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I am akaash from bombay, I just visited Indian Sex Stories site and its a wonderful one One of my cousins came to stay with us. she was a distant cousin, and come a couple months back when she had got job in our town. Ever since she had come, i had a suspicion that she was dating a lot of guys, amy be even having sex with them. she went to lots of parties, and always dressed sexy.
I was naturally attracted to this gorgeous woman and always tried to peep into her room when she changed. Once as she was changing her bra i saw her full breasts and in spite of my best efforts, a gasp escaped from my lips. She at one looked at the door, and i ran to my room immediately.

Once behind the closed door of my bedroom. I remained silent wondering if i was going to be busted. My cousin behaved normally through dinner that night and i was very quiet. I couldn’t tell if she had figured that the noise she heard had been from me.

All i could think about through dinner and that evening were thoughts about the scene i had seen. as my was telling me l looked tattle tired. I volunteered for bed immediately. Behind the closed doors of my bedroom. I laid in the moonbeam naked caressing my soft rubbery shaft and massaging my balls.

I was reliving the morning scene when there was a knock on the door. I few under the covers saying Come in fast enough before anyone could suspect that i was enjoying myself that way. I was surprised as my cousin came in my room. I was a little uncomfortable; she closed the door behind her. i felt a hot flash through my groin that tingled seeming like something I had never felt before. As she crossed the room she said that mom and dad had gone out to one of our family friends, and she thought she’d check if i needed
anything, since l looked a little unwell. as she sat on the bed, I was lying on my side, half curled up, noticing that my subsiding erection was oozing a stream on juice down my leg. The way she sat herself next to me, her hip was lightly grazing the tip of my dick. i thought about whether it would be pressing against her if it got fully hard again and it started to swell.All of a sudden she told me that I looked like i was getting to be quite a man. she told me how she noticed girls admiring me. I played volleyball in
the colony and lots of girls hung around the courts and watched me. She had a great voice, and i loved to hear her talk. He brushed a lock a hair away from my forehead and hugged mr. feeling the sensations of her breast against my bare chest, My cock throbbed and oozed, she felt it against her hip and siad Heh, what this, as she reached under covers and wrapped her fingers firmly around mt cock and under my balls.

She gazed at my cock and gently stroked and fondled it. I had imagined her giving oral sex to me. And the thought that maybe she would do it to me made me moan as i rolled flat on my back and thrust my hips shoving my cock and balls deeper into her fingers. You are really becoming a handsome man. Were the last audible words I heard from her before she began licking my balls like a lollipop. She sucked them into her mouth and got me all slobbery and slippery, her hands working on the exposed flesh of my cock. Eventually she had my whole shaft sucks in her as far as i could deliver and held me still for a few moments as i felt that i was about to go into orgasm. Even though we were motionless. I felt the orgasm coming at first like it was far away. she held me very still but real tight for about a minute. during which i got glorious climaxes I can remember. I yelled and grunted as cum shot from my dick like an exploding geyser and groaned and purred when it felt like it was flowing out like lava. she drank me up and licked me soft and clean making me feel like real Man.But she was not finished yet. Gradually, she worked my dick back hard again and I was able to talk a tittle and we laid side by side her fondling me continuously, asually, and gently, occasionally rubbing my hairless flat belly which felt belly ethics which feint tighter, like after a workout. she praised my body and i confided in her, she asked me if i had a ruler , measured it was 61/2 inches. She got up and removed all her cloths as i watched. Her breasts were so nice. “Wow” was all i could say as i started at my live vagina.

She reached down and took hold of my dick and rubbed the tip between the folds of her vaginal lips. It was very slippery and the thoughts of what i knew was about to happen sent thrills all toughts my body. the thrills i was having moaning, tears streaming down her face as she cried in pleasure.But i slipped out of her few times. When i did she squealed and sounding like she was both begging and ordering, “put it back” in that sexy voice that drove me crazier unit l must have been fucking her wildly.

That sent me over the edge and i began pumping a load in her that she must have felt as she cried out in a loud moan, “ah God. i am CUMMING, too.” she thrust her hip forward embedding me in her as far as i could go as my cock spasmed and pumped my hot juices in her body. she rolled off of me and said
” do not worry, you are plenty big enough to satisfy many a women in your life.”

Your responses about my story. Please send your comments to akaash_raj@hotmail.com

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