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Hot Gujju Megna

Hello Readers , let me introduce myself as Torque. Indian-Stories is an excellent site to share your true encounters. This is my first submission & a true incident. This is about a HOT HOT gujarathi female Megna. I got introduced through a comon friend. After few interaction I complimented about her body. She is married with two kids. She is 33yrs 38-32-36. One day I dare to ask about having sex with me. After two days she gave me a call & asked to meet me. I invited to my house As I am staying alone. I took half day leave & reached home. I just came out after a shower the door bell rang. It was Megna. I had only a towel wrapped around. My body became hot even after my bath. I asked her to sit and served a glass of juice.

I went to the mirror combing my hair. I felt some feminine smell behind me. She gave me kisses on my shoulder. I got an instant kick & my dick came out of my wrapped towel. I turned around & smooched her for 10 minutes. She was caressing my dick. I took out her clothes. Her body was like butter. I started playing with her boobs. It was great to drink her milk as she had thick black tits. My dick was rock hard & she was squeezing it. My hands reached bottom part and found her bushy pussy. I inserted two fingers on her & played with clit for few minutes. She was already wet with pussy juices. Megna was rubbing my dick on her pussy.I took a KS condom with DOTS . She insisted to do without condom as she was having a MONALISA copper T.(Always have safe sex) I parted her legs little , she guided my dick into her pussy. A little thrust my dick got inside. I took her against the wall & started pumping hard. She was watching my long thick(7” X 2”) dick pumping in & out.I could see the clit also moving along with my dick.She was moaning with pleasure. She exploded & I could feel my dick getting crimped inside. I took her to bed. There she lays with massive flesh body. I could not resist. I started smooching again, Played with boobs & directly went down to the pussy. She parted her legs. With my tounge tip I reached the clit which was like a small penis. She was pulling my hair & moaning. This gave me more energy to lick, at the same time I reached her G Spot with my fingers & started stimulating it. It was a new experience to her as her husband would not do all these things. She was requesting not to stop playing with her Clit & G Spot. I could see her face & body turning RED

The grip on my hair was becoming more & more tight.Again she came with lot of juices with force(it was female ejaculation) It was tasty & I had it all in my mouth. My dick became more harder, she pulled me up & said I just don’t want to miss you.I said I have not finished. She said Darling I can do anything for you.Its all yours. Slowly I entered again & started pumping. She spread her legs as wide as possible . I was pumping hard along with one of my fingers playing with clit. I maintained the pumping pace so to have climax together. I could here the sound of each stroke like a rythm. I said I am about to cum. She said OK do it even she was ready for an orgasm. We both came together inside. I unloaded my hot thick cum inside her on the condom.She was smooching me. I could feel the crimp inside again. The climax was so strong it lasted for few minutes. I was kissing her allover her body.We lay for half an hour holding each other. .. .. ..
I enjoy myself & I see that my partner gets more satisfaction from me.

Any female who wants to ENJOY with me may contact on pulsar4111@rediffmail.com 100% privacy & satisfaction

We Have only one LIFE. Have safe SEX & ENJOY

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