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My Favourite Chemistry Teacher (Malayalam)

This is a incident that took place when I was studying. I stay in trivandrum, and I am going to relate an experience I had with my chemistry teacher “sujhita”. Sujitha teacher was our school chemistry teacher. She was the woman of my erotic fantasies. She was 38 yrs old and about 5. 4 in height. She had a medium complexion. She was fat. She had a shakeela figure . She had very big boobs, a nice broad belly and a huge bust. But more then these parts, I was fascinated by another part of hers. It was her sweet plump armpits.

Usually its very hot in trivandrum, so the armpits part of her blouse used to be soaked with sweat and it looked wet. This used to arouse me very much. During her class I used to pray for her to lift her hand so I could see her wet blouse. Once I got aroused so much, that after the class I ran to the toilet to masturbate. I was not very good at chemistry. My mom decided that I should go for tuition. She asked me if I knew any good teacher. I told her that sujita teacher was good. The next day we went to her house. She told that usually she doesn’t take tuition. But my mom insisted her and she finally agreed. And finally I got the chance I was praying for, to sit next to my favorite teacher. The next day I started tuition. Her timings were 5-6:30 pm and I was the only student. She used to wear the sari she wore at school. She used to sit beside me to teach me. Sitting next to her I used to admire her boobs but never got much of chance to see her armpits. Then one day her while she was teaching she wanted to take a book.

The shelf was beside and she raised her hand to take the book. For the first time I saw her sweaty blouse up-close I smelled the air, the smell of her sweat aroused me, and I got an instant hard-on. She saw me a dazed state and saw that my jean had a bulge. She immediately put her hand down and looked at me . I suddenly became conscious and looked away. I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about the experience. I decided, I had to have her . The next day was hot as usual. I went to her house and to my luck there was no current and it was very hot inside. She was wearing a light purple sari. We sat down and she started to teach. Suddenly the electricity came. She then went to switch on the fan, the switch was above me. She lifted her hand, again I caught the glimpse of her sweaty armpit. I couldn’t control myself.

I hugged her and kissed her on the neck. She was startled. She said “arun nee enda cheeyane,veede ene”. I payed no heed and continued to kiss her neck, licking all her sweat around it. She screamt “eda veede ena. . Arun enda cheyune. . Veede”. I said “ma’am please, eniku ma’am ne veenum please onum prayale”. I grabbed her face and kissed her on her lips. Now she became quiet. After that I removed my lips. I started to remove her pallu. She said”illa venda, edu sheriala. . Umma vechile adu madi”. I didn’t listen to her. I kissed the upper portion of her boobs since the rest was covered by her blouse. I then lifted her hand and kissed her sweaty blouse. The smell was awesome. . . I started licking the sweaty blouse. I tasted her sweat. It was salty. Then I started to unhook her blouse. She said”arun. . Aye. . Yan nende teacher aa. . Venda. . Idu vennda”. I said “ma’am pls. . Idu yan arodum prayathila. . Pls”. She then agreed. She said “shery pashe ende mula kande neerthanam”. I then took off her blouse . I took her blouse and took the armpit part of her blouse and sucked it, drinking all her sweat.

It tasted awesome. I then got to see her 40 size boobs it was packed in a red bra. She said “vegam ave. . Enda mula nake”. I said “ma’am nende mula nakene mumbe eniku nekulude kacham uma vekanum”. I lifted her hand, for the first time I saw her beautiful armpits. It was slightly black and had some hair on it. I went near and smelt it. It was lovely. I then kissed it; it was soft and very warm. Then I slowly licked it. It tasted lovely. I could feel her armpits hair stroking my tongue. She giggled “eniku ikile edukunu. . Pashe nale sugham thonunu”. Slowly I licked her armpits; licking off all her sweat. I sucked her armpits. Then I lifted her left hand. I started licking it too.

I licked and sucked every inch of it. Then I said “ma’am eniku ma’am inde kasham bangare ishtama”. She giggled. I then slowly took of her bra, and saw her boobs. It was very big, her nipples were dark. I gently sucked it and liked it. She started moaning. I started sucking it a little harder. I licked all over it and licked her chest between her boobs. She caught my head and pressed my face on her boobs. Then I went down and kissed the upper portion of her belly. I started kissing all over her belly. It was smooth and warm. She said “madi. . Madi, enda mula ne naki ila. . Ini madi”. I said “ma’am please . . Ma’am inde vaite . . . Yan uno umma vechote”. She said “ila venda. . Alenge nenuke control cheyam patatila”. I said “maa’am pls idu yan arodum parathila. . Ma’am inde pokul yan onu nakikote”. She said “shery pache . . Ade karinjute. . Nerithanam”.

I kissed all over her belly then I went a little low and saw her pokul, it was deep. I kissed it and then inserted my tongue into it. She moaned and pulled her belly back. I caught her back and rammed my tongue into her belly button. I started licking all inside it. She shivered slightly and giggled “ikulli edukunu”. I continued to lick her pokul. I started moving my tongue up and down inside her pokul. Then I went down and started licking the line down her pokul. She moaned. She said “ini madialu. . Ne nende teacherne oru vepati akialo. . . Madi”. I said “ma’am pls. . . Yan kore kalam konde ingene cheyan agrahichu. . Pls ma’am ende vepati ala…pakche ende mistress aa. . Yan ma’am de sex servant”. Saying this I started to remove the rest of her sari. But she caught it “venda. . Edu cheriala”. I begged her.

She said “shaery pakche ende panty ooran yan samapikila”. I agreed and removed her sari. Now she was in a black underskirt. I told her to sit on the table. I took her feet and kissed it. I started kissing her on the ankles. I moved her underskirt and went up to her legs. I kissed all over it. I moved her underskirt more and saw her thighs. I kissed all over her thighs. It was soft and fat. Then I moved her underskirt further up until I saw the down part of her panty . I kissed the upper part of her thighs. She was moaning and moving her legs. I then pushed her underskirt full up. I saw her brown panty. It was wet at the pussy part. I lifted her right leg and kissed her inner things. It was a little black and was very soft and warm. I started licking it. She started moaning loudly. I went uptil the edge of her panty near the pussy and smelt the wet panty. It smelt very nice. Then I kissed the inner thighs of the left leg and kissed all around it. She moved and said “ikile edukunu”. I said “ma’am pls. . Yan ma’am ine poore kandote. . Yan onu nakikote”. She said “venda. . Yan nende teacher aa”. I begged her.

She said “shery pache ide arodum parayarude”. She continued”adende nombe. . Eniku nende nagna shariram kananam”. I agreed. She took off my tee shirt and started kissing my chest. She licked my nipples and pokul. She removed my jeans and took off my underwear. My 5 inch inch finally got freedom. She said “nende undi atrem validala. . Pakche bangare thadi aa”. She kissed the tip of my undi and started sucking it. It felt very good. She kissed and sucked my balls. She took me to the bedroom she lied down and spread her legs and said “vaa. . Nende teacherne nanam eduke”. I went to her and took out her brown panty, and saw her pussy. It was very hairy. Since it was hot, she had sweat in the area between her thigh and the pussy. I slowly licked it and tasted it. It had a stronger saltiness then her armpit sweat. I tasted it to my hearts content. I then kissed her pussy and started licking it.

She was moaning and shaking her hips and pushed my tongue deep inside, it was very soft inside and very watery. The water was a little salty. I sucked her pussy . Then I slowly liked my tongue downward and saw her asshole. I licked all around and licked inside it. She was moaning. Them I got up. She said “madi. . Nende teacherde manam ne edute kalgile. . Ende alam bagam ne kandile. . Madi”. I said “ma’am pls. . Yan ma’am porruil enda kunna ketate”. She said “venda. . Yan nende teacher anu”. I knew she was simply playing. I took her legs caught each in one hand slept on her. I then took my dick and inserted it into her pussy. She screamt “venda. . Venda”. I started moving my dick up and down in her pussy . It felt very good. She now stopped screaming. It felt very nice . She now said “ichiri uli kete”. She caught my back and started pushing me. My dick went deeper and deeper. It felt very nice. Suddenly the feeling became bigger and bigger. . And I burst inside her pussy .

I continued to fuck her but slowly my dick started shrinking. I became tired now fell beside hugged her and kissed her. She told”nee kolam. . Eniku ende jeevthethil ethram sukham ketiila. . . Edu arodum prayarudu”. After this we went to the bathroom and took bath together. She then wanted to urinate. I said “ma’am iniku ma’am inde muthram kudikanam”. She agreed and sat down on her toes, moved her legs apart and started to urinate. I went and started to lick her muthram. It was warm and very salty, but tasted nice. I then put my face under her pussy, all the muthram was falling on my face. I then put my mouth on her pussy and her muthram was going directly into my mouth and I drank her muthram. . I got horny again . I said “ma’am inku ineem cheyanam”. She told me to lie down. I lied down on the bathroom floor . She came on top of me took dick and sat on my hip. My dick went rite into her pussy. She started moving up and down. After some time I was going to burst and I told her “varunonde”. But she got up. I asked “enduna nerthiya”.

She didn’t say anything and took my dick and put it inside her mouth and began sucking it. I burst inside her mouth and she drank my sperm. My dick got smaller and now I wanted to urinate. She said she wanted to taste my muthram. She put my dick into her mouth and I started to put muthram. She said it tasted very nice. She then took my dick and started to suck it while I was putting muthram in her mouth (like a baby sucking breast for milk), this made the muthram come faster, it felt great. We then toweled and put our clothes on. After this we used to have sex on every tuition class. We used to study for an hour and used to have 1/2 and hour sessions. During these sessions we used to concentrate only on one part.

Like on one day her lips, next day her boobs, the next day her ass. But on all days before starting, I used to enjoy her armpits, licking and sucking it off all the day’s sweat. I shaved her armpits and tried licking sweat from a clean armpit on the next day, but hair adds more smell and hence more flavor to her armpits. We used to masturbate each other and drink each others muthram.

Once she invited another teacher and I had sex with both. But that’s another story which I will tell next time. Mail to : yapimp2006@hotmail.com

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