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My Wife Fucked By Another

I Like My Wife Getting Fucked By Another Man. I am Neelam, a working woman, 36 and married with two kids. I and my husband have an active sex life and we enjoy it in all varieties. My husband always fantasises about having sex with other girls and since I have a liberal attitude, I have told him that if an opportunity comes, he may really enjoy sex with other woman. My husband has also given such a blanket permission to me to enjoy sex with any man I liked.

But our nature is not to run around in search of a sex partner. We believed that if such an opportunity presented itself, we should make use of it. Since there is lot of thrill in secret enjoyments, we decided first enjoy and then tell the story.

I think I was lucky in this. A young boy named Varun was newly recruited in our office and he was placed in our Division. Varun was 24, very handsome and with a youthful figure. I had an instant liking for him. Soon we became very good friends and very often he used to drop me home in his bike. I often told many things about Varun to my husband and hearing it day after day, my husband too started telling sexy stories involving me and Varun. Initially, I dismissed him saying that we are simply friends. But later, I really started having sexual feelings for him. When I was pillion riding on his bike, I noticed that I actually desired to ‘press my breasts on his back’ and that my panties were getting ‘wet’. But I was still undecided because I don’t know how he would react to my sexual advances. He has been a good boy and had never talked about sex.

Hi, I am Neelam’s husband. So far you have read what my wife has written. I was not actually on the look out to screw other girls. But a chance remark by a cousin of mine, Mr.Amit, set my mood in a different direction. Amit is a touring medical representative of a well known pharmaceutical firm. He is of my age and married with kids. He lives in Bombay but tours all over India. He has come here twice, once when he was a bachelor; and then last year. He stayed in a hotel but paid a visit to our house one day. Though I and Amit grew up at different places, we used to write each other. But he could not come to attend my marriage due to work pressure.

When he visited our house, he was stunned by the beauty of my wife as he was seeing her for the first time. He praised about her a lot (of course, when my wife was not around), saying that I have made an excellent selection as she has got big breasts (his wife is flat-chested). He also wondered how she maintained her body in that condition (she’s 36-24-32 figure) even after two childbirth; how he would like to fuck such a woman (we had become even more closer after marriage and used to talk about sex); his wife is not so interested in sex (I have told him about our active sex life) and he desired to enjoy the oral pleasure, etc. etc. After hearing about our enjoyments, he jokingly said that he would like to be in bed with my wife. There it struck my mind that if he is so interested in her why not he enjoy her. I did not tell him anything and he returned to Bombay.

Later, the more I though about it, the more I liked it; my wife in bed with Amit, doing everything I do to her. When I make love to my wife, I cannot see myself doing it and I desired to see. Soon I started visualizing a love scene with my wife. It did not really satisfy me and I substituted Amit in my place. Oh, that was really horny and my stiff penis bursted with an instant orgasm. Since then, I started fantasizing about my wife having sex with Amit. I have a 5-day week but my wife has to go on Saturdays also. The children also leave for school and I will be alone. Then I would lie down naked on the bed and visualize the explicit love scenes of Amit with my wife. My penis would be stiff and I don’t have to touch it, the moment the love scene reaches the climax, I would have ejaculated.

My job normally does not involve travelling. But there was a project which was pending due to non-receipt of information. My boss suggested that I undertake a visit (this involved going to a neighbouring state capital), get the data and finish up the project. This is fine but I hesitated to go alone. When Varun heard about it, he ventured to come with me. It would take about 3-4 hours to reach the place and he said that he would take me on his bike so that even if it gets delayed, we can be back by late evening or night. The idea appealed to me and I took my boss’s permission to take Varun with me.

We started early morning and reached the place around 10 a.m. By the time we finished our work and was ready to return, it was late. It was 8.00 p.m. and dark. Apart from that, there was indication of an impending rain. Yet we started our return journey on the bike after having some snacks in a restaurant. We got out of the city and were on the highway. We went a few kilometers further and then suddenly it started raining. It was a heavy rain. We thought of waiting for the rain to stop. But there was no shelter on the highway, no tree or anything and we got fully drenched. More than that, the bike developed some problem due to water going inside. The bike stopped running and we stood there on the side of the road. It was pitch dark as there was no light on the highway. Some vehicles passed by and we gestured them to stop but nobody stopped. It was already very late (9.30 pm) and Varun said that the only way is to walk back to the city, stay in some hotel and return next morning. There was no other way and we walked in the rain with Varun pulling his bike along.

We have been married for the last 14 years and every year, we celebrate our wedding anniversary in a quiet fashion, presenting to each other gifts, going for a movie etc. But for the 15th anniversary, I felt that we should go for a ‘second honeymoon’. My wife also agreed. I booked tickets for a famous hill station (I cannot give the name). A day before our wedding day, I and my wife reached the hill station early morning and booked into a hotel room. We went for sight seeing during the day and returned to the room late at night after having dinner. She wanted sex but I said that I am too tired and tomorrow being our wedding day, we can make it a great occasion. She agreed and we slept.

Next morning, we exchanged happy returns and we kissed. We had breakfast and took bath. There was a big market and we went to see it. We returned to the room around noon. Due to exhaustion, she said that she would take dinner in the room instead of going down to the restaurant. The room service boy did not come in spite of several calls and so I went down to the restaurant on the ground floor (our room was on the 3rd floor). While ordering lunch, someone patted on my back. I turned and saw Amit. It was a big surprise and he said that he is there on official trip. I told him about our trip. After congratulating me on the wedding day, he wanted to see my wife also to congratulate her. Suddenly I recollected my fantasies and decided to put it into action. I took Amit to a corner table and told him about my fantasy, about my wish etc. He instantly agreed to fuck my wife. I told him that it should be a surprise to her and we devised a plan.

We located a dingy hotel on the outskirts of the city and since there was no other way (it was still raining heavily), we took a room. The reception clerk gave a surprising look and led us to a room. Once inside, our immediate concern was to remove our clothes and put it up for drying (we have no other clothes) as sleeping in wet clothes is not good for health. Since Varun is a young boy and also due to my sexual feelings for him, I didn’t mind taking off my clothes in front of him. He watched in astonishment as I stood there in my bra and panty which were also wet. I encouraged him to remove his wet clothes and very shyly he got rid of his clothes (I was still not sure whether to seduce him for sex). He asked me to sleep on the bed and he slept on the floor over a bedspread.

I couldn’t sleep lay awake. Hearing some sounds, I looked up and saw that Varun was shivering with cold (it was still raining heavily). I called him and asked him to sleep on the bed but he refused. Finally, I went to him and holding his hand, I brought him over the bed and covered him with a blanket (there was only one). His leg was still shaking and I felt his underwear. It was wet and I pulled it down. He tried to object but my expert hands (I have been pulling down my husband’s clothes) took it away in a flash. I put his underwear for drying and came by his side. His body was cold and by now, my sexual mood had reached a point of no return. My nylon bra had dried with my body heat but my cotton panty was wet. I removed them both and went under his blanket.

“Varun, hold my body, hold me rightly, I will transfer my heat to you.”

“Varun, my boy, don’t feel shy, hold me”

There was no response from him. I moved over him and embraced his body. Oh god, what a body, stiff and sturdy. I wanted him to hold me and crush me with his strong arms. But the poor fellow was shivering with cold. I moved my hands and legs all over his body and soon there was sign of him getting heated. His penis was getting stiff between my legs. I went down and kissed its tip. He squirmed with pleasure (the poor fellow was enjoying sex for the first time) and alas, his sticky white fluid was out in no time (it came into my mouth) and his penis became flaccid. I was totally disappointed. It was 12.30 midnight and I decided to sleep.

“I’m so sorry, madam, I couldn’t help”

“No, it’s alright. It always happens on the first time. You know, my husband ejaculated before entering my hole on our first night. Now let’s go to sleep”

I and Amit quickly went to the nearby market and he purchased a gift for her. I took Amit to my room and he congratulated her on the wedding day. He gave her the gift packet and asked her to open it. She opened it and found that it was beautiful designer salwar-kameez. Not only that he has also included in the gift a designer bra and panty. He asked her to wear them including the under garments. I also prompted her and she went to the bathroom to wear the them. She came out a little while later wearing the salwar-kameez given by Amit. She looked beautiful in that and both of us appreciated her. He asked her whether she is also wearing the bra and panty given by him and she nodded, upon which I said that I would like to see her in her bra and panty. Before she could say anything, I started removing her salwar-kameez. She did protest but I was able to get rid of them quickly. She stood in front of us in her bra and panty.

The designer bra was made of lace material and it hardly contained her bulbous breasts. It seemed that they were trying to jump out of their confinement. Her dark nipples were clearly visible and Amit was staring at her luscious breasts without blinking his eyes.

“Beautiful” he said.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Yes, very much”


I stopped abruptly (it was all a set up). Telling my wife that I had forgotten to call my boss during the day regarding some important matter, and he would be furious if I don’t get in touch with him today, I hurriedly came out of the room to make an STD call. I locked the door from outside leaving my wife with Amit. It was all going as we had planned and the STD call was only an excuse. Amit knew what to do would be proceeding to fuck my wife. I wandered around the lobby and outside the hotel for about half an hour.

When I returned and entered the room, I found Amit with my wife on the bed! Both were naked! They both looked up and I asked him how it went. My wife replied.

“My dear hubbyji, thank you for giving me this wonderful experience. I had a new ‘husband’ on my ‘second first-night’ and he was a wonderful lover. You should have told me about this. The moment you went out, Amit came and hugged me telling that it was all a set up and that you wanted him to fuck me. In fact after a disastrous experience which I hadn’t told you, I was secretly longing for a male dick. The moment Amit kissed me, I started melting and gave him a free hand. He’s fond of my breasts. Poor fellow, his wife has nothing. OK, now I’m going to sleep with my ‘new husband’.

Thus started my wife’s relationship with my cousin Amit. During the next two days, I watched Amit fucking my wife and she enjoyed it greatly. We had threesome with me also joining.

While returning home, she disclosed about her relationship with a young boy in her office. I encouraged her and asked her to bring him home one day. She brought him and taught him how to fuck a woman and I would write about them later.

E-mail me similar experiences, fantasies, stories etc. at sxmnn@hotmail.com.

Neelam-Sharma, New Delhi

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