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How sheetal turned us on, our voyeurism

Hi,my name’s Abhay.I’m from Pune and my mother tongue’s marathi, i’m 23 yrs old.My height is 5 feet 7 inches.I’m fair-skinned.Though i’m not so muscular i do look good.I’m not so slim nor fat.Girls do find me decent enough to talk to.
I’m engaged to my fiance anushka since college days.She’s my classmate so she’s of the same age as me.Just a fortnight or so younger than me.She’s from gujrat.she’s a fair girl of 5 feet 6 inches in height, slim, having dimensions of 32,26,36.This story is the story of our voyeurism.It dates back to our college days.
Our exams had just got over and so we couldnt have sex for 6 months.Though we used to hug,touch and sometimes nibble we hadnt even kissed properly since long enough now.We were overloaded with studies.Now we wanted to relax.
Anushka was worried that how she would learn my marathi traditions & rituals.So I was even teaching her marathi language.She had told me that she wanted to be such a good wife and sister-in-law that no one should comment on her when we would marry.Though this was not such a big problem as already my family had accepted her,she just wanted to be perfect.

So one sunday she asked me to come to her room.I went there.As i knocked she opened the door.She was looking quite good.She had put absolutely no make-up.Not even nail paint or lip-stick.She had cut her nails-both,of hand and feet.This was so that whatever licking,sucking and touching we do,we should feel comfortable & it shouldnt damage us in any way.She had kept her hair open(not tied)which were flowing on her shoulders.THough they were short,it looked nice.She was wearing a white sleeve-less top with small straps which revealed just the starting of her chest and some part of her back.It was not looking vulgar though and it meant that she had dressed according to what i liked to wear.She was wearing a tight, black-coloured sports pyjama which ended just a little lower than her knees.It gave the impression of beautiful,slender,toned legs and medium-sized hips.She had tied a fine black thread to one of her ankles,which she believed saved her from evil.Overall she was looking gorgeous.

She smiled and asked me to come in.I held her hand and we walked to her bed.We sat down there.She told me that she wanted to give me a surprise today.I told her that even i was going to give her a surprise today.”You first” we both said at the same time and giggled.Then she told me to speak with her in marathi as far as possible.
First we hugged for quite some time.Then she told me that she had found out that one of the new girls in her hostel,whose window was opposite to her window was fond of seeing blue films.”Usme kaunsi badi baat hai?” I asked her.She said “arre,par usne apne boyfriend ke saath jo sex kiya hai usse hi record karke rakha hai.Aur bahut baar maine ye dekha hai ki wo raat ko usse dekh kar apne jism ke saath khelti hai.Mujhe ye pata hai ki tumhe wo dekh kar bahut maza aayega.” “Theek hai,main bhi tumhare liye ek surprise laaya hoon par baad me bataunga” maine kaha.
First we talked for some time,then we had dinner together and we sat in bed waiting for the other girl in the window opposite hers to appear.It took quite a long time.Anushka told me about the other girl,meanwhile.”Tiche naav Sheetal aahe” She said “She’s dusky but not too dusky.She has got very short hair.She’s quite short 5 feet 4 inches maybe but her boobs and ass are bigger than mine.She’s not a bisexual otherwise any lesbian girl would have liked to check her out.She’s very thin.When in hostel she mostly wears very revealing clothes,in college she wears western clothes mostly.She’s in first year.”
It was 1’o clock when we saw her coming to her bed.Sheetal was more beautiful than i had expected.She was wearing just a T-shirt and nothing below.”Even i’m not wearing any undergarments” anushka whispered in my ears and winked.But something disappointed us.The way in which she had placed the laptop on her bed,we couldnt see its screen.”Rehne do,waise bhi sheetal khud ke saath jo karegi utna bhi tum dekhoge to kaafi hoga” anushka said.
Sheetal sat on her bed,resting her back against a pillow.She kept the laptop on her thighs.Then she stripped herself even off her T-shirt and switched on the video.First she started rubbing her hands on her boobs.The way in which she was massaging her boobs was driving me crazy.Even anushka was getting turned on seeing her.”Saali agar ye lesbian hoti to kitna maza aata” Anushka said.”Mi tila sodlach nasta”.
Sheetal started massaging her boobs starting from their outides.Then as she started moaning she started massaging the nipples of her boobs.Her nipples had become pointed telling us that she was aroused.As she increased her speed she started massing her cleavage with the other hand too.After sometime she gave a cry and looked exausted.”Tini juice sodla asel” Anushka whispered in my ears and laughed.
Then she lied on the bed on her tummy and started rubbing her whole body on the bedsheet.The way in which she was rubbing her breasts,hands,face,navel,pussy and leggs especially her feet was so sensuous that i dared not looked at anushka.I knew that if i looked at her,i wouldnt be able to control myself.Then suddenly sheetal got up and sat again on the bed in the same position as before.She put fingers of both her hands inside her pussy and started fingering herself vigorously.Though she had inserted only two fingers inside her pussy(one from each hand)she was moving them with so much force and speed that seeing it,we couldnt control ourselves.
I turned to anushka and held her hand.She understood the signal and looked deep into my eyes.I pulled out a tablet from my pocket and gave it to her.”Yeh kya hai?” She asked “Its my gift.Its a morning after pill.You will use it tomorrow morning because we wouldnt be using any protection tonight.I want you to experience this without any tension and without anything between us,making it more natural.That’s one of my gifts.The other gift is this small kamasutra position booklet which i’ve bought with me in my pocket.We’ll do some fun & easy positions from them today.”I said.Her eyes twinkled with excitement and love.”Majha tujhyawar khup prem aahe” she said and coming closer,she kissed me.
Then she went in a corner of the room and bought a small tin of chocolate.”Apply it at a naughty place and suck it all tonight,”she said,blushing.Now we both knew that tonight was going to be much more fun as we both had made some preparations to make it special tonight.
Suddenly i realised that my parents were not at home & would be coming 2 days later.I wanted to make it more memorable.So i asked her to come to my place.Especially since i had a bike,and it was just 2 km away.She hurriedly put on her sandals and we left on my bike.
Though we both were aroused we could control ourselves because of the new things we would be doing today,at my home.She started feeling cold so i lent her my jurkin.She wasnt ready to wear it “tula thandi vajel” she argued.But finally she had to listen to me.She sat on the bike tightly hugging me from behind.
On our way to my place i was thinking about our sexual journey so far.She had some lesbian affairs too which lasted for an year or so and she was serious about those girls too.After a couple of girls ditched her,she couldnt have it.If the girl was lesbian they used to make love or finger themselves while i watched.If she was bisexual,we all used to have a threesome sex and we all used to fuck each other.Though this happened only 2 or 3 times.She had chosen to be a straight girl and had decided to marry me,but she had given me the sexual liberty to have sex with other girls on some occassions.We would never cheat each other.She had never even talked about another guy though.
As we went inside my appartment,i found out that the windows were closed.As my parents had gone out,i was even more relaxed.I removed my sport shoes and kept the bag of things inside my room which we would be using tonight.
When i came out,Anushka was wondering about me.I came close to her and lifted her up in my arms.She blushed “I love you” i said.”Let me remove my sandals atleast” she said.I removed the straps of her sandals and they fell down.Suddenly she gave me a jerk so i let her down.
She stripped off her top,my jurkin and pyjamas in one go,and ran totally nude inside my room.I followed stripping myself from my clothes.I ran towards her and held her from behind by my both hands.She laughed.Then i lifted her slightly above in the air,holding at her waist and we collapsed in my bed,totally nude.
Then she faced me and i lied on her.I stroked her hair and gave her a deep french kiss,using my tongue.She liked it and responded by doing the same.After some minutes of kissing she asked me to go ahead.
I held her hands.Her nails revealed how much pressure she was using to grip my hands.Then i kissed and licked her shoulders,neck and arms step by step.Her breathing had become fast.I also kissed and sucked her fingers.
Then i took the tin of chocolate and opened it.I put it on her entire chest,from just below her neck to her waistline.Then i gently started sucking one of her breasts while massaging the other with another hand.Even she started running her fingers all over my neck and body.I sucked,licked and massaged her boobs hard-one with my mouth and the other with my hands.I proceeded from their outer curves to her nipples which had become hard due to her excitement.After alternately treating both her breasts in this way,i went to her cleavage.
As i put my mouth on the area between her boobs she let out a faint moan and pressed my head hard against her cleavage.Most of our bodies were getting covered with chocolate as she herself sometimes used to stroke her own breasts.After i had sucked all the chocolate on her cleavage i proceeded to her navel.
When i started licking her navel feverishly she said “Yes,dont let even a single drop of chocolate be on my body” She was enjoying it immensely.
With one hand i stroked her navel first.Then i put a finger inside her navel,took it out and licked it.”I will be doing the same thing again honey,but i will just put my finger somewhere else” i said and she blushed.
When her navel had no traces of chocolate left on it,she put her lips on mine and again kissed me very forcefully and passionately,using all her tongue.It felt very nice.
Then she told me to spray my cum on her whole body or as much part of it as i could.”I am madly in love with you.I want you to mark my whole body with your sperms.Make my whole body yours,dont hesitate.”She said.
I wondered if i could spray so much cum.Though we had did it once or twice before and it had been to her satisfaction,this time it would be even better,i thought.That was because i rarely masturbated and so it seemed possible.
I asked her to suck my cock for me.”Pyaar se” She said and started sucking it.First she kissed and licked my balls(the projection at the root of the penis)making a heavy sucking noise and moaning loudly “hmm”.Then she licked all the sides of it,topside,bottom and left and right and took the whole of it in her mouth.It had already become large due to our foreplay.
She sucked it wonderfully.She used to take the whole of it inside,gripping it with her mouth tightly and then leaving it out of her mouth,just keeping the tip of the penis inside her mouth.After she sucked it for 10 minutes like this,i felt the walls of her mouth brushing against my penis making me feel as if i’m in heaven.Then she stopped sucking my cock and started stroking it very forcefully and fast using both her hands.
The feel of it was amazing but even the scene was making me crazy.Her soft hands were moving the foreskin on my cock up and down very fast with too much speed.Finally i felt that i was gonna cum so i asked her to be ready.
“Here it comes” I said.I cummed really a great quantity of sperms.I sprayed it on her hair,face,mouth,neck,hands,chest and navel.She had moved her body as if someone moves it when she stands in front of the shower in the bathroom,adjusting so that my sperm should fall on her and shouldnt fall anywhere else.
Then with her own hands,she sprayed my sperm juice to the other parts of her body too,where it couldnt have reached.She literally massged her whole body,front and back with my sperm juice.Then she lied down again on her back as before and asked me to do the next.
I kissed and stroked her legs with my hands,from waist to feet.She was perfectly hair less and her natural body odour was making me even mad.As i reached her feet i massaged them for some time.Then,i asked her to lie on her tummy while i sucked her toes with my mouth.Then continuing with her souls i kissed her entire legs from the back side.Then i squeezed her hips very hard.”Ahh” she screamed with pleasure.
Then i nibbled them for some time.I massaged her hips,starting from their sides and coming to their center using both my hands.She must have felt marvellous,as she jerked a little.Then i put my hand inside her anus,between her hips while i started kissing her hips with full force.She murmured “Kitna chedoge,ab chod dalo na”.”Thoda rukho darling,aaram se maze lenge,hamare pass sari raat hai” i said.
Then i stroked her back and bit her earlobes.With my tongue i tasted the periphery of her ears later sucking the central part of her ear.She moaned very loudly “Umm.Haa.”Then i went lower and kissed parts of her back quickly but deeply.
Then we relaxed for a while,looking at the pictures in the kamasutra booklet thinking of some easy & fun position.We found out one.
She lied on her back and we came closer.I lifted both her legs,very slowly and kept them on my shoulders.My cock had already grown in size looking at her expressions and feeling her excited to do it.In one go,i inserted my cock deep in her pussy and started rocking her too and fro.She started co-operating and moving her body accordingly.Slowly we increased our speed and now we were fucking both fast.”Lets cum together” she said and asked me to make her sit,not stopping fucking.
I lifted her,holding her hands while she came even closer,keeping her knees on my shoulder and hugging my back tightly with her feet.Then she asked me to put my feet near her back as it was seen in the book.When i did it we came closer and started kissing.Her moans had increased in duration and volume.At one point she screamed “Meri itni mast chudai aaj tak kisi ne nahi ki hai.Aur zor se chodna mujhe.Chodna nahi.Lesbian sex ka isse comparison hi nahi ho sakta.Umm.Hmm”.After fucking for some minutes in this position we cummed,almost at the same time.Really it was the most pleasant sex we ever had.
Then she looked for another position in the booklet as she wanted me to have anal sex with her.Before doing that i asked of i could suck her pussy.
As she lied on her back i asked her to stretch her legs wide open so that i could see her pussy.It was nice,shaved,pink.I first just sucked on it with my lips later when i just touched it with my tongue she put her hand on my neck and pushed her legs forward allowing me to suck her even more deeply.As i finished sucking it to my heart’s content,i started fingering her pussy with my fingers.
Though we had recenltly fucked and we had been doint it since 3 years atleast once a month,i found it quite tight.First i just teased her,encircling the area around her pussy.Later on i inserted one finger each of both my hands.I found that my fingers had become wet which drove me crazy.Then slowly,i started finger-fucking her pussy,some time later inserting my thumb of both the hands too.In 5 minutes i increased my rhythm and made it as fast as she would allow me.As she cummed,the juice got sprayed on my fingers.Though i had did it before some times,this was one of the best times till date according to her.
Then she asked me to lie down on my back.”Ab mera number hai yaar,she said and winked.”First of all she kissed me very gently and delicately.She barely moved her mouth but she kept on moving her tongue.Though i had taught her kissing i couldnt do it in this manner but i didnt regret it.Then she held my hands and came on top of me.She kissed my chest for some time,mostly licking me all over and stroking my back and neck with her hands simultaneously.It prepared us for the next step.
Then she sat on me,resting her foot to my side and keeping her thigh on my waist.Then shyly she asked me to insert my penis into her anus.We both held my cock with our hands and guided it to her anus.Very gently but firmly she lowered her anus,sliding it on my cock.When it hadnt got it as much inside as she wanted,she asked me to push it hard and not to worry even if she screamed.I gave it a forceful push,she moaned but said that it was ok and asked me to start.”What start?” i said “You take charge and get fucked as hard as you want”.She smiled and started moving her hips up and down,just as i started moving my waist too.
After some time we increased the speed and she told me not to stop and keep on increasing the speed unless she told me to stop increasing the speed.Sometime later she said “Ya peksha zorat nako karus,dukhtay” which made me stop increasing my speed.
I really dont know for how much time we fucked like this.Until i cummed and she slept on top of me hugging me tight and asking me to hug her tight too.Then we rolled and laid side by side.We kissed once and then i asked her if i could do some after-play.As were tired we didnt do it then but next morning we did it in a novel way,not like anytime before.
She lied on her back and i slept on her in 69 position.While i licked her cunt she also sucked my cock.This time we did it gently and slowly,enjoying each second the sensations which we gave to each other.After some time we both cummed,had a bath together and then left my home.
She allowed me to have sex with any girl but i should ask her first and if she’s a bisexual girl she would like me to introduce with her.I could make love to the other girl only once and that too if possible in front of her,which she loved to watch.This too only till our marriage.”Then only you & me”she winked.I agreed as i knew how much she loved me,always being in contact with me & not even thinking of any other guy,sacrificing too many things for me.I’ve kept this promise and look forward to keeping it as we still aren’t married but we are officially engaged.

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