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Stranger having sex with wife

Last year, a friend of mine was visiting from Banglore and was staying with us. His wife remained at home, far away. One evening we all went out to dinner. Manju, my five year married wife, was dressed in a long blue kurta over white tight round payjama over her sexy slender body. I knew she wore a white lace bra, the outlines of which just peeked out from beautiful tight kurta encasing her incompressible hemispherical breasts. All throughout dinner I could tell that my friend was absolutely charmed by her looks. He seemed particularly fond of Manju’s attention in his conversation. On this night, something was keeping her excited. My friend was certainly not above stealing glances down her top and at her lovely mounds. Every time I saw him doing so it, sent electricity to my groin.

I had an idea! On that night, at home when my friend had gone to his room, if I propose Manju be his bed partner? When my friend got up from the table to go to the gents room, I leaned over to Manju and said that how would she like to put her pink lace negligee to work in night?” She got a big smile on her face and said,”no! no tonight, no chance! .” I replied “not for me! yeh,.” Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. She was speechless. She had understood what I meant., she had insisted to buy that expensive shear pink negligee from a hill station last month. I agreed with the condition that on its first wear she would let me fuck as per my wish. It was still in pack.

Before she could answer, my friend returned. We ordered ice cream and Manju gathered up some nerve and decided to spice up the conversation. “How you live so long with out wife! ” My friend little amazed didn’t know what to say. I laughed and said looking in her eyes that it was unfortunate that we do not have assistance here. Unmistakably our mind was conveying through eyes.

When we later got up my friend deliberately let her move ahead and lustly watched her beautiful wide hips below narrow waist as she moved through the door.

We arrived home at 11 pm. My friend asked if we could wake him up early so that he could run some preparations in the morning for his day’s meeting. Manju said sure, she would take care of it. We all took our turns in the bathroom and prepared for bed. My friend made mention of how comfortably he had slept the previous night and that the old wood big bed was quite a nice change. Manju said “but it squeaks.” My friend shot a glance at me. “I am silent sleeper!,,” getting a nasty idea she blushed and smiled at him.

I went into our bedroom and Manju followed. I decided to push her on it. “Well?” She knew what I meant and her heart began racing. A twinkle in her eye had accepted. I went to her and held her hand. It was cold and damp. A confused look crossed her pretty face… It was now or never for me, so taking a deep breath I slipped my spare hand onto her payjama, racking the fabric, tracing the cleft of her trim little bottom. It was hot, pulpy and soaked.Trying to hide her condition, she tried to pull away, but I had her in a tighter grip by then. In my best ‘ Masterful voice,’ I asked her just how badly she has agitated him, burrowing my finger hard into the crease at the back of her payjama. Holding my breath, I whispered in her ear ” please pink negligee for him!.”Unable to sustain any more, without a word Manju went to the closet and got it. She unbuttoned her kurta, moved it up and then I saw her slipping negligee slowly dropping it over breast and to legs. She then unfasten payjama and peeled it to floor. I could imagine that below lacy bra her nipples were fully erection now. She had complete intoxicated eyes, heavy from what I had filled in her mind… I was getting harder and harder. she was shaking slightly. Looking at her in the pink lace ready for other man, was too much for me. I reached between her legs and again felt her female heat. She would be too much for any man to resist, but I restrained myself. Her full bosoms in lace were visible like moon mounds. Little shaky and moving little away she whispered, “please! ” I responded by giving her a deep wet kiss, caressing her wide sexy mounds, turning her around to face the door and giving her a gentle push and murmured huskily “give him the best.”

Manju turned the door handle with unsteady hands and went out into the hall. She crept down the lobby to the guest room door, not looking at me knocked gently on the door. It was open a jar. She let herself in and I heard the surprise in my friend’s voice. But Manju did not leave the room. I crept over to lobby and then to guest room’s closed cracky window and knelt down to listen. They were just beyond it! I heard the two of them whispering back and forth. Then…silence.

All that was audible was the rustling of bodies and whispers. I could only imagine that they were standing and kissing and slowly perhaps lace body suit was peeled off gradually. One thing would be certain from her faint sharp pained moans, ” seeee….eee.” ; Manju would be getting her nipples pinched by him. Soon enough, the bed squeaked in jumble as they stepped in it. Manju let out a deep sigh and before long I was listening to her moans every few minutes. I knew she was being eaten between her thighs. For the first time in my life I felt the electric mix of shock, jealousy, humiliation and, most importantly, arousal as I heard my wife’s erotic faint cries. I felt almost coming. I slowed the pace of my fingers over my glistening erection and waited. After about five minutes they moved around some more and in no time I heard my friend let out an “ahhhhh.” Manju must have just enveloped his manhood with her fingers, perhaps taken his penis into her mouth. I had idea of friend’s massive bulge, I pictured by the bulge that he had a large mushroom head. Then I felt a shiver as I remembered something he told me that once erect he constantly leaked fluid from his slit. I was wondering if Manju was soon going to be hit with his cream or she would relish its shape as it penetrated her.

His moans began in earnest and I could only imagine my wife’s breasts and hair flipping back and forth as she sucked him. Finally he let a sharp cry and presumably was busy ejaculating. She would never take it in mouth but was probably going to catch some in the face. I was ready to spill my seed floor but I knew I had to hold out. I waited for nearly twenty minutes before the second helping began. A warm humiliation came over me as I heard the first of the squeaking of the bed springs. I began to fondle myself and turn the humiliation of my wife’s unfaithfulness into arousal for other man, even though I had allowed her. I could hear from the rhythmic creaking of the bed frame that she was being penetrated. From this point on he would know her intimate folds. Soon they came to ecstasy of wet friction and to climax with her muscles contracting around him. I wonder how I would have felt if I could have seen exactly what was happening.

“Oh YESSS!! Ahhh! AHHH!! ” cried Manju as the bed began hitting the wall. The bedsprings began squeaking furiously as she received his thrusts. Then they slowed and I heard vague whispers. I was constantly on the verge of shooting. There was some moving about again and slowly the springs started up their noisy refrain. But this time Manju’s vocalizations were much clearer. I tried to calm my heartbeat so I could hear with the utmost clarity. Then it occurred to me. She had gotten on all fours and was receiving him from behind with her face near the window! What a sweetheart! Doggy style! “Oooohhh! slow ..sl..o w…..please! Mmmm. Ahhhhh. nehi!! ” At her urging the fucking began. The bed began hitting the wall hard and the springs sounded as if they were going to break. Manju was grunting in short bursts. I imagined that her breasts must be slapping back and forth as my friend pushed himself from back in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Then he began “Ohh. Ohh!” Manju responded ” “mum.mum.mum.mmun..yeeee mum .! OH please!! n..na..oooo!! OH no!!!” She then let out a tremendous noise as she climaxed on his glistening, thrusting pole. Then my friend signaled his pleasure “Mmmmmmm. Yh! Mmmmmm! Oh, Mmmmmm!” as he was no doubt squirting a good quantity of semen into my wife. Manju let out a long sigh as her orgasm subsided, I too let out my pole, hardest in life, but it was only a few drops that hit the hard wood floor. I listened as the two of them silent.

In about ten minutes I heard some murmur and the guest room door opened. Manju crept down the hall, just few yards from me but not seeing me,I was electrified by the anticipation of what was to greet me. The knob turned and in she came, in crumpled pink lace bodice. She was naked, sweaty and glowing. Her hair was plastered to her face and there were a few mottled red patches around her neck, throat and breasts. Her chest was heaving with her heart beat. She was shaking slightly. I took her in my arms and inhaled the aroma of fresh fucked female. Our lips met and I could taste his cock. I put my hand to her groin where my fingers met with a shocking and humiliating slackness. Her thighs had a fresh glistening sticky leaking. I lay her on the bed and began kissing her neck and moving up to with my rigid tool.

It was now time for me…The sensation of entering my wife’s used vagina was incredible.I fucked and fucked her till late willing forget the request to wake my guest early. I was not ready to send my wife again to him now, in any way.

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