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Ramu – My Watchman

Dear friends, This was my first experience in homo affair.I was working in as Manager in a workshop and living alone in a medium size city. It was on the occasion of Holi and I do not play Holi.In the afternoon I was feeling bored and I took my bike & went to my workshop to complete some paperwork.The road were deserted and I was sure of non-disturbance.I reached my workshop and called my watchman to open the gate.He was boy of hardly 18 years and a little stupid.He was not getting any work for many months and my job has been a jackpot for him.I went inside and sat in the office for almost 2 hours and completed my work.

At that time I had not even thought about that.

After my work I felt a bit tired and lay down on the bed of customer waiting room.Than came Ramu ( my watchman) & asked if he can massage my legs.I had never experienced that & I agreed. He started from my toes and first time I felt that his hands were very soft.I thought of taking advantage of that loneliness and removed my trouser so that I can have a full leg massage.He started with soft hands and his movements on my thighs were giving me current.I told him to move a little up and pretended to close my eyes.His soft hands were on my stomach and I asked him to massage in the centre of stomach.He started and after some time his soft hands were making me horny.I took chance & told him to move little down ward.He agreed and finally his soft hands were on my under wear,massaging my cock.This gave me much of courage and I told him to put his hand inside.He didn’t refuse and now I can feel silky touch on my cock.
His non refusal made me more bold & I desided to take full advantage before he can understand anything.I told him to sit on the bed & open his mouth full and close his eyes.He did so than I made my move.Holding his head from back,I put my cock in his mouth.First he was surprised but I said him that cant he do this much for me.He started sucking my cock and I must tell you that he was sucking as he was sucking some lolypop.

By this time I was burning with fire & his eyes were still closed.I removed my clothes and took out my cock.Now I told him to remove his clothes and I could not hold myself when I saw his body without a single hair.I told him to bend in the dog position as I decided to fuck him to the fullest today.He bend down and I applied some oil in his lovely hole.As I got behind him and put my 7″ cock on his hole,he understood the game.But before he could react,I gave him a jerk.He tried to move as this was his first encounter but I holded his buttocks tight and gave a second jerk.This time my cock was more than half inside.He said that it was paining but I told him to wait and he will enjoy.Than I moved my cock in & out several times and could see his face very much relaxed.I started fucking him in & out and he was saying”Oh Sir! fuck me hard and more.I am enjoying your fucking” “Oh Sir,”Oh my master, blast me and my body,i had never enjoyed such fun”.

I bended on his back & with both hands I was playing with his hairless chest.I was holding him tight from back & my cock was fucking hard.Finally I holded him tightly and Made some fast & strong jolts.After few minutes I could feel my cock throwing hot foam inside.I laid down on the bed and squeezed him .After that he went & brought some water and a cloth to wash my cock.

This is a real story and had been narrated as this had happened on that day.


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