night..”

Her face showed great admiration for my wonderful lovemaking. My immense fucking caused accumulation of sweat-buds all over her face in spite of the air-conditioner running at maximum. She struggled to take deep breaths and gasped with each of my murderous thrusts. Yet, she yelled in requesting me not to go slow and continue punches with my cock. It was amusing to hear her words “Jai….please…please don’t stop….please continue…..go on fucking me…..I wish to be killed by you fucking me like this…this is the best fuck I have ever got in my life….”.

Lastly, I felt she contracted her vaginal muscles tightly gripping my cock inside her. She made some violent gyrations and deep moans. I knew she was reaching climax and orgasm. Her body shivered for a few seconds and went limp collapsing on the table. But she was quick to yell at me “Darling, please ejaculate inside my pussy, spray your cock-milk deeply inside my uterus, please make me pregnant, I want to give birth to your baby, I want to become the mother of your child”. Her words made me mad with love and lust for her. I accelerated further making blasting thrusts. Within a couple of minutes, I attained climax. I felt my cock pumping out a lot of hot molten lava flooding her tunnel. At this point, as desired by her, I kept my cock thrust very deep inside her and deposited all my cock-milk inside her body. I remained lying on her body for a few minutes. Then I slowly made her stand up and brought her to the bed.

Both of us were dead tired and exhausted by the vigorous lovemaking and sank to bed like two fallen tree-trunks. She exclaimed: “Jai, this is the best lovemaking I ever had in my life so far. You are a wonderful lover”. I said: “For me too”. We rested for half-an-hour while we talked. After ordering the hotel staff to send our breakfast to the room, I went for a bath. Over breakfast, we talked again. At this time, Neha indicated she needed to return home the next morning due to some unavoidable circumstances and to avoid any suspicion in the minds of her family. That meant, we had only that day and night together. Since I cared for her safety, security and reputation, I did not force her to stay longer.

The time was 11.30 AM and we decided to go to the beach for a swim. She had no swim suits but salwar-kameez only. I gave her one of my T-Shirts and half-pants and I too wore one of the same pairs. I did not allow her to wear bras and panty. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy in the yellow-colour T-shirt and blue half-pants. Her big boobs threatened to come out tearing the T-shirt.

Reaching the beach, we went to waist-deep water with waves hitting our bodies. There were very few people on the beach at that hour, mostly couples and honeymooners, a little far away from our place. None of them bothered to look at us rather immersed in their own way of pleasures. I and Neha engaged in playing merrily splashing water at each other. Her shirt fully wet now, stuck to her body, giving out sexy contour of her big boobs with nipples jutting out. I hugged her tightly, her boobs pressed on my chest. Then I kissed her passionately on her lips. Next I went behind her standing close to her. I slid my hands under her T-shirt and cupped her melons squeezing them. She moaned softly. I tweaked her hard erect nipples holding them between my thumbs and index fingers. Next I unbuttoned her trousers and slid it down. Squeezing one boob with my left hand, my right hand went to her pussy and began to play there. She giggled in pleasures. I separated her legs and thighs and inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole. Then I started finger-fucking her. She yelled out of pleasures. She turned to look at me with lips trembling. I kissed her madly while I continued to finger-fuck her pussy. She whispered: “Jai, you are making me hot again”. “That is exactly I wanted to do”, I replied. Her hand was searching for my cock now. I slid my trousers and kept the cock exposed under water. She held my erect cock and began to massage and squeeze it tightly. The temperature of our bodies was shooting up and the cold water could not bring it down.

I frantically looked along the beach but could not find any hiding place where we can make love. So, I decided to make it under water itself. We went to chest-deep level of water. I removed our trousers and kept them on my shoulder. Then I lifted her holding under her buttocks. She hung on me circling her hands and legs around my neck and body respectively. Guiding my cock with my hand, I inserted it inside her pussy. Then we began to fuck, still under water. She began to moan loudly as our thrusts accelerated. I lifted her T-shirt exposing her big boobs. I sucked her boobs while I thrust my cock forward in quick succession to fuck her. She too was bouncing and jumping, still clinging to me. While sucking her boobs at water level, some salty sea water went inside my mouth and often I had to drink it. After five minutes of our vigorous fucking, both of us reached climax simultaneously. I could find some of my seminal fluid oozed out of her pussy floating on the water surface. She quickly collected it on her palms and swallowed it down her throat.

Feeling exhausted after our fucking, we put on our trousers again and came to the shore. We rested on the sandy beach keeping our hands wrapped around each other’s body. After fifteen minutes, we went to the waters again and took bath. Wiping up our bodies and changing to new pair of dresses kept at the beach, we returned to the hotel room. We took bath in nude together once again in the bathroom playing merrily. After a sumptuous lunch, we slept for a couple of hours hugging each other. Later, we took a cab and went around the place for sight-seeing. After dinner in a restaurant, we came back to our room around 11 o’clock in the night. Do I need to tell more? The story was to repeat again and again with our engaging in erotic foreplays and lovemaking in various positions at intervals and rest throughout the night. At the end of it in the early morning, we felt we never had such exciting and wonderful experiences even during our respective honeymoon days. After breakfast, we packed up to leave. We locked our bodies in a tight embrace and passionate kiss lasting three minutes. We thanked each other profusely for the magnificent happiness and pleasures given to each other. Boarding the train at railway station, we bid goodbye and I saw her off. I still remember her face brimming with emotions and sentiments as she continued to look at me through the window when her train moved.

Well friends, how did you enjoy reading this experience of mine? You are welcome to mail me your views. Ladies desirous of making decent friendship or for erotic mails/chat or for real experience are welcome to contact me to my e-mail ID:

Bye for now.


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My Best Friend Took Me

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Hi guys! I have been reading the stories put up on various sites for quite some time now. I never had courage to describe my own experience before, but today I am going to narrate my first experience to all of you. Let me tell you about myself first. I am 22 yrs young girl, fair, 56 in height. My name is Madhurima. Though my name sounds Bengali, I am not. I have an inviting figure of 35-24-36. Right from my school days, I’ve been very much figure conscious and always use to work out to keep myself in a proper shape. I’ve always noticed guys staring at my body in school as well as in college and to be frank, I use to love the expressions on their faces and the comments they use to pass.

The incident happened when I was 19, in 2nd year of graduation. Our colleges function was going on and that was a tie-day for guys and sari day for girls. I was in a lovely red sari with sleeveless blouse worn a bit below naval. It was the first time I was going to college in sari though I had worn it many times in family function and my cousin always use to tell me that I look dam sexy in sari. Just when I was entering through the gate someones comment caught my attention

Kya maal lag rahi hai yaar..

I was used to those kind of comments so didn’t react. I went and joined my group. We had a group of 5 with 3 guys and 2 girls including myself. One of the members of our group was Aditya. He was strongly built fair guy, nearly 6 feet tall. He was one of my very close friends with whom I use to share problems I face and he use to always help me out of trouble.

We all were in mood of party that day. After attending a quiz session, we decided to go out and enjoy. One of our friends had car so we went for a drive on outskirts of the town. While coming back home we decided to go for an afternoon movie. After the movie got over our friend was dropping everyone home. Aditya stays nearby my house so I got off with him as I was supposed to take some notes from him. He was looking very much like an executive of a company wearing tie.

We both went to his house. He opened the door with his key and we went in. There was no one around. I didn’t have any problem as it was not for the first time I was coming to his place all alone with him. He asked if I would have a cup of coffee. I was feeling bit tired so accepted his offer. While he was making coffee I went to get fresh. When I was back he was ready with coffee. Just when we were having coffee, he had a phone call. I pick up my cup and went close to window and was staring the beautiful sea from the window while he was on the phone.

I was staring at the sea forgetting everything around. I didn’t even realize when he came and stood next to me. I realized his presence next to me only when he warped his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him and saw feelings in his eyes and on his face as never before. Slowly and softly he pulled me close to him and kissed on my cheeks. I felt really great and responded with a kiss on his cheeks too. After all he was my best friend.

He then pulled me even closer and kissed on my rosy lips. That was first time ever I was kissed by a guy. I felt really nice but same time I felt its not proper too. So I pulled myself out of his arms.

No Aditya! Please.
Come on Minty! he said, I love you! I always want you to be with me!
Come on dear! I know you also like me! Dont you?

Yes! I use to like him a lot. I could not answer him. He again pulled me closer and kissed deeply on my lips. That really sent an electric current through my whole body from top to bottom. Unknowingly, my hands went around his neck and I started to respond him. He pulled me even closer and first time I felt his strong chest against my breasts. He was pressing his body against mine and the feeling of my breasts getting pressed was really great. I felt his hands around my slim waist. I was about to moan with his touch but could not do so as he was kissing me deeply on my lips. His hands were moving up and down right from my waist to my neck. His tongue was exploring my mouth very swiftly. Never in life, I had such a great feeling!

After some time we stopped. He looked at me and smiled. Then he went behind me warping me in his arms from back and started licking my neck. His hands were exploring my belly and he was gently teasing my naval. Never before that Id come across this side of him, a romantic lover. I was completely in his control now. Slowly and softly his hands started to move up on my belly. I knew what was going to happen next and he was after my treasures, but I didn’t want to stop him as I was enjoying his touch and the feeling of being with such a man.

In a minute I was feeling his hands touching lower part of my breasts. He was as usual mischievous and was not up there still and was just teasing me with the touch. I was not ready to wait any longer. I needed his touch so badly. I put my hand on his and pushed his hand up on my breasts. Oh! What a great feeling was that. He then started caressing and then squeezing my breasts slowly and softly and bit harder later on. I was moaning in pleasure. It really was a wonderful feeling not to be described in words. He kept on playing with my breasts for sometime and then pulled me up in his arms and carried to his bed room.

We reached his bedroom and he made me stand again in his arms. He was pulling off my sari and in a minute it was off. I was standing in front of him in a petticoat and blouse. I felt shy the way he was looking at me and was in his arms in a flash. He held me close and started kissing deeply. His hands were exploring my slim and slender waist and my shaped ass in the petticoat. Then slowly he untied the string of my petticoat and it was down. He then unbuttoned my blouse and that was off too! Then he pushed me on the bed. There I was, lying in front of him in just bra and panty! He was staring me upside down with that need in his eyes. I was really feeling very shy but was feeling very good at the same time.

He then started undressing himself. His shirt and pant were off quickly and I was staring at him while he was taking off his cloths. He really had a strong and muscular body with a hairy chest. He soon was just in his underpant and lying next to me. He was very calm or might have been acting to be so. I was not ready to wait and wanted him so badly. I pulled myself up and was over him in a flash. I kissed him deeply and his arms were around me again. I went down licking his hairy chest down to his belly and then back up to his shoulders. He was enjoying my tongue exploring his body. Then he held me tightly and unhooked my bra. My treasures were now free for him completely. He pulled off my bra and kept on staring at my lovely breasts.

Then he pulled me under him and he was over me in a flash. I was feeling the weight of his body over mine. He was kissing me deeply and his chest was pressing hard on my breasts. Then he started licking his way down. It was great feeling his tongue exploring my body. Soon he was on my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking slowly. He was teasing with his tongue moving around and tickling it and then sucking it. I was moaning in pleasure more and more. All this time, his hand was squeezing my other breast. Then he went down on my belly. He kept on teasing my naval with his tongue. I was really moaning loudly now. His hands were exploring my soft but shapely thighs. He was constantly massaging them and I was like ,Oh god why is he wasting time? Then he told me to sleep with my back up. He started licking his way down from my back to my waist. His hands were squeezing my tight ass. I was not at all in my senses now. This guy was making life more and more difficult for me now!.

He then turned me over again and started licking my belly! I was going mad now and was wondering why he is not going further, but I didn’t know he was arousing me as much as he could. His hands went inside my panty and then he slowly pulled my panty off. There I was! Lying completely nude in front of my friend and he was exploring my beauty! He kept on licking my belly but his hands parted my legs, He was not massaging on my virgin pussy! Ohhhh I moaned loudly on his touch! He was so soft rubbing his fingers against it. Then slowly he started putting his finger in. I screamed loudly!

Stop! Its paining
Come on love, it will pain for a while but you will feel great!

He was true. He was slowly putting his finger and I began to enjoy now. The pain was whipped out and soon his finger was moving swiftly in and out of my virgin pussy. He then put another finger and in a while I was able to take three fingers in. I was loosing the control fast and I had my first orgasm on his fingers. He took his fingers out. He was not getting ready to give me the experience I was never going to forget. I could sense the erection in his manhood over his under pant. He then pulled it off! There it was, his manhood! First time in life I was seeing a man naked.

He laid over me. I was feeling his manhood against my wet pussy. He carefully positioned the tip of that on my pussy and softly started to push it in my pussy. I was aroused completely and wanted him badly. I didn’t have any idea what was in the store for me. He pushed his manhood in me a bit forcefully and I was in tears.

Ohhhhh Aditya! Its hurting me! Noooooo!
Minty, dont worry take some pain for great pleasure.

He was soft and was very careful but I was in terrible pain. He had nearly half his manhood in my pussy. He was moving softly and slowly the pain was coming to and end. My screams now turned into moans as I began to enjoy it. He quickly realized that and began to move in a rhythm now. His speed now went on increasing, He was very careful keeping in mind that he had virgin in his bed. Even with his speed increasing, I was now not in any pain. He was pumping me fast and I was moaning in pleasure. This went on and on and then I realized he had reached a point of climax. I was expecting it and suddenly he shot his load inside me! Wow!!! What a feeling that was. I was feeling to be in a heaven. Just then I had orgasm too. We both were drenched now and he laid over me for few minutes. I had just experienced a great man and what makes a girl a woman! The pleasure of sex and loosing your virginity!

After a while he got up and laid beside me. He pulled me close to him and kissed deeply. His hands were exploring my back down my waist and down to my ass. Again he was arousing me. He was getting hard himself too! Then he told me to sit on his manhood which I was kind of surprised off. I sat on his manhood. He had his hands squeezing my breasts. He started to push me up and down. I was responding him too now. I was now very much in rhythm moving up and down. He was squeezing my breasts. We were about to reach climax just then he pulled me over him. I had my orgasm and he too shot his load inside me. I kept on lying on him kissing him deeply.

Some time later he got off from bed.

Come on Minty, lets have bath together!

I was excited with the idea. We went to bathroom and he put on the shower. The cold water poured on our bodies. I was shivering just when he pulled me closer. There in the shower we were in each others arms and cold water was pouring over our bodies. Then he pulled me down on the floor of the bathroom where we enjoyed the fun again. By the time he was done, I was completely drenched.

We then came out of bathroom and dried each other and dressed up. Before leaving I asked him,

Tell me honestly, did you have sex earlier? before today?
No Minty, but I know one thing, when you have a virgin in your bed, you have to be careful not to hurt her!

I smiled and left. It was the most memorable day in my life. He made me realize what I have in me as a woman and what I was missing as a woman. I can never forget the way he handled me very carefully and softly. After that we use to have sex once or twice a month when we feel the need for it very badly and he was always very gentle. After the college he got job abroad and he left. That saw end of my affair with him. But I just cant forget the time I had with him. I find it hard to control my body now and need someone who can handle me carefully and softly the way he did.

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Sexy Sohini sexperience

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Vijay always cherished the fresh cool morning breeze in between the occasional sips of Darjeeling tea. But it was a luxury he could hardly afford even a month back. His morning aerobics and after that his office always kept him occupied.
Things have been different ever since he retired. Now he would get up early only to enjoy the morning freshness. Certainly, he was enjoying retired life. His son, Rohit was in the United States doing his Masters. At times Vijay longed to see him again.
Of course, he makes it a point to get in touch over the phone once every week. Besides, there is Shila, ever so understanding and considerate. Vijay felt lucky to have her as his wife. Now, when she is away visiting her old mother in Poona, he missed her.

Mornings were always tough for Sohini. Arranging breakfast for the family, preparing their three year old son Akash for the kindergarten school he attended and helping her husband Raman while he ran around the whole house getting ready for office.

It was worse on days when Raman didn’t have time to drop off Akash at school and she had to take him to school. She yanked Akash from the breakfast table, almost dragging the child to the bedroom. “Where’s my socks?” Raman was impatient.

“You’ll find them in the closet” She replied all the time divesting Akash of his sleeping suit…. Movements on the driveway brought Vijay back from the spell. He leaned over the balcony trying to get a view…he could see the child running towards the gate.

Raman was getting into his Maruti car and yelling at Akash to follow suit. Vijay held his breath in anticipation…he knew she would emerge from the house any moment. When she did, he moved back a little to make sure that nobody notices him.

Everything about her was stirring his carnal senses…tall and slim with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a housecoat with a shawl draped around her. He guessed her to be around thirty. Ever since they had moved in as a tenant,

he had searched for opportunities to let her know his feelings. He had to do something before his wife returned. Suddenly he struck upon the idea…Vikram can be his perfect partner in this. Vikram has been his friend since school.

Together it would be easy for them even if she turned out to be unwilling. Vijay picked up the cordless phone…With her husband and son gone, Sohini could afford to laze around for a couple of hours before getting on with the household cores.

Inside the bedroom, she stood in front of the dressing table searching for blemishes on her face. There were none. Usually, she took care of herself and that included a visit to the gym every other day to stay in shape.

Slowly she got out of the nightee and panties she was wearing. Naked she ran her hands over her shapely breasts and flat stomach. She moved back a little to get a full view. Thank God, she was long legged. She turned around gently caressing her high hips.

“Shit, I shouldn’t behave like a sex starved housewife.” She thought. No doubt, Raman was a very caring and understanding husband. She couldn’t complain about her sex life either. Then, she thought about Vijay uncle upstairs.

Sohini knew he desired her…a woman can tell that from the way a man looked at her. A bit of flirting was fine but that was all that she could dare to do. She walked over to the closet and took out a navy blue long skirt with a matching white top.

She felt comfortable wearing skirts while working…It took Vijay no time to convince Vikram that this was the most opportune time to get intimately acquainted with her. “The husband is in office and the kid at school”

Vijay winked “But remember there’s no way back when it gets going. We may have to force her.” “That’s fine. Against the two of us she stands little chance” Vikram agreed. “So what are we waiting for? Let’s get going”

Sohini was watching TV when the doorbell rang “Who is it?” She called peeping into the door eye. She could see Vijay uncle and with him was another gentleman. She opened the door. “Sohini beti, can you arrange for a cup of tea for us.

Meet my friend Vikram. You must have seen him earlier” “Many a times” She laughed. “Just make yourselves comfortable. It will take me two minutes to get the tea ready” She said as they walked past her and settled on the sofa.

Inside the kitchen she could feel the tension building up. Is this just a casual visit or are they upto something? She started raking her brains trying to come up with ideas on how to tackle them in case they had some ulterior motives.

The tea was hot and stimulating and so was the woman sitting in front. “How is your son doing in school?” Vijay asked “Fine. Every morning he seems quite eager to go to school. Sort of likes it.” Just then the telephone started ringing.

“Excuse me” She got up and answered the phone. It was Raman “Honey, can you check whether I have left my credit card on the dressing table.” “Give me a minute” She kept the receiver aside and disappeared into the bedroom.

Vikram looked at Vijay. He could make out the burning desire in his friend’s eyes. In the meantime Sohini had returned and was talking over the phone. There was something about a credit card, Vikram could make out.

The two friends exchanged glances and stood up. The time had come. Like moths drawn to the flame slowly they started moving towards her. “Don’t forget to buy Akash’s books.” She thought of telling Raman that Vijay uncle and his friend were with her.

But something held her back. “That’s all, dear, bye.” was all that she managed to say. Putting down the phone she wandered for a moment why she didn’t tell Raman. Was she being a willing conspirator? What if Vijay uncle is just on courtesy visit, she thought.

She turned and froze. Her admirers were standing hardly a foot away from her…and then she knew. But before she could react Vijay drew her in a tight bear hug. “What’s this? Stop it, I say, stop it” She shouted, fighting to free herself from his embrace.

Then she felt hands all over her…cupping, fondling and caressing her intimately. She managed to bring her hands to his chest and pushed with all her strength. Vijay staggered from the blow but continued holding her in his embrace.

Vikram could feel his growing male hardness as his hands continued pawing her through the clothes. But this won’t help, he knew. His hands moved to the waistband of her skirt and tore it off with all his strength. It fell in a heap around her feet.

“Oh God” she gasped remembering that she was not wearing any underwear. The hands had stopped groping at her. She managed to look back at him over her shoulders. He was mesmerised by what he had unveiled.

“Vijay look, she doesn’t even want us to waste time on her underwear.” “No.” She protested. “I hate you for what you’re doing to me.” Suddenly Vijay released her from his bear hug. As she staggered to retain her balance he thrust his hand between her thighs.

“Oh God! No.” She cried out. Caught in the throes of her sudden orgasm she had to lean on Vijay for support. His invading fingers were working her to a feverish pitch. She totally lost control of her movements as her orgasm flooded down his fingers.

The next thing she knew was Vijay picking her up in his arms. She clung to him for support as he walked into the bedroom. She knew she had little control over what is to follow. Only one thing seemed certain…sex.

As Vijay dropped her on the bed, Vikram walked over to her. He didn’t bother to unbutton her shirt. Instead he tore it off exposing her naked breasts. As if in a trance, she watched them hurriedly undress and join her.

She felt too tired to get up. The monotonous hum of the ceiling fan was making her feel sleepy. She turned over on her back starring at the ceiling. She felt sore between her thighs, the throbbing sensation in her vagina yet to subside.

Vijay hadn’t spent much time on the preliminaries. Of course, she was wet from the sudden orgasm they had inflicted upon her. She could vividly recollect every minute of the orgy. Her arms tightly wrapped around Vijay…the bed creaking under the fury of their coupling…

her shrill little gasps…the wild upward surging of her loins. Vikram was kneeling just beside them on the bed…his manhood erect and throbbing. Then Vijay came. She hardly had time to breathe before the warm shrinking organ inside her was replaced by a hard

and throbbing one as Vikram embraced her. And it was in his arms that she climaxed. Sohini found it difficult to believe that. After all, Vikram was almost a stranger. She had read somewhere that women were capable of enjoying multiple sexual intercourses.

She hadn’t believed it then. But now she knew. She had never experienced a climax like that before. With Raman she often felt contended…but this was just beyond her control. Her hands and legs held onto him fiercely.

And then it hit her like a sea wave…her shrieks and the next instant a hand on her mouth smothering her. Her tormentors left almost immediately…When Raman came home that evening he found her in bed complaining of severe headache.

“But we have invited Vijay uncle for dinner today.” Raman was telling her. Sohini felt irritated. “Why don’t you go out and have dinner. Take Akash along with you. By the time you’re back I hope to feel much better.”

Nice little alibi. She didn’t want to meet Vijay now. It was too much for her to handle…scared that her animosity towards him might show. Of course, she couldn’t afford to let Raman know. “That’s fine.” Raman replied and left the bedroom.

Sohini could hear him talking to Akash. “Can you go upstairs and tell Vijay uncle that we are going out for dinner.” Vijay could hear his heart throbbing as he knocked on the door. What if she had already told Raman…and dinning out was just an alibi to get him face to face.

The door opened and Raman stood in front of him…not with a frown as he had expected but with a courteous smile on his face. “Vijay uncle, Sohini is down with a severe headache. So maybe we have to go out and have dinner.”

The tension eased away. So she hadn’t uttered a word to Raman. They were safe. Then the idea flashed through his mind. “Frankly, I would prefer to skip dinner. Why don’t you and Akash go ahead.” Inside the bedroom Sohini froze on hearing Vijay talk to Raman.

The brute had the courage to rape her and then talk to Raman without a trace of guilt in his voice. It was a strange feeling…anger mixed with tension. Should she run out and tell Raman everything to tear apart the mask the brute was wearing?

She decided not to. More so because Akash was there. She could hear Raman requesting Vijay to come along. But Vijay kept on refusing him politely. The tension was building up inside. What was he upto? She was finding it difficult to breathe.

“Don’t bother about me Raman. You two go ahead. I’ll just check up with Sohinibeti how she feels now” She heard Vijay saying. Then she knew. But she felt numb and paralysed. It was fear…the fear of a prey faced to face with the predator.

“Sohini” She heard Raman calling her. “We will be back in an hour.” The door slammed shut and minutes later the car engine coming to life. Soon they were gone. She could hear the wild thumps of her heart. Where was Vijay? Has he gone upstairs?

A rustling noise of somebody entering the bedroom. “No. Don’t you dare to come near me” She cried out. She could hear his footsteps approaching her. Her hands and legs were refusing to obey her. Before she could move away he had her pinned to the bed.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She started crying. This was not the time to show mercy. Deftly, his hands moved under the housecoat she was wearing and violently tore off her panties. “Ouch” She cried out.

He pushed the housecoat above her waist and thrust is face between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively he started licking her. “Oh God” She shuddered trying to push him away with all her strength. Raman never did that to her.

But Vijay refused to budge. Soon she lost control again… her hips bucking frantically as his tongue reached new depths inside her. When he was through, he arranged the housecoat properly around her. “Where do I keep this?” He had her torn panties in his hand.

She started sobbing. “What have I done to you to deserve this?” “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. The way you moaned belies your words. Actually, the problem is that you will never admit you enjoyed it with anybody other than your husband.

With Raman did you ever feel the way you did with us? How about a little arrangement between the three of us that nobody else will know of?” “Stop it.” She cried out. “I’m a happily married mother, not a sex starved creature like you.

Anyway, its no use arguing. Can you, at least, leave me alone?” He did. Next day Sohini decided not to stay back home and give Vijay and Vikram another opportunity. She took Akash to school and spent the rest of the day with a friend.

Raman picked them up on his way back from the office. That night Sohini had an overwhelming desire to make love with Raman and they did… Later, sleep alluded her. Beside her Raman was in deep slumber. Their lovemaking was more satisfying emotionally than physically.

Suddenly she felt like recollecting her memories of the orgy yesterday. Strangely, every bit of it was still vivid in her memory. With a startle she realised that her single partner conjugal life can no longer satisfy her. For a couple of hours the soul and the animal fought tooth and nail.

The soul warned “Doesn’t your husband and child matter to you? They love you, adore you. And this is what you do in return? Is this what your education and upbringing taught you? Don’t let a moment’s passion get the better of you.”

The animal replied with sarcasm. “Don’t kid yourself. You want it to happen again. Your husband can never show you the heights of carnal passion. Go enjoy it yourself. Don’t listen to that crap about your love for your family. They will never get to know of it if you are careful.”

She thought about the situation again and again…Vijay stood on the balcony enjoying the early morning chill in the air. It was time for Akash to leave for school. He was expecting to find them on the driveway underneath any moment.

Yesterday, Sohini had upset all their plans by spending the whole day somewhere else. If she did that today, then he planned to feign sickness. That, he hoped, would convince Raman that Sohini should stay back to take care of him.

The next moment he saw Akash running towards the car with Raman close on his heels. Vijay held back his breath in anticipation. He expected her to emerge any moment and then he would know whether she was staying back.

When she emerged his heart skipped a beat. She wore a house coat with a shawl draped around her. She was definitely not leaving. She turned her head and looked up. Their eyes met…Vijay called on her immediately after Raman and Akash left.

“It has to be both of you.” She had said refusing to open the door. She knew both of them would come. It would be the starting of a entirely new relationship …admirers becoming lovers…mutual passions would extend their carnal pursuits far beyond the limits she had known.

It would always be a threesome and nothing, absolutely nothing will be forbidden, even those she had never dared to experience within the confines of her conjugal bed…exhibitionism – and plain coitus – in quick succession, doggy fashion, woman on top,

rocking chair, side by side, standing – or the numbers game, 6 and 9 – or oral sex – or rear entry and the sandwich. Sohini shuddered in anticipation of the endless possibilities. She sat down in front of the dressing table and began preparing herself for her lovers…

carefully choosing her makeup and attire. When the doorbell rang again she knew they had come. She let them in and closed the door behind her. No words were spoken…there was no need for any either. Hands undid the belt of the blue knee-length silk robe she wore.

It didn’t matter to her whose hands they were. Then she was divested of the robe. Underneath she was naked. “I’m so hot!” She moaned. “So damned hot!” The idea of two men in bed with her filled Sohini with both alarm and an odd excitement

she had never before experienced. He heart pounded wildly and she began to moan, to simper. Vikram moved between her legs, holding her thighs apart. She felt the swollen knob searching for entry. Several times it moved over the orifice

that it wanted to stopper and then rammed savagely forward. It entered her like a ripping blade and moved steadily inward. By the time she felt his testicles press against her buttocks, she had given herself completely up to the pleasure.

Her panic had entirely vanished and she was jerking and twisting with lust. Vikram tumbled on the bed drawing her with him so that they lay side by side. Sohini was still savouring the feel of his male hardness inside her.

Then his arms went around holding her in a vice like grip against him. “Ouch!” She cried out. “You are hurting me.” Vikram didn’t even bother to answer…she got it the next instant. She felt Vijay running his hands along the split of her rear cheeks.

He quickly found out what he was searching for – the soft opening of her rectum. Sohini felt panic. She had never done that before. “No! No!” She struggled to pull herself free. But there was no way she could move away from Vikram.

Vijay’s fingers were lubricating the aperture. “Please. Please!” She begged. There was a momentary relief as the fingers left her. She braced herself for the inevitable. Still her body cried out with sudden agony as he drove his organ forward to spread her anal cavity to receive the shaft.

When she cried out, both men became motionless, waiting until the shooting pain left her. As her sphincter began to relax, she felt the pain ebbing. Her body must have displayed the decrease in pain, because both men began to pump,

to thrust themselves into her at the same time. She could feel the thin tissue that separated their shafts stretching. She had never felt such a delightful sensation. They were taking her to the heights of ecstasy. She knew that they also must be able

to feel one another’s shaft inside of her. How could they help but feel them? Each thrust and they drove into each other, their shafts pressing together on either side of the thin dividing wall. Vijay reached his climax first.

His tool throbbed and expanded until she thought she would not be able to stretch anymore to accommodate him. She thought she would be torn apart. Then she felt the hot streams of sperm hosing inside her, gushing into her bowels again and again.

Vikram groaned like a man who had been stabbed. He drove himself into her to the hilt and exploded just as the dam within her broke. The tautness immediately began to leave her body. She lay between them limply, waiting for them to pull their organs

from her front and rear cavities. When Vijay pulled back, she experienced a pain equal to that she had felt when he had entered her. She clutched at Vikram’s shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh. And then they were both out of her.

Her head was swimming and she closed her eyes. Her entire body seemed to be filled with pain; pain in her head, her rectum and her vagina. It seemed to come from all points of her body to cloud her thoughts and force her to moan without control.

Satiated but too exhausted, she sighed. How could she do without the passion that she experienced today? She knew there was no way she could refuse them in future.

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Suhaagg Raat Ki Kahani

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Hello friends, I am very old reader of this site but this is my first time to write about mine own experience the first one which opened a new world for me. This is about my first wedding night or u can say soohag ratt. I am now thirty years old women having two kids aged ten and six, figure of 40-31-36.Keep it mind I am not a story writer, Any way at the age of nineteen I was marries with a handsome guy who was my cousin. I don’t know about sex any thing and one of my cousin friend told me about how I should react with my hubby on very first night. Here the night begins, Waoo What A Night:

At about eleven in the night all of the family members of my hubby left the room leaving me alone. I was very much tired after long day ceremony and was sitting on my bed which was covered with red flowers and all the room was decorated with reall flowers. The perfume of these flowers and as I was tired was making me to sleep but I was waiting for my hero. And then the door opens and there came my hero I. I was shivering with shy and don’t know why. He closed the door came near me and sit near me on the bed. I was not looking towards him. He said how are u I cant reply because my mouth was completely dried and then he take my hand in his hands oh how hot his hands were at that time. He started talking with me while massaging my hands which were running current in my entire body. He then asked me to change
the clothes. I asked him to please give me your help to change because the wedding dress I was wearing was very difficult to change. We go near to the mirror and he started unbuttoning my dress oh… he was opening the buttons of my qameez from back side and kissing on my neck and back waooo his lips were so warm and soft I was shivering. He opened my hairs slowly and slowly while kissing my neck and when he kissed my ear lobes it causes a current in me.and I horrified and after great difficulty released from him and go to the bathroom to change the dress. After wearing a light pink colour nightie I entered into the room. He had also changed and was lying on the bed. I lay besides him and he started kissing me and fondling my nipples.

How hot he was and making me hot too. He kissed on my lips and then started liking my lips with his tongue and entered his tongue into my mouth,ohhhhhh what a sensation was. His hands were fondling my nipples which were now hard enough and then he lowered and start sucking my nipples ahhhh and his hands were now reached between my thighs and he was massaging there above the nightie. I was feeling his lund against my thighs what a hot thing that was…… ohhhhhh he then came over me and his lund was between my things pressing my cunt and I was feeling very hot and wet in my cunt hhhhh ahhhhh I am becoming very hot while writing this and imagining that night. He then slowly take off my nightie and his dress too and holding me in his strong arms hold me above him and his lund long and hot about 6” was between my thighs and my cunt was wet now. He opened my legs and started to enter his lund into me. Ohh I was feeling pain, I screamed and he kissed me on my ears and whispered that please be patient it will give u pain at the start and then u will feel good. He then ade me lay on my back opened my legs placed them on his shoulders and started to enter into me ohh ……………..i will die I screamed but he placed his lips on mine and entered full lund into my virgin cunt.

And stay there for a while and then started in and out, it was very difficult time for me and then after ten minutes it was feeling good he was kissing me all over my face and neck and on my breasts and pumping me in and out oh I was feeling great and then he blast in me. And fell on me exhausted. That night we done this two times more and they were much better than the first which I will telll u latter. I am not a story writer and don’t know how to write. It is just a try, may be u like it or may be u don’t but please let me know how I should improve this writing.

Waiting for your reply at

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Naughty Nepali House Wife

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I am Sanjay Shrestha from New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am 27 years, well-built personality and good physics with 5’8” taller. This was a story of my tenant who is very beautiful and sexy housewife. Her name is Reema dijyu (Aunty). Her husband is a businessman and holding a shop of cold store, where he shop keeping till morning 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Their room was parted by plywood close to my room that’s why I clearly heard which they talked.

One day when they were out of the room, I made a small hole on plywood that made me clearly viewed of their room. At night I had peeping through a small hole I saw that they were going to fuck. It made me very excited and kept looking that entire thing they had down. After that I had regularly watch them fucking through that hole. It was about a month peeping them I came to understand that they had problems on sex. Coz’ Reema dijyu was very sexy but her husband didn’t able to satisfied her. Reema dijyu desired regularly sex with her husband but husband couldn’t able to fuck her because of his tiredness by the hard work fullday. He hardly agreed to fuck by the pressure of his wife.

My story was beginning from this. From the beginning of watching them I had little bite interested on Reema dijyu and she had been also happy chatting with me. One day at 1 p.m. she called me to her room for maintenance the cable of TV which I made it without any tension and start watching TV but my intention was only looking at her big boobs which was clearly visible through her very thin blows. It made my cock became expansion and harder. At the same time a great kissing scenes runed on the cable TV ,she looked in to my face and smiled. I asked her what was the meaning of that scene what you have seen on the TV. She then smiled and said what u understands. I said, I understand this and put my hand on her boob and I gave her a kiss on her lips and she responded well to me by exploring my mouth with her tongue and I went on to explore all her body with my mouth. She wasn’t wearing any bra. She was trembling a little when I pressed her boobs. As I removed her blouse, her boob came out as if it was released from some prison. I started sucking her boob and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh …Aaaahhh Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh. When I sucking her boob nipples became rock hard, I sucked her boom very hardly and she was moning a lot, I suck her boob for 20 min and some liquid came out like milk. My one hand is on her pussy, I got up and took her saree and petticoat (nepali undergarments) off, and again I sucked her boobs for quite some time and then went down to her well shavd and wet pussy, which was full of juices.

I played with her pussy, which was hot and wet. I fingered for a while and I sucked her pussy and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. OohhhhhOoooo …Aaaahhh….. Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Oohhhhh please don’t stop please fast fast , she cummed I drank all her juice. I again start sucked her pussy. Now the real show was about to begin, her pussy is too big surrounded with black thick hair. I spread her legs and put my cock on her pussy and tried to enter her pussy. It’s dam difficult than I thought coz’ I never had sex before with anyone. I confused to insert my dick in which hole? coz’ I saw two holes in the same pussy.but she hold my dick and inserted in a correct big pussy hole. I kissed her lips. Now I was listening the sound of her moans Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh …Aaaahhh Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh. I kissed her on her face and on her boobs. I was trying to enter finger in her pussy first one finger, two, three. She was breathing hard with excitement. I told her that I am not goanna hurt her. She smiled at me and kissed me. I opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my 7 inch dick in her pussy.I started fucking her and showed her how to move her but to get the maximum pain and pleasure in fucking. She tightened her legs around my hip and I slowly entered my 7 inch cock completely. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh.Ya fast, please be fast, oops it is pleasing give me one stroke more, don’t stop till u & I get enough. I, by hearing that fasten my motion, I fucked her for about 20 to 25 mins after which she came and star fucking her had and hard and she came again she came twice and then I loaded my hot cream on her face and boob and lay in her arms. She got up and went away to clean it by towel. I got hard again at seeing her round butt. I stood behind her and moved my cock touching her butt. It felt soooooo good. I kissed her back and I know that feeling. She is ready for it again.

I took her to the bed and told her the doggy position and positioned her in a way that her butt was towards the dressing table mirror. I asked her to suck my dick and she didn’t agree. All the time I was looking at her butt in the mirror and I couldn’t stop. I went behind her and giving the fuck of her life. I was kicking her butt so hard that they were changing to red. I reached her hanging boobs and squeezed them hardly. I came in her pussy this time and she felt the flow of my cum inside her. I showed her 69 positions, side to side fucking positions, etc.. After then we had been very tried and slept for a while. she was too tiered to cum three times but I want one more time but she didn’t agree. It was a great experience for her and me. Now after that we have do this for many times

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Janvi – the sexiest girl

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I am a great reader of the story section. I am Vikram, 20 years old, and I am already a winner in more than a way. I am pursuing my studies in Delhi and I am a proud Indian. Ever since I can remember, I have been adored and admired as cute and smart and was quite famous among the girls. By reading all these experiences, I also collect my power to tell you my real story, which happened with me, when I was in 12th and getting ready for the pre-board exams.

Janvi was the sexiest girl in our batch with 36-24-36, a great fleshy body, big breasts, black hair, black eyes and a coke bottle figure which was really inviting, she filled her bras out to a very full 36D, wasn’t thin but was nowhere near hefty. Because of her obvious attributes, she received a whole lot of attention from the males, and not just from boys of her own age but also from the male teachers! She always had her skirt 3 inches above her knee to keep the excitement going. We were very cool with each other and used to talk over the phone for hrs and occasionally went for a drive at night. We had a very happening friendship. We used to hug each other, kissing on the checks=85and all was normal. The weather wasn’t that cold in the morning but as the day progressed it got cooler n chiller. Her parents had gone for a wedding and she had freedom till about 1:00 at night. My parents knew abt her and liked her as in liked her not cos her physical attributes but behavior. I picked her up from her house and went for a drive to Jumbo Point, but when we were on the way, my father called up on the cell and asked me to come back immediately. I rushed back home. Without saying anything my parents left for some place.

They were in a hurry so I didnt bother much to ask them where they were going. And more cos of Janvi, as she was with me. I told her that I will drop her back and called her dad to tell what had happened but he said dont worry I shall pick her while returning from the wedding. Now she said ki lets sit your room only. I could see some mischief in her eyes.We headed towards my room. We selected a romantic CD to play and then we were on the bed lying down actually making ourselves very comfortable. As it was cold and she wasnt wearing much woolen, she took the quilt over her meanwhile we were talking. I was abt to get up to take another quilt but she stopped me by saying we can share this. So know we were really close to each other. And our legs were touching. To get some heat and masti going I started moving my leg over hers and she didnt say anything. It seemed like she was enjoying it I was always bad at dancing but wanted to learn it. There’s always a first time! She came up with the idea come I will teach u how to dance. I agreed and we were on the floor. We played some fast nos. We danced for some time but I was bad but she was too good. I couldn’t keep my eyes any from her jumping mangoes. I was getting turned on. To take a break I said I would get some vodka or bacardi. We tossed the vokda to our friendship and then she said lets have a ball dance.

I said yeah right! We danced and got closer n closer n closer, as the aroma was getting hotter, the heat between us was burning much more and a stage had come when we couldnt leave each other. There was no air between her breast and my chest. I was enjoying the silky smooth skin. She gave a very sweet peck on my cheeks sweetest she had ever given.I responded back by given one on each and said see I luv u more than u do and she gave me another 4 and said no I luv u more and this continued for a while till I kissed her on her lips. She looked into my eyes and said itna pyar karta ho!!. And responded back. but this time it was longer and a more passionate one. By this time I was erected completely We took a break to breathe and gulp down the 3rd dose of Vodka. She embraced me with both her arms. Things had starting becoming hot. There is something happening with our body chemistry erotic desire and I could feel the warmth in her breath. She kissed me all over my face too passionately.

We french kissed our tongues met and played with each other my hands were exploring her back over the tank top. And she responded well by beginning to explore my back. We parted and looked straight into the eyes. I slowly moved my hand towards her breasts, started to squeeze them firmly but while I was pumping her boobs she kept her eyes closed and started moaning. Her mangoes were getting hard. I turned her and now her back rested on my chest ,by now my 8inch hard penis was having the touch of her ass and I was enjoying every bit of it. I stroked her few times. I played with her silky hair and started licking and kissing her neck and very quietly asked for going ahead and have the pleasure of making luve with my luv? And she sweetly nodded. And I slowly turned her towards me and took off her top. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any bra which made me think as if she waiting for this moment. WHAT A BODY!!!!!! I was amazed at the beauty of this lady in front of me. Slowly moved my hand towards the treasure, moved my hand over her breasts and started to squeeze them firmly, sucking and biting the mangoes. She had her eyes closed and kept moaning. After a while she stopped me and bent down on her knees moved her hands on my trousers and teasingly undid the button and pulled the zips then she pulled it till my knees. She moved her hand over my boxer and said nice! and pulled it downand I completed the formality. She took the 8 inch hard rod in both her hands, a current ran through my body. she started massaging my crotch. After some massaging she took it in her mouth. She gave me a wonderful blowjob.I felt as if I was in 7th heaven with pleasure!.She kept sucking my cock for about 7 minutes. I pulled her up and undid her jeans and touched her black thongs which were all wet.I also teasingly stripped off her jeans. She pulled off my shirt in a hurry and we had another round of vodka while cherishing each others body. Both of us were standin naked and she was rubbing her cunt at the same time. I pushed her on the bed. And split her legs and kissed all over her sexy legs till I reached her thighs. As I neared her heaven hole, she tried to stop by saying it would be very painful but I assured her and she allowed me to ahead. I was too mad with lust at that point and put my lips on her cunt lips and kissed them, licked her pussy like a man desperate for water. Her pussy was sweet in taste like honey and too tight. I put my index finger in her vagina and started stroking it up and down.

She was moaning loudly aaaaaaaahh ooooohh aaaaaahh! Now she wanted to fuck her and she said lets do it in 69 position. I took her breast in my mouth. I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. And in the mean time my cock entered her vagina. She screamed in pain aaaaaaaaaaah! and with a force I broke her virgin seal and entered her pussy. She was no more a Virgin! I started stroking it slowly and gradually increased my strokes. I did that for about 15 minutes and loved every second of it, I felt my balls exploding gobs of semen that I have been storing for her breasts. I jumped on to her vigorously and I could not stop myself and I released my shot on her inviting face and her bare breast. She licked it fast and liked it. I then finger fucked her again and made her lick the fingers. I lay over her as we were tired. Our naked bodies connected together with my chest firmly pressing her naked hard wet mangoes. After relaxing for 10 mins we had another round of kissing, breast sucking and fucking. This time it was much more enjoyable and less painful.After this we lay on the bed and then both of us dressed up and during all that time we kept on kissing, smooching, caressing. Now after the boards she went abroad for further studies. I still miss her a lot.

So I use desibaba as a medium to find new happening friends who r interested in sex or descent friendship or both. Any gal from New Delhi interested, please mail me with ur pic if possible (secrecy will be kept) at and I promise I will reply to ur mails. I will let u know abt the second time when we had sex , this time I ass fucked her.

Luv to all sex lovers,

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Hi!!! I read ur stories regularly and I wish that others should also read my stories. This is a true incident that I am narrating to u. It was when I first had sex with my girlfriend. Her name is Nidhi and she is a real bomb. She has beautiful boobs (36″) a flat waist and big butt. She is as horny as a bitch. It was our first date together and I was so nervous I could almost feel myself shaking. Nidhi was stunning and had a perfectly proportioned figure. I relaxed as I rang her doorbell and when she answered I was even more pleased with the way she looked. She wore a thin white blouse, which fit loosely, a black stonewashed jean skirt, which stopped above her knee, and high heel shoes.

As I drove, I spent as much time looking at her as at the road. We went from one destination to another enjoying ourselves thoroughly at each place. As the night progressed, we relaxed and moved closer and closer. Our last stop was a small cafe to get a late night snack. As she sat across the table, I felt her foot gently caressing my leg. I stopped talking and moving for a second, then continued but in a different manner. I didn’t discourage her from continuing so this went on for a few more minutes. Then she went to the ladies room and when she returned, something about her appearance had changed but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was about 2 a.m. so I suggested that it was time that I drive her home. As she got up and we walked to the car I realized what she did to her appearance, she had removed her bra. The nipples of her firm 36″ breasts gently poked through the blouse begging to be noticed. I let her in the car and walked around the other side and when I entered, I glanced at her and noticed that she had unbuttoned one button from her blouse, exposing the side of her breast almost completely. When she saw that I had noticed her, she moved toward me and we started kissing, slowly at first and then wildly while we ran our hands all over each others bodies. I unbuttoned all the buttons all the way down to her skirt then slipped my hand under her blouse and gently caressed her exposed mammey while she unzipped by pants and ran her hands over my growing lund. After what seemed like forever, we released each other. I realized we were still in the parking lot of the cafe but really didn’t care too much if anyone was watching, but Nidhi insisted we move to a more secluded location. Without getting dressed, we drove to her place. I stayed hard the whole way and when we arrived my lund was aching to be let free.

We entered and started kissing wildly and continued caressing each other in the entrance hall. We moved to the bedroom where she finally shed her blouse, displaying her treasure chest. She took off my shirt and I kissed the front of her body until I reach her skirt. I unzipped it and continued kissing my way down. She was wearing a g-string with only a small piece of thin, see-through material covering her chut. I kissed it gently and she let out a small moan of pleasure. I kissed my way back up and she gave me the same pleasure. She kissed me all the way down, unbuttoned my pants and kissed every inch of my lund through my briefs. I could barely hold myself back from just thrusting my hot lund into her juicy & wet chut. But I held back and we pressed our bodies together

while we kissed, I felt her hand move to my gandh and pull the briefs into my ass to make it look like a g-string. I moved my hands into the exact same position on her body as she moved along mine. Then she moved from my ass toward the front and she slipped her hand into my briefs, pulled them off, and pulled out my meat. I did the same to her, took off her g-string and exposed her moist inviting choot. She wrapped her hand around my pulsing lund and moved down and kissed the tip. I nearly exploded my load right then and there but I held back feeling the pleasure wave build. She put my lund in her mouth and sucked it hard and confidently. It was great. She moved away and I moved down to meet her choot to return the favor. She laid on her back on the bed and I kissed her area at first then slowly moved in deeper and deeper with my tongue, exploring every inch inside her until she shivered in orgasm. She was moaning aaaahhhhh aur chato meri phude ko. Yeh ab tumahri ho gayee hai. Then she pulled me up to lick some of her juices off my lips and grabbed my lund, aimed it, and I plunged my rod into the waiting choot. We lay there motionless for a moment. We moved and rolled around while I was deep inside her. I very slowly started sliding my tool in and out and gradually accelerated the rate. She shouted aaahhh aaj meri choot ko phaa dalo. Aur zor se apna lundmeri choot mein dalo. Then, I felt her shiver in pleasure and kept that pace in order to keep the ecstasy going. Then she moaned as my dick swelled and pumped a huge load inside her. I stayed in her for a while to relax and enjoy the
feeling of the hot & wet choot around my lund.

After a few minutes, she got up, left the room, and returned with a can whipped cream and sprayed it all over my lund and tatte and I spread some all over her choot. We lay there talking about the experience we just had and how much we enjoyed it. Then I felt myself getting big again and she started licking off the cream and we rotated so that I could lick off her cream at the same time. We just kept right on sucking on each other long after the cream was gone. I explored her pussy while she sucked hard on my dick (69 position). I felt a pulse and the pleasure wave started moving through my body and released another load, which, according to her, was good to the last, drop. I kept on eating her until she climaxed. I didn’t stop there we wanted more. I swore I would keep going until I could unload another round again. She worked constantly with my lund to bring it back into the game. Then I rolled onto my back and she got on top and presented me with her breasts while she rode my lund. I loved the feeling of having her hug my lund with her choot. We peaked at the same time and she collapsed on top of me and pressed her body on mine.

Finally, we both relaxed and fell asleep around 5.

This was the beginning of a long and interesting affair, which I will describe in episodes to follow.

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