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Relation With My Mother

Hi, I would like to tell story of my
best friend,ramani from guntur city of a.p,ramani has 2 daughter,2 sons,her
husband is working in a bank,his name is ramesh he is 52 yers old,ramani at
the age of 15 married to her uncle (mother’s brother),ramani is now 36
years old,she has nice body,she was mis college in college days,ramani’s
eldest daughter,radhika 22 years married,her second daughter urmila is only
10 years old,ramani’s eldest son mohan is 16 years old,and younger son
rohit is only 2 years old,ramani never feed her breast milk all of her
childern,becuase,she taught that feeding child will unshape her boobs,so
ramani has very big boos,her boobs have full of milk,some time milk comes
from nipples,so she takes medicnies to control to leakage of milk from

Ramani is unhappy with her husband,ramesh is not giving proper fuck to
her.  her son mohan, and her dauther urmila sent for goa,and chennai for
eduction.  ramani and ramesh went goa to bring back their son mohan,for
summer vaction, so they booked one room in a lodge.  ramani sat on the sofa
thinking about his son,whom she did not see since 3 years, mohan about to
enter the room,ramani saw her son,ramani hugged her son,she started kissing
on her son face,both mother and son exchnaged the kisses,they hugged like
lovers,who met long long ago,ramani felt his son’s lund is hardnend and
touching her choot,her boobs are pressed to her son’s chest,mohan started
fondling his hand on her ass,they stood for 10 minutes,hearing her
husband’s noise,both mother and son,separted however mohan staring her
mother’s boob, ramesh said beta ye apki maa hai,kya thum nahi pahachana,for
that mohan did not reply,ramani said ,my son is angry with u ,u sent him to
goa away from his mother, ramani said to her husband to bring biryani,ice
cream,and carots,like obedient husband he went out,ramani ask her son to
sit beside her on the bed,ramesh said mum u have beautiful body,no friend
of mine has such beautiful mother,for the compliment ,ramani laughed,ramani
noticed her son is staring at her large boobs, and her pallu has fallen
around her waist,and her blouse’s upper button is open,morever ramani has
not wear any bra,mohan said please mother let me see ur boobs,ramani said
ur father will come any time,then mohan fell on his mother’s feet,saying ur
my goddess,ramani got mercy on her son,she told her son,that she will stand
at bath room door,and her son can watch her boobs,ramani went near bath
room,and unbutton her blouse,her big boobs came out,then mohan closed the
main room door,unzipped his pant,ramani saw big lund,her cunt started
oozing ,ramani said beta u have very big lund, i like it,ramesh knocked the
door,ramni adjusted her saree,and blouse,like sati savitri opend the
door,ramesh said our son has fallen sleep,ramani said my son mohan waited
for u,just now he went for sleep, ramani shouted mohan beta wake up,see
what ur father brought for u,ramani gave some carots to her son,mohan said
maa i want some cream with it, ramani waited for a minute,her husband went
in bath room,ramani put the carot in her saree and dipped it in her
choot,and give her son,mohan enjoying (eating)the carot,mohan staring at
his mother’s boobs,said i want milk,ramani winked at her son,said u will
have later,ramesh came out from bathroom said mother and son are not
eating,mohan said see dady mother is not (feeding)giving milk,then ramesh
said to his wife ramani why u r not giving him milk,like that they talked
about 15 mintue,there is only on bed in the room,then ramesh suggested,his
wife ramani should sleep between him and his son,ramani and her son welcome
the decision.  soon ramesh fell in fast sleep and started snoring,ramani
unbotten her blouse,she push her nipple in the mouth of her son,mohan
started sucking it,he said u have lot of milk,he took his mother’s hand on
his waist,it was very big lund,ramani is fondling the her son’s lund,it
became very hard,her choot is wet now,her son is sucking her boobs,soon all
the milk in her boobs dried,ramani got itching in her cunt,mohan is
compaling her mother that his lund became very hard and paining,ramani got
idea,she again adjusted her saree and blouse,and wake up her husband saying
darling u did not take ur tablets,then ramani mixed sleeping tablest with
the medicine,ramesh watching at his sleeping son,said to his wife ramani u
see my son is duplicate of mine,he took the all the tablets,mohan seeing at
her mother’s boobs said maa u r boobs became smaller,ramani said thank u
son for drinking my milk,ramani pulled her sons lungi and banians,and made
mohan nude boy,asked her son to make her nude too,mohan pull her sari and
petty coat ,both mother and son are nude,watching each other,both hugged
mother and son bodies pressed,they both played with their tongues,ramani
said to her son beta please kiss me,the mohan ready to kiss on her
face,ramani said u foolish not here,between my legs,mohan stood between her
legs,started licking her vagina,ramani started moaning shhhhhhh woooooooo
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mohan beta choooooooooooossssssssssssooooooooooo apni
maa ki chooooooootttttttt,then ramni aksed her son lay on the floor in 69
postion,ramani took her son’s big lund in her mouth and started sucking
it,and mohan is deeping his tongue in mothers cunt,both dried,and
exahusted,both dressed up and went for sleep.  next day husband ,wife and
son reached their home town guntur.there mohans’grand mother waiting for
them,seeing ramani’s happy face,grand mother said now iam very glad that my
daughter ramani is very happy.grand mother is watching her daughter’s body
and boobs,grand mother did not control her desire,and started asking her
daughter ramani,how her boobs became smaller, ramani told what was happend
between her and son mohan,grand mother said now u r happy with her
son,ramani shyingly nodded her head.ramani said mother ur son in law is
around us ,he is not going any tour,then grand mother invited mother and
son to her village,for that ramesh agreed.they reached village in the after
noon, grand mother asked mother and son take bath with haldi powder(generly
newly wed bride take for bath),ramani dressed like bride,went temple for
pooja with her son,in temple priest whose name pooja should be
performed,grand mother suddenly said to priest name of “ramani and
mohan”,priest performed pooja,\ it was 8 o clock.grand mother asked mohan
and ramani sit on the chairs,and gave a necklace( a sing of married hood)
to mohan tie around neck of ur mother wife.  grand mother jokingly said if
u tie the necklace around neck our ur beloved mother, u will get the right
of untieing of her saree and blouse,ramani said mother dont tease us,mohan
tied the mangala sutra around her neck.grand mother said,now ur mother is
ur wife,u have to satisfy her sexual desires.and said ramani u should not
forget mohan is ur husband.i am blessing both of ur mother and son(wife and
husbabd)have a couple of childs.both wife and husband(newly acquried
relationship) fell on grand mother’s feet.then grand mother aksed mohan
take blessing from ramani thinking as ur mother,mohan kneel before her
mother ramani,she shyingly blessed her son happpy married life,then grand
mother aksed ramani to touch her new husband’s feet,ramani touched his
son’s feet.both wife and husband went in the bed room.mothers and
sons,house wives can send their remarks and suggestions to

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