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The Arab Girl

Here I am going to tell you a real incident happened to me. Before that let me tell you about me. I am 5.9 tall 79 Kg weight and having a well-shaped athletic body. This incident happened when I was in Kuwait. I came here 5 years back and I am working here in an administration institute as a computer instructor cum hardware engineer. When I came to Kuwait I was really having problem with the Arabic language but later I learned, the situation forced me to learn. There was one beautiful girl (Kuwait girl) in our institute and she was working as an office assistant there. As she was having a little bit knowledge in English, we became friends in a short period. While I was having free time she used to come to my cabin (it was a room) and will ask me to teach her computer so I. Now let me tell you about her. She is always wearing “black parda” to cover her body. I used to see her face and palms only.. but one day when she was with me front buttons of her parda was open and I saw her chest shape our from her tight dress.

I wondered.. she was not wearing a bra… the shape of the her boobs were forced me to think like that.. suddenly I asked her “can I ask one personal question to you samirah” she said “Okay.. you ask” So All of a sudden I asked “why you are not wearing any bra?” but she didn’t understand what it means by bra.. (funny thing isn’t it? I told you before that she was having only little bit knowledge in English) so I explained her that the girls are wearing one typical type of dress to hold breast so that the breast will remain in good shape.

After hearing this from me she looked at me with surprising look.. and after a minute she told me “No I am not wearing this because I feel not comfortable with this dress”.. from then onwards I started to talk to her about her body and then slowly to the topic of sex. At first she felt shy to talk to me but slowly slowly.. day by day she became very frank in this matter and one day I asked her whether she had an orgasm before or not.. to my surprise she said “yes.. I had”.. I asked “how? You are still a virgin then how you experienced an orgasm?” She said with a smile “with myself” .. you believe me or not, she told me about her experience in masturbating and I told her about mine also..

From then onwards a strange thing came into my mind… to fuck this girl… a lust that I have to fulfill in any cost.. I was sure that it is very easy but to me it was not easy because the laws and regulations here is very tight and if something happened then I will go for a bang.. but my mind was not ready to say no.. I waited for a chance so that I can use that opportunity to fulfill my lust.

One fine Thursday (Thursday is half day in our institute) all our staffs except me were gone to the capital for a meeting and I was all-alone there in the institute. Normally every day for two hours I am chatting on net with my friends. On that day nobody was there and that’s why I was watching some good prono sites while I was chatting… about after one and half hour I felt to go to bathroom and I left the room without closing the net.

When I came back to the room, to my surprise, I saw samirah there and was looking to the monitor. As soon as I entered into the room she turned and asked me “what you are doing here jack? I was trying to call you but the telephone line is engage from the morning… and I came here to see the problem..” I smiled at her and said “I was chatting with my friends through net”.. she suddenly asked “then whats this” pointing out to the screen where there was a nude snap of a girl. I said “Oh this for some entertainment and to avoid some tension which I am having”.. “Ohh.. that’s why you gone to bathroom?” said she. I laughed and said “no.. not at all samirah.. I just gone to bathroom just to pass the urine”.. I felt that the situation is turning into my side and this is a fine opportunity to fuck her.. So I asked her “how you came samirah?”

“By my car” said she.


Oh yes alone.

Who is there down in the office?

Nobody is there. Why you asked jack?

I said “oh nothing samirah.. I just asked”

I asked her to sit behind me and I started to open some other pages of nude girls and I looked at her.. her face was so red and I noticed that her fingers were trembling… Suddenly I take her palm in my hand and I asked “what happened to you samirah?” She said “nothing.. “ but there was something and she was really sweating.. there were sweats in her face.. quickly take her face in my hand and I gave her a kiss on her cheeks.. she was staring at my eyes.. her lips were trembling.. again I kissed her.. and this time on her lips..

I take her lips in my lips and gave a full fascinated kiss.. and it lasted for almost three minutes.. I felt her hands in my head caressing my hairs.. I moved my hands to her back and running all over her back side.. when I separated my face from hers I saw her eyes were closed and her lips were so reddish like blood.. I stood there and then closed the door.

When I turned back I saw a fear in her eyes.. I walked into her.. and again I take her into my arms… she whispered “jack.. this is wrong.. we cannot do this… its wrong jack” but I didn’t pay any attention to her words.. I kissed her again all over her face and my hands moved on all over her body… I touched her loosened boobs from outside of her dress. She acted like a current passed through her body.. I started to remove her veil despite of her small resistance.. wow.. she was looking so nice without that veil..

I removed the black parda by unbuttoning them… now there is she in her tight typical dress showing all her body figure.. oh god what a body she is having.. just amazing.. I pressed her boobs so hardly and continuously.. slowly I put my fingers on her long frock’s zip and I loosened in no time. There she is with a blank panty on her body.. dear friends.. I cannot explain how she was look like… she was like a sex goddess.. I removed my shirt and jeans very quickly and hugged her again.. then I too her in my arms and laid down with her back on the empty table … then I started to kiss her from face to her neck and then her boobs..

I squeezed them.. her nipples got hardened.. then I kissed on her tummy and then I moved my face downwards… her panty.. I just removed that… and oh my goodness.. what a view it was… her public haired pussy was so wet and so beautiful… my penis become so hard (rock hard) and it started to pain.. her eyes were running all over my body.. she was breathing so fast.. I took off my underwear and my cock stood steady on air.. I take her hand put on my cock.. oh my god.. she started fondle it as she was touching a man’s cock for the first time… I was in heaven…

she played with my cock for a little while then I decided to fuck her.. the desk was in a real position.. I just parted her beautiful legs into two sides and then I guided my cock into her pussy.. my cock touched on her wet pussy hole.. then I bend over her.. and started to fondle her breasts.. at the same time I was kissing her on her lips.. she hugged me so tightly.. her fingers were running all over my back… slowly I started to push my hard cock into her pussy.. it was so tight.. and that’s why my cock slipped outside.. I guided my cock again to her pussy hole and this time pushed littler bit harder and yes.. half of my cock was inside at this time.. as soon as it entered she made a big voice and pressed her fingers very hardly into my back…

I felt pain.. her nails made scratches on my back… I pushed again and again.. and at last the whole length of my cock was inside her pussy.. I didn’t move a bit for the next few minutes.. I was feeling great.. I kissed her more passionately.. and she too.. she forget herself and acted so madly… I started move my hip up and down.. slowly.. slowly.. I moved in a rhythm… after few minutes I felt my climax so near.. so I stopped fucking her for a one minute and then again I started.. few minutes later suddenly she held me so tightly and made herself an arch.. and made so many loud voices which I couldn’t understand.. but I felt that she had her first fucking orgasm.. so I decided to come into her.. I moved so fast.. so fast and oh yes.. I felt like I am in seventh heaven… my cum came out of my cock like a thunder and filled her pussy.. ..

I just slept on her for a few minutes like that.. then I removed my softened cock from her pussy.. I saw there in her love hole some blood along with my cum dripping down to the table.. I just lay down on chair like that and rested for 5 minutes.. then I got up.. I looked at her face.. her eyes were closed… I saw there is a sweet smile in her face.. smile of satisfaction.. I waked her up.. “come on get up samirah..” she opened her eyes.. I saw there is something in her eyes.. she get down from the table.. in the meanwhile I took some tissue paper and cleaned her pussy..

After this fuck I never got a chance to fuck her again.. this was my first and last fuck in life up to this date.. I wish to fuck any girl again.. if I get a chance… my email add is : mrshowbizss@rediffmail.com

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