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My Seduction

Much as I desired to have opportunity for having a fling, I did not realize that I was to have the opportunity knocking at my door and I had not used till then as I was not taking the signs shown. I realized that later and I will share the same with the Indian Sex Stories readers. I am now in Bangalore and have been knowing this neighbour lady who stays with her teenage daughter as her hubby is abroad. We have been family friends and visiting each other. Any help needed was always extended especially when someone is ill or anything like that.The daughter used to be also very free and move around at home while I am there in her nighty which used to quite see through and revealing or in very short pants and I used to feast on her body which body features was very well in my mind .

Earlier on few ocassions we had gone for a picnic when her dad had come to some of the Cauvery River streams and the innocent girl used to have a bath there with us in her swimming costume playing and splashing water.The sexy ghori thighs which is otherwise covered by her dress used to shine and her tits in the swimming costume outlined in full with nipples erect.Though I have wanted to caress her I never made an attempt treating her as a innocent kid.

Her mom used to tease me generally and as we got more close had been having occasions to brush against each other accidently and at times felt it was on purpose.Then once we had to go out of station together by bus and return was late. As natural we used to doze off and she was trying to be on my lap and as I internally wanted this encouraged her. With the road conditions being bumpy, her hand which was on my thigh would go closer to my johny and in no time I was in a solid erection hoping she does not realize it and thinking what she will think of me! Not to worry in next few minutes her head/hand touched the solid fellow and she started asking in sign whats this’

Embarassed as I was, not knowing what to do, I was pleasantly surprised that she started holding him and pulled my hand on her boobs as she continued on my lap. That was clear invitation which I took so long to understand! The night journey saw me unable to control the ejacuation with her playing with my johnny and my hand on her boobs and nipples.No more was possible in the journey. A real fuck session which was natural to follow came soon enough.

On a holiday the daughter had gone out and I reached there. Both of us knew what would follow. After normal plesantries, talk went on to the bus journey and I went close to her and pulled her to the sofa embracing her. She showed a little reluctance as it was day but I persisted and was kissing her all over as my hands was exploring her boobs and slowly going on to her navel and then to the juicy forest below which was not being allowed to be touched.Slowly her saree palav was removed and blouse hooks too and boobs with bra in my mouth. This saw her also getting hot and her hands started roving on my body removing my shirt buttons and pant zip to have her hands on my chest and johnny who was like a stone then. Slowly we moved to the bedroom and on to her bed as I tried getting all her clothes off which she was resisting.Saree had come off and the skirt string open as I got the bra fully out and she got under a bedsheet pulling me under that with only my underwear on me against which my johnny was standing as a flag post.Once under the covers, I had her panty off and I also removed my underwear. Well just in birthday suit totally nude under covers I wanted to see her body and had the covers removed as she covered her face and tried covering her cunt with a pillow.Her skin was smooth, cleanshaven in the armpits as also cunt.Soon the bedsheet was back on our bodies as we clung to each other.My johnny was rubbing her body and finding his way after a lot of foreplay to her cunt. Joyfully he went in as the cunt was already well lubricated by then and to my surprise in a jiffy both of us climaxed and she was pulling my hairs off as her love juice started to also flow. Locked in that position we lay exhausted for some time. Soon my johnny started waking up.We then got up, cleaned ourselves and had a standing fuck in the bathroom where half the time I was viewing her buttocks movement in the mirror to her back.Sweat was flowing as was our love juices. Knowing that it was getting time for her daughter to return, we had a bath together playing with each other by lathering the soap and finally drying each other. Dressed up later a refreshing glass of hot horlicks was taken with some snacks before I left fully satisfied with the opportunity which came. Naturally some more chances came later after which she pushed off to join her hubby and no touch after that.

This opened in me confidence in few other faster responses from my end to chances seen as given by some female friends.Those wanting to have a clean real funtime /erotic chat/share their experience can email me on sincere20079 {AT} yahoo.com

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