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A Passionate Night with cousin Ancy

Hi, this is Tony albert from Kerala. Am 24 and a mechanical engineer.
I am new to this wonderful site and felt I should share my experience
too. We kerala youngsters are little bit reserved (may be due to
overcaring parents), but inside us we are really naughty and diehard
for sex.

Here I like share my sensual experience with my cousin sister Ancy. We
both are of same age and this happened when we are at 8th standard.
During that time we used to visit and spend some days at any of the
cousins house. That day we all(Me,my little bro Dony, Ancy, her elder
bro Anil and another cousin Jebin) gather at Jebin’s house. After
having food and games, we all got tired and went to bed. Jebin and
Anil are 5 yr elder than me,so they went to another room and youngers
me,ancy and dony (dony-only 7yr old at that time) slept in same bed.

Me and ancy talked a lot of things about school, friends and blah
blah.. I saw she caressing my little bro’s hair,bt he got irritated
and asked to stop. I saw my sis getting sad due to his behavior, so I
asked her to caress my hair. She felt very happy and started caressing
my hair. “OMG..I felt like some electric shock through me”. It was the
1st time a girl touches me. She asked me “what happened tony?”. I said
nothing. I looked into her eyes and saw only her brotherly love. I
felt like I will kiss her lips. She again asked me”da what happened?
Why are you not talking?” I just hugged her tightly. This made a moan
out of her”daa.. Whats this?”. I told, I too want to caress you and
started caring her back. She told,”no..stop tony..am feeling like
something”. I asked, “like what?”. She said,”nothing”. I told,”don’t
worry ancy, we can sleep”and caress her hair,hand and back. Now she
also felt ok with that and started sleeping. She fall fast asleep. I
started caressing her ass and thighs. I got no response from her, so I
unzipped her zip behind frock and caressing her bareback. Oh, I felt
like I was in heaven. Without making any disturbance I wake up and
smell her hair and back. Smell of her sweat and soap made me crazy. I
started kissing and licking her back. Suddenly she turns and started
sleeping facing roof. I got afraid and pretended sleeping. But the
lust for her again overpowered me. I started caressing her boobs over
the dress. Her frock was just above her knees. I put hands through the
frock caressed her thighs. Slowly reached her panties, I felt some
wetness. I pulled up her frock and put my finger in her navel. It was
so soft, i put my tongue into it nd start licking. Then moved to her
boobs. It was small but the softness will make every man crazy. I
pressed those melons for sometime and started sucking her nipples.

Suddenly, lights were on the another room. I quickly rearranged her
dress and pretended sleeping. Lights goes off after somebody using
toilet. I felt guilty of what I had done to my sister. I looked at her
face, she is only 13 and cute like angel. I said sorry in mind and
started sleeping. It was already midnight and I fall asleep.

I started dreaming Ancy. She is hugging me tightly. Her legs are over
me and her lips are touching my cheek. I felt her breath. Then,
something bitten in my shoulder. I just open my eyes in half sleep.
Felt like somebody kissing me and caressing my chest through shirt.
Ancy pinched my nipples. Ahh! I was in pain and opened my eyes,
understood am not dreaming bt it is she doing this. I looked at her
but she pretend sleeping. I thought to make her some fun and pretend
to going back to sleep. Seeing that I had no reaction, she hugged me
tightly, pressed her boobs into my mouth and placed her bare legs on
my chest. She bite me on my nose. A screm escaped from me and I
asked,”what are you doing ancy?” She:”what? You idiot, what were you
doing earlier?” I again asked “what?” She got angry and told “you
cheat, don’t pretend to be innocent, continue what you were doing
earlier” telling this she again bitten me.
Hearing this from her, I lost all my control. Instantly, I pulled her
and climbed top of her. Sucking her lips like there is no end. We
exchanged our saliva, it was tasty like honey. I ate her lips, pulled
her tongue. She started breathing heavily, asked me to slow down
because she wasn’t able to breath. I licked her throat and shoulder,
she started moaning in low voice “aahh ahh daa daaa mmmm mm daa” Her
eyes were half closed. I pulled her frock and threw away. 1st time I
saw a girl in full nude. She felt shy and tried to hide her boobs with
her hands. I removed her hands forcely and started licking her boobs
without touching her erect nipples. This made her mad, she tried to
pull her nipples into my mouth. But I omitted her nipples knowing that
this will make her more crazy. I licked her soft tummy and navel and
put my hands through her panty. It was very hot inside her panty. I
fingered her outer pussy. She was in a uncontrollable state and tried
to stop me because of the pleasure. I again started licking her
thighs, her thighs were smooth and without any hairs. Now she is
moaning “tonnyy..aahh..daa…stop this..ahhh..haavuu..i can’t ..mmm
mm..ahh..hh” Hearing this I started kissing her pussy over her panty.
She was getting so horny. Same time she tried to resist and pulled my
head into her pussy and tied my head with her legs.

We reached point of no return. I removed her panty, which she 1st
resisted and gave up and she quickly removed my clothes too. She
started repeating what I done to her. Mount on me and started licking
my chest and nipples like a whore. She was licking me like icecream.
She licked my navel and removed my underwear. She was shocked and
confused, stopped her acts. It was the 1st time she saw an erect rod.
I asked her to touch it. She hesitate, I took her palm and placed it
on my love rod. Asked her to kiss it. She was reluctant. I got
irritated and pulled her to bed. Then mounted top of her caressed her
face with my rod. She tried to resist and hide her face. I forcely
removed her hands and put my penis into her mouth. It was little harsh
but she cannot do anything. I started mouth fucking her.

After initial resistance she also started enjoying it. She started to
suck it like a lolipop. Oh it an awesome feeling and told her “oh
Ancy, you are amazing, i luv u sweety, i luv u, i am going to come in
you” this made her excited and increased her speed. I come inside her
mouth within minites. Due to 1st time she felt like vomiting and tried
to spat but I instantly gave a deep smooch. I felt the taste of my on
comes but I don’t want her to vomit her on bed, so continued
smooching till she drink my juice completly. She tried to stop all the
activities and asked me to sleep. But I know if I stop there I’ll
never get her and she will hate sex. Without wasting time I started
licking her melons and fingering her pussy. She mourned “aahh,
tonnyy..ahh..stop..am ur sister..ahh…stopp..somebody will
see..ahh..mmmm…tonyyy” hearing her horny voice my rod again erected.
Felt to fuck her again. I ate her pussy, tried to put my finger. No,
she is very tight even i cannot put my small finger. Licked her little
clitorus for sometime, within minites she shivered gushed her juices
on my face. I sucked her juice like honey. She pulled my face to her
and smooched. Told me” I luv u daa..luv u so much..don’t leave me
da…” I told “I luv u too sweet..am am all yours..am goin to show u
heaven” with that I took her leg and kissed her inner thighs. Rubbed
my rod to her pussy opening. She giggles with pleasure, asked me”don’t
do this..daa..plzz..daa..” I was in no mood to stop there. I pushed my
cock into her soft pussy. Oh it was damn tight, she screamed with pain
and tried to pull. I hugged her and waited her to relief. I licked her
lips,throat it makes her forget her pain. Again I forced into her. She
started crying, I just licked her tears and started stroking her
slowly. It was really hard for sometime, she was applying pressure on
pussy and tried to push away. But I was in no mood to stop and held
her hands tightly on sides. Slowly her scream changes to mourns like
“aaaahhh tonnnyy aahh hh mmmm m daaa stopp aahh daa mmm ahh hh mmm mmm
ahh luv u luv u daa ahh mmm ahh da don’t stop ahh pls don’t stop ahh
fast fast ahh daa mmm”
I saw her still in pain and tears but same time enjoying the first
fuck. Soon I felt going to come, I took my rod outside. She shouted me
to continue. I licked and put my middle finger and fucked her. She
shivered and again come on my face. I started fucking her pussy and
come on her tummy.

I fell over her completely exhausted. She slowly kissed me and asked
“can i lick yours and sucked my come and virgin blood on my cock. I
took her face and smooched her.
We arranged the room, saw blood stains on bed which later she told
aunty that its her menstrual blood.

Next day she was very sad of leaving me, but I consoled her. Evening
she left to mumbai with her parents. After this incident we met after
two years. I’ll narrate that incident later before that I like to hear
comments about my 1st story.

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