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My inner sex animal

Hello, I have been a long time fan of Indian Sex Stories and have enjoyed going through the site. Today I am going to tell you about my experience with a beautiful girl. First let me describe myself, I am a 5’10 guy with good looks and a nice physique, due to regular jogging and workouts. I am an intense, passionate and lustful Scorpion. I live in “City Beautiful” Chandigarh and am doing my graduation.

The story begins when one evening around 7 p.m, It was getting dark. I was driving home from a friend’s house in my car, when suddenly I saw a girl asking for lift standing by the roadside. First I didn’t pay any attention at all but as I approached where she was I could not help but notice her beautiful body. She was wearing a tight black top with blue jeans with her long beautiful hair hanging free.

She had the proverbial hour glass figure with a very fair complexion. I pulled my car alongside her and pulled down the window of the passenger side. She approached the car and bent down to the window level giving me a good view of the top of her breasts. She asked me whether I could drop her at a certain place. I could barely keep my eyes on her face while she spoke busy as I was trying to take a peek at the valley that was being formed due to her bending and also distracted by the now painful erection in my tight jeans. I agreed to drop her and she got into the car. I could barely drive the car focused I was on the ravishing beauty sitting by my side. I decided there and then that I would try to make a pass at her irrespective of the consequences. At least it was better than jerking myself to hell thinking of her at night We both kept on talking about things such as the weather, news etc.

But within, I was boiling. Then I decided to make a move as her destination was fast approaching. Her legs were resting quite close to the gear lever of the car and so I on the pretence of changing the gear slid my hand along her thighs. My heart was pounding as I waited to see how she would react. She didn’t react at all and instead looked at me with an innocent smile. I didn’t understand a thing but her next words excited me no end. She said if I was interested in touching her thighs why don’t I do it with her jeans removed? But that would cost me a 1000 bucks and I would have to use condoms. This I agreed to and after buying a pack of condoms immediately drove the car to the Terrace Garden. Terrace Garden is a huge park, and has got a convenient parking space especially with night falling.

I parked the car in a good place and checked around to see if everything was fine. Then I turned to business at hand. Rashmi, that was the name she had given me, was already moving into the back seat of my Esteem car. I grabbed her from behind and started squeezing her breasts savagely. Till that point I was a normal human being now I was a animal in lustful heat whose sole aim was to fuck the daylights out of the girl with him. I could feel her bra through the thin fabric of her top. She was wiggling around sexily trying to get free from my grip and also making lustful sounds. This had the effect of further driving me crazy. While retaining my grip on her breasts I with one hand turned her mouth towards me and inserted my tongue deep in her moaning mouth. She had very soft lips and I could feel an electricity pass through my body as I licked around inside her mouth. Finally, i set her free and she turned to face me. We were breathing very fast and my heart was pounding. I wildly groped with my hands all over her body giving tight squeezes on her breasts, arms, buttocks and her pussy over her jeans, while simultaneously smooching her. Then I asked her to slowly take off her top and jeans. It gives me pleasure to see girls undress themselves. She was now only in her white bra and panties. I just could not believe how soft her body felt, just like malai. Her breasts were trying to burst out of her bra and I helped them by freeing the top portions exposing her nipples pointing upwards. I asked her to raise her hands as that makes the boobs stand up and started sucking the nipples, teasing them by blowing air over them, biting them softly between my teeth and pulling on them. All this while my one free hand was inside her panty playing all over it squeezing the hot lips and fingering her. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as it got lubricated. Then I asked her to remove my jeans which she did immediately and after removing my undies took my cock in those soft hands. I almost cummed there and then when I felt her touch over my most sensitive organ but somehow controlled. She then inserted my cock in her mouth and started pumping slowly at first and then as I relaxed faster and faster. It was unbelievable pleasure that surrounded me. Then she started sucking my cock deeply just as a lollypop while her hands massaged my balls. I asked her to squeeze my butt while she masturbated me with her mouth.

I asked her to stop and removed her bra and panties completely. And adjusting her position opened her legs so that her pussy was in front of my eager mouth. I teased her by licking the inner thighs and the area around the pussy in circles. She had a nice smooth pussy with a few black pubic hair. I slowly licked her pussy lips working my way through her folds down to her hole and up towards her now hot clitoris. I consider myself an excellent pussy sucker and this was no exception. I could feel her orgasm as I bit her clit gently. She had surrounded my head completely with her legs and I could move barely it. By now I was on fire and putting a condom on I placed my cock on her entrance and pushed. To my surprise it started to go in very slowly and it was very tight. She was almost screaming as it went in. Her folds gripped my cock tight and it was the lubrication on the condom that made it possible for me to move it inside her. I now rammed my cock fully up her hole. She was absolutely breathless by now and was breathing in short gasps of air. I kissed her deeply while I moved in and out of her slowly making love. She was scratching my back with her finger nails and we were moving together now. I was kissing her all across her face, her ears, love biting her sexy neck and also sucking on her nipples and licking her boobs and arms. I was alternately thrusting slowly once and very hard the next and she was enjoying it to the fullest. I am sure the whole car was shaking due to our intense lovemaking. I fucked her in this position for about 5 minutes. I then asked her to turn around in the doggy position and put my cock in her from behind while fingering her clitoris with my free hand. She orgasmic once more tightening and jerking her body and fell over my arms. I was going crazy pumping her and on feeling her climax I felt my balls harden and knew my flood’s about to come.

I took out my cock from her pussy, removed the condom and positioned it over her face and in a huge climax shot my cum all over her face, mouth, ears and hair. I had never in my life jerked out so much semen as I did that evening. I thought I was gonna die. Afterwards, I kissed her tenderly and we sat there naked, till I was ready again and we made love twice more after that. In the end when I offered her the money she refused to take it and told me that it was just a joke and she belonged from a rich family. She was studying here in Chandigarh and stayed in a hostel. She did this acting because she liked to act like a prostitute. And I was only her fourth lover and the best. I asked her to meet me again but she refused saying that she didn’t want get in a relationship.

So here I am. If any girl or woman around Chandigarh area wants to have some exciting sex just mail me at blackscorpion1978@yahoo.com.Full pleasure and total secrecy assured.
Thank You.
The Scorpion.

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