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True Exprience in Bhubaneswar

This is my first post with Indian-Stories.com. This is a true story which I experienced during my last visit to Bhubaneswar, Orissa in the moth of March this year. Basically I am a business man from Delhi and married since last 5 yrs and having 2 kids. Elder is 3 yrs and younger is just 8 months. Now let me come to the story. For my business I used to visit middle label cities very frequently.

It was a 3 days program for me in Bhubaneswar and I was staying a hotel near to Airport. After 2 days of various meetings on 3rd day I got some time to go around the main market over there. In March it was quite hot already. In the market I saw one saloon and it was written that ?Men and Women A/C Beauty Parlor?. Suddenly I got stock there and curiously went inside. It was in the first floor of the shop. I push the door and entered inside. I saw 2 guys and 4 ladies are sitting inside and gossiping. There was no customer that time. One of those guy came to me and asked about my coming. I told him I want to do shaving. Then that guy asked me to sit over a chair and started his duty. In between I noticed 2 girls are looking towards me and one of those passing light smile and indicating something. Being a super khiladi on this game immediately I understood what she wants and what are the things going on inside this Parlor. Slowly I asked the salon guy ?App ka yanha massage hota hai kya ?? woo bola haan hota hai. The I asked who will do? He replied any of these girls you choose. I asked what type of message and where is the place. He replied we got separate room for this on back of this salon and all types of massage we do there only. All type include, chest massage, full body massage, Half body massage, special massage etc. I asked I want full body massage. What is the cost? Then that guy replied Rs450. After he finished shaving, he called all the girls and asked me to select any. All were good looking girls. I selected one who was tallest and having small boobs. I like small boobs because my wife is having very big boobs.

Then that girl took me to one room and asked to open my tea shirt and to sit over a chair. She went to bring her massage stuffs like cream, towel, water etc. By that time my dick was in full phase by thinking what is going to happen. She came back in 2 mins and offered me one towel and asked me to open my pants and shorts. I obeyed her like a good child. I was sitting over the chair and from my back side she started putting some cream behind my back and started massaging my back. Then after some time she asked me to half sleep backward which I did. She put some cream over my chest and started massaging my chest, my nipples. By god it was so nice feeling I can?t describe here. She was screwing both my nipples in two fingers of her hand and moaning ooaa, oaaa ahhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then I could not control myself and I kept my hand over her small breast and started pressing it slowly. There was no hesitation from her side, but in fact she told ?I will give u all the chance? have patience. You have 1 hr time .when you are paying money, you deserve best service?. With all her words I got more exited and took back my hand. She continued massing my nipples for 10 or 15 mins and in between I also started pressing her breast in both of my hand. Then after sometime I put one of my hand inside her top and hold directly her boobs. To my surprise she was not warring any bra that time. After chest massage she took away my towel from my lower part and looked towards my dick. She said you got a big one. Do you want me to shave your lower hair. I told not today and I will do it latter. Then she put some cream over my dick and stared massaging it. That time I started taking off her tea shirt which she did not allowed me. She told first give me service of RS 100 then I will allow you to open this. Immediately I gave her Rs200 and with a big smile she opened her upper dress. Now she was massaging my dick with naked body and I was sucking her one boobs massing other one. After sometime she started stroking my dick faster. I hold her hand and asked to go slowly, and again I gave her Rs. 100. After getting the money she started playing with my balls. I open her jeans pant and dropped it. She was now with only a brown color panty. I put my finger inside her panty and started licking her small cunt. It was very wet by that time. She stared maoming ahhhh.. ohhhh?. And her eyes were getting close. I asked her to take my dick with her mouth which she denied even after I offeredRs 500 she denied for sucking my dick. She continued my dick massage for 30mins and in between she came inside her panty 2 or 3 times. Each time she was coming she was mauming lauder and lauder. Finally she started stroking my dick faster and faster and I was mouing ohhhhh ahhhhhhhhh auuuuuuuuuhhhhhh, by holding her boobs in one hand and putting my two fingers inside her. After some time I could not control any more and my sperms just came out with 160KM per hr and fall straight over the mirror which was in front of me. She cleaned my dick and my body. I was feeling happy like anything. When coming I called that girl and gave her Rs 200 more. With all the Rs1000 the blow job I got, I will never forget.

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