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Sexiest girl from Karachi

Hello Friends, I m 18 years old guy live in Karachi, Pakistan. There was a girl lived in my neighbor named Saira, She is the most sexiest girl I have ever seen. From the first day when I saw her, I was truly mad for her. She has a very well shaped figure 37-26-36 size. Sometimes I called at her home to talk to her. I told my cousin who was a very close friend of Saira that I wanted to be a friendship with her. My cousin talked to Saira about that matter and Saira accepted my friendship. We talked daily on the phone and sometimes on net. One day I asked her to meet and she agreed to meet me. We met on sea-side. She was with me. When I looked at her face I thought that she wanted to say something to me. I asked ?do u want to say something to me?. She replied ?YES?. I asked ?so what r u waiting for?. She told me that she loved me.

First I was really amazed to hear this because I thought that we were just good friends. But now were not friends. Our relation was more than that. I told her that I also wanted to make love with her. After saying this I came near to her and start kissing on her lips like a rose. She also gave me a proper response. We kissed each other for 10-15 minutes. Then she said, ?YEH THEEK JAGAH NAHEN HAI YEH SUB KARNAY KAY LIYA KOI DEKH LAYGA?. I agreed to her. Then we came to our home. Next night she called me and told me that she was alone at home. Everybody was gone in a party and she was not feeling well so she didn?t go. She asked me to come to her home because she was scared. I said that I was coming. After few minutes I was on her door.

Saira was sure I wouldn’t come, but now Saira was looking at me as I stood in the doorway of her home . I was there. As difficult as it was to believe, I was there. And there was no more tailored suit to hide the fact that her nipples were stretching the fabric of her tight gray tank top. She blushed, but she didn’t try to cover her breasts. She wanted me to see her obvious desire for me. She wanted me to touch her breasts, to run my fingers over them making them even harder from my fiery touch. But I continued standing in the doorway. Then she took me to her bedroom. My eyes traveled down from her face to her neck. My gaze followed the swell of her breasts and fell on her nipples. It was almost as if I could touch her with his seductive stares. Saira felt herself grow wet with desire. She moaned and closed her eyes.

She didn’t open them until I was standing only inches from her. I was close enough now for Saira to feel my hot breath on her neck. She longed for me to kiss her. She lifted my face upward anticipating my lips meeting hers. I held her face in my hands before I slowly brought my lips to hers. She could feel how hot and needy I was even though my kisses were soft and gentle at first. As my kisses grew more urgent, my tongue searched for Saira’s. She pulled me towards the bed. As we sat beside each other, she was finally able to speak. “I can’t believe you are here,” she sighed. I brushed the hair from her neck and kissed her there and whispered, “I know.” I pulled her closer as my lips kissed a line from her neck to her collarbone. I traced it again with my finger and then my tongue. Saira moaned with pleasure. No one had touched her in such a way. I slowly began to undress her as my kisses moved down her chest. I watched as her breasts rose and fell. I removed her tank top to expose her bare breasts. Her breasts were beautiful, and I eagerly devoured them with my eyes as my hands slid down her flat stomach and underneath the fabric of her shorts to the lace of her panties. I removed her shorts and then her panties.

Saira lay there before me on the bed. She watched as I began to remove my shirt. My young, well shaped body gleamed with sweat. She fell back against the pillows, watching, enjoying. I unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the floor. There I stood over her. Her naked body had made me hard. She moaned softly at the sight of my hard cock. I slid on top of her then, pressing my cock against her. She closed her eyes and waited. I cupped her breasts and planted hot, passionate kisses over and over. She was hot and wet with desire.

I sucked her nipples into my mouth, then pulled and tugged at them with my teeth. My tongue made a line from her nipples down to her stomach until it made it’s way along her inner thigh. My tongue circled her inner thigh and traveled toward Saira?s wet pussy. My tongue explore her. It moved deftly along her swollen clit then darted in and out of her. Saira?s body began to rise and fall each time I entered her with my tongue. I took my hands and caressed her breasts making them firm in my hands. I rolled her on top of me and gently spread her legs. She took my hard cock and helped me find the way the opening of her vagina. I entered her then slowly, deeply. She rocked back and forth on top of me. Her orgasm came swiftly but in long waves. She could feel me swell inside her, begging her for more. She met my every move until our bodies exploded, the fruits of our passion mingled as we came as one in a final thrust.

Now Saira is in Islamabad, and I m alone here. This was my first experience which I enjoyed a lot, after this I didn?t do this again because I couldn?t find a girl like Saira. Any girls and ladies want to be my friend can contact me on seductiveguy_83@hotmail.com

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